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Fallen Miku mk. II soon.

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Fitting for a franchise created by hacks. Just look at how Urobuchi literally recicles entire designs for Grand Order. He's worse than Hirai

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Kajiura don't wrote the soundtrack for this anime.

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that's the only one that I don't know how to get to

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Nasty acts that are easily performed

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Yeah how about no?
>lol gay xD
I want the 12 year olds to go back to bed.

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Quoted By: >>192066641

sloppy suck for 20 buck

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Mischievous Movements Made with Minicule Money

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This gets my vote.

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my sides

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What is the /a/ equivalent of this?

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Boku no Pico

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Quoted By: >>192063030


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>announcing reports

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They call me Cuban Sneed,
I'm the king of the Feed & Seed,
And when I close my store I go,
Chuck-Chucky Fuck,
Chuck-Chucky Suck!
Yes, sir, I'm Cuban Sneed,
I'm the craze, of the board /tv/
When I start to post everything goes,
Chuck-Chucky Fuck,
Chuck-Chucky Suck!

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Absolutely disgusting, who even wanted this scene?

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Picked up

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>he doesn't own a CRT for watching old anime
What's your excuse, /a/? I guess you don't really like anime after all.

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>line by line refresh vs. fullscreen
properly configured crts don't have a problem with line by line refresh flickering, infact that line by line refresh rate is arguably a feature.
can't play duck hunt on a panel
>energy consumption
sure, but nobody really gives a shit about that short of office buildings, it's just a perk
I don't remember CRTs ever getting noticeably hot
maybe you're thinking of plasma? those fucking things shoot out more heat than a space heater is capable of
>complex to produce
they're not though
>radiation meme
while technically true, not in harmful amounts
fucking bananas emit radiation

maybe you should go grab a crt off the side of the road and plug it in instead of getting all your information from trolls on /g/

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Why should I submit to a nostalgia I never enjoyed?

>> No.192069819

>Implying I don’t

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Why, yes, I watch pre digital 4:3 Televised anime on its original display technology, how can you tell?

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480i is a tricky mistress.

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Quoted By: >>192062801

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There're barely 100 of them.
Gil gets destroyed by Buddha.
Saber loses to Karna.

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Pic related solos Gilshit and Trashtoria.

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actually reasonable rating anon

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>HxH = good, 10/10
>non HxH = bad, 1/10

So this is the power of "Soft Seinen"?

>> No.192070418

even assuming HiatusxHiatus were good, which is a huge stretch to begin with, the covers are actual shit, at least the ones itt

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What's Momo's endgame?

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Imagine a story about homeless demon living under the bridge.

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Fallen is more permanent I think than drunk.

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About 3 months, although it's going to vary very greatly depending on how you choose to study, how much time you have, what you want to read (Kirara 4koma is just about the most difficult stuff there is short of actual literature), how able you are to tolerate not understanding something, how much you're willing to be looking shit up in a dictionary, and many other similiar factors. I recommend just doing the djt version of the 2/6k anki deck, by the time you know 1k or so kanji or so you'll already have picked up a rough fundamental grasp on basic grammar due to exposure to example sentences.

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Isn't Shamiko supposed to be a succubus?

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do you know?

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I think I knew once, yeah.

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Don't you know this series can get you banned?

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I thought everyone knows.

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So many people have recommended me pic related to watch after I told them I really enjoyed Kakegurui and that I wanted to see more anime centered around gambling. I wasn't really appealed by the chara design which looks very western, amateurish and childish but I conceded and thought that it must have its artistic and more importantly storytelling merits.

What I got instead of gyakuten saiban like moments or crazy keikaku put into action were demoralizing "deep" speeches about human nature, that you can extract from any pre-pubescent teenager's mind, just like the villain in pic related. There are no stakes, the anime quickly dropped the gambling/mindgames for pure mindless psychological torture aimed at the viewer trying to make us care for the despicable MC. I really want to see what anons did like in this anime, outside of the soundtrack. Especially since there's no cute women

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Quoted By: >>192063163

Is this a new copypasta or an old one?

>> No.192063163
Quoted By: >>192063379

I just wrote it. Aren't you allowed to state your opinion

>> No.192063202

This is really good bait, congratulations.

>> No.192063379

That doesn't stop me from stating mine either, kek.

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Why are anime/manga so overly sexualised and why are anime enthusiasts such degenerates? Are you proud of being this way?

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now take your bottle of s?y and go back

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Yes, I love it!

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It's me or we are getting a lot of existential questions as of late?

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I like what my dick likes.

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Because you're a teenager. It's a ok. Have sex.

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Quoted By: >>192066535

You don't eat your burgers with veggies like some sort of savage, do you, /a/?

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Quoted By: >>192066573

Do you dislocate your jaw to eat this or do you get a knife?

>> No.192066535

It's only a burger if the veggies fall out, and grease runs down on your chin on every bite.

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You obviously push the bread first.

Have you ever had burgers other than McDonalds?

Anyway they have knife and forc to help people with lil' mouths

>> No.192066598

>purger without bun
>burger without patty
You're eating salad nigga

>> No.192066656

>implying you know anything about burgers compared to an american.

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Would you become her pet?

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I've never seen this show, but what >>192063648

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My wife

>> No.192063913

I check

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I want to headpat this cat
No but I would her my pet,

>> No.192064101

>becoming the pet of property
how low can a man be debased?

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More like emBAREASSment amirite?

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Quoted By: >>192062924

Sauce katsudon

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I want to be Haduki's friend!

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Childhood is when you idolize Megumin. Adulthood is when you realize that Aqua makes more sense.

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>> No.192065994

>more sense
but that's megumin

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Aqua x kazuma carry the show and are the only important characters. The rest is flavor.

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Quoted By: >>192069498

I really hope this shit is ironic because I can't really remember one moment where Aqua made more sense than anyone else.

>> No.192069498
Quoted By: >>192070438

Think again

>> No.192070438

Still can't

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/a/, recommend mangas where the heroine fall in love with the protagonist very suddenly but he doesn't give a single fuck to her and dont even know she exists. i like a lot mangas in this "form" and style, even knowing how shitty they are. thats something im not very proud. but when i had costume on reading manga (i stopped and started reading a lot of books) i liked a lot. i think this is the only open spot on my great taste. anyway, please, help me.

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Quoted By: >>192062427

she died when i had 5 years...

>> No.192062427

Did I fucking stutter?

>> No.192062464

Fuck off >>>/wsr/

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>i think this is the only open spot on my great taste

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Is there enough JUSTICE in anime and manga?

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>Because she's literally the worst character in this series.

>> No.192070289
Quoted By: >>192070410

ohhhh, how should I do that...
well, first of all, I basically shill for Deathblight now (and for free)
either way, what is Deathblight, well, it's a game (and comic) series in the making by a german couple (and some other people)
here is their patreon

Deathblight: Operation Thunderfang is their free RPG-maker game, currently in development (Beta1 recently got public, patreons have access to Beta2)
it's basically an RPG-maker hentai game, and the game-over screens usually depict the protagonists getting raped
one game-over-screen can be achieved this way

get Ferania's corruption(aka horny)-level/meter at 100
then, it starts a cutscene where Ferania willingly goes to the bad-guys to get fucked
then you see another scene, where it is explained, how she turned into a breeding-tool for the bad-guys, and she is currently pregnant, but still gets fucked either way, and she even climaxes, when she gives birth

>> No.192070410

If only if there was an AGK! VN with this >>192068997 as one of the bad or neutral endings.

>> No.192070417
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Not nearly enough

>> No.192070538

How about this for a bad ending for an AGK! VN?
>Esdeath captures Mine and Tatsumi and puts them into the forced sex champer/bedroom.
>Sometimes Esdese have sex with Tats while forcing Mine to watch
>Sometimes Esdese will give herself a ice dick to have sex with Mine with while forcing Tatsumi to watch
>Sometimes Esdese forcing Tatsumi and Mine to have vaginal sex 24/7 especially when Esdese is not around to fuck tatsumi
>Sometimes Esdese fucks them both at the same time while also making them have sex
>She gives them both a drug to make them addict to sex with each other
>Esdese implants her own eggs into mine's womb so Mine is force to be pregnant with Esdese's children just so Esdese's can keep fighting
>Esdese implants her eggs into Mine even when Mine is pregnant with Tatsumi's kids
>Esdese still forces Tatsumi and Mine to have vaginal sex 24/7 even while Mine is pregnant no matter how far along she is
>Even when Mine goes into labor She still forces Mine and Tatsumi to have vaginal pregnancy sex to prolong labor and pregnancy for 5 months longer until Mine is moments from giving birth and unable to hold the babies in anymore then Esdese fucks Tatsumi in front of Mine as she gives birth
>if any of Esdese eggs get fertilized she just puts them into Mine.
>because of this there is never a time were Mine was not pregnant
>This Mine continues to be impregnated until both Esdeath and Mine runs out of eggs.

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Quoted By: >>192062410

Shana was a masterpiece.

>> No.192062410

And so was Shana's music. Shame about the OP singer retiring, though.

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All NarutoLover posts about is 3D

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Why are anime girls better fighters than their male counterpart?

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>> No.192062360

To cater to the patrician femdom advocates!

>> No.192062424

So the frail losers who watch it can have someone to relate to.

>> No.192062468

That anime had some pretty good fanservice IIRC. Absolute Duo?

>> No.192063245
File: 330KiB, 621x1716, 1565992541364.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Because unlike the west, the japanese aren't obsessed with muh realism.

>> No.192063358

Maybe in comedy, moe and subgenres, otherwise males, aside from maybe the wimpy jobber, are always stronger in every other fucking genre.

File: 876KiB, 1280x720, [DNFI-Raw] Doraemon (?????) 565 RAW (2019.06.28) ABC [720p x264].mp4_snapshot_06.57_[2019.06.28_20.29.39].png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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What anime has the best feet?

>> No.192062257

Do you like loli feet?

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Quoted By: >>192063215


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File: 321KiB, 800x450, Vlcsnap-2012-11-03-03h37m07s152.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>192063234


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File: 398KiB, 800x450, Vlcsnap-2012-11-03-03h39m31s59.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


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Quoted By: >>192062241

Now, this is Kino!!

>> No.192062204

another bait thread

>> No.192062241

Knew that looked familiar.

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Quoted By: >>192063006

Drawfags and aspiring mangakas take note for these are the most important parts of a woman!

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File: 142KiB, 1480x1200, 1565659235713.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

fit is better than thicc. there is only one mangaka i have been able to see make thicc look good

>> No.192063081

Considering that the only way they´re gonna have any success is by catering to /d/, yes, I´d say this is good adivice

>> No.192065302

Pudgy bump

>> No.192065397

What a shit fetish, you fatfags never change.

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