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From dengekionline poll

>Comedy anime of this season
>1. Kaguya-sama
>2. Ueno-san
>3. Wataten
>4. Shieldhero
>5. 5toubun

>Moe anime of this season
>1. 5toubun
>2. Wataten
>3. Kaguya-sama
>4. Cat roommate
>5. Shieldhero

>Exciting anime of this season
>1. Shieldhero
>2. Mob Psycho
>3. Kaguya-sama
>4. Gotobuki
>5. Date a Live

>Moving anime of this season
>1. Shieldhero
>2. Cat roommate
>3. Mob Psycho
>4. 5toubun
>5. 3D girlfriend

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Based Shieldbro.

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>Moving anime of this season
>2. Cat roommate
>5. 3D girlfriend

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>no doroshit
>no nevershit
Based. Shieldbros always win baby.

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>Moving anime of this season
No wataten? What the fuck?
What kind of monsters dont feel heal with this?

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>Toubun beats Wataten

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>Moving anime of this season
>1. Shieldhero

lol how

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Nip taste > Gaijin taste

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With the epidemic of false rape accusations irl, it's a very important topic to be tackled. It resonates with many people, especially young men.

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No Kemurikusa when shit is all over Japan?
>shield hero
>when no one's buying it
Yeah, I'm calling bs on dengeki polls again.

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I wonder the poll doesn’t include the steaming shows like early poll that why Dororo and Kemurikusa wasn’t there

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Quoted By: >>185916791

>nobody’s buying
>disc sales matter meme

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You may make a profit in whatever shop you want but if you did not make a success in BD, you are not that popular

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Care to share the source on your info?

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Kemurikusa hinges on Tatsuki's cult. Autists buy BDs in bulk to prove a point so it's not as popular as its sales.

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Oh, I just remembered:
Dengeki is a Kadokawa slave

Of course, Kadokawa would ban any mention of the guy who ruined their company so bad that the CEO resigned.

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Dude, Kemurikusa already got a partnership with Nissin.
There's no bigger sign of popularity than making a commercial for them.

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My favorite moe comedy anime

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Filo is moe, and she's the funniest character of the season.

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Another epic poll with like 300 votes.

And in the end Shield shit will barely sell 4k.

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>haremshit is called moe anime

fuck this shit

>> No.185917514

>barely sell 4k
>being this optimistic

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ShieldChads RISE UP!

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Understandable because Goblin Slayer sold around that but yeah pre-order numbers even lower than Goblin Slayer so it sales wise probably around 2k-3k

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Where is Yuri anime of this season?

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Se-seething leftard! Shieldbro is BASED!!

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Slime > Shield Flop

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That is bullcrap for example slime has been killing it just its manga adaption sales were rivaling some of the shounen series and vol 1 only sold around 6k and it just got a second season due to how incredible the boost for LN and manga sales have been.

>> No.185918475

>toubun pretty much ranked in all of them

I doubt the VA's can carry the show alone. Is actually good? First episode was meh

>> No.185918496

Additionally this has always been the case for a while now but when will people realize the anime industry is a whore to the publishers and nothing but a tool to popularize mostly light novels and manga. There was a time when we had tons of VN adaptions as well but the that medium is in a dire state now.

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Quoted By: >>185919886


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It's haremshit, you know how that goes, people find a waifu and pretend the series is good.

>> No.185918573

How about neither?

>> No.185918622

Healthy people?

>> No.185919886

It isn’t wrong tho

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Quoted By: >>185920428

>epidemic of false rape accusations

>> No.185919993

>Currently popular
>Makes anime for 5 yen and a bowl of rice
Gee, I wonder why they chose Tatsuki?

>> No.185920428 [DELETED]

Is this anime redpilled? might want to give it a try

>> No.185920496

Yet shows that sold like absolute crap like Tsugumomo and 3D Kanojo still got second seasons.
Or Slime for a recent example, it sales were nothing special and it got a new season announced today.

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Quoted By: >>185920709

Is this anime redpilled? Might want to try it out.

>> No.185920709

>Is this anime redpilled?
The main antagonist until the very end of the series is the thot who accused him. said thot was officially named bitch (then witch) later in the series. She was
Does that answer your question?

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BD sales mean barely nothing now you retard

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It's Japanese poll and they don't care about that.

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It's time to murder all /v/tarded saleshitters with facts

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Quoted By: >>185926629

The VAs can and have carried worse shows. 5toubun isn't bad, but the quintuplet premise wears off fast and it devolves in the usual haremshit shenanigans.
And both nips and /a/ love to eat that shit.

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Quoted By: >>185922678

>discs sales matter in 2019
Imagine being this retarded.

>> No.185922678
Quoted By: >>185922942

still matter in japan

>> No.185922942


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Manga is way better and sells like hotcakes.

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>moe anime
>>>>>>shield hero

>> No.185924141

It's manga is currently the most popular weekly romcom in Japan.

>> No.185924185

Toubun is great. Can't say the same about the anime though. I dropped it after Ep 2.

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Quoted By: >>185925309

I am as perplexed as you are.

>> No.185924530

harem shit

>> No.185924881

>Comedy anime of this season
>not Neverland
Shit taste.
>Moe anime of this season
Stopped reading right there.
>Exciting anime of this season
>Moving anime of this season
>all that shit taste
And then you people say that the west have bad taste.

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IsekaiCHADS win again

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Based Uenobros

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The Japanese love the trash panda.

>> No.185925475

>moe anime
>Wataten not 1st

>> No.185925567

There's also firo to consider.

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Good taste, the only thing that bothers me on this list is 3D Kanojo and DaL.

>> No.185926629
Quoted By: >>185926883

>Harem shit shenanigans
Such as?

>> No.185926808

Where is KF2? Surely KDKW did not just sink their billion yen golden goose

>> No.185926883

A loving sisterhood falling apart like a house of cards for the sake of one man...
Or that's how it'll end up.

>> No.185927072

There's no yuri anime this season.

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so kaguya is overall winner

>> No.185927517

Someone should have actually saved all the win/lose numbers in the manga, and at least as of not too much ago they were surprisigly well balanced.

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>Moe anime of this season
>1. 5toubun
>5. Shieldhero

>> No.185929036

>>5. 3D girlfriend
Is the 2nd season better than the first? Because the first was pretty terrible.

>> No.185929121

makes way more sense, too.
>buy the BD
>it's expensive as fuck and all I get are some minor changes
>buy the LN/manga
>get to see all the content that didn't make it into the adaption
>can probably buy the whole series to see how the story continues for the price of one BD box, too

>> No.185929237

Looks like a whole lot of shit taste here.

>> No.185929829

>>Moe anime of this season
>>5. Shieldhero

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