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> 1. Axis Power Countries [34,883] [Hetalia Axis]
> 2. Remodel [30,058] [Kantai Collection]
> 3. Homura Akemi [26,000] [Madoka Magica]
> 4. Artoria Pendragon [25,717] [Fate/Zero]
> 5. Madoka Kaname [24,564] [Madoka Magica]
> 6. Saber [24,541] [Fate/Zero]
> 7. Shinkaisei-Kan [24,339] [Kantai Collection]
> 8. Naruto Uzumaki [24,298] [Naruto]
> 9. Asian Countries [22,334] [Hetalia Axis]
> 10. Mediterranean Countries [21,992] [Hetalia Axis]
> 11. Asuka Langley Soryua [21,000] [Neon Genesis Evangelion]
> 12. Orihara Izaya [20,835] [Durarara!!]
> 13. United Kingdom [18,431] [Hetalia Axis]
> 14. Sayaka Miki [18,374] [Madoka Magica]
> 15. Shizuo Heiwajima [18,276] [Durarara!!]
> 16. Kuroko Tetsuya [18,027] [Kuroko's Basketball]
> 17. Kaga [17,514] [Kantai Collection]
> 18. Sasuke Uchicha [17,269] [Naruto]
> 19. Shimakaze [17,103] [Kantai Collection]
> 20. Mami Tomoe [16,942] [Madoka Magica]
> 21. Sakura Kyoko [16,875] [Madoka Magica]
> 22. Japan [15,779] [Hetalia Axis]
> 23. Germanic Countries [15,118] [Hetalia Axis]
> 24. America [14,546] [Hetalia Axis]
> 25. Sakura Haruno [14,393] [Naruto]
> 26. Mio Akimiya [14,036] [K-On!!]
> 27. Ryouta Kise [13,714] [Kuroko's Basketball]
> 28. Hibiki [13,516] [Kantai Collection]
> 29. Poland/Russia [13,296] [Hetalia Axis]
> 30. Nami [12,467] [One Piece]
> 31. Rin Tohsaka [12,299] [Fate/Zero]
> 32. Konogou [12,164] [Kantai Collection]
> 33. Fate Testarossa [12,129] [Lyrical Nanoha]

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>all those hetalia characters
I smell fujos

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Where'd you pull these numbers from, anon?

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It's like a concentrated form of shit taste.

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Where are these numbers from?

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Sanaku Channel, Asuka was actually in the top 40 twice which is why she has a higher score

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I expected more fate desu

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Why the fuck did Asuka make the list but Rei didn't?

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>3. Homura Akemi [26,000] [Madoka Magica]

I really don't understand this one. She wasn't the most sexual in her own series (that being Mami's honour) and neither was the show itself particularly inclined to perversion either.

>Naruto Uzumaki [24,298] [Naruto]

Tsunade was always the hottest female in that show.

>Asuka Langley Soryua [21,000] [Neon Genesis Evangelion]

Reifags told!

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First of all, wtf is with all the hetalia shit?

Secondly, how is Asuka at 21,000 and Rei at, at most, 12,000? I thought she was consistently the more popular of the two?

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Did you filter for explicit? There's a surprising amount of SFW on there.

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Fuck this world, only mental disabled people like r34.

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Oh Christ not you again, fuck off faggot.

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Quoted By: >>183705354

>Rin Tohsaka [12,299] [Fate/Zero]
Why is there's so many loli Tohsaka doujins?

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Hetalia is always winning. Lot of characters = lot of possibilities.

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Epic bait

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>I thought she was consistently the more popular of the two?
Rei is too pure.

>> No.183705354

Because is very cute

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Quoted By: >>183706487

>She wasn't the most sexual in her own series
Nigga, you're either crazy, blind or a faggot. Having big boobs doesn't make someone sexual, it's also the way they talk, act and dress, which makes her incredibly sexual.

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Quoted By: >>183705554

I'm glad my country is to irrelevant to be featured regularly in this garbage. No, I won't tell you what country.

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Quoted By: >>183706073

Asuka's design and personality was made for hatefucking, which is a huge turn-on for a lot of people.

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>29. Poland/Russia [13,296] [Hetalia Axis]
What the fuck.

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Quoted By: >>183706672

Probably a spic country. Not interested.

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> 1. Axis Power Countries [34,883] [Hetalia Axis]
If this is so popular explain why I've never heard it even once in 16 years of watching anime and shitposting

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Quoted By: >>183705889

You're not a fujo, and /a/ don't really like a sausage party. It's guppies but like countries and mostly dudes

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Quoted By: >>183705975

You live under a rock.

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Because it doesn't panders to you.

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> 4. Artoria Pendragon [25,717] [Fate/Zero]
> 6. Saber [24,541] [Fate/Zero]
> 31. Rin Tohsaka [12,299] [Fate/Zero]


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When was the last Hetalia thread on /a/?

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Sorry, it was meant to >>183705609

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>5. Madoka Kaname [24,564] [Madoka Magica]
Why though

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You're forgiven. But when though, I'm actually curious

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> Not wanting to Fuck Madoka
T. Faggot

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I think it's because the last Hetalia season was a long ago. Also Hetalia discussion is often relegated to homo threads. And you already said it: /a/ don't like sausage fest.

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>worst keion has the most porn

>> No.183706248

>wanting to fuck God

But that's heresy, anon!

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Quoted By: >>183706575

You put the overall number of submissions under that character tag you dingus. You didn't filter for NSFW posts only. The number of lewd art should be much smaller.

For example, the overall number of posts under Madoka's tag is about 24k, but the amount of posts rated explicit for her is only about 1k.

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Quoted By: >>183706545

Because it's apparently fascist and current western fujos don't like that

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How did you make this list? Madoka's lewds ratio is pretty low

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I was liking this list up until
> 5. Madoka Kaname [24,564] [Madoka Magica]
Anyone who has ever seen our pure Madoka in such a situation should kill themselves immediately

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Quoted By: >>183706427

What if she is your waifu?

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> 8. Naruto Uzumaki [24,298] [Naruto]
what the fuck

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Quoted By: >>183706499

>wanting to see lewds of your waifu
You should kill yourself also

>> No.183706487

A true scholar.

>> No.183706499
Quoted By: >>183707122

I don't think you know what having a waifu actually means

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Glad you said ''apparently''

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Quoted By: >>183706734

>They aren't aware of all the Madoka and Homura futa porn

Oh how I wish I was still this blissfully ignorant.

>> No.183706570

Naruto hentai fans have this bizarre fetish wherein they insist all Naruto girls must only be depicted with Naruto. The editing community only exacerbates this. Hence the absurd scale of Naruto porn with Naruto himself tagged.

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Quoted By: >>183706628

So that nigger took the number total of art instead of lewds

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Quoted By: >>183706863


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Quoted By: >>183706782

European, but that's all I'll say

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90% of Madoka lewds are fucking trash and I wish I never saw that garbage.

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Quoted By: >>183706971

Sure spic. Even fucking Belarus is on Hetalia. European countries don't lack there.

>> No.183706863
Quoted By: >>183707230

God dammit, someone competent go redo this since anon can't fucking manage without an adult to hold his hand.

>> No.183706971
Quoted By: >>183707161

Or maybe he's from
>san marino
The only person on /a/ to come from there

>> No.183707040

>Naruto above Asuka, Mami, Rin and Nami.
Based Homura being lewd as fuck.

>> No.183707071

>Sankaku Channel
So basically outta your ass then

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Quoted By: >>183707478

Having a waifu means respecting the woman you love and never seeing her in a compromising or sexual situation unless it is with you

and it never will be you

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Kek. Nice one.

>> No.183707230

>all fanart = hentai
OP is faggot: the thread.

Is there even an easy way to do it? As far as I know, most boorus don't have nsfw tags, pixiv doesn't have a way to see character tags only, and doujinshi.org's nsfw tag isn't available in the character-tag browser for some retarded reason.

>> No.183707282

Rating:explicit is the nsfw tag on the boorus

>> No.183707374

There's no perfect way to do it.

Searching for "explicit" will probably not get you all the lewds, but it's the best way to do it.

The "questionable" rating has some lewds not raunchy enough for explicit, but it also has wholesome SFW art in it, so including that rating won't give you accurate results either.

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fake. Those numbers are clearly non hentai included

And they're still wrong

>> No.183707478

Lewds are fine as long as waifu isn't fucking/getting fucked or violated. Fapping to hentai doujin of your waifu is basically cuckholdery.

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fuck off plebbit

>> No.183707604

I've just fapped to her lewds a few minutes ago.

Feels so fucking good man

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Quoted By: >>183709226

>I've never heard it even once in 16 years of watching anime and shitposting
I'm calling bullshit, Hetalia was fucking huge. No way you were shitposting around the turn of the decade without hearing about it.

>> No.183709226

It's true anon but I'm not gonna lie my brain totally ignore fujo threads such as it's time

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Can we add the 2hus to this list for comparison

>> No.183710883

Homura has a lot of yuri porn together with Madoka.

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