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Could you try narrowing it down to an actual character? Not really an anime fan, or is this not the board for card games?

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>Frieza is here to stay even though the character has gotten closure multiple times over
>He will play a role in every saga from this point forward
>We are never going to get rid of him because Toei is so afraid of change and breaking the status quo just like how we are never going to see Trunks and Goten aged up

Tha-thanks Toei.

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I take it back.

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Nice projection, spic. I'm not a Brolyfag and you can't hurt me either because I'm a Raditzfag

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I miss when this scene sparked some controversy and was censored in Cartoon Network, but the other FTA that also broadcast DBZ didn't censor any shit. It's been almost 20 years mane..

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