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I don't get it, why didn't he just face Ippo without all of the edge?

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Bruno is so beautiful.

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CHADkyoin CHADriaki

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He was cucked

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The doujin possiblities

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no way fag

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Yes way

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Good thread.

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Would you let a fat-assed legal loli teach you how to cook a proper steak, /a/?

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It was established in another GAC thread that the artist doesn't have much of an internet presence, I think?

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125 F is the perfect level of doneness, losers.

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not really into steak but sure

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Dumy vegan

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I just don't like the super fatty meat Asian places always serve. Given that she's an anime, this is probably what she has available.

Also, being a man of burgerstan, I prefer my meat between buns. A steak tries to carry a whole meal on one ingredient and some seasoning. It's like lobster of foie gras; peasant food that richfags jumped on and have made pointlessly "fancy".

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>kill off your MC (what a shock!)
>have everyone grieve and react (because he's dead)
>have 13-chapter flashback about his past (because he's dead)
>reveal at the end of the flashback that he's actually alive


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Does Yoko like Simon or Kamina?

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watched this a couple weeks back and dear god it was dogshit

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She's just a slut.

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It suffers from the Gainax curse of "not knowing what we're doing after the initial set piece". Abenobashi, where Gurren Lagann was basically invented, had the exact same problem.

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Them not using that first 30 seconds of the first episode (the "all the lights in the sky are our enemies" moment) for literally anything is a crime. Word of Gainax is that they basically forgot about the scene.

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>MC alone on a friday night

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Thats awesome

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Why waste your Friday night socializing desu. I love my free time way too much for that.

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Pretty relatable.

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>MC has become comfortable with his solitude

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>MC wants to die but is too much of a pussy to do it

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>I am the owl, Grisha. Watch closely and don't forget, this is how we of the nine use our powers

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But then the people who hate "unrealistic" obvious villains would be whining.

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This and the final battle should be captain Levi epically killing him with swords epic style

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wtf matte is even mean ?

>> No.192056736

Let them

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I feel like the Ackerman bloodline took genetic imprinting to limit their powers so people wouldn't run away from them.

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>japanese education

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>counting beakers individually after grade school

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Can you guys try this test? http://www.panamath.org/testyourself.php

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Imagine not being able to look at this picture and instantly know it's 12 cups without doing any addition or multiplication

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> Being so out of touch you have to manually multiply 4x3
> Not having the entire table memorized and immediately usable at any time
Step up your shit kouhai.

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Waiting for translation anon

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Wow they're doing a little event just to reveal the VA for the Pillars

>> No.192070515

Might end on the wide shot of them all

>> No.192070516

It's not like they talk on the page they appear.

>> No.192070524

I bet next weeks episode will end with the Pillars showing up (as they did at the end of chapter 44) but not having any lines to speak etc

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Unless the drag out the part where Tanjirou got kick around by kanao or something i find it hard to believe that nex tep wont end at the pillar meeting

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Reminder that Netflix's translation of NGE is LITERALLY more faithful to the script than the old translation that everyone grew up with.

Kaworu literally never tells Shinji that he loves him in Japanese, he tells him he is worthy of his grace/admiration, which is what's on Netflix's translation.

Faggots are literally just raging because they didn't get their way

It's just another FFX case of Western translators adding shit they like into the script to modify the story.

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based as fuck

>> No.192050239

Based. I unironically like the Netflix English dub better as well

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You're telling me that a translation that's been around for 20 years was completely unfaithful?
Show proof or b&

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But they translated Kaworu to say he loves him again in the movie
Explain this OP

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>the old translation that everyone grew up with.
Who is this "everyone"?
Which translation are you talking about?
Subs or dubs?

I have only ever seen fan-subs, and I doubt that Netfucks can even compare to those.

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So what about a Senran Kagura/Kengan Ashura crossover? How would that even work? I bet Lihito still ain't getting laid.

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ITT: Moments that caused you to drop a series entirely

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>hear that black clover has a dude with a big sword who cuts magic and shit
>main characters with big swords always peak my interest so decide to check out the series
>read the entire manga and caught up right around the time the elves got resurrected
>stopped reading around the time that the devil guy was introduced, just not hyped for new chapters
>occasionally catch up and read the latest chapter
>last chapter I read was right after Asta kills the devil guy
>see this shit
I'm officially done with black clover. Anyone who is still reading, I have a question for you:
Why? What about current Black Clover excites you, or gets you hyped up? I got the most enjoyment out of the fucking ocean arc where Asta fights that one animal looking dude. That shit was actually fun to read. I just can't understand why anyone would still be reading at this point.

At this point I would honestly compare the people who get hyped about this manga releasing a new chapter, to the same people who get hyped when Epic releases a new fortnite skin. Same energy.
>inb4 bait

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Quoted By: >>192056687

This is so gay it makes me not want to read it now, i recall this guy dying too was the big turning point of the series to getting really good so fuck this.

>> No.192055068

You're right, set up and payoff is bad if you don't like it.

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>> No.192057655

>main characters with big swords always peak my interest

You're just as bad as those fortnite fans, brainlet.

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What the heck was his problem anyway

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Had a shitty father and was convinced from a young age that power means everything and you should have as much power over others as possible.

>> No.192062441



Johnathan was totally at his mercy and he decided to not only let him go but also help him

>> No.192063249

jojo has plenty of characters from shitty upbringing and they don't all turn out evil

>> No.192063329

Too much big dick energy

>> No.192063759

Dio's mother lived in as much poverty as her husband and son, and she seemed to be good at heart.

Dio ended up being a dickhead because his father killed his mom and he treated him like the worthless drunkard he was.

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What do you thing about plagiarism in manga?

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its bad

>> No.192051778

who is the blonde model in this?

>> No.192052023

>slam dunk copies nba photos
>eden no hana traces slam dunk
>korean drama rips off the plot of eden no hana
Orientals don't give a fuck and neither do I

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It's pretty sad

>> No.192052977

Then it is plagiarism since he's copying the photographer's work. Remember these are photos for a fashion magazine not just some random picture of a tree or whatever, they're staged. The lighting, the position of the models, everything is determined by the photographer(and his editor when he selects which photos go in the magazine), same as if it were drawn art.

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Reminder that no matter what shows get released in the next few seasons, HxH will still be the best anime of the decade.

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Attack on Titan is a better Anime

>> No.192051118

Based Departureposter

>> No.192051140

how will hunterkeks ever recover?

>> No.192052669

I'm really hoping this is a shitpost and there arent retards out there who think this is deep

>> No.192052718

>life is too short to devote to learning
Is togashi serious? Did this translate wrong?

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This was cool

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Quoted By: >>192050053

Not anime fuck off back to /co/ netflix shill
>The 12-episode series was directed and written by LeSean Thomas, with Natasha Allegri, Anne Toole, and Nilah Magruder writing scripts alongside Thomas.[11]

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Quoted By: >>192050228


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canon niggers

>> No.192050228

Doesn't matter who animated it other the last airbender would be anime.

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When did u realize dragon ball helped curbed toxic masculinity in your life?

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You know what's really toxic? femininity being pushed on men. You know why they call you toxic for following what nature dictates? Because they're projecting.

>> No.192051722

This guy is digging for deep meaning in a series as simple and straight forward as DB.

>> No.192051786


well, /a/?

>> No.192051845

Normal 4chan user (2003-2006): Posts things they are interested in, ie: Anime & Manga
Neo-4chan faggot from /pol/ /v/ /tv/ and /r9k/ (2011-????): Goes out of their way to post stupid shit to be outraged over

What the fuck happened?

>> No.192051863

imagine an autistic post on /a/

not hard. happens all the time.
imagine starting to read it, realizing "oh its one of these", then stopping and passing over it. then it gets lost to archive for eternity and no one will probably ever really read it again.

that's the caliber of garbage of what an opinion article on pretty much anything in existence is. no one gives a fuck about opinions except bottomfeeding scum. the only opinions anyone on this planet gives a shit about are the opinions of their lovers and close friends.

ban op for underaged/shitposting/trolling/off-topic

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Why does NGE take so much shit for the main character being a bitch? I mean, I know it's a trope and all, but there's people who genuinely can't seem to enjoy the show purely because of pic related.

But the thing is, not only is his personality integral to the story, it's perfectly believable in-universe. This is a kid who ran away from his asshole dad at 11, gets a call from his father for the first time three years later, and before he even sees his father he's already being told to get in the fucking robot and go fight a Lovecraftian horror that's shrugging off nukes like it's nothing. It's a suicide order, everyone knows it, and sure enough, he gets fucking slaughtered 30 seconds in before regenerating and waking up three days later in a hospital bed. Would it really somehow be better if he showed up and said "Gee, thanks Dad! I always wanted to hop in a robot with zero training and immediately get stabbed in the face!"?

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Quoted By: >>192051261

escapism is by googles definition the tendency to seek distraction and relief from unpleasant realities, especially by seeking entertainment or engaging in fantasy.

NGE not only zooms in on the unpleasant realities of life, but its literally the biggest theme in the entire show

>We haven't been given much time to identify with Shinji as a relatable character before he starts breaking down

entirely valid but this sudden deviation from what we would expect could be seen as a form of subversion either way it doesn't work

>Other characters react to the threat like it is any other cartoon so it is not conveyed to the audience that we should treat in some kind of hyper-realistic manner

the other major characters in NGE have been living in tokyo-3 or fighting the angels for a while now. Even then most of them are fucked in the head in some way

>> No.192050944

Most of the people who complain about Shinji being a bitch are the kind of people who think they would step up to the plate in a crisis situation, but who would in reality either break down themselves when the full extent of the situation is made clear or would fade into the background to avoid confrontation.

The incredibly small minority who would step up and do their best either tend to be those who have been explicitly trained for crisis situations, or those who have a pathology. Either incapable of recognizing the dangers, or incapable of caring.

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It's possible to enjoy it and still complain about some of Shinji's behavior, even if some of it is understandable.

>> No.192051261
Quoted By: >>192051484

>NGE not only zooms in on the unpleasant realities of life, but its literally the biggest theme in the entire show
My point wasn't so much that Evangelion is trying to be escapism, but rather the general anime-watching western audience will expect their cartoons to be a certain way regardless of directorial intent. Hence the OP's image where some retard only focuses on the perceived positives of the reality and ignores all the "realistic" dangers.

>the other major characters in NGE have been living in tokyo-3 or fighting the angels for a while now. Even then most of them are fucked in the head in some way
Again though, we as the audience haven't experienced this. It's all well and good for me to understand at an academic level why this scared child is being a scared child, but that can't make me sympathise.

Additionally, it creates a dichotomy where only Shinji is being a prominent bitch. This can lead to further frustrations like "why does he need to pilot the robot, just get someone else". Instead of trying to hook the audience with a mystery of why he's the only one, we're instead in a position where the audience is waiting to have an irritation justified to them.

>> No.192051484

I mean yeah, I can agree I with most of that.

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I'm currently watching this

>> No.192050142

It's definitely a classic

>> No.192051819

Watched this a couple of months ago and it was dog shit

>> No.192052766

Used to watch it daily from 2006 till 2009 when I was a moderator for the UY forums. Those were good times indeed

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This manga is so weird

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i just finished fate/stay night after 100 hours and tsukihime 2 weeks ago.
holy fuck i'm not going to lie. this is probably one of the coolest concepts and worldbuilding accumulated over the years he wrote them.

but why did he just stop after fate/stay night and not introduce any new entries?
universe is so cool with vampires and mages and you have everything from sorcerers to demon hunters then the author just stopped?

was it because fate/stay night was so succesful that he did not want to make a new VN entry i know mahoyo exists but no choices.

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Quoted By: >>192065441

>Incels hatebombing him over HF and Sakura back in the day made him stop giving a shit about putting effort into his stories and instead just write vapid pandering spinoffs for easy money forever.
Nice revisionism.

>> No.192065441
Quoted By: >>192067088

>After the release of the original game, how was the response to HF?
>After I had finished writing the scenario, I had a feeling of completion and thought "I've cleared a difficult task!", but after having received far more reactions and response to it than I had imagined or expected, I felt that I was able to learn a lot from it.

>To be precise, which kinds of reactions do you remember the most, Nasu-san?
>I felt that users want feel-good stories more than anything else. If you play Fate and UBW, you get to taste feel-good storytelling for roughly 40 hours. So I felt that there was no need for HF to be a feel-good story after all that, but then I learned that apparently not all users feel the same way. I reflected on this greatly, and came to the conclusion that for some works, it's okay to aim for being feel-good all the way through. I believe that if it weren't for my reflection back then, Type Moon wouldn't be the way it is today.

>> No.192067088


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Quoted By: >>192051543

What are your thoughts on chapter 239?

This shit just killed the manga for me. I'll probably check it out once every few months now.

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*surpasses kino*

>> No.192050888


>> No.192051543

Is it getting canceled? At the pace it's going, it feels like it got a termination date.

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