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he is a cuck

>> No.186856999

Because Kacchan won’t kiss his wife.

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Cuz he's a faggot

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Kacchan hasn't fucked Ochako yet.

>> No.186857039

He's a pussy.

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Is this the steven universe of anime? Everything I hear about really makes it seem like it

>> No.186857087

because the manga has no clue how to do character development

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cause its cute :3

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Based trips

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Breaking bones hurts

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>Kacchan... please... kiss my girlfriend!

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why won't he shut the fuck up?

>> No.186857671

It doesn't matter if I stumble
It doesn't matter if I cry
Because someday, everything will come up roses.

>> No.186857737

Because he used to be bullied a lot, which drastically lowered his self esteem.

>> No.186858717

He is a shonen MC

>> No.186858767

Because he wants to keep away people with taste from that atrocious piece of shit anime/manga.

>> No.186859131

His husband beating him again.

>> No.186860861

It's a normalfag tier manga/anime so it attracts the sort of fans you would expect.

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Based digits

>> No.186861298

Because shonen anime/manga has to have character exaggerating emotion so even the dumb and autistic can understand.

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Why THE FUCK would anyone here know anything about Steven universe?

>> No.186861357

He's probably the least likeable shonen MC I've ever seen. Would rather have yet another Goku clone than this garbage

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If his priority was only to save people like the narrative tries to claim, then he could have tried to become a doctor, but no being a doctor isn't KEWL.

>B-but muh notes!!
Why do MHAtards pretend that keeping track of your hobby is hard work? I've seen kids make higher quality scouting reports for the nba draft

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He's a cripple in his universe. I kinda agree being handed the outright best power from the getgo was lame. He could have gotten a power that develops as he does.

>> No.186861663
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>He could have gotten a power that develops as he does.
Isn't that effectively what he got?

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Its gotten to the point you cucks cry more about Deku crying than he actually cries in the series.

>> No.186861808

Deku is the authors self-insert powerfantasy. No shit his motivation to be a hero is flimsy and selfish - that's literally what Hori daydreams of. The idea of being praised as a hero feels nice so he has mistaken that want for actual heroism. Like a high school kid who wants to be a firefighter because they look cool and get all the women. Never forget Deku is written by a neet

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Well the average anon is basically Deku
The problem is the average anon also knows he is worthless and shouldn't be the MC of a story
so when they see someone like Deku who has traits like the obsession they know that it shouldn't make him special and deku should be hated

Deku hate is /a/nons knowing their place as worthless bottomfeeders

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smart anon

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This, desu.

>breaks his arms and legs
>still tries to help people while powering through the pain
>"Reeee, he cries a lot, so that doesn't count!"
>"He only wants to be a hero because he's selfish!"

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No, he got an lv. 100 power at lv. 1 and all the generic "tension" comes from him being worried about using it at risk of fucking himself up. I'm saying he could have had a power as lame as himself but evolves as he does as a character.

>> No.186862647

But he got that level 100 power at level 1 control making it EFFECTIVELY lvl 1

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>how to deal with whiny kids as shown by a good manga

>> No.186863050

so that you can think he is a DEEP character because EMOTIONS are DEEP and MATURE for MATURE animu watchers like ourselves.

>> No.186863090

I thought he had a quirk, but it was stolen by the doctor.

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>why would anyone on a cartoon discussion board know anything about a specific cartoon?

>> No.186863779

To keep the fujoshi watching.

>> No.186863857 [DELETED]

But it's not lvl 1, otherwise he wouldn't be at risk everything he uses it.

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But it's not lvl 1, otherwise he wouldn't be at risk every time he uses it. His power is great, Deku is the one too lame for it. The power could have been as lame or as good as Deku is. But the power had to not only be great but the claimed bestest power in the series.

>> No.186864367

Because October is half a year away AND it will once again be hobbled by a movie anyway

>> No.186864512

>well you know italian cuisine why wouldn't you know anything about traditional south african tribal foods?

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Because he's secretly related to Steven Universe.

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Steven Universe was trying to be a peogressive show. They explicitly put in fag charcters with fag relationships to appeal to the tumblr crowd. MHA is just a cookie-cutter shonen that's somewhat popular with Tumblr, and all the fag shit you see is being projected onto it.

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Wait wait wait
So are you telling me everyone on /a/ also watches western cartoons like Steven universe?

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>All this self-projection
Don't MHAtards like Deku cause they find him so relate-able?

>> No.186864837

>and all the fag shit you see is being projected onto it.
**and exploited by the anime studio who milks them

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mob psycho 100: Powers don’t make you special

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Not really no
He is a lot closer to Shinji than Nardo

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If a power is unusable then it isn't very good. OFA can either be shit or be OP but it depends on how hard Deku is willing to work to master it.

If Deku had no intention of mastering it then he'd still be stuck at 5% because that's how much he can handle. All OFA does is give the user the potential to become powerful granted as long as the user is willing to work.

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gotta get them fujo bucks anon, underage prostitutes don't pay for themselves.

>> No.186864971

They only pander to BakuKiri though. They completely ignore the most popular gay ships.

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Maybe his butt was hurted

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from what?

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He can learn a thing or 2 from based mob

>> No.186865098

From having intense anal sex with Bakugou

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Mob > Deku

Pushe hero aca S4 to next spring for mob psycho S3 (final season)

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Watch mob psycho >>186865140

>> No.186865342

Why would you lie like this?

>> No.186865402

Its hilarious that you guys think Mob and Deku wouldn't get along and Mob would chide Deku

>> No.186865443

no, he's just projecting, because he's a faggot

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That doesn't disprove Deku being shit

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>raised by single mother

>> No.186866557

There are no tears here, only disgust.

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There is literally a scene where they make fun of a side character for having children with a black guy and being dead inside because the kid doesn't look like her.

The media are mostly dicks.

There is almost no racial or ethnic diversity, except for one that black side character used for one gag and a white American friend of one of the older MCs.

The bad guys plan is to cause terror and chaos so that the government will over regulate heroes, leading to the success of villains.

His single mom gets fat, doesn't encourage him, and basically drags him down because feelings.

The MC's rival is a cocky, bitchy asshole because his dad was too passive to and whipped to put him or his mother in their places.

The mentor of the MC is a real man from another age (he is drawn in an older style) and he holds society together as the last symbol of real masculinity, which the MC and his rival try to learn from despite their shitty single-mother/female-dominated upbringings.

The female lead is motivated by the need to get money and take care of her family, and sets aside emotional/romantic love because it isn't practical at the moment.

This show is redpills left and right. The MC cries all the time because he is smart enough to see he isn't prepared to be a man yet but understands society desperately needs him to be.

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Digits of truth, dekufags seething

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A girl has interest in another boy instead of him

>> No.186869274

Kacchan... PLEASE

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He went into the showers and found out he has the smallest dick out of all the characters

>> No.186870689

They're not supposed to make you special in MHA, dumbass, they make you normal.

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