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>Knowing how to draw perfect bodies is gay
Thanks for the post you literal 12 year old. Here's a sage for you.

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How are you not gay for Garou?

>> No.176931728

but he constantly draws naked bodies of men with perfect physiques, how does that not tend towards being gay?

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This I ain't gay but Garou is cute af.

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I dunno but I am

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How much dick does someone have to suck to become a god like murata?

>> No.176932309

It's not gay. It's only gay when you think about it.

>> No.176932375

ONE>>>>>>murashit. If it wasn't for him, the whole series would consist of soulless "art".

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>soulless art

>> No.176932455

who isn't these days

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>wojak poster

>> No.176932485

Yes, with ONE

>> No.176932563

Do you even aesthetics?

Gay would be to have sexual intercourse with them, you fucking mongo.

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based hunterchad

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How is the Hiatus my friend?

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>appreciation of the human form is gay

>> No.176933229

>implying drawing the male form with such love and attention to detail isn't trying to make the male readers gay
It's not gay in and of itself but there's definitely some gay intent there.

>> No.176933462

No anon, you are the ghey.

>> No.176933528

no, girls are the gay eww

>> No.176933593

>he draws what he knows that the audience will love, he also draws Tats and Fubuki on like every second cover and includes at least one of them in every chapter
12yo Child or retarded, which one are you?

>> No.176933612

fucking gross.
why must gays ruin everything, and when the fuck will we get more fubuki doujins

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Does anyone have the naked fubuki? Or at least a glimpse of it

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>soulless "art"

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Even straight man can admire an adonis body.
It's not about wanting to fuck it, but to strive toward it.

>> No.176933713 [SPOILER]
File: 123KiB, 986x773, ass r fubuki (one punch man) by thegoldensmurf.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


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Jesus fucking christ, go back to /pol/ already if you cannot add anything worthwhile for conversation.

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he's getting there, and thank god for it. I could drool over this one all day.

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Its time for you to stop posting your sup-par shonen.

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lmao actual sissy boy boku no pico academia fan got mad jelly over murata's greek god body drawings

I guess that's why they veto shone protags who aren't 5'6 manlets with bed hair

>> No.176933839

No, but clearly you are

>> No.176933843

>draw a girl
>call it a boy

>> No.176933852

It's pretty fucking disturbing how attractive that shota is. I can't even call you a creep since I understand that it is really well drawn

>> No.176933900

Why are you trying to start a fanbase war? Go purge yourself from existence you giant fucking faggot, no one but you ever mentioned that show

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one can admire mens physique without feeling sexual lust towards it

>> No.176933968

Stop samefagging and falseflagging

>> No.176934026


>> No.176934053
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Did Murata censored the original, or is an edit?

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Just look at some of his drawings, he's obviously not gay.
Also not on the picture: majority of the monsters in the show, are almost fully naked.

>> No.176934407
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as a true shotacon, my only complaint is that he looks slightly older.

>> No.176934514

Yeah, and so is half of /a/, it seems.

>> No.176934724

> innit
So garou is a chav?

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Garou is so delicious, good God

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Posting on /a/ isn't what it used to be.

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You sound like you're repressing your OWN inner gay. Maybe you're the one who's gay and, like a scared little faggot, you start pointing fingers at others.

>im not gay ur gay u fgt

>> No.176935001

Drawing good looking men while comfortable of your masculinity is the opposite of being gay

>> No.176935033

"no you"

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>facebook filename
peak cancer, commit suicide

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>One punch man, it's ONE writing, Murata contributes a lot, but the characters are mostly ONE idea

>Muscle Man is classic Japanese humor, note how big the guys are silly and exaggerated, almost like ... a comic character

> OPM is super hero action story, the heroes are going to be muscular because they are super powerful

>find that the male characters are sexy says but about you than about the author, YOU ARE GAY, or a girl

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non-blurry version

>> No.176935607

That Saitama in the background.

>> No.176935608

Most definitely. I don't know why people like his over serialized art, that panders to fujos.

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>buy gay porn
>refuse to draw naked girls ever again or publish the one he draw
>he draws naked guys instead
Geez, I wonder.

>> No.176935679

he posted a anime/manga related image you redditors

>> No.176935702

Well you are an autistic who can't enjoy the slightest bit of change

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This OPM festival was so GAY

>Saitama and Genos played Romeo and Juliet in one of the sketches. Speaks for itself.
>Sonic crossdressing.
>In the Little Red Riding Hood sketch Garou played the wolf and Saitama played the grandma. Garou's seiyuu said something like "Come on~ Hit me~" in such a sexy voice Saitama's seiyuu got so flustered he nearly ran off from the stage instead of hitting him.
>In the high school sketch PPP was saying that Garou has very nice ass and chest.

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He also draw this but refused to release it and drawn more naked men instead.
Even if he is not a gay he is still a fag.

>> No.176935768
Quoted By: >>176938833

He literally destroyed the original. What did you expect from a guy who draw this>>176933768

>> No.176935772

Murata draws stuff like Garou's incredibly detailed back muscles, but then again he also constantly draws Fubuki in indulgent poses.
He's sexy-sexual

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File: 2MiB, 762x3203, Garou back.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Garou has very nice ass and chest.

he do

>> No.176936425

i like the blurry version, it's more dreamlike

>> No.176936529

Is Murata the one secretly drawing those doujins? The style is uncanny.

>> No.176936577


>> No.176936726

who the fuck is this character?

>> No.176936766

Child Emperor?

>> No.176936858

woah doesn't look like him at all

>> No.176936895

How do any doujins with Genos work? His body is full metal and he doesn't even have anything resembling a dick. I mean, I'm sure there are people who find robots attractive, but is there really so many of them?

>> No.176936983
File: 55KiB, 236x236, Child_emperor_1.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

He's just got longer hair now.

>> No.176937090

I wish he drew more shotas and twinks instead of gross muscle men.

>> No.176937106

I want an OPM MMORPG game where you start as a c-class and needs to get promoted to s-class.

>> No.176937142
Quoted By: >>176937236

Why is he named Child Emperor anyway? Every other character has a pretty obvious reason for their name but I don't see the reasoning behind his.

>> No.176937227

I think it's reverse, he looks too young in the manga. He is 10, right? He looks like a proper 10yo in that image, but in the manga he's drawn like a preschooler.

>> No.176937236

>In Japanese, Child Emperor's hero title is homophonous with "virgin".

>> No.176937317
Quoted By: >>176937357

I haven't noticed the art changed so much, these look like two completely different characters.

>> No.176937357
Quoted By: >>176937703

It wasn't a gradual thing or anything. He suddenly decided to change CE's design mid tournament arc.

>> No.176937440

Most doujins give him a robo-dick.

>> No.176937481
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I love Captain Mizuki.

>> No.176937569

You think that applies to sex?

>> No.176937668


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>It wasn't a gradual thing or anything. He suddenly decided to change CE's design mid tournament arc.

How dare he?

>> No.176937935 [SPOILER]
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>> No.176938209

Did Sweet Mask ever get called out for being a murderous shit-bag? Or did the Manga drop that completely?

>> No.176938293
File: 404KiB, 691x822, 1533935357545.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I beg you all to STOP lewding Child Emperor.

>> No.176938330

>murderous shitbag
Is he supposed to forgive what monsters do faggot?

>> No.176938333

>no bulge
He is gay.

>> No.176938334
Quoted By: >>176942512


Heroes in OPM world are mostly rotten, mad or both. Sweet Mask is not that different to the rest

>> No.176938420

When Tareo grew balls thanks to uncle Garou, the first thing he did was basically fight Mask because of his cruelty.

>> No.176938452

Don't delete this.

>> No.176938574
Quoted By: >>176938723

Are there any child emperor doujin even?
I mean outside of SS.

>> No.176938723
File: 1MiB, 1061x1500, 2f6345aa373d38c2e44e3aca53aa6adf392565aa8817084cd6e54e14daf517fe.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

None that have been scanned.

>> No.176938768
Quoted By: >>176939261


I think I know why everyone loves Mizuki now.

Apparently, Murata draws her using Michelle Jenneke as a reference. It's deeply ingrained adoration here.

>> No.176938833

I mean, I don´t watch his streams, what was the reason to not publish the image and "destroy" the original?
Also, did he said that he will never draw naked girls ever again? ha

>> No.176939068

For some reason he looks too girly/feminine here, not sure if like.

>> No.176939081

The only good monster is a dead monster

>> No.176939261

I'm pretty sure it's because she's a genki muscle girl

>> No.176939299

Can technology reconstruct this to scan quality?

>> No.176939432 [SPOILER]
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I know in one Dr. Kuseno installed a butthole to fit Saitama's cock perfectly.

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>> No.176940934

I want a child emperor just for me.

>> No.176941142
Quoted By: >>176943082

He seems obviously bisexual to me. he follows a futa artist on Twitter

>> No.176942512
Quoted By: >>176942591

They’re also all immortal, apparently. When a hero gets brutalized by a monster they just end up with some bruises or, worst case scenario, a broken arm.

>> No.176942591

Yea, makes you wonder why they all bothered to keep attacking that Rhino Wrestler guy. Couldn’t they just let him attack them until he eventually died of exhaustion? Lol.

>> No.176943082

OP here
I honestly just made this thread as a troll, but does he really follow a futa artist on twitter?

>> No.176943174

ur gay

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