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These two finally met, was the movie kino?

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No it flopped HAHAHAHhh

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How fucked is /ourguy/ Toriyama? He clearly counted on the movie being a big hit, certainly beause he needed the money to pay his lawyers. But, it flopped in comparison to RoF. I'm scared bros, what if he actually goes to jail and can't deliver anymore DBS after this.

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Ehh... wtf cares? How was it my man? Was it good?

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why would he give a shit?

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>Goku and Vegeta are so strong and perfect if they team up that Kai loses his shit when he thinks what could have happened if they teamed up against Jiren since the start, when they were at full power (this is also a callback from Whis saying Beerus would have a bad time if Goku and Vegeta fought him together, and this was for RoF, now they are far stronger)

>full power Goku and Vegeta team up against SS (not even full power) Broly and they run for their lives one minute after
Defend Jobren

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why did Toriyama draw Bra like a prostitute if she's 9?

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Reminder that Freeza has been the biggest draw in DB since he was introduced 29 years ago.

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It's better that way. [raughs]

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Where did the Broly vs. Gogeta hype start? That's always been one of the more popular hypothetical showdowns and I think vidya kept pouring gas on the fire. The one I remember is Budokai Tenkaichi 3 intro.

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One Hour Dogly. One Hour is all you had and you still couldn't do it. Ohohohoho

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She's the daughter of a whore, Anon.

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How was the ninties anyway? What clothes was considered as slut back then?

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Also, SOON!

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Based CHADly destroying everyone

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the movie was shit

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Omega's design is unironically good

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Which part? Also why? In case i should skip that portion

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So Toriyama was responsible of those horrible designs for Goten and Chichi.

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skip all of it

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you think we believe you saw it? LOL

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That's some nice headcanon.

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What are the biggest plotholes in dragon ball?

>Cell says he comes from a timeline where the androids were destroyed by Trunks. He killed Trunks and stole his time machine to go back to the past.

>However, no such timeline could've ever been created by Trunks's time travels. Trunks only time traveled twice and both times he was weaker than the androids, so he couldn't have destroyed them. At no point was Trunks stronger than the androids yet weaker than Cell's first form

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prove it, or is your brain so starved of melanin and VitD that your reply is gonna be buzzwords and tisms?

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>taking bait seriously
Fucking newfags

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Also why?

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Sure thing, because i was sar to casm type of retarded

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>RoF sales on opening day
360,000-370,000 tickets

>Broly sales on opening day
160,000-170,000 tickets

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its a shitty broly movie

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Super most likely killed any interest for Dragonball in Japan.

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Quoted By: >>182007072

RoF opened on a Saturday, apparently all Nips go to the cinema on saturdays

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That's the nip sale? How come was it posted today?

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B-but muh chadly...muh bulge...muh fortnite dances

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post YFW dogly movie is flopping
nips showed some taste finally or it's just friday?

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>merchandise sales at all time high
>killed interest
cringy nigger

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>Gohan not in the movie
>movie flops

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on weekdays they don't get off work until 8pm (10 if you include mandatory drinks with the boss)

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jesus fuck thank god I'm not a gook

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Just saw the movie. First half was really good. The start of the Brolly fight was good, then there was too much CGshit, and not even counting other continues, they managed inconsistencies within the movie itself which was annoying. The whole thing felt like an ad for Gogeta figures.

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>tfw nips shit taste is better than nostalgiafags'

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>GT Goten
>Horrible design

This is where you're wrong. At least they didn't leave him as a kid for eternity like Super does now.

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A question anon, did the fight really go fron snow to lava and then back to snow to fuse and then lava again? I think that was ridiculous

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I hope Dragon Ball Ultra uses Shintani designs and Takahashi's for big battles. There isn't a better combination in the world of animation.

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Honestly what was in that 3-hour script that didn't make it in the movie?

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DB ultra script

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Quoted By: >>182007334

Haha, you fucking retard, you think snow and lava is bad? At one point they shatter spacetime and fight in a weird CG pocket dimension.

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CHADly fucking Cheelai for 1 hour straight after the fight

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Thank god GODhan isnt in this abomination

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Shattering dimension is fine, but burning snow is not

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its the real reason the birth rate is so low
nobody with the money to start a family has the energy or passion to start a family. humans aren't built to live like that and it shows, but corporation are loathe to admit overwork culture is creating problems that are more important than their profit margin.
not that the west is much better, bet it swings towards equal parts underpaid and overworked rather than 200% overworked which has led to a a pandemic of mental illness spanning at least three generations

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In hindsight, making Goku and Vegeta the only ones to fight Broly was a bad idea.

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Became a protag
Became a main protag
Alive but running away like a bitch
Dead/comic relief
Comic relief?
What will Broly's fate be

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Freeza literally fights Brolly longer than anyone else.

Goku's sparring partner.

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>Movie does worse than RoF

Holy shit the absolute state AHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA

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never showing up again just like ushitx

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Quoted By: >>182007694

>shadow dragons canon

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Quoted By: >>182007455

But the DB threads agreed that UUB will be a chad

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Quoted By: >>182007818

>this is also a callback from Whis saying Beerus would have a bad time if Goku and Vegeta fought him together
Except this isn't canon.

>> No.182007437

Frieza was playing the role of Paragus in that scene. Did he do well?

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Gohan Blanco

>> No.182007455

Oh fuck I forgot kid Buu became uub. I associate them as different characters.

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>The only other comparison I could make is that it sold about 62.4% of the tickets that this years Detective Conan movie did on opening Friday.
Daily reminder that the movie is making 50 million in Japan alone
Add another 15 million from muttland and another 15 million from the rest of the world, and the total goes to 80 million.
RoF made just 60

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Quoted By: >>182007547

gag character
he's the super strong character goku will try to contact whenever they need help but he'll always be busy with something so he'll never use his massive strength in battle ever again, like buu being left out of the U6 tourney because he's too dumb or being left out of the ToP because he fell asleep

>> No.182007479

He survives Berserk SS Broly for an hour and then shrugs it off after Gogeta comes in
He did pretty good

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Quoted By: >>182007857

That's not how you spell CHADhan.

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It was garbage like anything DB related in the last decade

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USA (Detroit)
Piccolo and Mr Popo

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Quoted By: >>182007828

What? Freeza killed Paragus to make Brolly transform, then Goku and Vegeta "tricked" Brolly into fighting Freeza to buy them time to transform.

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Quoted By: >>182007801

Budokai 3 had Broly vs Gogeta in the opening cinematic, that was the earliest I remember but there were probably earlier examples.

>> No.182007524

So it's doing fine on Nipland?

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Quoted By: >>182007600

>Gag character
Does that mean he can fight Arale?

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Cell's whole "my head nucleus can regenerate" thing is a plothole in the original manga because Goku literally disintegrates his upper half, that should have killed him according to his own words. This persists in the Japanese anime as well. The Funi dub fixed it by changing it "as long as a single cell remains".

>> No.182007558

Well that's easy, Cell Timeline Trunks discovered the deactivation controller and used it against the androids and then destroyed the them.

>> No.182007559
Quoted By: >>182007609

It's doing worse than RoF so far you cuck, stop giving some false numbers to shill your Sorry State Broly

>> No.182007584

That timeline was a timeline where Trunks had killed them with a shut-off remote

>> No.182007600

That arm is too long...

>> No.182007609

RoF opened on a Saturday moron, Broly opened on a Friday
Nips leave work at 11pm or something so they can't watch the movie on Friday.
Tomorrow will judge whether the movie will do better than RoF or not.

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Quoted By: >>182007719

Man that looks so good, I cant wait to see it.

>> No.182007694

The Shadow Dragons had superior designs, notably Nuova, Eis, and Omega

>> No.182007719

Character animation was good, but they spun the camera too much. Vegeta and Goku's first fights were easily the best looking parts.

>> No.182007720
Quoted By: >>182007774

Shadow dragons had shit design, Toppo-tier of shittiness

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Quoted By: >>182007788

>expecting retarded burgers to know about anything outside of Muh Guns Land

>> No.182007774
Quoted By: >>182007995

Nope, you're objectively wrong, sorry.

>> No.182007788

>Dumb spics pretending to be cultural experts
Please stop.

>> No.182007801

Most db games cinematics seems to always wank Gogeta and Broly

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Quoted By: >>182007849

nice damage control cucklyfag

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Quoted By: >>182007862

Nice headcanon.

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Quoted By: >>182007898

>mutt calling other people spics

>> No.182007826
Quoted By: >>182007898

All you have to do to know about how Japanese work culture works is not be a fucking retard.
>muh spic boogeyman
Go back to your obesity epidemic and daily cookouts, Amerifat.

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Quoted By: >>182007898

Freeza had to play the role of Paragus in this movie because New Paragus is a garbage character who didn't let his son become Super Saiyan.

>> No.182007849

>no argument
I accept your concession.

>> No.182007857

Is that the manlet from /fit?

>> No.182007862

>no argument
concession accepted

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Quoted By: >>182007904

Only Omega. The rest are shit.

>> No.182007898
Quoted By: >>182007914

I live in Tokyo and just saw the movie. Do you guys also live here or are you pulling shit out of your asses? I'm going to go out on a limb and guess your just retards who get your information from random blogs and shitposts.

When did Paragus kill someone to make Brolly transform?

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you wish

>> No.182007905
Quoted By: >>182008049

I like to try to adapt Dragon Ball Saga into small synopsis/screenplays. I change a few events around, merge some together, and cut out certain things. Autistic, I know. Help an anon out? I have a few questions. Both about fusion.

>Would you be ok with fusion being cut out of the Buu Saga entirely? My reasoning is that it's only really relevant in Super and distracts from SS3
>How important is it that Vegito fight Fused Zamasu? Would replacing Vegito with simply Vegeta and Goku fighting side-by-side in PSSB work for you?

>> No.182007914
Quoted By: >>182007980

>I live in Tokyo and just saw the movie.
Sure, anon.

>> No.182007942

blue shit, waifushit
yellow shit
blue shit

>> No.182007953
Quoted By: >>182008198

yikes, such a worthwhile reasoning

>> No.182007956

Nova can stay


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>> No.182007977
Quoted By: >>182008198

>no arguments against the designs
Concession status: accepted.

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I'm on my way home now, you dumb fuck.

>> No.182007995
Quoted By: >>182008095

>fat lizard
>other fat lizard
>cool priestess of the-lol jokes he's actually a fat lizard
>yet another fat lizard
>lizard pikkon
>pallet swap lizard pikkon
>and sir blatantly the only one with any effort put into the design

>> No.182007996

Literally Pikkon with wings.

>> No.182008007
Quoted By: >>182008083

Proves nothing

>> No.182008009

This isn't a plot hole. You're forgetting about the timeline where Trunks uses the blueprints to shut-off the androids in the future, tus defeating the androids despite being weaker than them, but because he is not stronger than Imperfect Cell, he is killed and his time machine is stolen.

>> No.182008030
Quoted By: >>182008182

A vague picture of who knows where and who knows by who certainly proved him wrong stupid shitposter

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Fusion is a gag material, Broly movie is the only canon time then they stopped being a jobbers to first guy comed/time. Gags are essential, so no, fusions have to stay.

Vegito vs Zamasu accomplished nothing, so it was just a marketing/fanservice

>> No.182008050

Uh huh, sure anon. Sure.

>> No.182008078
Quoted By: >>182008182

why would you waste your time on nuDB cashgrab scam garbage?

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>> No.182008083

I'll post my movie stuff in a few minutes when I'm home, dumb fuck.

>> No.182008084

Saw the movie. It was okay. The first half was pretty boring but the stuff in the present was fun. The interactions between Broly, Cheelai and Lemo were the absolute best part. Great stuff and really well animated. The second half is all fighting and it gets boring honestly because there's not really anything happening, they all just happen to be there at the same time and then start fighting immediately. Goku vs Broly looks fucking insane. The CG is trash and Gogeta is like 80% Shida and it's great. Also Cheelai has bigger tits in some scenes for some reason.

>> No.182008095

>still no objective arguments
I accept your concession regarding the matter at hand, dog.

>> No.182008097
Quoted By: >>182008184


Goten Black Future

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File: 54KiB, 574x415, 1543588986765.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.182008128

Gohan confirmed to unlock Super Saiyan Criminal in the new arc.

>> No.182008130

Probably more scenes in planet vegeta and seeing Broly´s childhood.

>> No.182008134
Quoted By: >>182008200

>trying to reason with spics

>> No.182008152

Nice roleplaying

>> No.182008159
Quoted By: >>182008200


>> No.182008171
Quoted By: >>182008271

Sure you will, anon. I'm sure it will be more vague pictures that prove absolutely nothing because in reality you are a lying shitposting role-playing nigger.

>> No.182008172

Broly is gonna be the Hulk. The guy they call when shit´s fucked and goku and vegeta haven´t learned a new asspull power yet.
I wouldn´t mind if he became the third main protag though. I like this incarnation a lot.

>> No.182008182

I liked the first half, and was hoping the whole thing would be good.

Read the signs and times, retard.

>> No.182008184

Stop spamming you samefagging spic faggot

>> No.182008198
Quoted By: >>182008235

Designs are shit, they're ugly as sin. Zero personality outside of nuova. Nothing more needs to be added.

>> No.182008200
Quoted By: >>182008283


>> No.182008217
Quoted By: >>182008376

Rank them:

>Battle of Gods
>Revival of Freeza

>> No.182008223


Gohan Rosé

>> No.182008235
Quoted By: >>182008321

>still no arguments
Keep quiet.

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File: 198KiB, 1100x1350, 1542225245974.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

they actually made the Broly/Frieza chest blast scene look worse than in the first Trailer.

>> No.182008253


Buu delgado

>> No.182008256

It sounds good, yet not flawless, but as long as Gogeta is GOAT i'll watch it

>> No.182008259
Quoted By: >>182008489

All of the fusions except Gogeta accomplish nothing. However, at least fusion has a plot and theme relevancy in the Zamasu arc, unlike the Buu saga. Suppose Vegito Blue can stay. Kind of make it's hard to do Gogeta but we'll cross that bridge after the anime botches it.

I still think I ought to cut fusion from the buu story, at least.

>> No.182008271
Quoted By: >>182008297

Actually I have the heroes stuff, film strips, and the figure flier they gave out, you dumb fuck.

>> No.182008283
Quoted By: >>182008297

t. spic

I hope the next Dragon Ball anime series would be in the same style, desu

>> No.182008288

This is what happens when you let Toriyama write the story to the movie instead of Takao Koyama.

>> No.182008289

Her and Gine were cute in the movie.

>> No.182008291


>> No.182008297
Quoted By: >>182008371

I'm sure, spicanaon. Stop samefagging and concede to your superior.

>> No.182008321
Quoted By: >>182008363

>got arguments
>n-no you didn't gave them
lmaoing at mad GTspic

>> No.182008330
Quoted By: >>182008496

The first half was the best part, you disgusting pleb. You're probably a pseudo-intellectual sakugafag who doesn't know moon and couldn't follow the dialog.

>> No.182008363
Quoted By: >>182008407

Those aren't arguments. I accept your concession, dog.

>> No.182008371
File: 500KiB, 496x278, 1529904982285.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>182008395

>p-please concede

>> No.182008373

>tfw the movie was a flop
Nobody gives a shit about DB anymore, zoomers love shit like MHA and the Avengers.

>> No.182008376
Quoted By: >>182008475

Broly, BoG, RoF. I like BoG the best narratively but Broly just looks immensely better. RoF does nothing better than either of them.

>> No.182008378
Quoted By: >>182009060

But the important question is how big is Broly's dick and can Cheelai handle it?

>> No.182008395
Quoted By: >>182008465

Good boy. Your master is pleased by your subservience.

>> No.182008407
File: 405KiB, 540x301, 1527624424664.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>182008424

Yes they are, spiclet

>> No.182008413

>fanservice trash
No wonder it flopped

>> No.182008424
Quoted By: >>182008534

>he thinks his feelings are arguments
You lose. I win. Cope.

>> No.182008430
Quoted By: >>182008696

Is Broly taller then Jiren?

>> No.182008433
Quoted By: >>182008475

If this movie had Yamamuro would it be equal to RoF?

>> No.182008448

>Jiren fight is a national holiday
>Broly fight is a solo-tier box office plot
really makes you think

>> No.182008465
Quoted By: >>182008486

Give me another (you), spiclet, I know you can't help it. GT is shit and so is your tastes.

>> No.182008466

Nobody asked for an adaptation of Dragonball Minus, and the lack of supporting characters also hurt the movie. What's the point of having the Ginyu Force, Dodoria, and Zarbon show up if they don't do anything important.

>> No.182008471

he thought bra and pan were gonna be teenagers not children, the director is a huge baby fucker so he probably misled him

>> No.182008475

Sorry, >>182008433 is meant for >>182008376

>> No.182008486
Quoted By: >>182008583

>so BTFO he doesn't even know who he's responding to anymore

>> No.182008489
Quoted By: >>182008530

for context, i'm going to simply let Fat Buu kill SS2 Gohan (who only jobs because he is saving Goten), giving Goten the Mystic power-up which now has a time-limit (making the eventual loss much more palatable and less character destroying), and letting Trunks be trained by Piccolo to get SS2 (and job).

This would make SS3 not terrible and useless and the eventual "What you're seeing now..." speech that much more bad-ass, and Vegeta's realization Goku's been holding back much more emotional.

i know

>> No.182008496

I know Japanese, but it all just felt like repeating stuff we already know, the part with Freeza and the 5cm taller thing was good though. I didn't expect Kikono to be just comic relief but whatever

>> No.182008521


>> No.182008524

This Broly is so boring.
>Muh feels
omg I'm so going to cry over a character I've known as a villain for 20 years.

What a disgrace.

>> No.182008530
Quoted By: >>182008584


>> No.182008534
Quoted By: >>182008582

>thinking fillershit is superior
The only thing you won is my cock down your mouth, spic

>> No.182008539

>the movie was a flop
>it hasn't even been released internationally yet
>it's not even 8pm on a Saturday yet

the spics will eat this up like it's the sequel to the bible

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File: 722KiB, 2000x1409, 65969022_p19.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>182008621

Post characters Super hasn't had the chance to fuck up (yet)

>> No.182008582
Quoted By: >>182008622

Keep crying. Cope.

>> No.182008583
Quoted By: >>182008618

>keeping giving (you)s
Thanks, doggie, you obey me well

>> No.182008584

ok but do you agree fusion is essentially useless until Super ?

please say yes

>> No.182008603

Only spics like Broly.

>> No.182008604

>but it all just felt like repeating stuff we already know,


>> No.182008618
Quoted By: >>182008685

Victory recorded. Loss confirmed. Concession accepted.

>> No.182008621

Super hasn't fucked up any characters, it inherited the mistakes of the Buu Saga and just never fixed them.

>> No.182008622
Quoted By: >>182008648

>thinking anyone is crying but him
Concession accepted.

>> No.182008633
Quoted By: >>182008659

How much did the MHA movie in Japan?

>> No.182008640

Broly in this movie acts more like Goku in original Dragonball before he met Bulma. The movie made the big mistake of not having Broly go on Planet Vampa adventures.

>> No.182008648
Quoted By: >>182008755

Keep crying.

>> No.182008650
Quoted By: >>182008727

1st half was just retelling minus

>> No.182008659
Quoted By: >>182008692

Way worse than this, MHAshitters shouldn't embarass themselves anymore than they already do.

>> No.182008666

The Freeza 5cm and Bulma 5 year gag was the best part. Brolly surviving wasn't repeating stuff at all, and Freeza's entrance was great. I still think your Japanese is shit and you just couldn't follow all the dialogue.

>> No.182008684
Quoted By: >>182008728

I imagine they cut out a lot of the supporting characters for time constraint reasons.

the original script was roughly three-hours long. the anime will probably expand a lot on these events.

>> No.182008685
Quoted By: >>182008757

>no arguments
>another (you)
This shit sustain me, mad spics are my dose of laugh
I win, you lose, spic

>> No.182008691
File: 1MiB, 878x3473, DuWiRA2UYAA7Lie.png orig.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

How do Vegettofags deal with the fact that Gogeta stole their favorite fusion' personality? He even stole the famous "yosha!" for the LINE sticker series. The chances of Vegetto reappearing in DBS are zero after the movie.

>> No.182008692

I need sauce to laugh it off

>> No.182008696
File: 108KiB, 538x460, 15 feet confirmed.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Stupid question

>> No.182008697

>The movie made the big mistake of not having Broly go on Planet Vampa adventures.

Did they have time for that in the movie?

>> No.182008724
Quoted By: >>182008825

>Majin Vegeta
>ultimate Gohan
The Buu arc was based

>> No.182008727
Quoted By: >>182008845

>first half
first act*

>> No.182008728
Quoted By: >>182008861

But People would pay lots of money for a three hour dragonball movie.

>> No.182008736
Quoted By: >>182008824

Chads should stop fighting, and this is coming from Gogetafag

>> No.182008740

What did Toriyama do write in with BROLY?

>> No.182008755
File: 72KiB, 1136x640, 1507855886619.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>182008797

Accepted your concession. Again. GTspic.

>> No.182008757
Quoted By: >>182008793

Keep crying, dog. Your master commands you.

>> No.182008780
File: 2MiB, 2160x3840, DSC_0027.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>182009260

And for the spics mad that people live in Tokyo and aren't talking out of their asses like they are.

>> No.182008787

Is there a proper rip of the movie around or just that cam thing with only half of it?

>> No.182008793
Quoted By: >>182008835

Concession accepted, spic

>> No.182008797
Quoted By: >>182008836

Keep crying, inferior cretin.

>> No.182008798

yamoshi lore, including the dragon god zalama meeting his ghost 12,000 years after his death but 12,000 before goku was born
a graphic threesome between broly, cheelai, and the old orange dude thats an homage to that scene from mezzo forte
goku asking chichi to kiss him good luck
and a montage of beerus raiding bulma's fridge to make his perfect, sixty layer club sandwich only for quitela to steal it at the last second

>> No.182008803
Quoted By: >>182008846

It's like 20 minutes, it starts off with King Cold giving command to Freeza like in the trailer, then they send off Broly and after that there's the Minus stuff and like immediately after that the planet gets destroyer. Bardock rebelling to Freeza is 10 seconds and looks pretty bad, he fired a one handed energy wave instead of that useless orb though. Also there's a shot of Fine getting obliterated and it was really unnecessary and made me feel something

>> No.182008815

What was the point of the Potara retcon if Gogeta was going to be a Vegito clone anyway? Why have 2 Goku-Vegeta fusions with the exact same personality, power level, drawbacks, etc.

>> No.182008824
Quoted By: >>182008888

>gogeta and vegetto

>> No.182008825

>ultimate gohan
was cool for ten minutes and then LITERALLY undid an entire saga's worth of character development
is really fucking cool but also very confusing and ultimately not important
is a gag character

>Majin Vegeta
truly based

>> No.182008835
Quoted By: >>182008892

I win. You lose. Cope, maggot.

>> No.182008836
Quoted By: >>182008880

>spic calling anyone spic
lmaoing at pathetic mutt. I win. You lose. GT lose. I win.

>> No.182008845

Oh yeah, it's not even half of the movie, act it is then

>> No.182008846


>> No.182008861

No, anon. WE would. People wouldn't.

>> No.182008875
Quoted By: >>182008960

>same drawbacks

Fuck off, Gogeta lasts longer than Cuckgito now, stay mad.

>> No.182008880
Quoted By: >>182008974

>GT lose
Spic confirmed. Feels good to win and establish my superiority.

>> No.182008884

jobber, in the classical sense
next time we see him will be cheelai dragging him out of their ship begging for help because the weakest mook of the weakest mid boss of the latest big bad styled all over him while looking for the ultra dragon balls

>> No.182008888

Ah yes fuck off irrelevantfag

>> No.182008892
Quoted By: >>182008941

Keep licking my feet, dog. Dragons are garbage, only equal to spics such as you

>> No.182008902

>What was the point of the Potara retcon if Gogeta was going to be a Vegito clone anyway

Fanservice by Toyo.. Toriyama didn't want Vegetto to return at all.

>> No.182008906


I genuinely suspect we will get a Vegito vs Gogeta fight or a Vegito and Gogeta vs [Villain] fight.

Otherwise the two fusions thing is entirely redundant and kind of stupid

>> No.182008909

From devil to dog

>> No.182008921

I love the new Gogeta

>> No.182008933

Geekdom said don’t pirate the movie.

>> No.182008936
File: 31KiB, 178x249, Dogly Control.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

I think my dog has autism

>> No.182008941
Quoted By: >>182009018

Keep quiet, dog. You've lost. Be gracious.

>> No.182008960

Stop comparing Pre-ToP Vegito to Post-ToP Gogeta

>If the fight is short, Gogeta wins
>If the fight is long, Vegito wins
otherwise they are completely equals

>> No.182008974
Quoted By: >>182009022

Keep crying, (you) giving spic. Another (you), another win.

>> No.182008978

I'll stop pirating when Fatdom stops gorging himself on fast food. Looks like I'll be pirating for a long, long time.

>> No.182009000
Quoted By: >>182009042

But it makes total sense. Why introduce Gogeta if he was so against Vegito?

Ugh the whole thing gives me a head-ache. Why two versions of the same character? These fucking fusions ass ningens better fight each other or get absorbed into Goku and Vegeta or SOMETHING

>> No.182009009
File: 75KiB, 1373x763, correct scale.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.182009012

I'll pirate it from multiple sources and watch none of them

>> No.182009015

There's a rumor that said Vegito will never exist if not for Fusion Reborn, Vegito was created to replace Gogeta in Buu arc, is this true?

>> No.182009018
Quoted By: >>182009057

Cope. Concession accepted yet again.

>> No.182009022
Quoted By: >>182009071

>spic can't speak English
>tries to deflect by calling others spics
Adorable. You lose.

>> No.182009028

His GT character designs were one final fuck you to the guys at Toei.

It's also how we got salaryman Krillin and Freddie Mercury Vegeta (which is somehow not his worst design)

>> No.182009042

>Why introduce Gogeta if he was so against Vegito?
Literally to sell figs.

>> No.182009049


>> No.182009057
Quoted By: >>182009108

Concession accepted. Cope, mongrel.

>> No.182009060

he's a gorilla, so its pretty small and easy to handle

>> No.182009071
Quoted By: >>182009095

>spic projection
Pathetic. Feels good to be a winner.

>> No.182009076

Oh and Classic Broly wasn't?
At least the new Broly actually has some believable character development. The old Broly was just some edgy psycho idiot who hated Goku just because he cried, no character development even after he died twice.

>> No.182009084


Yeah. Lets listen to what a nigger says. Ill have to wait for 1 year at least to see the movie in a legitimate form. Sure, ill wait that long buddy.

>> No.182009095
Quoted By: >>182009173

>n-n-no u
Cope with your loss to your superior, pet.

>> No.182009102
Quoted By: >>182009236


>> No.182009108
Quoted By: >>182009138


>> No.182009111

it's true, Toriyama wanted Goku and Vegeta to fuse in the manga, but the movie already have Gogeta, so he had to rely on an alternate method

>> No.182009118

Obviously I didn't absolute perfection because this is Dragon Ball, but holy shit. I knew from the very first teaser that it would be the best DB movie for me. Can't wait to watch it.

>> No.182009124

you have the emotional development of a three year old, defining everything as either good or bad

>> No.182009125

Yes. Gotenks was meant to be the only fusion, so Tori let Toei make a film where Gogeta was the selling point.

And then he wrote himself into a corner and had to have Goku fuse with someone, originally mean to be Gohan. However, he fucked that up too. So he retconned the body thing and let Vegeta come back to fuse, but couldn't use Gogeta since the movie JUST came out a month before.

And so suddenly Potara earings became fusion tools.

true story.

>> No.182009138

>Accepting his loss
Good dog.

>> No.182009145

New Broly is barely a character. He devolves back to original Broly when triggered into Super Saiyan by Freeza.

>> No.182009147

Who cares about character development? It's DB and it all goes to the trash bin anyway with the new arc

>> No.182009148
Quoted By: >>182009198


>> No.182009167

>I can't separate two versions of the same character because I'm a literal idiot

>> No.182009170
Quoted By: >>182009240

>Who cares about character development
Spoken like a true retarded cuck.

>> No.182009173

Allow me to lower my language on your level.
I => Win. You => love. GT => Shit You => Autist.

>> No.182009177
Quoted By: >>182009286

Just kill yourself.

>> No.182009192

Do we have a link for a camrip yet?

>> No.182009198


>> No.182009200

Fuck off I watched the movie and GT was better than it.

>> No.182009204
Quoted By: >>182009329


that's the fucking point of super saiyan

i swear to god half you people played budokai tenkaichi 3 when you were ten and then pretend to know wtf you're talking about

>> No.182009210
Quoted By: >>182009269

>literally mind-broken
Your superior demands your silence. Heed mine words.

>> No.182009217

goku says yosha like twenty times an arc. most japanese characters say it at least ten times passing. its one of the most common japanese emotes

>> No.182009222
Quoted By: >>182009280

>can't even read between lines
Feels good to win again

>> No.182009236

Samefagging jobrenspics

>> No.182009240
Quoted By: >>182009309

>Character Development
>In series where shit happens out of a whim because Toriyama is in the mood for "X" character

yeah right. DBS gave me such a big reason to care about it, with everyone regressing back.

>> No.182009242
Quoted By: >>182009368

Goddamn, i guess Vegito owed Gogeta one for that

>> No.182009252


Commander Blue

>> No.182009260

>can see the joints
its shit

>> No.182009269
Quoted By: >>182009321

>superior posting
Concession accepted

>> No.182009277

>Samefagging jobrenspics
Cried the dog

>> No.182009278
File: 100KiB, 760x519, 1542926639070.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.182009280
Quoted By: >>182009314

>damage control

>> No.182009286


>> No.182009291

Absolutely chad

>> No.182009296
File: 30KiB, 566x318, 1093.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>182009480

What's wrong? Dont like old Japanese humor?

>> No.182009298

Spicposting aside, the inconsistency that bugged me most was that Freeza freaked out when he saw Gogeta because he supposedly didn't know fusion was a thing, even though he was at the tournament and saw Kefla.

>> No.182009309
Quoted By: >>182009679

I've said this before, but again, Super didn't do that. The Buu saga did. Super just didn't fix it for some reason and double-down on it.

>> No.182009313
Quoted By: >>182011189

>how do vegettofags deal with the fact gogetafags were wrong all these years and Vegetto's personality is the canon personality every Goku-Vegeta fusion has
Huh...? What are you even trying?

>The chances of Vegetto reappearing in DBS are zero after the movie.
I know that's what you wish anon but nobody cares about your wet dreams. Even in the movie Goku says they should use fusion only because there's no potaras around, fusion is just the alternative, the second choice, the "oh we can't use potara this time, then fusion"

>> No.182009314
Quoted By: >>182009363

I win. yet again.

>> No.182009321
Quoted By: >>182009355

Quiet, dog.

>> No.182009329

Just admit that New Broly is a shitty character, and Old Broly is better.

>> No.182009332

>Dead/comic relief
*nigger/comic relief

>> No.182009335

No shit having him just fight those two with the forms they got in the anime wasn’t gonna help

>> No.182009350

fake nerd boy detected

>> No.182009353
Quoted By: >>182009493

Still more of a character than some autist who just stands when tamed, creepily staring at everyone.

You say that like you haven't watched any Dragon Ball Super. Characters who are introduced always reappear later such as Beerus, Hit, Cabba etc. At least watch the show before formulating your retarded opinion.

>> No.182009355
Quoted By: >>182009525

Lick my feets, dog.

>> No.182009360

>Vegito unimportant
Explain how else would Goku & Vegeta get inside Buu then, take out the cocoon, save everyone and make Kid Buu happen.

It's because of Vegito the final arc went how it did, you can't just undermine his actions like that.

>> No.182009363
Quoted By: >>182009397

Not an argument. Cope, spic.

>> No.182009368
Quoted By: >>182009470

Gogeta is actually mentioned indirectly in the Buu Saga, too. When Vegito is absorbed and Goku and Vegeta are separate again in Buu's body, Goku asks Vegeta to do the Fusion Dance but Vegeta refuses to do fuse again.

funny how that worked out

>> No.182009397
Quoted By: >>182009525

Cute. It feels good to break yet another toy.

>> No.182009403

Why are people saying it flopped? Didn’t it just come out??

>> No.182009412


>> No.182009419
Quoted By: >>182009699

He never saw metamoran fusion

>> No.182009434
Quoted By: >>182009561

potara fusion. he didn't know they could just do it whenever they wanted without needing a god's permission.

>> No.182009441

Shitposting memes

>> No.182009470
Quoted By: >>182009557

Gogeta gets a win and a shout out and Vegito gets to be a thing, these two would be best buds if they existed together

>> No.182009477

it's because it has less sales than FnF on its first day, which debuted on a saturday in Japan

>> No.182009480
Quoted By: >>182009567

Actually, I don't mind that so much. Its the overall pointlessness of the fusion and by extension Goten's character.

Vegito on the other hand just makes more sense to be introduced way later in the Zamasu arc where not only is fusion actually relevant in the plot but explained.

It also means we can just have the ONE form of fusion. Maybe you need to have the earings on, AND perform the dance? could work.

>> No.182009493

There's simply too much telling, and not enough showing. Old Broly sticks in your mind because Movie 8 played with a lot of angles, lighting, perspective, and colors to set the tone. New Broly is way too bright and lacks the edge.

>> No.182009494

Dare I say... Floply?

>> No.182009504
File: 453KiB, 1186x720, TALLER.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

He's a big boy

>> No.182009512
File: 2MiB, 500x281, 1542386062519.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>> No.182009525
Quoted By: >>182009608

Spic detected. Automatic victory in my favor. Cope.

Dance, puppet. Dance for your master.

>> No.182009531
Quoted By: >>182009717

>Explain how else would Goku & Vegeta get inside Buu then, take out the cocoon, save everyone and make Kid Buu happen.

>> No.182009547

>no stream
>no torrent
>all legit uploads on youtube getting nuked in less than 10 minutes
>youtube flooded with "DOWNLOAD OUR VIRUS" videos

What the fuck?

>> No.182009557
Quoted By: >>182009978

I really really really hope they actually do get the chance.

Vegito vs Gogeta needs to happen, for the sake of the fandom's sanity. Also Toei could make lots of money off it.

>> No.182009560

it's the dark side of youtube

>> No.182009561
Quoted By: >>182009699

Watch the movie. He was talking about fusing at all, not the dance.

Watch the fucking movie.

>> No.182009564

Well you enjoyed it right? Did bad sale dropped the graphics of the movie?

>> No.182009567

why does there need to be a point?

>> No.182009608

>responding the (you) twice
Good dog. You finally learned your manners. Your master is proud of you.

>> No.182009619

>using youtube

>> No.182009628

damn, just how garbage it is if it's not even worth pirating

>> No.182009637
File: 75KiB, 423x620, TITANly.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>182009712

For Cheelai

>> No.182009641
Quoted By: >>182009711

>dog admits to samefagging
Pathetic cur. Silence your muzzle and return AT ONCE to your kennel. Your master commands you.

>> No.182009647
File: 83KiB, 1148x280, she thinks you're cute.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>182009728

Did someone say... OCEANUS?


>> No.182009673
File: 31KiB, 696x272, 1544540011329.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>182009764


>> No.182009679
Quoted By: >>182009760

>Super didn't do that. The Buu saga did.


>> No.182009699
Quoted By: >>182009777


>> No.182009711
Quoted By: >>182009731

>projecting his own samefagging
>even though we are doing it
I dressed you well, my fighting mutt. You copy your master nicely.

>> No.182009712

You shippers got BTFO'd already. Broly is a 40 year old virgin manchild and there is zero romance between him and Cheelai. She's essentially to him what Bulma is to Goku.

>> No.182009717

not me. cool idea though.
They don't. Instead, Mystic Goten fights Majin Buu who is currently peaceful and befriending Mr Satan. Goten however is pissed about his brother being dead and starts a fight. Majin Buu then explodes like Super Buu did originally, accidently killing Mr Satan.

This causes the Super Buu transformation, which in this version is more of a mimicry of mr satan and less of an absorbtion, and the death of Mystic Goten.

When Super Buu fight in the Time Chamber, he kills both SS2 Trunks and Piccolo, but instead of screaming to rip a hole through dimensions, he explodes into kid buu, wiping out all of earth and most of the neighboring cosmos, and sending all the souls he's eaten/absorbed/killed to Other World, and then he teleports there and the rest happens pretty much exactly like the manga

>> No.182009728
Quoted By: >>182009767

>drawing without doing a tube skeleton first
you can do better. i believe in you

>> No.182009731
Quoted By: >>182009811

Silence, dog. SILENCE.

>> No.182009760
Quoted By: >>182009910

It was the Buu saga that regressed the character's overall development, with the exception of Vegeta.

The Buu saga is where Gohan becomes a jobber, where Goten is introduced and is promptly reduced Kid Trunks fusion partner, Tien is written out until the end where he jobs, etc

>> No.182009764
Quoted By: >>182009790

What the matter, dog? You're finally accepting the defeat? Don't worry, I accepted it long ago.

>> No.182009767
File: 42KiB, 961x960, 129.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.182009777
Quoted By: >>182010363

How can i watch something that hasn't been released in my country yet

>> No.182009782
Quoted By: >>182009946

this is sounding more and more edgy the more you go into it
where's the pathos?

>> No.182009785

The fuck rof means?

>> No.182009790

Whats a maj

>> No.182009811
Quoted By: >>182009845

>losing your patience
Cute. But amusing. Your master is pleased by you, but not by your GT-loving tastes.

>> No.182009817
Quoted By: >>182009843

Dog, i think

>> No.182009843

ROF = Revival of Freeza

>> No.182009845
Quoted By: >>182009916

Your master is bored of you, dog. Cope.

>> No.182009850

not for long

>> No.182009903

>but couldn't use Gogeta since the movie JUST came out a month before.
but like, why?

>> No.182009910

>saiyan saga: gohan chokes
>namek: gohan chokes, jobs, chokes, jobs some more,
>androids: chokes, chokes some more, chokes even harder going for a triple-choke combo in a single fight, and even after he finally gets serious he still cant resist jobbing to cell one last time
gohan has NEVER been good at this shit

>> No.182009916
Quoted By: >>182009944

>admitting that you can't keep it up
How sad. As your owner, I'm dissapointed.

>> No.182009929
Quoted By: >>182010075

So, how they kill buu if there is no human for Genkidama?

>> No.182009944
Quoted By: >>182010061

You just keep proving that you're a dirty taco-sucking spic. Be silent.

>> No.182009946
Quoted By: >>182010119

well I'm just outlining the major differences, really. It's not anymore edgy than actual Buu saga is. It's still the same overall story, just with some beats mixed around and elements smooshed and mixed together. I'm just replacing Mystic Gohan with Goten, making that fight happen BEFORE Super Buu, and then replacing SS3 Gotenks with SS2 Trunks, and so on.

Do you know The Path to Power movie? Like that but for the Buu Saga

>> No.182009978

>gets animated in DBH, with Yamamuro as character designer

>> No.182010061
Quoted By: >>182010104

>finding new energies to lick my feets again
Silence, dog. Let your owner be proud of you for a second.

>> No.182010075
Quoted By: >>182010180

Oh, they use the namekian dragon balls just like in the manga to wish the earth and it's people back.

However instead of the third wish giving Goku energy, which doesnt need to happen since Vegito never did, he uses it to wish Kid Buu to reincarnate into someone good (of course, we dont know about that wish until waaaaay later, but it happens)

>> No.182010103

Republic of Chad
Cell Dorado

>> No.182010104
Quoted By: >>182010157

>new energies
Quiet, dogspic. Your master commands you.

>> No.182010119
Quoted By: >>182010213

>Do you know The Path to Power movie?
I started watching that but fell asleep since it wasn't very stimulating

>> No.182010127


>> No.182010157
Quoted By: >>182010328

>replying while your master tries to be proud of you
Thanks for correcting me, spic. Looks like I win yet again.

>> No.182010161


>> No.182010169

Because it was a different time. Those reading might've felt cheated, "didn't we see this already?"

instead vegito felt more like "oooh this is the REAL gogeta"

again, different time.

>> No.182010178

It would mean repeating a same shit again, for example Heroes refrain on using Gogeta and switched to Vegito in order to not use the same character twice

>> No.182010180
Quoted By: >>182010296

So basically they kill buu with the Genkidama, right?

>> No.182010181

>when someone uses my dog meme against me
Quit copying me, your master commands you

>> No.182010213
Quoted By: >>182010265

Well, your loss, I guess.

But it's essentially a remake of the first three sagas of Dragon Ball.

>> No.182010215
Quoted By: >>182010328

You finally learned, dog. I'm proud of you.

>> No.182010234
File: 13KiB, 640x500, Dt8VzlUUUAEPlIP.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

here your new collar dog

>> No.182010265
Quoted By: >>182010377

Not that anon, but is it some kind of recap with GT graphics?

>> No.182010296
Quoted By: >>182010500

Yes, except Goku is still SS3 while he does it. He also stays dead.

He is revived to become a SSG. I'm still deciding on how to work it out. I'm torn between just letting Whis knock his halo off for Beerus and doing some sort of ass-pull SSG-makes-You-Alive-Again bs

>> No.182010305
File: 2MiB, 298x298, 1527668011951.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Thank you, my master.

>> No.182010308
File: 643KiB, 1062x792, gohanchan.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

please stop bullying

>> No.182010328
Quoted By: >>182010409

Silence, pets. Return forthwith to your kennel. Your master commands you.

>> No.182010363
Quoted By: >>182010397

>there is zero romance between him and Cheelai.
Watch the movie.

Then talk talk about the movie if you haven't watched it.

>> No.182010377
Quoted By: >>182010565

No, not at all. It's a remake. It adapts the Pilaf Saga, the General Blue Saga, and the Commander Red Saga together.
>GT Graphics
Well, I never said it looked good. Or even that is good. My spicfic adaption isn't anything like it.

>> No.182010397

>Then talk talk
don't talk*

>> No.182010409
Quoted By: >>182010456

Silence, spic. Your concession was accepted long ago.

>> No.182010438
Quoted By: >>182010466


there's srsly jobren fags out there claiming he's taller than broly

in this pic hes not even at his tallest LMAO

>> No.182010441
File: 2MiB, 460x259, Thinking.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Sooooo... Where is the full link ?

>> No.182010456
Quoted By: >>182010506

Quiet, dog. Your master commands you.

>> No.182010466
File: 232KiB, 1024x575, 1541253728836.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Jobrenfags are manlets, who're mad about BIGly's height

>> No.182010493

bulma would have pounded goku right though the bed once he grew up if it weren't for the fact he got engaged to some redneck princess literally the same day he descended from god's crib after three years of no contact

>> No.182010500
Quoted By: >>182011244

But, Goku needs to be in base form for the Genkidama

>> No.182010506
Quoted By: >>182010553

>posting the same thing
I accept your breaking.

>> No.182010540

>by the end of the movie SS Broly is stronger than SS Gogeta
>therefore, base Broly is stronger than base Gogeta
>therefore base Broly > base Gogeta > SSB Goku + SSB Vegeta > SSB Goku =>= SSB Vegeta
Kek, base Broly is stronger than everyone in the ToP except Jiren and UI Goku

>> No.182010553
Quoted By: >>182010644

Your loss is egregious and QUITE embarrassing, dog. Now silence.

>> No.182010565

Oh well, i thought it would be a good way to watch DB with that, also when i say GT Graphics i don't means its bad, it's just using character models and coloring from GT which is pretty good

>> No.182010644
Quoted By: >>182010724

A minute of silence for my broken dogspic, please.

>> No.182010647

That scene is great. But unfortunately I just feel like the movie misses out on a lot. The Tao fight is my favorite in the whole series and it just doesn't happen.

I outright just replaced 8 with 16 in my version

>> No.182010651

Any movie stream?

>> No.182010686

That... that actually makes sense what the fuck

>> No.182010724
Quoted By: >>182010790

>no u
Cope. Cope and despair, animal.

>> No.182010731


Gohan niño / Buu Delgado

>> No.182010741
Quoted By: >>182010787

>base Gogeta > SSB Goku + SSB Vegeta

Nice headcanon

>> No.182010760
Quoted By: >>182010877

I guess it's still lacking from OG DB huh, i thought it would be a great idea to compile it into a movie or OVA like 0079 Gundam

>> No.182010763

why does nozawa sound so bad here, when was this made?

>> No.182010775

Is everyone here a spic?

>> No.182010787

watch the movie

>> No.182010790

Cute. But also pathetic. Your master is saddened by you, dog.

>> No.182010795

Welp... there goes the chance of him staying in the main cast, either he barely shows up or gets nerfed to oblivion

>> No.182010864

if you're american you're half-spic half-british. everyone else is in the minority so don't count as human

>> No.182010877
Quoted By: >>182011299

that's not the worst idea.

if you didn't know, the first three dragon ball films do the same thing. though, Sleeping Princess is the one that takes the most liberties and actually has different character. The third movie has a version of the Tao fight that's pretty faithful despite taking place in a completely different location.

The first Z film, Dead Zone is also A LOT like the King Piccolo Saga.

>> No.182010895
File: 64KiB, 931x401, 1526564939724.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

What are you smoking?

>> No.182010900

all he has to do is never get god ki while in the meantime goku and vegeta master stacking oozaru power with ssb

>> No.182010909

Around GT era

>> No.182010915
File: 2MiB, 640x360, 1542517948826.gif [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>182012976

It's possible that Broly wouldn't be able to transform into Super Saiyan easily. Goku had the same problems, after all.

>> No.182010918

Every Dragon Ball fan is a spic at heart.

>> No.182010950
Quoted By: >>182011200

Truest post in this thread

>> No.182010982


>> No.182011044
Quoted By: >>182011092

>SS Broly is stronger than SS Gogeta
No he's not, you fucking idiot. Brolly gets teleported back to his bumfuck planet because Gogeta was about to kill him and his girlfriend felt bad so she wished him to safety with shenron. And Brolly never goes regular super sayain, he uses the controlled oozaru power then goes super saiyan on top of it the same way Goku and Vegeta go super on top of god power.

>> No.182011079
File: 277KiB, 494x734, TambourineVsGokuDB02.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Nuova, Eis
Tambourine recolours
my first spic oc

>> No.182011092

>broly never uses regular SS
I haven't seen the film and I know that's wrong. What you're talking about is LSS, not SS. He has Ozaru, SS, and then fusion of those two, LSS.

>> No.182011142
File: 31KiB, 420x720, 9904904.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>182011254

>> No.182011171

Yes, avoid these threads.
If you range banned south america, they would instantly die.

>> No.182011176
File: 158KiB, 1373x763, 15428376997212.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>> No.182011189
File: 49KiB, 640x480, 1513169446790.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>Even in the movie Goku says they should use fusion only because there's no potaras around
Man I always forget Goku can't IT to the Supreme Kai world

>> No.182011200

t. spics
It's adorable and pathetic how you keep trying to force your "culture" in these threads all the time.
Let me guess, you came here due to gohan blanco memes and you thought we were like you, and not laughing at your cringeworthy autism.

>> No.182011203
Quoted By: >>182011298

he goes oozaru, ss oozaru, then 'ss oozaru full power' which is LSS
if he stopped using oozaru when he went ss he would have lost all that extra height and stopped having green ki

>> No.182011208
File: 106KiB, 342x316, 1539524990853.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>> No.182011218

No you dumb spic idiot, there's no "legendary SS" bullshit. He always has the oozaru power and there's no regular SS. The last "form" he uses is literally just called "full power". His SS had the oozaru power from the start. If you haven't watched the movie, stop trying to explain the shit in it.

>> No.182011244

No, he doesn't? That's just from the Android 13 film, and in that same film he performs the spirit bomb as a super saiyan.

Also, he had yet to master the form.

>> No.182011250
File: 27KiB, 342x316, 1542062341644.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.182011254
Quoted By: >>182011300

Which south american country are you from?

>> No.182011276

>"Hey granps didn't ya hear? Dinner's ready"

>> No.182011277
Quoted By: >>182011300

Based muricano

>> No.182011298
Quoted By: >>182011346

if you cant tell that SSFP is the canonical version of LSS you're the fucking spic doofus

>he goes oozaru, ss oozaru, the 'ss oozaru full power' which is LSS
that is literally what I said anon

>> No.182011299
Quoted By: >>182011440

Most DB movies are always reminiscent of the canon with few exceptions
>Dead zone
More likely a reference to raditz than piccolo tbdesu
Bioman part was reminiscent to Saibamen other than that, Wheelo seems pretty original
King piccolo
>M cooler
M frieza
>Android 13
The android trio
This is unique
Cell v Gohan first half
>Broly 2
Cell v Gohan final half
>Bio Broly
I dunno, its exclusive i guess
Now for the three super movies
pretty original
Cooler and frieza in a pack
Broly and FR in a pack with bonus DBM

>> No.182011300
Quoted By: >>182011731

He's probably from peru

>implying mutts aren't spics

>> No.182011304

>The Tao fight is my favorite in the whole series


>> No.182011306

The absolute state of spic ball threads.
Thank god the movie is a flop.

>> No.182011317

Why wasn't Kale as strong as Broly? Is it just because she's a girl?

>> No.182011345

bro i live in new hampshire

>> No.182011346
Quoted By: >>182011521

>SSFP is the canonical version of LSS
It's called full power. That's it. He always has the fucked oozaru power. Your spic video games and fanfic retardation have no bearing on the movie.

>> No.182011376
Quoted By: >>182011521

>and then fusion of those two, LSS.
Nice headcanon.

>> No.182011379

She is stronger. She btfo Golden Freeza in a few minutes while it took Weakly an entire hour.

>> No.182011400


El Hermano de Jiren

>> No.182011440
Quoted By: >>182011517

>dead zone a reference to raditz
Garlic Jr is much more like Piccolo Daimo then Raditz. He's essentially Pilaf + Piccolo. Plot-wise, absolutely, though.

>> No.182011442
File: 266KiB, 640x477, OriginalSuupaSaiyan.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>there's no "legendary SS" bullshit
yeah there is. the super saiyan of legend needed to use oozaru power to be strong enough to transform into a super saiyan. vegeta thought that meant some kind of golden ozaru but toriyama settled on this super saiyan ikari idea instead since he's maing all toei's fanfics canon. so 'super saiyan full power' is the same form used by the original legendary super saiyan

>> No.182011444
File: 94KiB, 1280x720, chadurenu.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>> No.182011481
File: 130KiB, 634x1122, 1539643981732.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>182011547


>> No.182011491

At this point the villains have to be god tier at the very least to pose a threat to goku and vegeta, so I don´t think broly would be too OP if they decide to put him in the main cast

>> No.182011500
File: 21KiB, 480x360, 1534441211753.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Anime-Kale probably never trained in her life. Manga-Kale. is different and is closer to Super Broly, thus was able to eliminate plenty of fighters. But the real reason is probably because Broly could progress to GoD-tier only thanks to the fact he wasn't able to fight a real battle for a long time, thus releasing his entire potential at once

>> No.182011508

cursed image

>> No.182011515
Quoted By: >>182011648

>His daughter is a slut
Even in fanfics Geran gets "cucked"

>> No.182011517

Yeah, his movie is like what if King piccolo showed up instead of raditz kind of thing

>> No.182011519
Quoted By: >>182011569

>non-canon anime filler

>> No.182011521

Holy shit dude. You realize this a movie about Broly right?

You realize this SSFP form is fucking identical to LSS right? You realize in the manga Kale's version of the form is called Legendary Saiyan, right?

kill yourself.

It's just.... not. Why are you people so obsessed with semantic. *SSFP. There? Are you spic brain cells satisfied?

Can you people just not understand basic stuff like this? Are you really this fucking stupid or am I just being trolled?

>> No.182011529
File: 43KiB, 430x830, 548984.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>> No.182011530

>Literal garbage pulled out of a spic's ass that has no basis in reality
Brolly uses oozaru power in human form to avoid being slow and bulky. While he's like that, he's turns super after Freeza kills his dad. He powers up again to "full power" during the fight. There's no legendary saiyan form separate from it, and his SS form has oozaru power from the start, you dumb fucking spic who hasn't seen the movie.

>> No.182011533

It's because she's been a sheltered autist her whole life, while Broly spent all the time training.

>> No.182011546

its because her emotional damage sapped her power, like gohan vs cell
once she got over he emotional damage she became as strong as broly

>> No.182011547
File: 143KiB, 900x378, 1542557827656.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


>> No.182011557
Quoted By: >>182011830

You're a fucking retarded spic who claims "Legendary Super Saiyan" is a combination of Oozaru and Super Saiyan. It's headcanon.
>b-b-but muh Namek Vegeta filler
Not canon.

>> No.182011569
Quoted By: >>182011602

>this denial

>> No.182011574
File: 387KiB, 314x190, 1519899323179.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

She's getting the monkey cock.

>> No.182011589
Quoted By: >>182011711

>You realize this SSFP form is fucking identical to LSS right?
You realize that your non-canon shit is complete irrelevant, right? It's called full power. That's it.

>manga Kale's version
Completely irrelevant. Dumb spic.

>> No.182011602

>no argument
"Muh Golden Oozaru" Vegeta vision is anime-only. It's not canon.

>> No.182011604

>Broly in a bodysuit

>> No.182011647

That's his mom.

>> No.182011648

You mean Dylan

>> No.182011654




>> No.182011669
Quoted By: >>182011714

none of what you said actually replies to anything I said. learn to read

>> No.182011676

>Not even the scene where she stretches her armor out to show her boobs
Shit rip.

>> No.182011682
File: 3MiB, 2848x4272, IMG_7735.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

"Official" manga spoilers fucking when??!!

>> No.182011688
File: 1MiB, 314x190, 1543154728313.webm [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Incoming incest, then.

>> No.182011692
File: 560KiB, 914x2200, 1537122590114.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>> No.182011694

>broly is cannon now

>> No.182011711
Quoted By: >>182011808

>Your non-canon shit
Broly. This is Broly we are talking about. I perfectly understand LSS isn't canon. Why the fuck can't you understand that SSFP is Toriyama's version of that form?

Fuck you're an imbecile, honestly. go fuck yourself.

and just like that you're opinion doesn't matter

>> No.182011714
Quoted By: >>182011815

LSS is not a thing. It's not canon. Period. Brolly has oozaru power the entire time he's a super saiyan. That's what happens in the movie. I just watched it. If you didn't just watch it, then your speculation based on video game titles of forms the non-canon Brolly had are irrelevant. You're a dumb spic and nothing you think matters.

>> No.182011724

this makes it even hotter

>> No.182011731

what makes you think hes from peru

>> No.182011739


>> No.182011745
Quoted By: >>182011808

i don't think you understand what legendary means
protip: it means there's legends talking about it
and now we know those legends actually referred to SSFP, not wimpy vanilla SS by itself

>> No.182011752

Why are all the seats full except the front most rows for all my local theaters when checked online? Is that really the case or just bullshit?

>> No.182011766


>> No.182011769
Quoted By: >>182011853

"Super Saiyan Full Power"
That's how they call Green haired Broly now

>> No.182011781
Quoted By: >>182011838

>all this leak footage
>none of the Gogeta fight that I've found
Guess I wait through the weekend for some brave soul

>> No.182011794
File: 564KiB, 1234x754, COMPLETELY BASED MODS TAKING OUT THE TRASH.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>182012032

>> No.182011800

Thats kinda weird since even in the manga that form is called "Legendary super sayan"

>> No.182011808
Quoted By: >>182011898

>SSFP is Toriyama's version of that form
You're a fucking idiot. Brolly used his oozaru power, then went SS, then powered up again. The original SS form already had the oozaru power. Your headcanon fanfic will not change this.

>and just like that you're opinion doesn't matter
And just like that, you're a retarded spic who can't speak English and hasn't seen the movie.

That's odd, because the only mentions of "legendary" super saiyans were regular SS and SS God in the movie. Explicitly.

>> No.182011815
Quoted By: >>182011959

you're still not reading. you're just chimping out at the shadows cast on the wall by your own head

>> No.182011817


>> No.182011830

jesus christ are you new to the english language? are you fucking drax from the guardians of the galaxy?

everyone understand LSS is now called SSFP, they just aren't so autistic that they can't have a discussion without correcting it. Do you need us to differentiate between Broly and NuBroly too? kys

What the fuck are you talking about. LSS *is* SSFP you fucking god damn illiterate spiclord.

>> No.182011834

>spic sperging the FUCK out that nobody is taking his fanfiction seriously

>> No.182011838

Just wait for the best quality anon, gogeta doesn't deserve to be in a camrip

>> No.182011853

Meant to

>> No.182011860

>even in the manga
Literally doesn't matter.

>> No.182011869

Has nothing to do with Vegeta's Golden Oozaru monologue not being canon, beaner.

>> No.182011874
Quoted By: >>182012079

Broly is just that popular anon