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Season 2 when?

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Does nep finally get cum inflated?

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womb tattoos are hot

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>subs came out like a week ago
What the fuck, I feel dumber for not having noticed it.

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This, not even a tiny appearance. Maybe they're saving it for S2. Right?

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The animation sure is as cheap as ever. I guess you can't really expect much, but considering this was an OVA I was hoping for slightly better production values.

Then again, these days, even most OVAs look like ass.

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Girls with the best voices

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There's only like ten english VAs and they're all awful

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Finally someone else who appreciates futsuu. Nice dubs.

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>Goblin Slayer Side Story - Year One 028 (2019) (Digital) (danke-Empire)

Folder: https://zippyshare.com/dankebitte/xuavcf4g/dir.html

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>liking girls is gay
Is that /a/'s top performance?

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It this the most "ugly bastard" goblin so far?

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Quoted By: >>192070339

He admitted he is going to miss her and why shouldn't the scroll be a weapon?

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She is a bully too.

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Apparently, GS keeps the scroll from Priestess, the one with English command, rather than the usual Latin, & refuses to put it at his tools belt.
Something about her "I won't leave you" & "See you tomorrow" speech.

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Quoted By: >>192051579

Is he a chad?

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He is /ourguy/

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He'll get to fuck lots of women soon

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A lot of times, power really come from one self, being actions, intelligence, control of emotions and imagination in general in combination with our skill. There are characters which I actually root for, more than the protagonists, happening with villains more often, because the writer has the liberty of writing characters with motives and actually deep and sometimes even more relatable situations, and compass of actions, which is something sometimes can throw people off expecting of a main character, but not when writing a villain.

I personally really liked Formaggio, Pesci and Prosciutto, Ringo and specially how Araki changed the theme of Yoshikage Kira in part 4, because of its own molding into circumstances and at the end never changing lack of personal morality.

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>villain can skip time, see the future and kill you in one hit as he sees fit

I'm new to Part 5 and even i have to admit that is pretty bull shit how over powered this guy was.

How is Pucci in comparison with power scaling for Part 6?

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>pucci starts with a stand that can steal and give stands
>then he gets a stand that can fuck up gravity so bad that it can make the world go sideways and practically insta kill you if it touches you
>then it gets a stand that makes any nom organic thing go much faster including time

and funny valentine has a stand that can go into other realities and if you touch the other you you instantly die also unless you kill him instantly he can basically never die and he later gets a power up that send all negativity away from him

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Quoted By: >>192052201

You know, when I come into a Jojo thread there's a lot that crosses my mind. The legacy of the greatest shounen ever written. I mean consider that for a minute. This amazingly well written and extremely complex piece of literature has been going on for several decades now and is still going. Not only that but it is still popular, still gaining new fans and keeping old ones happily around.

Jojo is not just a manga, its not just genre deconstructing, its not just one of the greatest stories ever told. It is proof that man can achieve greatness in all its meanings. The story we have been discussing, months on end, years on end, it is evidence of a true understanding of nuanced and complex themes. A culture within itself.

So when I come into a Jojo thread I feel like im not only here with my fellow Jobros. I am here with everyone else, experiencing the magic that is Jojo. Even the poor and misguided who either haven't read it or consider it sub-par are here with us. Giving attention and time to a story that is older then most of us here today.

I see great discussion day after day. New points being brought up and old ones being held high for the board to see. It was through years of dedicated posting that these threads have gotten to this point. Intense and amazing discussion backed by some of the most quality memes found on the internet. And its all thanks to the Jobros who have kept it all going.

So when I go into Jojo thread a few things cross my mind, but the one thing that always reigns true is how great it is to be a Jobro , to be apart of a legacy decades old that continues to hold its own with strength, intelligence and grace. That's what it means to be a Jobro.

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Za Warudo with precognition.
That's Kansas City in a nutshell.

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shut up fag

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Honestly curious on what the Part 8 villain's stand will be and how it fucks with time/space. I like the whole, "Speed King denies entropy" theory. based Jobin for main villain

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My ????s? wife is so cute.

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Is it true? Do they eat foreskins?

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Which Beast Pirate will Master Tama enslave next?

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You’re right it’s just headcanon; I bet Nami already knows and will tell us eventually. One anon posted the theory that she’s the Elbaf princess, which I like the idea of.

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huh, I thought caeser did the gigantification experiments for mama, not the WG

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come on, brother. this was in the collage

>> No.192070549

And she was never heard from again

>> No.192070556

Maybe Vegapunk did reasearch on it initially, and then refused once he realized the shady shit he’d have to do, giving Caesar an in because the WG didn’t want Vegapunk steaming.

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Why didn't anybody tell me this show had so much gay romance?

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Because you don't have anybody

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Quoted By: >>192050837

The proper term is “homolust”

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Hi, Aizenhower!

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WTF?! Explain this, Dragon Ball fans!

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so then vegeta was a retard who couldnt understand what goku was asking and just assumed he didnt know what kissing was?
thats even dumber. fuck super actually

>> No.192055203

considering the guy is a rich sportstar, this is definitely much more likely than him ending up alone

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Quoted By: >>192055529

They both got confused really. Goku got surprised by trunks giving a senzu to mai with the mouth and vegeta thought he was talking about just a kiss.

>> No.192055529

I can live with that.

>> No.192055577

Super Strength.

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Would Punpun have been better or worse off if this bitch hadn’t lucked back into his life?

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The entire point of the story is that there is no salvation for anyone, you just have to learn to live with it (or... not)

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Quoted By: >>192052478

Wait, you think Punpun ever “got” her?

>> No.192052478
Quoted By: >>192052649


He fucked her, didn't he?

>> No.192052576

It was that cult thay fucked her mom's life and she and Punpun were both autists.

>> No.192052649

ya he did a few times

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Do it X3 faster Aznable-senpai

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Char is a nigger

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Have you ever seen anything more beautiful in your whole life?

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Quoted By: >>192053920

When will the cutie on the left appear?

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Quoted By: >>192054085

How come doggie is the only girl with boobs in the entire school?

>> No.192054085

What? Cowtits aren't the only kind of tits. Both mao and mizuha are packing respectable busts.

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Sayuki a best. A BEST.

>> No.192054574

The imouto is the Cinderella and his first kiss + she is NBR so I think she's in the lead?

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>Whoa, Joseph is so cool! I loved the fights with the pillar men, part 2 is definitely my favorite!
>Jotaro is so strong, and stands are so original, there's nothing better than part 3! No contest my favorite!
>I love how nice Josuke is! Morioh is such a quirky town! Haha, bites za dusto! Part 4 is my favorite!
>You can't get cooler than the son of DIO! Miiistaaaa~! Momma Bruno is so kind, part 5 is my one true favorite!

Let me guess, when part 6 airs animeonlies will claim it's their absolute favorite and forget about the previous characters like they always have. Why are they like this?

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Are we being raided? Retarded threads keep popping up.

>> No.192048913
Quoted By: >>192049056

Why do you waste time worrying about what other people might think instead of enjoying what you have in front of you?

>> No.192048949

A years long raid?

>> No.192049056

I'm just curious. Instead of having a favorite and sticking with it, it seems as if they only care about their shiny new toy and forget about everything else.

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Quoted By: >>192048941


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Why am I crying?

>> No.192048952

I just thought it was bullshit on a technical level, didn't care too much for the emotional impact that it was aiming for.

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Quoted By: >>192049374


>> No.192049374

youve never been to antarctica and it fucking shows

>> No.192049640

Forget the environment, what kind of bullshit email system is that?

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After a break it's back again.
My memory is a little foggy from here, I know it's still a while until the school festival but I'm sure it's more than just character focus episodes.

After a whole week how is everyone enjoying it? Is the nostalgia holding up? Got your best girl picked out?
How many new readers have we picked up?

Volume One >>191781297
Volume Six >>191968050

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What's your opinion in Akamatsu's artistic talent?

The guy's work is similar to Toriyama imo.

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Quoted By: >>192055799

Later in the manga they outright tell you that Negi is stupidly selfish. He wants to be like his father by himself, without the help of his friends, not realizing until it was too late that Nagi was strong because he had a lot of strong friends. The Bad End and the Good End is proof of how much of a difference is having your friends around.

>> No.192055799

I think that's one of the differences between Negima and UQ Holder.
Negi does his hypberbolic time chamber 100x gravity training by himself while Touta does a lot of his training with his friends.

>> No.192055835

To be completely honest if the whole manga stayed as a harem romcom I probably wouldn't have given it the time of day, but hearing about how it actually turned out to the author's ruse cruise to make a full-fledged battle manga made me a hell of a lot more interested. I'm eager to get to it.

>> No.192055917

the author pandered so much fan service at the beginning. noone else had this many sexy girls in a single manga back when negima was printed.
it all starts to go downhill starting at the festival.

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This is a parable. Tsubasa is learning how to cope with trauma. The more I think about it, the more it makes sense.

>Tsubasa flew a hot air balloon

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>Tetsuo Shima
>Blows up like HiroShima

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I'm that gorilla dick nigga, I make dyke pussy wet

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>> No.192050622

Dont use my son's likeness for your post

>> No.192050956

Wow so edgy newfag. That's my big beautiful son you're shit talking and his cute girlfriend.

>> No.192051771

Been awhile since I've seen a pic related to this series. Big guys can really be moe.

>> No.192052193

He can breed me so I can give him strong sons!

>> No.192052250

I'm that Sam Hyde meme that stops being funny when other people use it.
I'm getting flashbacks of "I'm Rick James, bitch"

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Is this a positive or negative trait?

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>> No.192059311

More wives, your grace?

>> No.192059636
Quoted By: >>192059707

Does she ever show up again in the LNs?
I heard the LNs shift focus to some weird supersoldier loli or some shit and not the boys anymore

>> No.192059707

She's a core character and is only missing for like 3 out of the 17 volumes.
The rambo loli only has 2 volumes centered on her and the rest are cameos. Quenser and Heivia still get most of the screentime.

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File: 109KiB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Zombieland Saga - 06 [720p].mkv_snapshot_12.45_[2018.12.25_09.37.29].jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Why does smoking classic pipes look some much more stylish than smoking cigarettes?

>> No.192060242

How much goddamn money have you spent on these?
Why are none of them lolis?

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Quoted By: >>192066264

Like it or not, this is the best anime of the 2010's.

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>> No.192065253

is levi dead?

>> No.192065292
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>> No.192065428

Unironically this

>> No.192065435

2 of them (ymir and reiner design) was just his bad drawing skills in the early capters that just got adjusted once he got better in drawing, Uri can actually became so old for natural causes and stress (and maibe being a shifter actually make became old faster, like grisha who looked like late 40s and kruger and zeke being white haired in their last months). Annie not wearing handbands in perfectly explanable since eldians don't have to wear handbands at home (and she and her father were like 5 or 7 feet from their home)

>> No.192066264

Its was great fun but Historia is a giant mary sue
Haven't read the manga yet but I'm already worried about this Gabi character being another one

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Why is Nu-anime so afraid of anime original content? If studios were allowed more freedom we could be getting some OVA where all the Jojo's meet up, but people nowadays would go

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>> No.192048675

Non-canon things that don't come from the mind of the original creator aren't as cool as the real deal most of the time. Even if JoJo arguably would've been better in the hands of another person,but that's besides the point.
>inb4 Purple Haze Feedback
It's not an anime original. The reactions of people would've been different if the novel would've never been released. Even if PHF is still a really good "sequel"

>> No.192048733

What's so bad about making fans happy,Aspie? Can't bear the sight of people being happy?

>> No.192048786

>OVA where all the Jojo's meet up
Eyes of Heaven

>> No.192048923

If you want to adapt something then adapt it. Nobody wants shitty OC from anime studios. I'm not going to say that there's never been good anime that has strayed from the source material but the chances of it being good is pretty low. If a studio wants to do their own thing then make an original series. Don't ride off the manga's popularity while writing your own shitty fanfiction.

>OVA where all the Jojos meet up
There was a video game like that and it turned into godawful Jotaro/Dio/Part 3 wank. It reminds me of how most UC Gundam entries not made by Tomino end up being newtype/1 Year War/Char wank. People that enjoyed the series themselves at one point get in with production and do nothing but circlejerk the content they liked into oblivion with poorly made fanfiction.

>> No.192049321

>thousands of light novels, mangas, books and games to adapt
>"let's make some fanfics!"
No. Thank you.

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What went wrong?

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>> No.192048907

Weird pacing, basic cg, and slideshow action. They're trying, but probably should have done a slice of life or isekai show instead.

>> No.192049251

Given that the source material was bland with the exception of Range Muarata's awesome art, the only critique I can have of this adaption is that of the inconsistent art quality, particularly the ugly switches to cgi characters.

But it's not terrible though, 'cop loses partner wants revenge is reluctantly paired with new fish-out-of-water partner and they slowly begin to accept eachoter' is VERY unoriginal, but if done well it can be entertaining, particularly if the surrounding story is interesting.

Sadly that's not really the case here despite the 'gate' concept.

>> No.192049386

enjoyable show that got ruined by an icompetent director

>> No.192049448

Animators were promised two sandwiches. Turns out there were only 2 pizza slices left in the fridge.

>> No.192049683
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