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is Ryuuou no Oshigoto! worth picking up for the Shogi or is it a simple loli fanservice using Shogi as a pretext.

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which will keep bumping while hopefully people will drop in and name a good shogi anime which I will watch and create a proper shogi thread for. its a long term plan.

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>Heiress to a family fortune
>Amazing cooking skills she inherited from her father
>Has been serving as his devoted little wife throughout the series
>Was there for him in his time of need
>Hips that are sure to be fuller as she gets older and a chest that's already challenging the flattie
>Shogi talent that's projected to surpass his own


>flat entitled bitchy loner with a streak for abuse and self-harm

Yaichi better go back to his wife before he wakes up one night to find her leglocking him into taking responsibility for a crime.

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>Nice job with the spoilers there mate
Actually, you can report him for that. It's against the rules.

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No it’s bad

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cry more

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Its smoother sounding though.

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Was it kino?

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>You forgot, didn't you?

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Are you ready boys?

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Most iconic scene ruined by CGI.
Honk fucking HONK!

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It's not even out yet.

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>mfw I keep thinking about how the dub is going to handle episode 6
It's very fucking stupid when a series pretends that there is a language barrier when everyone speaks the same language, it's going to be even worse when Torfin tells the English people "I have no idea what you're saying" when everyone is going to speak English

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we've seen the preview, it's there.

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Not it isn't. Show me where you see that shot in the previews.

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I've just finished watching this for the first time. It's my first Leiji anime and I kind of enjoyed it but it was boring at times. What do you guys think about it? Should I bother with the sequels/remakes or should I just move on to watching Harlock and Galaxy Express 999?

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Have you watched the original?

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its a faithful modern reboot of the original series with some nice little updates here and there (more girls for one) while keeping the feel of the original, including the 70s disco vibe.

Being 24 episodes, it does have a few parts where it slows down, and imo the MC is the typical insufferable leji matsumoto copy and pasted type but that is balanced out by how fucking awesome some of the other characters are, namely, captain Okita and the gamillas.

The animation is pretty solid too, with one notable exception. All it all, its worth watching if you like SBY

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File: 1MiB, 1280x720, [Nubles] Space Battleship Yamato 2199 (2012) episode 20 [720p 10 bit AAC][676A1778].mkv_snapshot_18.30_[2013.12.28_16.15.59].png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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Don't have ADD and you'll love it.

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I've watched shows with far slower pacing

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I watched the live action film. It was ok.

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Girls und Haunebu when?

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Why I married an anime character

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Somebody post a picture of abe

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As long as you don't have children you won't lose money. Also there is this thing called a prenup.

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Walking onahole detected.

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Who even gets married these days?

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Nonwhites with civilisation

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Merry Christmas!

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Good luck

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Because time zones it's always Christmas somewhere in the world

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Me too.

>> No.192070050

No but technically you could travel around the world so it's always holyday and never work, now that's 400 iq

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3-0 incoming.

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IMMEDIATELY discarded. Learn to speak the King's English before attempting to converse with such scholarly and intellectual individuals such as the CHADS OF /a/.

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>taking shit bait
Lurk more.

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Over, completed, terminated, and done.

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I absolutely cannot wait until this doesn't happen and CHADoei CHADniCHADtion's CHADnon CHADnime CHADsigns of the CHADdrats show up. I await your tears with childlike eagerness.

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MC's that aren't retarded Spergs? Gohan comes to mind but he stops being MC in buu-arc

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Pretty much, the only reason Gon appears to be "complex" is because the story does not forgive his actions. As a character on his own he is an illogical idiot like all those other shonen MCs, and his motivation for going on an adventure is one of the worst out of all of them.

In most arcs of the manga, you could replace Gon with a random other shonen protagonist and the story would most likely not change. Pic related for example is stock battle shonen.

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How many times he became angry?

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>you could replace Gon with a random other shonen protagonist and the story would most likely not change. Pic related for example is stock battle shonen

If you replace Gon in this scene with other other shonen mc, he would probably win by using demon fox inside of him or something

>> No.192070153

5 times? I haven't counted but the there was that one time he got so angry he barely talked for like 30 chapters or something and then went super saiyan 4.

>> No.192070346

>a bunch of faces is character development

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It's such a shame that Majime is such an unpopular character. She's cute, smart, likable, and cool to have fun with. I want to be friends with her and listen to her explosions.

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Tanaka is the best.

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JK actually does a pretty good job of handling a big cast without making the main characters fade into the background.

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She's just pretty fucked up

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I love Majo

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I made conclusion that Majo resonates with me the most. Kill all normalfags!

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How do you fix naruto/boruto?

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By keeping my wife alive.

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Naruto ended, Boruto is forever fucked but normies will eat it up because it's the thing after Naruto

>> No.192065115

Boruto never exist in the first place.

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Why are shonen manga so popular with young adult women?

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There are so many to unpack from this post, but I think I'll start with the age gap.

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>these women dont look like the ones in my Japanese pornos!

>> No.192069834


>> No.192069875


>> No.192070105

t. roastie

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When does fan translation go too far?

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I'm reading this right now and it's probably the most brutal translation I've seen. I don't know what the original said but he translates into shitposting bong, it's fucking wild man.

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the real cringe is bitching about a translation without posting the RAW, which you probably can't even fucking read.

>> No.192069509

Don't think there even is public raws

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>> No.192070060

Can someone post the raw of the pic in the OP?

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If there's one thing I hope for from GochiUsa season 3, it's that Chiya receives some actual character development and has some focus placed upon her, you know, personality. She's not just a pair of boobs that happen to have a human being attached to them. In fact, I hope that she's drawn as flatchested throughout every single frame of the upcoming season just so that we can focus upon what's truly important: her golden heart and her brilliant mind.

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There need to be some symmdock.

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a Chiya la hago chillar

>> No.192065525

Chiya sucks thousands dicks in thousands night

>> No.192065918

I will definitely treat those fine milkers with my utmost respect.

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It’s manga. If you can convey it as manga, you’re not trying hard enough.

>> No.192065731

It's fine if you don't want to have a real discussion, all I asked is for you to read my original post, the manga isn't an infodump as much as the character Rihan is one that requires an info dump inside his monologues.

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>> No.192065759


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Is this another one of those stale pastas?

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Why the hell is Polnareff grabbing Joseph’s face like he wants to fuck him?

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absolutely correct, atleast when goofing around with friends.

>> No.192064937


It is

>> No.192065263

There are plenty of gay scenes in Jojo and that's not one.

>> No.192065304

He wanted to "bond" with Joseph like Avdol did

>> No.192065380

Listening to this once a day keeps you healthy and makes your waifus/husbando love you more

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That goofy uncle from Bobby's World?

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I want Source

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>5 days
Apparently it's confirmed to be Casca & Guts reunion.
Anons been claiming it since new chapter announcement but no official sauce.

Berserk thread.

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>Just a matter of time before he gets his own Shinji Aoba at this rate.
I could see a terminally ill Berserk fan pulling it off.
No chance to even see a few more chapters, nevermind a conclusion? With nothing to lose you can take Miura down with yourself.

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Quoted By: >>192069482

This time we're getting Elfhelm's tax policies.

>> No.192067315

>fucking facehuggers
How did he get away with this?

>> No.192067386

The picture showed Guts just like the preview picture of the previous chapter showed Griffith. So Guts will probably be there.

My expectations right now are that Griffith eventually raids the Elf Island in his "magical creature" purge, so I expect Casca and Guts to agree to stay in the Island for a while and theb some SoL shenanigans. Then we'll spend all the chapters of the next decade following Griffith and Rickert while Guts hangs ou with loli witches off panel, before Griffith even attacks the island.

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>> No.192064448
Quoted By: >>192065561

>These pathetic virgins actually think i'm not SSB level?

>> No.192065561

He's not he specced down the most useless tree

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Admit it, suicide by Shinka is the best way to die.

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>> No.192068135

Best doujin.

>> No.192068153
Quoted By: >>192069040

I want her to drain me dry like a succubus.

>> No.192068718

i heh'd

>> No.192069040
Quoted By: >>192069869

she will


youre black

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Villainesses, who's the cutest?

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>> No.192066266

Rose WN translation update.

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Quoted By: >>192069039

This nigga is spooky, the artist should draw horror manga because oh boy.

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But Oriana is my favorite

>> No.192069039

Somebody is finally redoing Bertia with decent raws.

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