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>Also don't forget nothing alluded to o my seven quirks between the tournament ghosts and energy from wishing.
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>Julius' coming back was foreshadowed
No it wasn.t
>When was Deku gaining six other quirks foreshadowed again?
Here you dumb faggot

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>Which is why I point to the story and him not foreshadowing anywhere

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>Every description we've ever gotten until bald chan has been from someone who had no idea the quirks hitched a ride.
Literally from the very chapter AM explained the origins of OfA. I guess this is what made people so butthurt.

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>Hori obviously didn't have this planned.
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>What evidence?
The fucking manga
>Im talking about how a lot of people mentioned such a power up but not in a serious manner,
Which never fucking occured you liar
>the way OFA worked didnt hint such a ability at all but than the retcon happened and everything changed
How did OfA worked before then?

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>All might has had it for a much longer time and has actually faced all for one more then once so there for has had more training, time AND stress to activate it but did not for whatever reason.
AM instantly mastered OfA the moment he got it. What the fuck are you talking about? That was the main thing that was brought up is that he didn't have a difficult time with matering OfA and didnt go through the sane experiences as Deku. What's occuring with OfA has nothing to do with experience but quirk singularity through years of build up.

>Its also a problem since it kinda came from nowhere.
Nope. Thanks for confirming you're a fucking retard.

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Who gives a shit? From the get go the manga showcased that Deku's utilization of OfA was always going to be different from it given that he interacted with the ghosts and AM didn't.
>No prior mention outside a throwaway line

This is why people make fun of you dumbasses. Just be honest and say that you don't like it versus its poorly written and came out if nowhere.

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>The best narrative is when you have a proper set-up and create an outcome the reader didn't see coming despite having all the pieces all along.
So basically what came about with OFA. I think people are just angry they didn't see it coming even though it was speculated for years once it was reveal All Might was quirkless.

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>Because it came the fuck out of nowhere with no foreshadowing to it whatsoever.
I'll never get tired of making fun of bitches like you for thinking this. This shit has been speculated and foreshadowed for years and the fallout has been a aighr to behold because the people who hate it aren't getting any validation that this killed the manga so they either have to accept it or drop it.

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>shark jumping moment
Top it off with te fact that it was a popular theory for years. The only people who think it "jumped the shark" are retards who didn't pay attentipm hence why they try to discredit it all the time.
>At least Black Clover is far from its sharp jumping moment
It jumped the shark ages ago.

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