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>you kidnapped your favorite loli
>this fucker shows up
What do?

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Why didn't the bandit just fucking kill him? What did he think he was going to get out of playing nice?

>> No.192069596
Quoted By: >>192070186

Take him too.

>> No.192070186

That was the idea but look how that turned out.

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So did the author just kill all those characters for these guys?

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>Molester Man
Wait what?

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Because you're a newfag Reddit refugee
That shit got threads all the time not even that long ago

I swear to god Chainsawman will hit Jojo levels of attracting newfags to /a/ when they release an anime

These threads are painfully filled with Redditors as it is

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Didn’t knew. I’m mostly a newfag a tried to make some threads once ago but nobody came. My fault I guess

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Oh my dear newfag. You weren't here when for the Molester Man live threads?

>> No.192070480

I wasn’t but i’m curious just for the name alone

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so when will the stone ocean anime be confirmed?

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hopefully they skip this garbage excuse of an arc and just go straight to part 7

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Can't wait for the "part 6 is the best!!!" threads that will replays VAtoddlers

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>JoJo the animation
>October 2012

>Stardust Crusaders
>April 2014

>April 2016

>Part 5
>October 2018
David Pro has been really consistant, Stone Ocean will obviously begin in either April or October 2020

>> No.192068803

>if the LNs

>> No.192068861

That just shows that David Pro is doing a good job adapting the source material.

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I've managed to achieve to get the most complete OST of JOJO's that you can find on the web. This also include Phantom Blood on PS2 and both Smartphone game [Diamond Record & Stardust Shooter] that are nowhere findable.

Then if you guys want here the link :
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1UznUS6D0nyOzjk8sU2zHFvDLgWeir5Ej -> JOJO's FULL OST : Size is 4,94Go

https://drive.google.com/open?id=19fHtQt8INmCnaHz-rwf-F3XekUmt_DYg Fighting Gold Digital Upgrade -> This is digial version of Fighting Gold with the official instrumental version that wasn't include on the pre-release one that you can found everywhere on the net Size : 17Mo

Don't forget : Those package also contained album cover icon for Windows folder

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What quality is this? I've seen 10gb of flac from 1-4

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Quoted By: >>192070458

Upload this one instead https://nyaa.si/view/1018235
>inb4 flac is a nakeoil

>> No.192070295

That around 191kb/s Mp3

if you really want Flac. Go here https://soundflac.com/sound-list/#letter_5d57fced8c979_S go look to Sympho

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I personally don't hear any difference between Flac and high qual mp3 even with an headset

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>– Donate Link (GoogleDrive) can access, if you >donate us. (Donate – Comment your email. )
>– MEGA. Decryption Key – For donate.
>– Download all part, choose one hosting. Extract With HJSPLIT
>link doesn't work

File: 162KiB, 1200x1952, i=https%3A%2F%2Fs.eximg.jp%2Fexnews%2Ffeed%2FYomerumoVoice%2FYomerumoVoice_7603068_1.jpg,zoom=1200,quality=70,type=jpg.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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So is it safe to consider the movie dead?

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They're either scrambling to add Yuuri to the movie after the backlash when the trailer was shown at the beginning of the year, or they got in trouble for using the Olympics. Either way, is certainly going to be delayed.

>> No.192067991

Not dead, but there's now way it'll come out this year. MAPPA will at least announce the delay someday before the end of the year, I want to hope.

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Why she is so perfect bros?

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Quoted By: >>192067057

Google and Yandex doesn't know, who does?

>> No.192067057

it's something by Butcha-U

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Shine is so scary you guys

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I wish I could be excited about On Parade, but I really expect nothing other than memes and characters reduced to simple, one-note versions of themselves. Yurika won't do anything but say "I'll suck your blood!", Aoi will repeat her 10 catchphrases, "Is this really Aikatsu?", "That really gets me going!", "OKE OKE OKEY" and just repeat that over 26 episodes that need to give screentime to 30+ characters.

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it's just getting start. For all we know one of those doors connects to our world we've just yet to unlock it.

>> No.192070525

If it's anything like the post-series shorts from the 5th Festa then the series will be great. Continuations from where the individual series left off but keeping the tone of the series straight without resorting to nothing but gimmicks. I could easily see them giving 1-2 episodes to solely the OG and Stars casts so that it's not overly bloated.

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>he doesn't want an episode entirely devoted to every idle saying their catchphrase one after the other

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Idols in general are pretty malleable in terms of roles. Look at iM@S, they have tons of smaller spinoffs inside their main series. Aikatsu can have just as many spinoffs and movies that it wants because they make the idols do whatever.

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Post your favorite edits /a/

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That's not Richhan

>> No.192069400

Not after the way she treated JA.

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Every fuck adult on evangelion need to die.
Shinji do the right thing killing everybody in the end.

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A realistic and well written portrayal of women

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It's now out with good subs. What's the verdict, /a/ ?

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Felt quite like a Nolan movie with a lot of potential for analysis and symbolism that went a bit over my head, especially about the onee-san. The stuff about her memories for example. The MC's personality was interesting, I appreciate how you can directly infer the parts of it that are shaped by his parents, environment, etc. Same with the girl from his class; wish the other kids were a little more developed.
His relationship with the onee-san was the highlight obviously, I hope he solves her mystery and finds a way to bring her back to marry her.
Liked it a little more than Mirai but less than Wakaokami.

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Not enough ss.

>> No.192067835
Quoted By: >>192069938

You can actually see his balls. When was the last time a mainstream anime showed shota balls?

>> No.192069559


>> No.192069938

You can still see them occasionally on small kids however is rarely done with little older children like Aoyama.

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Is she ok? Did the heat finally get into her?

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cop craft more like cop crap

is there a single reason to watch this other than Murata's MC design?

>> No.192070121
Quoted By: >>192070407

It's a lot of fun

>> No.192070341

Can't wait for the arc where they go to elf world and the Mini Cooper is there waiting for them.

>> No.192070348
Quoted By: >>192070407

Fun characters, great dialogue, interesting setting. The only real issues it has are a minor pacing problem and an animation budget of 2000 yen

>> No.192070407

I agree with you. It's just my fun turned into disgust as soon as the animation started slacking into still shots. The first two episodes were great.

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>muh HEROES for the millionth time
>Main character is also a crybaby bitch
Why the fuck is this trash so popular?

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cuz bakuchad is goat

>> No.192066337

It came out at time when Narutofags where looking for their next fix.

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Quoted By: >>192066520

oh look it's this thread again, nice cope

>> No.192066520

Can you say anything else?

>> No.192066699

even weirder is that this became popular alongside One-Punch Man, except OPM is infinitely better.

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What was his name again?

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Mister wig

>> No.192068990

Monday Zura.

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>> No.192069543


>> No.192069627

I liked that doujin where he was being fucked dressed like a girl.

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Can someone explain this to me?

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alluka comes to mind.

>> No.192069677

Desu Jojolion hasn't had an O MY moment yet.

>> No.192069701

The conditions of Alluka's powers made it reasonable that she was locked up in a vault before instead of being an active part of the world as a deus ex machina.

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Yamada desu

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the girl with the sword should have never left the shop. they need her. SHE needs the manager for life. she'll come crawling back

>> No.192066557 [SPOILER]
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>> No.192066978

>Sanji got the beautiful swordswoman
What did Oda mean by this?

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why did mode ban tsukasa poster?

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Aside from HxH, what are the biggest entree-level anime perfect for people still developing their taste?

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Quoted By: >>192067202

anon, don't you feel ashamed of replying more than once to the same post to say the same exact thing? I know I would if it were me

>> No.192067202

>muh samefag
cope more hunterfag

>> No.192067265

will do

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You need to cope hunterfriend

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goku fucking PWND

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>Next big thing is furry anime
Why mutts have to ruin everything?

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Quoted By: >>192070234

I am not defending Trigger, I am just posting that to make fun of the shitposters/newfags that don't know about antros in anime

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Quoted By: >>192070303

Gurren Lagann had furries, this was inevitable.

>> No.192070234

>I am not defending Trigger, I am just posting that to make fun of the shitposters/newfags that don't know about antros in anime
Nevermind then, sorry.

>> No.192070303

Yeah, the evil bunny girls were hot af.

>> No.192070444

1) furry is a community started in the late 70s that devolved into dogfuckers and pedos, they do not own the concept of human animal hybrids.
2)yoh made akko into part rabbit before and it was pretty soul and cute. he probably wanted to explore an idea like that further from there.
3) You should expect it by now that whenever a big title is announced or comes out of trigger there would be at least a couple anime trying to leech of that. (example: Imaishi announces firefighter anime way back in 2017 and there's suddenly in the same season two other firefighter anime)

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I'm trying to remember an anime where one episode is dedicated to reviewing the cost of damages (in yen) to various locations throughout the plot.

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Quoted By: >>192066647

When is the next chapter of this masterpiece? It has been a month already

>> No.192065922

Whenever the translators stop sucking eachothers cocks instead of working

>> No.192066555
Quoted By: >>192066647

Who cares ?

When will the queen bitch die ?

>> No.192066647

Not soon enough

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Quoted By: >>192068312

>all the best scenes last for seconds
>shitty boring cgi last for ages

>> No.192066927


>> No.192067919
Quoted By: >>192070128

This beautiful movie had lots of problems.

>> No.192068312

It’s a shame an anime that looks this good will never be made again, early 2000s were the peak of aesthetic in anime films

>> No.192070128

I think the plot was the biggest problem

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