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What's the hardest you've ever hnnng'd while watching anime?

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Whenever weird anime boys do silly things!

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>steals your budget

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>dark Sakura has a nose
I’m loving her already

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it's true.

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OP is such a faggot!

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Yotsuba is pretty.

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The theatre is sold out. I haven't seen either films before.

What am I in for?

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Yeah, watching both side by side for the first time, Tenki no Ko was a lot simpler. Not saying that Kimi no Nawa was complex, but Tenki had a better flow storywise.

I kinda wish I've seen Kimi no Nawa earlier though so I can let it percolate before experiencing a whole different movie. But I enjoyed the experience. I never watched an anime movie in the theaters before.

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Actually, almost every person I passed smelled really nice. The theater is inside a mall and Indonesians are generally allergic to the sun, so we avoid getting exposed to outside elements. Luckily I don't get to sit next to a smoker, which is like winning the lottery in Indonesia.

And they cranked up the AC way up, it was near freezing. In a way, it actually added to Tenki no Ko's ambience.

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>tfwnogf to watch romance anime with.
I've got a big backlog building up that I may never clear.

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The last time my local theater showed an Animu feature it was Laputa from Ghibli.
I.E. only one feature.

I'm pretty certain they don't do Science Fiction Double Features either, but they do Rocky Horror anyway.

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Watch it with your waifu instead.

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Was this guy supposed to be Ichigo's rival?

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Renji x Rangiku is best.

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For like the first part of the SS arc. After that, Byakuya is his rival, followed by Grimmjow and finally Ulquiorra. He didn’t really have any “rivals” after that, only enemies.

Actually, he basically disappeared from his own series in the TYBW arc. He beat exactly zero Sternritter outside of Bach and he was only able to to that because Ishida hit him with a Deus ex Machina arrow.

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t. illiterate IR cucks

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Yeah, and he won, being able to plant his seed into Rukia.

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I remember after his final upgrade he became stronger than any espada. Powerlevels are a bit blurry now

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How many babies will she give Asta?

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An army. Asta's stamina is boundless. And Noelle got some baby making hips.

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Not many - but not for lack of trying. Asta's chad sperm will impregnate her too hard and end up killing the eggs.

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ITT: Literally you: The manga page.

Expert mode - no Chunibyo bullshit.

I'll start.

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This manga was so based

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Tfw i literally look like david-san

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Kumenta really is /ourguy/ ;_;

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Will you see it?

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That's a different one. This is the French one that came out recently.

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Japanese release in November.

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Quoted By: >>192065296

Torrent when?

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Is this the best furries anime there is?

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>Who the fuck talks to their neighbors?

>Implying I talked to them.

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You'll know if it's Furry shit when the damn box art doesn't have a single human character on it.

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What a shit fucking ending. Kid was being an edgy bitch and let his mom nearly die when he could of been 'with the forest' literally any other time.

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never saw it as furry

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I hate that kid

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47 years old, 166cm, 78kg.

Is it too late to become /fit/ and look like I lift?

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Why is she such a fucktoy in the anime? In the manga she’s not doing much for me.

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No. But your metabolism is slower at this point so you shouldn't expect to see results as fast as younger guys.

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You don't get to see the delicious brown in the manga

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>New Yotsuba Chapter Dump
>2 Days Old
>Still hasn't hit the archives, bump limit, or even 125 posters
I can't believe /a/ is fucking dead

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Quoted By: >>192064300

What did he even say?
Deleting comments just makes mods look asshurt.

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Yeah we should just allow hentai so the board gets flooded with it and nobody ever discusses anything of substance ever again, that's a great idea.
There's a reason those boards are outside of /a/ and it isn't censorship.

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Rangeban all of America

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The problem is that it releases irregularly. People know when to come for spoilers for their favorite series,that’s why the threads move so fast.

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hello newfriend

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Playing this was a mistake. It made me miss the series even more.

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novels are still coming out anon

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How different would Fate be if Shirou was female? Would she be a more popular protagonist?

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design-wise yes, personality wise no which is the important part

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Take out the sidetail because Shirou wouldn't accessorize. Give her a more serious expression.

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It's actually insulting for Shirou to be compared to this bitch.

More like it's insulting that comparing beta cuck like shirou generic #99966433 to alpha gudako

Your fag boy doesn't have any personality you stupid garbage consumer

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>Gudako is a literal third rate slut
Kill YOUrself nigger

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Best web novel I've read in the last ten years.

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Is this porn?

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VN adaptation Miel when

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>mc fought someone
>fucked some bitches
>conveniently converted them to his bitches
>new bitches appeared
>rinse and repeat
Has he actually learned to be a king yet? Because he's still a brainlet at the part I'm reading

>> No.192063981

not really setting a high bar there

>> No.192065178

It's the type of brainlet like you that kill LN.

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Can I read those books in Englis/Dutch?

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Quoted By: >>192063153

I do not think that HxH has the depth that HxH fans attribute to it. However, even if a single HxH fan unironically starts reading good books because of HxH, then HxH is a good work in my opinion.

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Quoted By: >>192062790

Yes, but start with the Greeks, then read the German rationalists, and then Schopenhauer.
Then, and only then, start following this chart in order. Nietzsche is extremely valuable if you know to read him as the nearly erudite philologist and voracious reader that he was, engaged with an immense spectrum of the Western tradition. If you just jump straight into him all you will get out of it is meme self help bullshit.

After that you can get started with the HxH manga.

>> No.192062790

Okay I will start with the order you posted.

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Kek I read The Prince last month bec of this meme. Might check out the others.

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you may choose only one

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For fucks?

>> No.192067648

Are their hairstyle same as their pubes? This is an important criteria for selection

>> No.192067866 [DELETED]

Can't decide so I'm going to leave it to my numbers

>> No.192069681

Terrible shit.

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So how long until they start lusting after their instructors?
Both of them are handsome as fuck.

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Why are females so perverse?

>> No.192059268

She a hoe

>> No.192059298

Her name is Slutgawara-shi for a reason

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Women amirite

>> No.192060176

>sex in the bucket list
Is this broad for real?

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I thought she usually lived there given that panel of Hisu in the morning in rts.

>> No.192069999
Quoted By: >>192070136

Even if it wasn't that necessary?

>> No.192070030

I think we should do a new "virgin vs chad" meme comparing the virgin jon snow VS the chad Eren jaeger.there Is someone here able to do that?

>> No.192070062

She probably goes there early and comes back in the evening if the orphanage is located in Sina territory, but the royal palace is in Mitras.

>> No.192070136

>all the worlds leaders including marleys military forces group up to gear a speech about how you and your people deserve to die
>somehow it isnt necessary to buy your people some time to come up with countermeasure, and stop said invasion
it was 100% necesarry, armong. just because youre too much of a pussy to see that hard thing have to be done doesnt mean they werent absolutely needed for their survival

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This show got really fun all of a sudden.

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He still fills a niche no other character fills.

>> No.192066288


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Get fucked stoneshitters


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Stonechads win again.

>> No.192070426

people still like this?

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So I just read the whole manga because it surprised me that this was so popular. It's actually pretty nice, what does /a/ thinks of it?

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>Is Anya supposed to be an esper or not?
I share this board with absolute retards

>> No.192069165

Why do nips insist on TLs using their shitty butchered versiins of perfectly fine names?

>> No.192069174

The one who is actually underusing her gimmick is Yor
I mean, it's not like her skillset can see much usage in their day to day life facade. Which, mind you is the focus of the manga. At least Lloyd can use his spy skills for all sorts of practical shenanigans.

>> No.192069570

why is every thread on this shit board full of these epic console war false flagging posts? /a/ is worse than /v/ now

>> No.192069942
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When is Twilight gonna fuck Yor, I mean for the mission of course

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Quoted By: >>192062922

Post characters who can ride the Kintoun/Flying Nimbus.

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>> No.192062868

she's pure, anon
pure hungry
her mind is full of nothing but food

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>> No.192063615

Nopan isn’t pure of heart.

>> No.192063667
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Why didn't you protect her smile, anon?

>> No.192059090
Quoted By: >>192059212

Is this a Mouryou no Hako thread?

>> No.192059212
Quoted By: >>192060469

That's what I thought until I saw the filename.

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Quoted By: >>192060301

Why didn't you protect Ryo's smile?

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>> No.192060469

Darn, I wanted one

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>> No.192058999

i don't understand the point of this if you aren't going to flood the board. one shitpost isn't going to troll anyone.

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