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Hamon/Ripple or Kaiten/Spin?

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For me, it's Kumiko

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For Kumiko, it's Shoe

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For everyone, it's Kumiko. Kumiko is universally loved.

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Kumiko is the best

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in a fluffy and cute way

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Kumiko a cute

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I honestly.. love ALL anime! They are fun way to spend your time. That, and many of them have cute characters!

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was it kino?

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Yes, modern day Shakespeare unironically.

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Either Akefu's or Tooru's stand.

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if it is the main villains stand it might be the worst main villain stand design

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I doubt it. I'm convinced it's actually Tooru's stand. While his power was active, Tooru always knew where Yasuho were. Either he could see her through the Stand's eyes or kept following her to stay in-range.

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I had no idea, /a never mentions it, but Inuboshi has a non-H manga.

I happen to like it. Although it's non-H it has lolis and perverts and you wouldn't want people to see you reading it.

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>Leave your opinions about this work
Don't want to sound like a meme retard but literally is CUte and fuNNY.

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It totally is cute and funny.
I wish someone translates the rest, I wanna see . ore of that silly Indian loli.

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Sounds like fun. More Inuboshi is good

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Soft little sister crotch...

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I'll start with Sakura from Heaven's Feel.

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You are underestimating FGO power.
FSN was the most successful eroge but it never went outside of otaku field until Zero and FGO is the new normalfag overlord and ended up luring in even the otaku who kept away from TM.
UBW already had lower sales but FGO saved Fate from fading into irrelevance. After the second movie RN and HA went up in sales, meaning a lot of those who watched the movie haven't read the VN. And why they even watched it to begin with? How they knew of the title and the heroine? FGO.
She still felt like the people she unconsciously killed before deserved it. Because the shadow was feeding on her innermost feelings she suppressed her whole life. She speaks about it in a scene Sudou conveniently cut. Just like all scenes that make her controversial. Some of the changes were absolutely unwarranted even back in the first movie.

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That was a nice thread. The replies this got were good too.

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It helped to the fact that those abortions managed to have an anime series after it despite having no quality whatsoever.

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Here comes the "Sakurafag" that most likely got into Fate through the gacha shit.

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The guy is speaking almost as if Angra has a personality and is forcing himself on Sakura. Which he doesn't. Because he doesn't have a personality nor a desire except for wanting to be born. I remember the thread, the guy was mostly right but there are points at which he's trying to whitewash her. Thankfully Nasu is a bit less of a hack and FGO Sakura's are less whitewashed in comparison.

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No other media portrays nonfiction so enthusiastically like anime does. And I say this after taking a two~ year break from anime watching nothing but western tv series and movies. Anime rules.

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I also like anime

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Maybe if you watched like 10 anime before, after i took a break and watched good old western movies that were in my backlog, i came back to anime.
After that even if i am 20 i feel like a fucking boomer, all the anime shit looks like childish wishfullfiling garbage compare to actual great media. And before telling me to watch the "good shit", i already saw almost all of the good anime, including obscure shit.
I think i am pretty much done with this medium.

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Also, western sci-fi feels so uninspired lately. The new blade runner epitomized this, three hours of cinematic masturbation with very little promised scifi excellence to show for.

I watched Psycho pass when it aired and I'm re watching it now in anticipation of S3, its great man.
In light of seeing how facial recognition systems are getting implemented in public spaces today + Chinese social credit system, this anime was ahead of its time.

I hope to see more anime come out with dystopian reflections of real world developments. That's where anime shines above all else.

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Based OP, you're a friend.

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Too often is anime disregarded as just cartoons, there's some real merit in this media.

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So did anyone remember this FOTM idolshit?

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no you are still the same level of retarded. its ok though.

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Does your girlfriend know about your waifu?

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Satania is my girlfriend :3

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Try finding a single flaw in pic related.

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Jealous ???

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>is dis nigga serious

the watermark you dumbass

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It's fateshit

>> No.192061632

Ryougi Shiki & Arcueid = Fate ???

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>tfw no weeb gf

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A village of revived people.

No spoilers for who they actually are, please

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I hope you're baiting

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Idk, not a fan of multiple mouths

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Will this scene be in the anime or is it too late to fit in ?

>> No.192070454

In 2 weeks if 3chapters per ep. Same ep as Gen introduction.

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Makes her look like a shark, I fucking love it

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Name mangas /a/ never talks about.

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Quoted By: >>192069459

>create sob story about how MC is a misfit with no powers and can never achieve his dreams
>then have him handed the best power by the best hero because he's "special"
>all at the beginning of the goddamn story
How is this garbage popular?

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Quoted By: >>192069431

Batman is like Ironman except he is less egotistical and his high-tech armor is way less noticeable. Do I have to mention that even the Gods have asspull moments?

>> No.192069418

>people have to die for there to be stakes
and imagine bringing up the shitfest that is akame ga kill as a good anime.

>> No.192069431

Batman's high tech armor is just a personal bodysuit; nothing even remotely as fancy as Iron Man's armors. And still Batman has a way better record than Iron Man.
>even the Gods have asspull moments?
Well, they're gods; it's to be expected. And still they lose against a regular human dressed as a bat.

Seriously, if you're going to bitch about a character being a Mary Sue use as counterpoint anyone else than fucking Batman.
Even Superman, one of the biggest Mary Sues in fiction, isn't as awful as Batman.

>> No.192069459

>there are people in this world in modern day that became Olympic swimmers and runners with no legs
>this kid gives up on being a hero (until given ultimate power) because he can't shoot fire out of his hands or something
>this kid refuses to become a cop or a firefighter because they don't get the fame and fortune and wacky costumes

This kid is so much the opposite of good or strong of heart that this could have worked better as a gag manga

>> No.192069691

I mean, it's a shonen, it's obvious the MC will become the greatest X in the world.

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Do you want to see her get gobbed?

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Where’s Rance?

>> No.192062222

>no one with a functioning brain
Rapefags don't have that.

>> No.192062648


I want to see Elf from Goblin Slayer gobbed.
They went so close

>> No.192062912

>not liking rape

>> No.192063068

Rapefags confirmed retards.

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Foxes say wan wan

>> No.192062386

is this a motherfucking fate reference?

>> No.192062597

Don't they say ?????

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Would you watch her anime?

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>the single board on the site that is currently having a meltdown on cartoon tiddies
>not trannies

>> No.192061347

And yet people claim this is not mental illness

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Nothing wrong with being trans.

>> No.192061402

even my normie classmates hate the fuck out trannies and their 100 gender nonsense so can confirm

what I hate most of all is how the mass media like natgeo (which I once respected) are all on board with it at once, like this is literally all part of a plan

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Stop talking about identity politics on a board about Japanese media that has nothing to do with it. /pol/, /v/, reddit, or twitter are much more suitable places that would be happy to accommodate you.

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What if Fireforce is a prequel to Soul Eater?

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9 minuites 45 seconds

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>> No.192068603

The episode focuses on Iris's monastery and what happened to the sisters. The burning sisters are censored to the point that for a few seconds, you just have some garbled orange and yellow randomness in the lower part, and a black hole in the upper part of the screen.

>> No.192068885

Not that bad if you ask me. It still convays what is happening

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>fan service
are you one of those "homosexuals" I hear about?

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Quoted By: >>192068620

>sister takes care of half the real fighting
>MC only takes down weaklings by himself
He's weaker than Asta and Deku at this rate.

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>> No.192068620
Quoted By: >>192068913

Why is Japan obsessed with incest?

>> No.192068771

It's not just him, most fights against upper moons are group fights, only two upper moons have been solo'd and one was pretty much a guy that was turned into a demon like a month ago.

>> No.192068913

It's legal there. I've heard that one third of the mentally ill boys who need therapy were sexually rewarded by their mothers to motivate them to study which messed up their heads.

>> No.192069251

It's not like marks themselves give power

>> No.192069303

Power-level fags are just retarded spics, ignore them.

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Quoted By: >>192069194

Part 4:
- good start
- absolute shit early mid and late mid, with shit minor villains, except for like 2 fights
- 10/10 endgame

Part 5:
- great start
- one of the strongest mids in the series, with constant quality fights and good minor antagonists
- weaker endgame, focused more on characters than actual battle, still with great visuals and moments
- kino epilogue, but it's placing at the very end is kinda strange

Why do contrarians like to shit so much on part5 while praising the trainwreck that is 4?

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>> No.192068740

Genes don't make you evil you dope

>> No.192069194

- absolute shit early mid and late mid, with shit minor villains, except for like 2 fights
nah i would say that slice of life episodes are good but after the koichi vs kira it became kinda shit with exceptions like the highway star battle or the janken kid
i agree that the epilogue is good but still the giorno vs diavolo fight was shit and GER ability is an asspull

>> No.192069220

white album was also kino, rissotto too

>> No.192069249

>Part 5 barely has a plot
>or character development.

>> No.192069305

>DIU has a good portagonist
I agree, Koichi was very good

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What /a/ think of cute girls with guns?

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Quoted By: >>192065024

That's why I brought it up. 6 years since without any roles doesn't change that they did well for that anime. Even if the ones in RiB never work again they could also do a good job.

>> No.192065024

>6 years since without any roles
But isn't that sad when it happens?

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>> No.192067055
Quoted By: >>192069383

Apple and orange, GGO was funded with aniplex money, based on established series with popular author/illustrator.
Meanwhile this one is...

>> No.192069383


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Quoted By: >>192061711

it seems like its been completely deleted off the internet and i really wanna watch it

>> No.192061711

Here you go

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