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If your favorite shounen is not on this list, you have shit taste.

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Seethe, brainlet.

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What about InuYasha?

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better than pretending that I do to own somebody in an anonymous argument
don't you have a thin waist big breasted figurine you need to cum into?

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>missing the point this hard
so this is the famed "hunterchad high IQ" at work huh?

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>no slam dunk
>only two sport shonen on the list
>no yotsuba

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Spoiler about the final chapter

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Where are the children?

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>implying there's going to be any romantic closure at all

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>one final fuck you for the readers

I believe it.

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No one looks older at all. Is it a timeskip.

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Is that Alice? I can make out Erina, but I don't care for her.

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What do you think about 3D anime? Is it the future?

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I hate it

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get ready for absolute kino in the next eps
you will shit your dirty underwear and finally take a shower afterwards

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I'm so sorry, anon.
But considering she might have been the best looking girl in the village, they likely tied her to a pole, and then, they all (every single one them) took turn violently beating all of her holes with their dirty Dane meat. They rammed her up like this non-stop for a whole week until she stopped moving and breathing altogether. And even then, some of them continued pleasing themselves with her body until her skin tasted and smelled like rotten fish. It was only then that they decided cut up her body into mince meat and fed it to the pigs.
I'm so sorry. Awfully sorry.

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>beating all of her holes with their dirty Dane meat
All four of them?

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I really don't care about her.
I do hope the old lady got out okay, although that probably broke her mentally.

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Says the mutt LARPer kek.

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Nigga, this came out 5 years before SNK.

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what sort of stupid bait is this even?

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Low quality bait. Fuck off faggot OP

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How low T do you have to be to not instantly smash that loli pussy?

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I just finished the dbs anime and i was totally let down by Gohan. How is he in the Manga, i know its different from the anime

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He gets a better showing in the ToP, albeit brief. But he does fight Kefla.

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>He fights kefla
How, new form?

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Nope. Nothing special he can just fight her an ko each other

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Support with chest

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I want to sleep

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What the hell happened to this manga

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What do you mean? To me it just seems like scanlatiors stop giving a fuck.

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Zeke will be the cutest uncle ever

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Im a HEchad please don't miscategorize me

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harmless posts are somehow worst than two literal autist calling everything in thread EH shit?
Its literally obession at this point

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When will Kogane get an anime?

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Never ever.

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We already know that :Re really shit the bed for the most part (arguably since the sart, but it got tremendous worse in the second half) and was nothing like any of us had imagined TG would turn out to be after a solid first part. Though it's not certain, a monthly schedule could've probably fixed a lot of these issues as Ishida's final afterword revealed how he felt during TG's serialization.
So what could we expect from Sui Ishida after he's done with his switch game? A new project, a completely new manga or will he just become a videogames illustrator/ character designer much like Kubo is? Love his artwork style, too bad :re didn't go that well but I think he is worth keeping an eye on. Also TG thread I guess

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he did pissed them fangirls
very good move in my book

>> No.192069376

He pissed off fujos and other whales to the point, where they would flush their volumes down the toilet or even burn them to the ground, that was pretty based

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Are chokers slutty?

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There's a reason why some alt-right and /pol/acks converted to Islam and joined ISIS back in the day

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Megumin is a SLUT

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Because of religion:
/pol/ is right wing pseudo-christian (nobody actually believes in the sky meme god)
muslims are right wing islamists
Christians and Islamists have a long history of rivalry that's why.
If you removed religion they would be best friends

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this question is based on a wrong assumption already, you are a retard

>> No.192070376

/pol/ has less problems with their ethnicity and more problems with the fact that islam is being used against them.

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This has easily been the worst part of JoJo. I really don't understand the hype or HOW people could say this is the best?

Johnny's motivations to find the corpse are never really explained past "muh legs twitched one time." Granted, that was his motivation for starting the SBR and wanting to learn spin but unless I just had a fucking retard moment, I missed where his level of drive and obsession over the corpse parts came from.

Spin is just dumb. Araki waits until halfway through the series to really dive into how it works and what it actually does and even then I'm supposed to believe that by spinning a ball a certain way I can guys into Junji Ito spiral people? Hamon breathing is some sort of monk shit that basically boils down to "does magic." Spin just seems to be "throw a curveball really good that somehow does whatever it feels like" and then eventually "throw a curveball while looking at a 16:9 rectangle and your horse is galloping a certain way to throw a curveball that can breach dimensions."

The D4A arc is fucking 15 chapters that never goddamn ends. The way the ability is presented (and subsequent Love Train ability) is so fucking obtuse that it only starts to make sense when you get Araki's notes in between chapters. Granted, this might just be from amateurish translation.

Johnny's stand starts out as just a gun, but then turns into "a gun that shoots you where you didn't think a gun could shoot" which we've seen done more interestingly and utility with Mista and to a lesser extent Hol Horse.


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There are a few other issues, but I agree for the most part. There are a lot of good parts but some elements just really kill it.

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tusk is kinda lame and spin is pretty janky but i liked hey ya, so its the best part

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Part 7 have a weak first part and a weak end part (aside of THE WORLD of DIO). SBR peaked from 28 to 50 (The true mans world, Catch the Rainbow, Sugar mountain)

>> No.192068686


Most of your opinions are garbage btw

>> No.192069072

>hating spin
>not understanding spin
>that whole bait sentence about johnny's ability
This is the average jojo speedreader

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>this is a 32 year old unmarried woman
What the hell is wrong with Japan?

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Hara isn't a virgin though.

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She's unironically a fucking roastie

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Explain this accusation

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Be honest /a/, you would.

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OH MY SEVEN QUIRKS will always be relevant because there was no hint of it even being possible, for example people don't call out Deku having an Avatar like mind connection with previous users, because it was hinted in the fight against that mind control Kid.

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At this point in the manga of both series, Kimetsu wins hands down. You can feel that Hori has just given up on trying to write a believable antagonist at this point after how he wrapped up the recent clusterfuck of an arc.

>> No.192069285

>no hints of it being possible
>One for All...

>> No.192069317


BNHA might be a little worse now but what is worse is....

Faggots talking about this literal who series that was never discussed here before the anime. Eat shit and die zoomers

>> No.192069515

>waah wah waah
>sad back story
>wah wah wah
>non emotional mc
>proper motivation
>natural fights

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>Great Hiatus Arc
My fucking sides

>> No.192068583

something that does no longer have a shitty defragger like that one I can tell you.

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Help, I'm defragging my SSD all around the clock, but my computer is not becoming faster.

>> No.192069298

if you only look at the red tiles, it looks like a bug

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What do you think of Violet's gf, Amy?

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Ugly, like her.

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What do you think about arranged marriage and polygamy as depicted in this manga, anon?
>tfw no steppewife

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It's a good idea that should play in the real world.

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Happy Saturday Mr. Clockwork. Hope you're well.

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This thread was moved to >>>/s4s/8074049

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wtf is his problem?

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He's a genius

>> No.192068699

Back pain
Writer’s block

>> No.192068774

Once he got the rights to his story he realized no one could stop him from taking year long vacations and spending the rest of his life playing video games and masturbaring

>> No.192070387


>> No.192070462

At least his few good fights aren't won by retarded power levels and screaming like in 99% of shonenshit

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in the latest episode of this tale of youth, love, and baseball, Meisei reaches the quarterfinals of the preliminary tournament for the summer Koshien. One more match and they'll face off angainst Toushuu, going up against Mita one more time.

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Goddammit, but also, holy fuck, a joke from him? Sheeit.

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Yeah I could feel the tension from only one manga page. The anime is definitely NOT a complete frame-by-frame adaptation. Can't blame them since Adachi's paneling is tricky to adapt, both jokes and serious situations.
Also, the entire Tachibana family got that sarcasm game.

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Quoted By: >>192069604

Wait, the weird hat guy was the father? Heh.

>> No.192069604

It's kinda worrying that he got time to do stuff other than working. Yet you can't get mad at him.

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What the dicks is it with Japan boasting about how their country has four seasons? Half the planet has four seasons!
This shit was in GATE as well, a Japanese diplomat introduced his country to an isekai princess by telling her it had four seasons, even though princess's country probably had four seasons too. Why do they keep thinking this is special?

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Quoted By: >>192070351

>> No.192070351

Those are just the places that have the same climate type as Japan, but there's more types than that with distinct four seasons.

>> No.192070457

Try West Europe: it's either hot and dry or raining all day. Nice seasons

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Where's my update? It's been two weeks, almost three. They said there will be biweekly updates. I'm dying here.

>> No.192067281

Dead like she ends up?

>> No.192069624

They lied.

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Let's get one going boys
Only post if you also rate others.

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5.5/7 ~Egg -Nana
+Bottom row is great

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>hxh in the middle
and great sense of aesthetics, fellow hunterchad

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6.5/7 ~Paranoia

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