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Hestia is scientifically engineered to please your dick.

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I'd rather do imagination things with Lily.
That's why Bell has to gather a harem, so he has enough bitches to distract Zeus with while he dicks Hestia.

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the way it arches anon when you're going balls deep in her and turning those little pupils into hearts.

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Sexiest hestia cosplayer?

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She's a whore, you paid good money for her. Might as well stick it in.

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There are hundreds of ways twintails can please my dick.

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> "Mio sure works late I wonder what she doe-OH GOD NO!!!!!!!!!"

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>watching a shitty remake when the original is world masterpiece theater
This is not living well.

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that's a buff malnourished, limbless 14 year old

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How does it work then?

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She's a cat burglar?

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Were there anons that made a big fuss about Mio washing dishes? All I remember was everyone joking about it

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Is it worth watching?

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Good ending or the never coming season two?

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It's pretty good, watch it.

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Does the fag ruin it?

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Hell the fuck no
Unless you're an edgy teen
Then by all means

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What has me wanna try cause of the murder mystery shit. Is it super edge?

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When will /a/ admit that Fighter enjoyed it?

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God, I've lost count how many times I've fapped to her since the first chapter of the manga came out.

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>Microgoblin dick
How would she enjoy that?

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Stop gobposting anytime.

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The hob also had his turn.

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>This will never be you
Why live?

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I'd be fine being either of them to be honest.
I just want to share a mutual love with someone.

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>Less than 20 weeks left in the year
>Not a single top tier series either released or coming out

2010s were in general a pretty great decade, why is 2019 such a flop?

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Dororo, Kimetsu no Yaiba, Mix, Carole & Tuesday, Yakusoku no Neverland, Kaguya-sama + Mob Psycho 2 are great. Shokugeki no Souma and Chihayafuru 3 probably will be as well.

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>Carole & Tuesday
Disregard this and add araburu kisetsu (for an okada show)

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Quoted By: >>192058871

yeah OP is right

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Quoted By: >>192059422


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don't get me wrong, those are good shows and Kaguya. I only agree with OP that this year has been weak so far compared to 2017 and 2018

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I have it on good authority that the death note is real. This is how Jeffrey Epstein "committed suicide". His name was written down by the self-proclaimed ruler of this world.

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Leave Kira to me

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Honestly we really need an orphanage with the sole purpose of selecting the world's most brilliant detective to reveal the New World Order. Some good philanthropist should've created one by now.

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What do you think Jefferey Epstein's temple was?

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Worship to the shinigami. Maybe he gets his power through prayer, sexual acts or sacrifice? The fact they removed the temple's golden dome and archetypal statues before the island was raided is indicative of a cover up.

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Why does /a/ like Holo so much if the MC encountered her when she was bound to Yoitsu by her previous lover?
Some unknown man enjoyed all her holes before the MC met her.

Holo is literally ???????? ??????????

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I never really liked it so you're going to have to ask someone else.

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Holo is love, Holo is life. I want to BE Lawrence and I want Holo to be my wife and traveling companion. Eventually we'll settle down, open a shop, and raise a litter of half-wolf kids together.

tl;dr I want to plant seven seeds directly inside of Holo's womb, if you catch my meaning.

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You don't need to hide behind b8. You can just say you're horny for Holo upfront.

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Fuck of lolifags.

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Horo? more like Whore-o

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So it's pretty much confirmed that she draws female genitals using her own as reference?

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Weird, this looks like it might actually be good. I guess I will pick it the fuck up.

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Do you /a/nons think TTGL could be fixed if only Kamina had boobs?

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Quoted By: >>192057324

And those are? You can have all of that in a spinoff. Gender swapping established characters shows lack of creativity. Just look at western comics for god's sake.

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TTGL was great while it ripped off a great manga but went to shit in the 2nd half when it started ripping off the shit sequel manga. It could easily be fixed by ending before the 2nd half.

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>And those are?
Well, for one Kamina would be childhood boy and gf with simon, and they do it all the time, because what else can you do in rabbit lair other than fucking like rabbits.
Next, introduce Yoko to spice things up a little.
But the ultimate titty twister is replacing kamina by nia for the second half of the show.
Basically, it would fix everything.

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You are a stupid fucking faggot OP.

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I wonder if Her and lizzy team up.

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Part 6 Opinions.

Tell me, why do you love/hate part 6?
What do you like/dislike about it?

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One stand is really cool, The rest are eh and it just lasts for too long. Just prepare to be reading it for a while

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Pucci is not a good villain. He is literally a character that you could find in a self-insert fanfiction that focused on DIO as a love interest.

>knows DIO intimately despite never having been mentioned a single time beforehand
>has an extremely nebulous goal that turns out to be absurd to the point of erasing any reader sympathy, especially given the blood toll paid up to this point
>somehow always wins against the Joestars even in scenarios where he should by all rights be defeated

If "ruthless autist" is your cup of tea for an antagonist, then sure, but Pucci is by no means well-written.

Him winning isn't a breath of fresh air as you portray, because he wins in the exact asspull ways that protagonists typically do in shonen, just in different fashion. It's worse here because the victory comes at the expense of characters the audience likes and wants to win. As for DIO, what you're talking about isn't "fleshing out", it's retrograding. His interactions with Pucci, especially the fixation on "Heaven" when he already views himself as the ultimate power and rightful ruler of the world, contradict how he is presented in a previous part at a later chronological date.

>> No.192060870

Versace right?

>> No.192061330

Thank you, you actually managed to put into words what I've always felt about Pucci. He made me feel genuine hate while reading and everything about him was so unsatisfying. I don't mind a "bad guy actually wins" scenario when it happens, but here it was so just stupid, so awfully set up. I also hate how DIO is portrayed as someone with wildly different morals/views than what we knew, it's like Araki forgot this was supposed to take place before Part 3, and that we all already knew how DIO's thoughts worked by then.

>> No.192061528

There is such a mix of good stand fights and absolutely awful ones.
And don't get me started on Sky High or Yoyo Ma

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Quoted By: >>192055356

Tatsuo Yoshida made a Superman manga infamously hard to find (found this cover on Twitter)

Anybody know where to find the rest?

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This tweet

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Quoted By: >>192056479

It’s lost in time, iirc. Shit is old and unknown.

>> No.192056479

Yeah no one knows about it. It was out in 1959 is all.

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>be me
>12 years old at the time
>just started using the internet as a hobby
>get introduced to this show called Tokyo Mew Mew
>I love it. know theme song by heart
>slowly gets into other anime as well, loves that as well
>9 years pass
>I'm now 21
>still love anime
>decide to go on a nostalgia trip and order the entire series of Tokyo Mew Mew books
>read them all in one sitting
>Feels good to remember how happy Tokyo Mew Mew made me when I was younger
>realize that it still makes me happy
>realize that anime in general makes me extremely happy
>Thanks Tokyo Mew Mew for introducing me to Anime, it has had such a positive effect on my life

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That's not how you spell Minto

>> No.192056956

Watched it to episode 24 a couple months ago, but had to stop because I moved and didn't have internet for a while. It was good though, will probably rewatch and finish it someday. Mint = Strawberry > everyone else

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>> No.192058686


>> No.192060293

That's what happens when you start with something that isn't edgy or "mature anime for mature adults". You must embrace the cute anime at some point or you else you will retire into manga or live-action and eventually become a jaded oldfag that only watches manga adaptations.

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Unironically, I'm fine with Togashi never ending his work. The man put so much hardwork and energy into his first couple of arcs, he's suffering from overwork. I think it's entertaining that way if Togashi just leave it to us to imagine the rest of his work with the vast world building he establish. He deserves a retirement, is what i'm saying.

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His hard work has taken a huge toll on his body, did you even read what i said. It's not as if he wasnt a workaholic when the series started

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Quoted By: >>192055737

good the less obnoxious hunterfags the better.

>> No.192055737

Obnoxious Hunterfags are demanding too much from togashi, i tell you

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Imagine entering a room and seeing the most chiseled faced man with the most sculpted body and voice that reminds you of the greek poet Homer and, behind this man, you see another one with the same qualities, and behind him another and another and another. The peak of the species together in the same place. Well, I am one of those men, and you also are one of those men. Every time I enter one of this thread I engage in holy communion with people that have shared the best a human can produce: HunterxHunter, and I feel amazing. It feels so good to be a HunterChad

>> No.192056298

>>>/v/ is that way

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>ywn have sex with an Amazoness

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>Forgetting that SAO episode where Kirito chops off the guys arms.

>> No.192069399

She's a level 5.

>> No.192069436

Yeah... piss off the leader of the group that has the strongest fighters. Smart.

>> No.192070225

this episode made my peepee into a stiffy

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I can’t believe Netflix got a white woman to play Carole. Silly Netflix!

Watch: https://www.netflix.com/ca/title/80992137?trkid=13747225&s=a&t=twt

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>> No.192057338

Is this anime /u/ yet?

>> No.192059117

I agree, only retards are watching the dubs, but this series is already nothing like anime at all, so watching it is retarded as well

>> No.192059155
Quoted By: >>192059247

Wait this is about music?
I saw people in the cannon busters thread compare it to this so I assumed it was some sort of thelma and luise type shit

>> No.192059247

Thelma and louise in neo-venezia: The musical
I wish i was joking

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Quoted By: >>192055283

How do you go from this...

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Quoted By: >>192055140

fuck off

>> No.192055140

Nice digits.

>> No.192055283

>before paying bills
>having to pay bills

>> No.192055306

>best couple turned into the worst.
I hate it.

>> No.192056857

You're the brainlet.

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Yep... I'm thinking this is gonna be based.

>> No.192055252
Quoted By: >>192055548

when is this going to finally end?

>> No.192055500

I haven't read the manga so I'm just where S2 left off.
Will Taichi find happiness?

>> No.192055528

Can't wait.

>> No.192055548

Soon, the manga is at the Queen and Meijin matches now.

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Quoted By: >>192055592

How many people do you think he has killed in the ring? Accidentally or otherwise.

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>> No.192055446

prominent character or nah

>> No.192055455

How many breads have you eateded?

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Quoted By: >>192055608

>I'm a genius!

>> No.192055608
File: 402KiB, 753x414, CosmoKeikakuDENIED.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Oh no!

>> No.192055879
File: 121KiB, 230x411, 137828272728832928727738.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

SHITga killed the hype...

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Was it too soon to jump to this not long after Naruto ended?

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Madara won. When Naruto dies in Boruto, Madara wakes him up, saying that he's been watching his dream and offers him a last chance to fight for it. Main character alone fighting the main villain with no distractions and asspulls. If Naruto wins or not, I do not know. Flip a coin.

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>They made him fuck up the ending
don't blame Boruto's slow and pointless pacing to Naruto's ending. The ending was good and it was unironically a good pleb filter.

>> No.192067244
Quoted By: >>192069528

>Finally the characters growned up
>We will see S-rank missions everytime
>Go back with kids who learn how to be ninjas

>> No.192069528


>> No.192069620

Ask the sales department.

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Jojo or Hunter x Hunter

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>> No.192070386

GER isn't an asspull you retard, it was clearly etablished that whoever got the arrow would win

>> No.192070465
File: 777KiB, 1066x1600, HxH216.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Meruem looks so good here, damn.
I also love this page. How Togashi uses drops of ink to add elemt of impressionism is truly breathtaking

>> No.192070467

Which is better guys? Ice cream or lasagne?

>> No.192070508

So the hiatusfags are the Zack Snyder fags of /a/? Overanalyzing film school dropouts that pretend these sophomoric sensibilities are high art?

>> No.192070526


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Quoted By: >>192054917

Just started watching Nadia: Secret of Blue Water. It's amazing how in the 90s Anno was able to push character design to heights that have never been seen since.

4 posts omitted.
>> No.192054846

>the director doesn't control character design
In what world?

>> No.192054903
File: 383KiB, 687x1000, 1560997918568.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Well to be fair, having a thing for redheads is just a side effect of having a triple-digit IQ.

>> No.192054917
File: 85KiB, 559x416, asuka done right.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>192055284

>implying Anno isn't one gigantic hack

>> No.192055284
Quoted By: >>192056290

>dad does literally the most dangerous job in the universe
>still mad at him for sleeping around
Fuck her

>> No.192056290

Women are anything but rational.

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What’s the saddest flashback in the whole One Piece series?

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>> No.192058935

Franky. Seeing him trying to stop a train with his body was harsh. His reunion with iceberg was great too.

>> No.192059029

Those poor stairs getting assaulted by a useless girl

>> No.192059100
File: 113KiB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (19).jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>going to play solo forever

>> No.192059447
File: 54KiB, 425x600, chopper.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Father/son type shit gets me hard. Drum island was actually fucking art, seeing the resolution of the "cherry blossoms' blooming was actually kino and beautiful

>> No.192059611

I am sorry, I couldn't take his death serious.
When I watched it I expected him to pull out some kind of keikaku because there could no one be this stupid to fall for such an obvious trap.

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