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Kanojo okarishimasu new chapter:

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I can't read this so I don't care

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Dump it you lazy fuck.
Also reminder that Ruka is shit.

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The artist gets pretty symbolic, so you don't have to read it to understand what is happening

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I don't know how to do it (-_-)(-_-)(-_-)

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buy and post raws please. I can't read gook.

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Already ripped it.
Now I need to edit it, because it was one who strip.
Each page divided in 2 pages. Fucking Koreans.

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Japan please, not gookshit

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Shut the fuck up.
I'm editing this shit on MSPaint as I go.
I ripped it from that gook site the OP posted. Be grateful asswipe.

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I wonder how slimy protagonist san will get this chapter. Will he leave the girls to solve his problems again while thinking about how much he wants to grow as a person and then use his infinite amounts of money to trap girls near him? Boy oh boy just a flawed but also "interesting" character. But he will become a better person by frustrating Ruka so much that she will finally leave and frustrating Chizuru so much that she will confess. Such great character development.

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Done editing the pages.
Now posting the rest of the chapter.

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t. rukashitter

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How did you even reach this conclusion? In what camp can you be that you would actually root with the MC in his current state? Not even the worst of persons can identify with this man.

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Losergirlfags like you always try to pin the blame on the MC rather than on your girl being shit.
Happens with every harem.

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I'm actually shocked by the conclusion you reached. How many hoops did you jump through to reach it? I don't have a problem with any of the girls. I just feel like the MC is in no condition to actually reach the state in which he can date the girls.

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You're not fooling anyone Rukafag

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No idea what your problem is. That chapter is glorious. I feel sorry for Ruka but it is incredible how easily the mangaka made Chizuru steamroll over all of Rukas efforts getting his family on her side.
No wonder in her desperation she made the most direct approach possible.

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Ruka is drunk in this chapter.

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Unselfishness(Chizuru) triumphs over Selfishness(Ruka).
Ruka is just sucking up to Grandma to win Kazuya meanwhile Chizuru has been doing this from the beginning because she feels bad for Kazuya and doesn't want to hurt his Grandma not for her own gain.

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There it is, the character development everybody was waiting for. Man he finally manned up and now he is truly a great MC

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>Drunk Ruka kisses him out of nowhere
>"Man Kazuya finally developed"
Rukafags, not even once.

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It seems i stand corrected on the "there can't possibly be people dense enough to like the MC" affirmation if you can't feel sarcasm.

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Fucking hate Ruka bros.

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>Ruka shitting on her pants in front of Chizuru
top kek

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Resorting to samefagging is as pathetic as thinking that a girl likes you because you use a call service to date her

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Chizuru stronk.

>> No.187175408

>accusing anyone of samefagging

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hope she sees the kiss and pushes Ruka off the second floor.

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I cannot wait for the translations.
Goddamn, Chizuru is SAVAGE.

>> No.187175482

But Chizuru is so good it's terrifying.

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Guaranteed she will catch them in the act. Drama incoming.

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>it is incredible how easily the mangaka made Chizuru steamroll over all of Rukas efforts
It shows we shouldn't underestimate how much Grandma is in love with Chizuru. It shows why he doesn't just tell the truth already and why he goes to such extremes to keep it under wraps.

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i wish ruka could win

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Ruka wants to FUCK

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Me too.

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I don't blame grandma.
Chizuru is too good.

>> No.187178615

disgusting whore

>> No.187178717

Reiji please nerf Chorizo.

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I do, she is way to forward with her. I bet that if she learns that she actually isn't his girlfriend she'll disinherit him and make her her sole heir.

>> No.187178896

Screw this bitch.

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Quoted By: >>187179042

We just need to wait until she retires from being a rental and starts acting for real. The glimpse we had already shown that no matter how good she is, that world won't bend itself backwards for her.

>> No.187179042

The world bend itself backwards for her. I was bullshit that there was other producer during the play.

>> No.187179080

He should at least give her a baby before dropping her

>> No.187179118
Quoted By: >>187179424

Kuzuya doesn't deserve Chizuru at all. what the fuck,

>> No.187179122
Quoted By: >>187179232

All I'm hoping for now is that she won't get any new guy by the end

>> No.187179232
Quoted By: >>187179679

She won't
Chizuru should do

>> No.187179424

But he does, he's not a bad guy and has quite a bit of cash.

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Now I know who Ruka reminds me of.
Tomo from Iinazuke Kyoutei. Annoying ass bitch.

>> No.187179679

good idea
they should share kazuya

>> No.187179706
Quoted By: >>187179967

Yes, Ruka, you are a fucking child. You have nothing on Chizuru.

>> No.187179896

He'll eliminate Ruka first and then he won't nerf Chizuru but he will power-up Sumi and Mami.

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Quoted By: >>187180345

Yeah, grandma is a creepo.
I'm really not a fan of the character that much.

>> No.187179967

Ruka is an ugly smelly boy.

>> No.187180345

She needs to hurry up and kick the bucket already, the wrong grandma is dying.

>> No.187180567

and after all her efforts in being helpful and considerate to all the living members of his family, here comes Chorizo
Her experience in being a rental slut, incorporating every little piece of info she gets from her customers to make the lie feel real is astonishing.

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Quoted By: >>187181128

100 posts. 17 IPx
There's some fag samefagging. And I know who, the Kazuyafaggot.

>> No.187180875

If the granny dropped dead next chapter, most drama points would die with her:
>ruka blackmailing would be over
>kazuya would inherit the business, therefore he would have enough money to pay up for chizuru's career
>chizuru quits being rental and goes out with kazuya for real
>happy end

>> No.187181128

>2 people dump the same chapter each making 20+ posts each
>Waaaaaaaaaaaaah MUH IP Count
Lmao typical sidegirlfag loser

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Quoted By: >>187181377

I want to fuck her so bad, holy shit

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Unbelievably sexy.

>> No.187181892
Quoted By: >>187181955

Sumi > Ruka > Chorizo >>> Mami

>> No.187181955

>rating Ruka over anyone

>> No.187182700

I hope Ruka fucks off for good after this arc, she's just annoying.

>> No.187182962

Whorezu a shit.
Where the snake poster?

>> No.187183349
Quoted By: >>187193703

>no mami
>but ruka is being a little shit again
I sleep but not really.

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Quoted By: >>187184240

>> No.187184240
Quoted By: >>187184391

Chizuru is cute. CUTE.

Am I the only one who thinks that when she lets her hair loose without the ponytail(like in the latest chapter) she's way too gorgeous to handle?

>> No.187184391
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Quoted By: >>187184489

Yes, this is peak Chizuru.

>> No.187184489
Quoted By: >>187185107

You're wrong.

>> No.187184544

>tfw have to wait for translations until Friday at the earliest
The wait will be unbearable

>> No.187184871

Chizuru literally charges Kazuya for "dates" despite them knowing each other for like a year now. Don't get me wrong, Ruka's a piece of shit, but honestly this manga is full of pathetic, selfish pricks (even the grandmothers). Super shitty characters all around.

>> No.187185107
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Quoted By: >>187186781

I'm right.

>> No.187185248
Quoted By: >>187186761

Ruka > Chizuru > Sumi > Mami

>> No.187185565
Quoted By: >>187186761

best girl

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File: 847KiB, 2048x1536, D4Q41wzUYAEERGr?format=jpg&name=4096x4096.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Irritated Chizuru.

>> No.187186761
Quoted By: >>187186885

Ruka is shit

>> No.187186781

Glasses make her look worse.
Also she looks hotter without the ponytail.

>> No.187186885
Quoted By: >>187187180

Ruka > Mami > Sumi > Chorizo

>> No.187187180
Quoted By: >>187188208

Ruka is shit.

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>> No.187187875

That make me want to play reversi with /int/ bros again.

>> No.187188208

Ruka a cute.

>> No.187188569

And? It's her fucking job. I know a girl who owns a small restaurant and I also pay everytime.

>> No.187188733

>honestly this manga is full of pathetic, selfish pricks (even the grandmothers). Super shitty characters all around.
And that's why it's good.

>> No.187189372

This piece of shit of a father even stopped reading.
This shit is so biased.

>> No.187190253
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>> No.187190693

I hope they won't censor this in the anime.

>> No.187190771

I don't think Chizuru and Kazuya show in the anime.

>> No.187190808

>Chizuru literally charges Kazuya for "dates"
oh no no no no. Don't make it the other way around:
He pays her money so he can hang out with her, because he became complacent of this whole situation.
If he asks her out and she rejects him (as she probably would) then it's over, He cannot possibly rent her again after that:
> So if you don't want to go out with my then I'll simply pay you many so you will have to.
Sure he can ask her multiple times until she gives in, but he is to content with what he has already to go that route.
That's why probably only her retiring from being a rental can change anything, which is dumb, but understandable.

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Quoted By: >>187190996

You should be more worried about them censoring the imaginary sex scenes.

>> No.187190861
Quoted By: >>187191128

I actually don't know which is less probable: an adaptation of KO or adapting a bonus chapter in either anime.

>> No.187190996
Quoted By: >>187191765

The imaginary sex it censored in the manga.

>> No.187191128
Quoted By: >>187192093

A KO adaptation isn't improbable. Magazine doesn't have much stuff left to adapt and they've already put good money into marketing the manga.

>> No.187191765
Quoted By: >>187191878

I think it just doesn't show nipples but you can clearly see Mami getting railed.

>> No.187191878
Quoted By: >>187191995

I forget that one, what about Ruka getting fucked of Kazuya grabbing Chizuru's tits?

>> No.187191995
Quoted By: >>187192063

I don't think Kazuya has actually imagined banging Chizuru. On screen it seems the most he's done is imagined her naked.

>> No.187192063

It was his friend.

>> No.187192093

>Magazine doesn't have much stuff left to adapt
After NnT ends, what is left?

>> No.187192147

5toubun S2, and that's pretty much it.

>> No.187192367
Quoted By: >>187193650

nnt is getting an arthur sequel/spinoff
they could animate that

>> No.187192536

forced kiss

>> No.187192639
Quoted By: >>187193343

hot, right?

>> No.187193343

Only if Chizuru was watching.

>> No.187193650

Didn't even start yet. An adaptation will take its time.

>> No.187193703

If you actually expected Mami suddenly appear this chapter it's your own fault.
The chapter is called "the star appears" not "the villain makes his move"

>> No.187195982

So basically rape?

>> No.187196057


>> No.187196073

She is the Nino equivalent of this series, there is literally no way she would win.

>> No.187196107

Man this shit is so fucking retarded.

>> No.187196167
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>> No.187196185

I just can't keep reading this shit, every development makes me seethe with anger, it's so fucking tiresome.

>> No.187196188
Quoted By: >>187196780

Fuck charizard. Where is my sumi-chan?

>> No.187196780
Quoted By: >>187196802

Forget Sumi, Ruka needs more focus
We know they have a contractual 1 date per week plus are coworkers yet she doesn't show up as often as she logically should

>> No.187196802

That's because Kazuya us avoiding her.

>> No.187197372

nino won

>> No.187197584

>Literally walks over dead bodies.
That madwoman

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>> No.187197821


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