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What crime did she commit?

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Freak Island

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Freak Island

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she didn't swallow

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Not letting me rub salt into the expose parts of her face.

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whats your opinion on hajime no ippo?

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Has this happened yet?

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Even Sakuragi in Slam Dunk in stop using Dunk because it's retard
why the fuck Ippo still using Dempsey Roll?

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Ippo also stopped because he's retired

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The manga needs more oxygen

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With the pace this is going, I'll probably die before the coach dies in the manga so i feel like i'm wasting my time trying to keep reading this.
Most of the late matches also felt pretty stale to me. Was a fun ride for a while though.

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Just finished and Haruhi and Ryoko were the only saving graces of this shipwreck. Oh God the art change was so fucking ugly and the "story" was complete garbage. They owe us season 3 over this shit.

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why did they change the art?
different studio?

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people actually watching this shit in 2019
only a real haruhifag would do. respect

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I fucking love her bro. and the series too I guess

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asakura is cute!
and the character cds are gold

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Yearly reminder that she's the best Deskcar.

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The one which isn't actually an old dude.

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I have a fond memory of Korean Zombie Desk car.

Still I don't remember anything but the incipit. Was there a plot?

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MC was murdered and he is trying to find out who did it. There was another zombie that wanted to be with Eucliwood but couldn't for whatever reason and hated being immortal without her.

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Haruna a shit

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I want to punch her tits for some reason.

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So did they end up together?

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Hanafags are retard
Hana get bfto until the end of the manga .
I think she killed the show like Erina drama killed the show

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because it would add to the level of mind break if they did.

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Have you ever tried holding hands with a girl? It's nice.

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That's not really implying anything.

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Shinji's ass vs Toji's ass

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To indicate his manliness, male asses usually aren't as smooth and polished as female asses.

You can tell by the way he pulls by the hem of his pants that he only wanted to show his underwear not his dick.

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She definitely looks best when tired and agitated

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Why is this Rei wearing boyish clothes?

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I want to slap shinji’s ass

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Why is no one translating this, or even uploading raws? Considering it has an upcoming anime and it's Kirara, so I would have thought it would have more interest.

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This manga is so cute.

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>Considering it has an upcoming anime and it's Kirara
Most scanlated Kirara manga comes after anime airs actually. And only if anime is succesfull they don't drop translation after few chapters.

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So scanlations soon?

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Ino is cute

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You do it.

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It's bad enough that yurifags love baits. They also love this bullshit.

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Is Kengan Ashura worth reading?

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good god that is ugly

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If you are ok with only reading fights for 200 chapters then by all means go for it. Dont expect anything else though other than a complete meme of a story that only exist to perpetuate more fights. Its kinda hilarious in that sense.

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Real crime given without that part Kengan Ashura is only...Ashura.

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It cuts out all the useless crap like chapters of training? god that just sounds horrible.

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In fact, it was Kazzy who took Ivan to hospital, then took a picture with him and got autograph.
https://urasunday.com/kengan/omake.html Sandrovich drawn and thus canon. First one is after the incident with Ivan and Rihito, penultimate one is after Nezu's fight, last one includes female Meguro, clearly drawn by Daro. There's also female Nikaido Ren.
Ozu Toshio survived.

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Does liking this make me gay?

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>official doujins
more artist should do this

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Creators use different pen name or circle name for dj vs official works

>> No.192069560

>Could have been the edgy guy with the murica girl
>Instead it's rape+yuri shit with the bland main girl
Who cares.

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What about manga where they just straight-up fuck?

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It probably depends on any contracts and who owns the rights. Someone drawing an adaptation probably has less ability to do it in general than someone drawing a manga they wrote too, and different publishers would have different requirements.

Even that would benefit from having some less official art with more explicit sex, but that one is very good with how it includes sex.

>> No.192069826

>more explicit sex
The fuck do you want to be "more explicit" about it? They bang pretty hard, and you see titties galore. No point in showing pussy, it's just gonna get censored anyway.

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So after so fucking long of avoiding watching the 2 last season's for Tokyo ghoul I've finally decided to finish them as I'm one of those fucking dumbass bitches who never wanna finish series in hopes my heart and soul won't be crushed (I found the anime back when it was first released n before it became a popular shit fit so a little insight in how long it's been in the back of my brain) and can I just say- I SEE WHY YOU FUCKERS DESTROYED THE MANGAS YOU OWNED AFTER THE LAST SEASON'S RELEASE I'M ONLY ON THE 3RD EPISODE OF :RE 2 N I WANNA BASH MY HEAD INTO THE CCG'S MAIN BUILDING BUT I'VE SEEN SO MANY SPOILERS SINCE I FIGURED I'D NEVER SEE THE END AND UGH IF YOU HAVEN'T WATCHED/READ IT BEFORE PLEASE DO AND SUFFER.

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That's so fucking true I remember my feelings when I watched the first episode after reading the manga and being so sad bc of how many details were left out but honestly it's still good in my heart

>> No.192065551

the guy and the girl have a kid

the end

>> No.192065624

That was one of the first spoilers I seen next to the marriage

>> No.192065700

Don’t watch OR read it. It’s garbage and Ishida is a hack.

>> No.192065744

Just remember, last chapter is a dream sequence inside Kaneki's head.

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Moments where you cried like a bitch

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How childish do you have to be to cry with this?? fuck nu-/a/

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the death of gomechan is just like that one scene in Digimon Tamers where Takato doesn't want to lose Guilmon before achieving ultimate level

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Best Gon chapter

>> No.192068623

>moeslurping faggot judging others based on what they find emotional
your kind of fags are at the bottom of the barell, you are even worse than shonenfags

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Anyone got a good anime to Binge? do try and avoid the obvious/Cliche'/mainstream stuff, I mean, idk i kinda live under a rock, so maybe if its something I havent heard of thats mainstream ill give it a shot (been watching Dr Stone and realized there might be more out there) Help a bro out?

>> No.192063718

Assassination Classroom. It's one of my favorites, like every episode is a joy to watch. It's not long but great on almost every aspect.

It's my favorite anime adaptation of this decade.

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Sakura's boobs are way, way too big. Not sexy at all given that she's only 15.

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I can't believe she is just 15 with a body like that.

>> No.192067809
Quoted By: >>192069099

Are her boobs so big because Shinji has rubbed them for years?

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Patrician, but you forgot taiga above rin as well.
Yes, because /a/ totally doesn't have a fetish for villains and purication through her dick.
Also you are wrong in the cruel part, the only moment in the game where she is really cruel is in the femme fatale endings. If you want to know what being cruel is, watch some bad endings involving illya and the ways she tortures and punishes shirou.

>> No.192068658

Through the dick*

>> No.192069099

she was a flat board until she came to Shirou house for decent food

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>there are anons that haven't watched the purley focused lone uchiha sasuke episodes in boruto with prime cinematography
>because they think boruto sucks lol

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Naruto ended

>> No.192064936

Boruto does suck, the best episodes that people always point out are about Naruto and Sasuke, they are just Naruto episodes.

>> No.192065240 [DELETED]
Quoted By: >>192065577

around episode 54, over and below.

>> No.192065577

Thanks, lad.

>> No.192066444

People don't hate Boruto and Naruto for its shot composition, OP.

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Asuka ruined a whole generation of women

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>> No.192063564

God she looks so cute here
Got any other cute Asuka pics? Haven't even bothered to watch Eva but she screams best girl from a mile away

>> No.192063805

She's NOWHERE near as bad as Ramona and at least the show makes it a point that she has problems.

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>Haven't even bothered to watch Eva

>> No.192066919

>Haven't even bothered to watch Eva
You didn't miss much, it's only """good""" if you're underage and into ebin depression

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Quoted By: >>192066183

These are the official best shonen and where they excel at. Discuss.

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>> No.192066183

This looks like a pretty good list, I'll check out everything from it that I haven't seen.

>> No.192066190
Quoted By: >>192066279

If gore is apparently quality, Jojo is the one you're looking for.

>> No.192066221

>Black blood
Togashi is a pussy

>> No.192066279

Yet it's not, gore is a tool used by an author to convey that the writing is taking place in a brutally realistic environement, going out of your way to eliminate gore/death from a manga is way too forced (see most shounen), and going out of your way to depict as much gore as you possibly can is edgy and cringe, you only need to draw the right amount of it.

>> No.192066289

>There's no viscera or exposed organs in BnHA, or even decapitation. Chunks of blood flying like tomato sauce is cartoon violence, not gore.
finally someone got it right

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What do you like the most about this show?

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>> No.192067183

Lucky Yuuta.

>> No.192067209

The shitty cgi fights

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Quoted By: >>192069415


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>normies browsing /A/ that havent watched 50 anime

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>> No.192063266

good thread

>> No.192063271

How can one post be so based?

>> No.192063298

decent bait

>> No.192063301

>>normies browsing /A/ that havent watched 50 anime
Still normie. Come back when you have watched 500

>> No.192063325

Otherwise based thread

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Quoted By: >>192069108

Why haven't YOU listened to best stand's REAL theme?


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Quoted By: >>192067549

MD isn't missing colorized chapters.
I'm pretty sure anyway.

>> No.192067549

The chapters are in the directory, but won't actually load when you open them up

>> No.192068497 [SPOILER]
File: 787KiB, 2048x1446, edit1565730689810.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]



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Quoted By: >>192069167

>this hasn't been posted yet

>> No.192069167
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Thank you anon.

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Quoted By: >>192070428

no satania no buy

>> No.192068828

BEST imouto.

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Me and my wife Vigne's room.

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File: 460KiB, 1280x720, [HorribleSubs] Gabriel DropOut - 09 [720p].mkv_snapshot_05.39_[2017.04.10_11.49.43].jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>enjoying a nice comfy vigne-centric book
>android shill character makes an appearance

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File: 44KiB, 178x336, debiruf.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Satania belongs to me, so of course you don't get any.

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