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Just stared watching and reading. She’s pretty cute and the story reminds me a lot of Sgt Frog.

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I dislike the eldest sister, and she makes it the show far less enjoyable to watch.

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Didn't start out too well, but got better. Something about Ika enjoy de ge so.

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One-piece swimsuit is my fetish. Goddamnit, squid.

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You can't make perfection any less enjoyable, as it's already perfect.

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Well, /a/, you told me I wasn't allowed to like her. But I do.

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Literally the only clingy girl in any medium I liked
>you'll never have a Koko gf

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I like her because instead of being a tsundere like in other stories, she's the one calling her then love interest a tsundere right from the start.

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>you told me I wasn't allowed to like her
Why? Kouko is the best thing about this show. The Ghost Banri plot might be shit, but Kouko is still great.

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What do you call someone who seems like a Mary Sue when first introduced but turned out to be a really flawed mess?

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Shni tn h tnm hn nmykhh I watched th ius sperila expermins t LKytn and I'm tm hnm And I'm goiuene tolfsmfnekr souned mgonih IU ' mhjnhjk I'm f uckijhn hsdint I' fwwer l ghnh FIhgnmb I'm gofkene fuuuuuuuck ktehm tomyh Siclnxl;e Foijhnn...

I jmntegmfnr sldmc9g I'ts as crtreally cooe toem ny nopxeprnest so hvcne we ne tlakign about how ew mwuchg wanne fuccck lain gfm ejnet IU 'm b tgt the fuckcei Bbberar sute my wee te hwmernt chem se cameisoel et h wman t thme camelteu futn ckign the elsnc yuujgn peuenyt I wamentn t e petnemeate tjmce ventne cenyn I alse cteh cmhtnh the wolemne thhh s cmunyhm te fened Best fobeing Dalesui we Wmenting fuckeckeng ngnm the inecncent thchm enrkm I 'm wanat ne tof fucjfkmk the msdgijh Beee Lainms thne Cpeustty tenjmkna anischeral tmhun diktn I'm ntoucned ym yjpenndis wingeus I wmertoner TPHmnes I 'wemnas firfuffk c the Scinemset Mepxeretkn,mn FLhjin I'm wwenne pisncen itnh her bvnkhvagien ohhh mth cmhmo...
mmmmmmm thynn ksklc tnhk Ig[md nd p;tyjkmngf I' fjenkxckzs rte LSaifneyh mt ngnfgm I' mwrtn ksxikcl; ghnm...


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seek help, cringelord

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CIAniggers glow in the dark you can run them over with your car

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Violet is a handsome woman.

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medium to big

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Post proofs.

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Perfect wife for a major.

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Open your eyes and see the truth.

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>KyoAni: W-we're sorry yuri people. Our building got burned down last month. We're doing real yuri this time. P-please give us your money.

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ITT: anime scenes that /a/ didn't understand

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I'm still trying to understand what she means by that.
Looking at the Japanese, she's talking about "four grids" so basically she's saying the world is not a flat two dimensional surface, the context of the scene is that she's being attacked from an odd angle because the enemy can't afford to damage the cables around her.

The most I can guess is that she's talking to herself because she did get caught by surprise and because they can't communicate with each other at that time. So she got mad at herself for only looking left and right instead of from above.

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>I'm still trying to understand what she means by that.
This seems like one of the easier lines frankly. Still waiting for some N1/native anon to write a dissertation on Tominospeak

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Jesus christ, pasta softens quickly, if the pot is too small you just wait 30 seconds and push it down with a fork or whatever.
Why must something so comfy have something so uncomfortable?

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Haha great thread

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Alright so I’m not a big anime guy, however I just finished watching attack on titan. I’m interested in finding similar shows any advice

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I was an empty husk after season 1 of this show.
Then I watched Kill la kill and it unironcally filled the void somehow.

The shows are absolutely nothing alike aside from the sound track, but i recommend it, try KIll la kill.

If you want something more like SnK, then you should look into the dark fantasy genre, so Berserk, even FMAB, death note, these are all pretty normie picks, but they are genuinely good.

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I got you family, AoT with TRAINZ

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This, made by the same studio too.

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Oh yeah remember that season where WIT ran out of SnK so they just made another SnK?

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I forgot about this and somehow unintentionally dropped it mid way through airing.

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Iconic new MC

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his hair will be later relevant, because he uses his head as a paintbrush.

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it can't be flopping if autists keep making threads nonstop about it only to complain

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>Dr. Doctor bazinga

>> No.192060076

Dr. reddit
STFU chimp

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nothing really, all of the stuff that is stupid about the show is One Punching a Lion
and that the astronauts not teaching their descendants science and farming to repopulate and get the world started again.

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Does the movie save the series?

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I'm trying to decide to either:
>Watch Hokuto no Ken (1984)
>Read Berserk

What should I do?
Also post the manliest anime there is out there, anime only please. I wouldn't read any manga except for Berserk.

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>can't read manga because I'm a terrible reader
Are you gonna watch the dub of the anime? because subbed anime is basically just reading as well you know

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The TV series removes the gore and looks shittier than the manga's artwork most of the time

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Araki's art was so good when he started. Godly trace.

>> No.192061643

best part of that series doesn't have complete scans yet

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No, It's just shit.

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I drank a shit ton of Hibiscus tea and now I pee through my anus. Help.

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No, he made reddit.

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Why wouldn't you? It's piss easy and you don't have to rely on those god awful streaming sites.

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Didn't he get fired from his job at a swiss bank for refusing to take down his videos? What a fucking legend.

>> No.192070517

Nah, he made digg, which was decent until it opened itself to non-/g/-topics, and then it got outdone in its resulting shittiness by reddit.

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What is her problem?

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Best girl.

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But Yuuko and Tsukuyomi were the best girls

>> No.192063832

Hayase did nothing wrong

>> No.192063941

>willingness to pursue a real relationship
Please, 3DPD are even more bland and vapid then the most stereotypical harem waifu. Just say she has more layers to her character.

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Name the anime

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Without quantifiers, this graph is deceptive. Just based on the image, you might get the impression that the local minimum represents a median intelligence, but for all we know, that minima could be situated at IQ = 1, implying that all human beings would enjoy the anime in question. Another fallacious assumption is that this apparent trend will continue indefinitely. For example, zooming out a bit on the graph could reveal any manner of behavior not visible on the original interval.

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Princess Tutu

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No low or middle iq people watch kirara

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Farmland saga

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Without a shadow of a doubt
Dragon ball

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Make or request /a/rt

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not anime

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Requesting a robotifyed version of Nate and Bear from Yo Kai Watch.

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Anchoring for Colorfriend

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Requesting a 3-koma of Young Chariot asking woodward what was it like back then
>P1: Professor.Woodward, what was being a witch like back in the 6th Century?
>P2: *zoom in on woodwards blank stare with transparent text of moans and sex noises behind her*
>P3:Woodward saying “Would you like me to show you?” with a sly smile

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Requesting Lala-Ru from "Now and then, Here and there" wearing either a school swimsuit or a bunnygirl outfit or any other lewd outfit of your choice, preferred in one of those two poses.

With her typical jaded, emotionless expression, looking like she was ordered to wear it and considered refusing the request more of a hassle than just going along with it.

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EHfags are a crackship. Tried asking reason why they think Eren the father instead i got fan arts of EH and people calling me whales. Pathetic. And don't refer to hunterfag since he is a EHfag

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Because this is how it goes:
>AntiEH: What are you reasons for thinking Eren is the father?
>EHfag/Father-theoryfag: *lists off their reasons*
>AntiEH: Absolutely delusional, other shipfags have just as much evidence to support their beliefs
Add in some autism that keeps getting spouted about it being a ship to hurt others and these threads end up getting way too repetitive. I hate /snk/ during off weeks.

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>having a chance at all

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the only 3 canon and also healthy relationships in this manga

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Oh missing my lover!

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Sort of, it's just a shittier Gurren Lagann anyway.

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A reminder that there are official Ryuko x Satsuki figures for your personal bukakke use.

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>thread about oversexualizing kill la kill
>nobody posting lewds
why was this thread made? also nonon a best

>> No.192069684

Fuck you and your body positivity bullshit.

>> No.192069865

Ironman handled the “suit doesn’t make the man” theme better.

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Gentlemen, it's time to discuss tomboys

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There's no six-pack, but she is extremely well toned.

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Quoted By: >>192058276

Sochie is too bratty, especially when she has a incredibly hot sister and there's a queen that looks suspiciously like her sister. She's stubborn, but also weak willed, prickly to a fault, and really can't let go of her hatred of the moonrace. I'm rewatching Turn A and am at episode 15, and it must have been 10 episodes since Sochie last said anything nice to anyone. If she just toned down her prickliness, was a tad less insecure and a tad more compassionate, she could be great, aside from her kinda meh face. As is, bleh.

>> No.192058276

She grows though. I think her and diana's growth is the only things that actually happen in it.

>> No.192058332

I want to eat her spats

>> No.192058373

Better than Janegirls at least.

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What the fuck was his problem

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>> No.192058237

He realized autism is inherited and didn't want to raise such a child.

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File: 103KiB, 1280x720, [FTW]_Chuunibyou_demo_Koi_ga_Shitai!_Ren_-_11_[720p][CF50756D].mkv_snapshot_06.43_[2017.07.18_21.34.16].jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Shinka didn't beat him hard enough.

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Quoted By: >>192064605

>Japan is obsessed with incest
>all of their stories that focus on incest are bad

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One of the greatest sibling love story ever told.

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File: 611KiB, 1121x1600, 1540252325052.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Neither does Azusa

>> No.192064225

Incest doesn’t create defects, it just allows recessive genes to become more prominent. Which is why you had issues with the European royalty and their blood diseases, Victoria had the genetic disposition. Also the first generation has low chances of complications, however if you were to fuck your sister and fuck your daughter, that’s where there starts to be problems. But people only buy into meme science so what the hell

>> No.192064605
Quoted By: >>192065958

What are some that don't involve siblings?
I don't hate it but it gets stale after a while.

>> No.192065958

Sibling love is the best, though.

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You may not like it, but this is what peak performance sounds like

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Howaito Lily (negro)

>> No.192070392

Same reason Anglophones cannot conceive terminal e sounds, leading to pronounciations like per say for per se.

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you're free to point them out anon, although I'm pretty sure I got them all

as for the low bitrate the settings are in pic related, I think it's a bit stuttery on some panning shots but it's probably some setting in vegas pro that fucked it up, I always disable resample for instance because if I don't almost all movement is "ghosted" or has some motion blur in it which looks disgusting, but it may have some drawbacks

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File: 144KiB, 1600x900, large.1431_dota_2_templar_assassin.jpg.ea1f1eb398949c8a7acda5421c87c592.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Support my waifu at the TI!

>> No.192070551

I want shows like this but I don't know how to describe or find them. I am pretty sick of the directionless SoL or endless adventure pseudo fantasy we get every season

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>> No.192056021

Is aphrodisiac the one that makes you poop?

>> No.192056223

Why would Hermes carry this item again, when he's about to get raped according to keikaku?

>> No.192056279
File: 1MiB, 1920x1080, Screenshot_20190817-001956.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

We know it's valuable

File: 868KiB, 1920x1080, 1565970851745.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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Why is Ishtar so much better than Hestia?

She even has a better boob string than Hestia's boob string.

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>> No.192058012

What if it happens to a clown?

>> No.192059219
Quoted By: >>192059419

a man can still be gay when he's raped by a woman

>> No.192059357
Quoted By: >>192059413

Fill in the following

HESTIA IS __________

>> No.192059413

a clown

>> No.192059419

Not when you're raped by the goddess of sex. She fucked the gay right out of him, that's why he was crying afterward.

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Why do anime and manga fans have such low standards? The amount of derivative dogshit that comes out every season makes me nauseous.

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>> No.192069878 [DELETED]

You know for nips anime are just kid cartoons...

>> No.192069944

You know for nips anime are just kids cartoons...

>> No.192069969

based lucinafag

>> No.192070166

Because anime and manga are free

>> No.192070235

Holy fuck

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