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Hori doesn't think his ideas through which causes them to come back to bite him. a dying hero is impressed and inspired by the heroism of a normal kid so much he desides to pass on his power to and mentor him, cool concept but if this hero happens to have one of the strongest powers to exist how do you have the protagonist and his mentor struggle and overcome adversity? you make it so that the mentor is fighting with a handicap and that the protagonist can't handle the power so he hurts himself using it. okay that could work for a bit but if this is a story about the protagonist developing as a hero you can't have him stagnate and hurt himself forever right? well okay now he can control his power so that it doesn't break his bones, but then if that one and only drawback of this overwhelming power is gone how does the protagonist struggle? he wrote himself into a hole and people started to get bored of OFA. what do you do now, you can't take back the protagonist learning to control his power so how do you make him interesting? give him more powers, is what hori went with. this is again interesting in concept but probably not for the protagonist who already had incredible strength, it would be better suited to a tactician character, not one who could feasibly brute force most obstacles. in a similar vein if you want to add a traitor subplot but are too attached to any of your characters to have them betray their friends you didn't think that out too well, araki had a similar problem with fugo but learned from that. i think it would have been a smarter decision to make deku able to use one for all without breaking his bones but set another limiter on the power, maybe he can only use it for a limited time like all might or he can only use it in short bursts.

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