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All this mangakas are slaves to their publishers & companies

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you missed the point a little. I'm saying average hypothetical people as in people who have anime and manga as hobbies, not normal every day normies who "netflix and chill"
and I'm not trying to advocate for having a superior taste, that's why I'm not even throwing myself in the conversation and just giving an hypothetical example using non biased people who's getting into this sort of stuff
one piece is a big trap with no payoff and I'd feel glad if people didn't fall for it the way I did, especially with the amount of good manga that is in the world today

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Pretty sure Baki's author just does whatever he wants for the most part.

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>proofreading shitposts

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>O MY ACHING BACK! N-Naoko-chan I beg you finish drawing my manga for me tekure!!!!

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What about Komi?

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>/a/ told me to hate her
>watch and read some of the show
>love every scene she's in
the absolute state of this board, 0 taste

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>a manipulative money hungry jew is best option in real life

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>There are /a/nons who actually believe Yukino won't win

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I know we're all having fun shitting on each other's waifus, but can we please chillax with the antisemitism?

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>he doesn't know iroha is a money grubbing slut

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comedy of the year

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pic unrelated

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Is there a more homosexual character in all of anime?

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Kircheis made it clear to the viewer that he absolutely wanted to bone Annerose from like, the second he saw her though

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>im so oversexualized i see sex everywhere

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But Reinhard was pro-democracy

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>guy hates 3d girls
>suddenly meets a 3d girl WHO IS AN OTAKU JUST LIKE YOU!©
getting real blatant abe.

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Name me 10(ten) anime with The President of the United States of America, Donald Trump.

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read the thread

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Not to the same extent as this thread which has the explicit purpose of discussion the matter of japans population crisis and the goverment propaganda it is leading to

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>a board known for having derailed threads because of fags throwing buzzwords at each other such as yikes, trannies, cucks, pol, cumbrain etc. Over and over again is somehow better than /a/
Sure thing faggotron

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Feminism is a cancer on both the economy and society as a whole.
Prove me wrong.
Women are the unhappiest they've ever been.

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What series made you realize that girls should love other girls?

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Make sure you have enough space

Call me on the following whatsapp:

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reported faggot. This is an SFW board you cuck

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When Hanabi is eventually married off in canon Ill be sad

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Perdi feio

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Pergunta pra ele que merda ele ta fazendo postando o wpp dele no /a/

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It's a scam, I called the number and we met and what appeared was a 3DPD, we had sexual intercourse of course, because I am a real man, but I was still disappointed.

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Reminder all of this happened because Diavolo didnt want to kill an innocent girl and thus didnt order Trish murdered on the spot before confirming she was his daughter and that he could feel it.

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His father was an incubus

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Quoted By: >>192058311

It's probably more likely she was lying or he's just some kind of biological anomaly.
He's named after a pasta dish.
Yeah it's also the italian word for devil but there's a food theme with the character names in VA.

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Quoted By: >>192058359

There's a food, theme, but not with every single character, Tiziano, Illuso, Secco, and Coco Jumbo aren't really in line with the whole food thing.

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Forgot Trish, as well.

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And Giorno himself too.

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Quoted By: >>192055301


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>Left to right

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KC isn't for normalfags, newfag. The actual wojack was an autistic NEET.

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Quoted By: >>192055349

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Nice try loser

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Wojaks make everything better.

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You'd think he had better taste.

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>Wedding officiated by Taro Yamada
>The comiket truck guy
Based as fuck.

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if a stand user from a later part appeared in part 3 as an enemy stand user, how would you write their arc?

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Kira gets fucked by Avdol and Kakyoin.

>> No.192060109

If someone hosting Cheap Trick kills himself without no one seeing him, I assume he would die, since a stand dies with its user. He can only avoid dying if he gets to jump to another host. Another possibility could be getting him to stick to another villain's back, and then Josuke puts them both inside a rock, but that would still need sacrificing a victim. Maybe you could catch Cheap Trick inside a photo with Kira's dad's stand, or maybe catch him inside Illuso's Mirror World, but yeah, that motherfucker was hard.

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Quoted By: >>192060382

Mostly because they have no healer, because Metallica doesn't provide much defense. If they find him, it's game over.

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>Joseph goes on a string of wacky hi-jinks while hiding his back from the crowded streets of Cairo
>Has been using hermit purple to slowly snake his way into Cheap Trick's brain the entire time
>Uses the ripple to fry him from the inside out, killing his ability to grip to Joseph's back
>Jotaro phases Star Platinum's hand through his own body (Like he did to stop his heart against DIO) and materializes SP's fist in time to hit Cheap Trick, destroying its body while keeping its hands stuck to Jotaro's back
>Jotaro stand rushes the armless and feetless Cheap Trick

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How would they find him in part 4 or 6? He's not going to make stupid mistakes to leave himself open.

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Where were you when Netflix save anime?

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Why dass the moon cry?

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Someone explain the appeal of Robo to me. I think she's fucking boring because poker face and no personality. She isn't dumb enough to humor baka with anything or serious enough to be a straight man. From what I've heard of the OP and ED, she has a pretty voice but it's wasted on being quiet and monotone all the time. How could anyone possibly like her. She's not even cute.

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>no personality.
Not really.

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Robo is r/science popsci brainlet bait for weak chinned science enthusiasts who think that being intellectually disabled and socially disabled are mutually exclusive.She is like a discount/ knockoff discount Mai-chan with no sense of humor or witty charm.

>> No.192058981

That's a lot of reaching right here

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Wota sounded cute at the start of the latest episode

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Guys I am angery. I ordered the first jojonium volume like 9 days ago and now ots the last day of estimated delivery and it seems like im never gonna get it

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Stay strong jobro

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I liked Diavolo more when he was wearing the suit.

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I liked the part where he came back to the past to shoot Johnny in the face.

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I'm sure he does too. The attire he wears during his reveal was all Doppio's doing.

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Why does this line keep appearing in anime and manga? Does it make sense in Japanese?

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People who aren't tasteless clueless retards, that's who.

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Quoted By: >>192061814

Why does western culture keep calling vampires dead when they are clearly not dead and can move and act? It doesn't make any sense.

>> No.192061814
Quoted By: >>192061906

Religious and scientific confusion over the definition of life. I agree with you, if something is conscious then it is alive. This also makes the "afterlife" a stupid concept.

>> No.192061906

I'd say even zombies are fairly alive despite being called dead all the time. At least the pseudo-scientific ones, not magically reanimated corpses.
If OP doesn't have a problem with that then I don't see why this particular expression would confuse him.

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>what are translator notes

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can we all agree that ains was playing 5D chess when he's fighting someone?

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Quoted By: >>192054694

Yeah but that's boring, I want hotblooded fights.

>> No.192054694

There are hotblooded fights, and they are worth seeing to be honest

>> No.192055532

He's not playing 5D chess and he's an idiot thats benefitting from loyalty by the NPCs. Some of the NPCs are playing 5D chess and waiting for a legal chance (per their programming) to betray him, though. And they're walking him off a cliff into the situation where they are allowed to rape his asshole. The thing that saves him in the end will be his override on Albedo.

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Isekai niggers should be castrated

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Fuck isekai fags

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Shonen fanbase war

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>no argument

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They're cancerous turd guzzling NPCs with tribalistic cult joining tendencies

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Found the moetards & haremshitters

>> No.192053951

Togashi had a manga before HxH, Huntard.

>> No.192055041

As you can see by this thread, you people fight among yourselves already.

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Chapter 67

After a late start because I finally got free time. Anyway, last time Kanade danced her heart out giving a performance of Diana that lacked any of the struggles she's dealt with up to this moment. Abby, Ema, Eugene and others couldn't help but notice how much she's improved and just how on point her dancing an ability to connect with the audience was with Abby and Eugene seemingly feeling quite proud of her.

Right afterwards she met Takimoto backstage but collapsed a bit seemingly exhausting herself to give that performance. Unlike her previous performance in the first round she was quite proud of this one saying that if the previous round was her best Diana then this was her "bestest" and hoping it would be enough to land her a scholarship.

Meanwhile as Shouko performed Li, in the audience, could only cry in frustration as her injury robbed her of a spot that was likely her's.

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And that finishes off this chapter and this volume. There's still magazine raws but this is the most recent tank which is what the scanlator uses so the results won't actually come for... well another few months. So see you then. By that time I'll have likely watched my own first full ballet thanks to this series.

>> No.192054627

Looking it up it's definitely a thing in ballet. I don't think Cuvie's gone in on things like delayed puberty but stuff like diet has been brought up a few times and there was one chapter where it basically all but outright said Ema was on her period so I don't think it's too heavy, just something that hasn't really had a need to come up.

Given that Cuvie did ballet when she was in school and pretty much everything else is accurate afaik I'd be surprised if it was something she wasn't aware of.

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Quoted By: >>192055421

>another few months

>> No.192055421

Well the raws are out if you can read nip but I can't so I've only got a very basic idea about things.

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Why do rivals tend to be more popular than the heroes of the story?

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The modern shounen protag is to much of the self insert for the push ovet.

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*blocks your path*

>> No.192058260

Goku Naruto and Deku (ignore the brigaded polls) are more popular than their rivals. Only Killua is above Gon really.

>> No.192058330


>> No.192058601

BNHA has the worst example, the hero is given the best power at the beginning of the series by the #1 hero. All tension is evaporated when you make it clear that he is destined to surpass everyone. And this is RIGHT AFTER you create some sob story about how he could never achieve his dreams.

File: 991KiB, 1280x720, [gg]_Macross_Delta_-_03_[F342ECEA].mkv_snapshot_23.39_[2016.04.26_07.42.55].png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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Quoted By: >>192053268

Full song, information and zip starter file can be found in the link, ctrl+f keywords if you're having a hard time.

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I forgot the fucking link

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Can somebody explain the whole “time loop” thing in attack on titan to me please?

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Quoted By: >>192057727

He's talking about One Piece

>> No.192057523
Quoted By: >>192057578

He has the attack titan and people with the same titan share memories. I dont think Eren memories are chaing either scene, Kruger was directly talking to Eren

>> No.192057578
Quoted By: >>192057719

Wouldn't Kruger be dead and unable to consciously tell Eren anything? It's not like you live on inside the person who ate you, or do you? I don't even really know.
What about the people who had the attack titan before Kruger? Wouldn't Eren be getting fucked with by them too?

>> No.192057719

I mean Kruger was talking to Eren in that moment and Eren was relieving the memory, maybe the attack titan power is related to memories.

This anon might be onto something since the 845 thing is really ominous but its been so long since that that maybe Isayama changed his original plan.

>> No.192057727

no I'm talking about that clown looking guy on hxh

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Only the Lolinakanos that Fuuts met are the bride contenders now...

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Are your hormones acting up? Maybe you should seek a safe space.

>> No.192069705

Cope hopeshitfags

>> No.192069748
Quoted By: >>192069797

Last for Nino a shit

>> No.192069797


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File: 1MiB, 1336x2048, 0fa8e0c04182b5a01db85d77148f0b9f.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Last for 2nd best girl

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