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New chapter

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we already had a chapter release thread nigger

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Yes, and we can have another five, nigger.

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Fuck off nigger, this is the thread

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Go back there then.

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Chapter 14
>2: hey look at this photo
>4 ah, it' a photo of the five of us
>4 everyone looked so cuuute
>1 when was this again?
>3 the sixth grade
>1 This was taken in kyoto,
>1 so it was during school trip
>2 this bring back memory
>5 we' ve changed quite a lot, haven't we...

chapter 68
>4 ah! when was this picture taken?
>1? this was when grandpa was still well, so... about 2 years ago, maybe?
>5? Makes me think, 2 what if this ceremony could' ve taken place just a little earlier?" but look at this
>? fufu-
>5? Grandpa looks so happy
>4 Ah, it's almost time for the kiss to seal the vows
>1 haha... they look nervous
>5? this is something i overheard
>5? apparently, on that day five years ago, they'd already...

The anon who post this just over kill all hopefags

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i want to suck her toes

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>Dropout bandwagoning Itsuki now
Fucking disgusting.

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Softest quint.

>> No.190084044

>being this butthurt about a credit page

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a pillow vagina is not something you want. a real compliment is a hard vagina much like a hard dick.

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Drop dead moron.

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>Miku and Nino's manager is bride's side of the wedding
>indication of Uesugi family cafe reopened when Miku has mother's bread and culinary school flags while Nino has wanting to own her own restaurant
Its down to 23 endgame although dead mother's bread gives Miku an unfair advantage

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i knew it. Ichika can't be the one that heard about the kiss because she'd knew when that happened. she talked to Nino. Itsuki can't be because the kiss is a secret that Nino doesn't want Itsuki to know. So that just leaves Yotsuba or Miku as an option.

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I want to eat this pork.

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I want to fuck this pork

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The fuck is this Negi?

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>Implies "Ahaha" is only ever used by Ichika
>Implies "A" is only ever used by Yotsuba
>Circles Yotsuba saying "Ahaha" as an example


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Suffering, depresion, failure in human form.

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This arc pretty much confirms a Itsuki win. There's no way Negi would put this much focus on her and not make her the victor, right?

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Yotsuba's arc is just flashback, then it just suddenly ended. Think about that.

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Rare yots

>> No.190085641

what's she saying here? the font confuses me

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I will personally Flying to japan and shit on his desk, raping his cousin and kill him.

>> No.190085819

Yotsuba won't ever amount to anything.

>> No.190085822

It'll be an Itsuki end. This chapter proves no matter what the other girls do, that hack Negi will make sure Itsuki will always get closer to Fuutarou. It's getting stale.

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I get the feeling that Miku is becoming a discount Nino in every single way. Her original personality? 6 feet under ever since chapter 4.

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Quoted By: >>190086311

why does negi hate yotsuba?

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Miku and Yotsuba finale.

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In the butt!

>> No.190086311

Negi is giving Yotsuba the typical fate of the childhood friend.

>> No.190086315

Is there any doubt Nino is the only sister willing to try anal?

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Anything for Eren

>> No.190086376

I bet ichika and yotsuba too.

>> No.190086422

>Yotsuba and Itsuki continually get material that doesn't wrap up neatly
Gee it's almost like they're the actual most important quints.

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BD sells
5 Hanayome 5508
BokuBen 1241
Sales EndGame

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NIIINO CHAPTER INCOMING GUYS! Visiting their boss is going to give them the perfect excuse to have a cute date.

>> No.190086513

Miko will come too.

>> No.190086562

Every week Nino continues to be irrelevant and you fags keep saying that next chapter will be a Nink chapter. Well, looks like Negi heard your cries and after 32 weeks, next chapter is finally going to be a Nino chapter. And a Miku chapter. Kek

>> No.190086564

As a whole, how would you rate Negi's writing?

>> No.190086603
Quoted By: >>190086671

>This has nothing to do with you
This is Miku's destiny. From now on she will be the third wheel between Nino and Fuu's romance. Not that she will get any D though

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>> No.190086639

When every chapter is a Nino chapter, no cbalter is a Nino chapter. Karma is a bitch

>> No.190086652

11/10 unless my quint lose then its 2/10

>> No.190086661

Kaguya thread is the other way.

>> No.190086671

>From now
She already a third Wheel since ichika start aiming fuutarou too.

>> No.190086723

>32 weeks
What? Last true Nino chapter was chapter 71, which was 21 chapters ago. Quite long, but it's not like Miku or anyone else will get another chapter for themselves with true progress anytime soon.
>And a Miku chapter
She can only come as a stalker. Otherwise she would be a true busybody.

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>Nino and Fuutarou talking about their boss and job, making plans to go visit him in the hospital
>Miku desperately tries to interject and invite herself along

>> No.190086833

>Yotsuba wins (because lolikano)
>Yotsuba wins (without revealing she's lolikano)
>Nino wins
>Anything else

>> No.190086862

Why are you fags still doing this? you're just wasting time and effort.

>> No.190086969
Quoted By: >>190087482

I'm not gonna lie, but this kind of pissed me off. Like I have never seen someone try to third wheel so hard like this.

>> No.190086987

Imagine saying this, then the next chapter Miku is more/as relevant as Nino. How mad will you be? I mean, not a Mikufag but this chapter Miku was fucking great. What if, just what if Miku gets some edge next chapter because hee boss is there while theyre visiting Fuu qnd Ninos boss? Actually, scratch that. If I was a Ninofag I would be mad just by Miku being there when Nino finally gets a chapter of her own. Its not Miku that is pathetic here. Its Nino. I hope Miku has some sympathy and leaves the matter alone and doesnt tag along, kek

>> No.190087025

>buy Miku's headphones
>hair on the crown of my head starts thinning like crazy
>it only gets worse every day
don't fall for the Mikumeme, anons

>> No.190087069
Quoted By: >>190087127

And by Miku I mean Negi in that last statement. Really though, Miku trying to obstruct Fuutarou and Ninos alone time just goes to show that she is not gonna give up Fuutarou easily to Nino. This fits in nicely with their hotel rokm conversation as well.

>> No.190087094

Youre just balding, anon.

>> No.190087096
Quoted By: >>190087482

Why the fuck is Miku trying to copy Nino in fucking everything? It's fucking laughable at this point. She's literally trying to become her.

>> No.190087103

>Imagine saying this, then the next chapter Miku is more/as relevant as Nino
Holy shit, the Mikulusion on display.

>> No.190087127
Quoted By: >>190087212

No basically it means she’s a bitch. Everyone pitched in to help her god awful date and confession. Meanwhile she can’t get Nino an hour to do something that basically has nothing to do with Miku.

I’m a Yotsubro, not even trying to defend Nino just calling it as I see it.

>> No.190087132

If your hair is falling from wearing headphones you were already in the road to balding
Try buying a zmf pilot pad to reduce the pressure in your head

>> No.190087138

Don't blame Miku for your male pattern balding genetics, cueball.

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Quoted By: >>190087344

Next Nino chapter speculation: Fuutarou will ask her why she loves him.

>> No.190087212
Quoted By: >>190087278

>Nino pulls Miku out of depression
>Quints sacrifice their trip and potential time with Fuutarou to give Miku a make-a-wish confession date
>Miku flubs the confession
>Then turns around and insults Nino for actually being able to confess
>Now she's acting like she did confess and that she feels more confident
>Constantly trying to block Nino and third wheel
Miku is absolutely a bitch. Her behavior is inexcusable.

>> No.190087267
Quoted By: >>190087590

If Miku tries to meddle in anything next chapter, that would only display the how far her pathetic self has fallen. She has literally nothing to do with their manager, she has no place there.

>> No.190087268

>be you
>like cute stacy who is your tutor cause of your autismo
>your brother is also her student
>he also likes stacy
>they are going on a hospital visit for their work boss who you are aquainted with
>you know your brother is a horny fuckboy so he will no doubt make moves on stacy
>no reason to not tag along
What will you do? Stay at home and cry?
Miku would probably have done that prior to kyoto arc. But her newfound confidence is showing here.

>> No.190087278

that's honestly so hot how stupid and confidant she got over a couple weeks

>> No.190087287

>next chapter
>Nino gets Fuutaro all alone
>Fuutaro: "I'm sorry, Nino. The one I love is Ichika."

You know it's going to happen.

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Quoted By: >>190087380

How did you never notice Miku's hairline? You should have known better.

>> No.190087344

She will repeat what she says chapter 59 her first confession in the bike. Maybe he don't listen well during the bike confession

>> No.190087369
Quoted By: >>190087461

It just occurred to me: as of chapter 95, we'll have had short hair Nino for longer than we had long hair Nino.

>> No.190087380

Thats her current hairline too. Miku us a Yamato Nadeshiko character who always have big foreheads. Miku even has that not so acret slutty side too. Fucking hot

>> No.190087391
Quoted By: >>190087452

So Miku will never ever leave Fuutarou and Nino alone again just because of her deep insecurities? As expected of the girl who has to imitate her sister in every single way to accomplish anything.

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Quoted By: >>190087542

negi review chapter 92

>> No.190087452
Quoted By: >>190087485

Never ever is a long time. I think this will be the only time actually. Miku and Nino arent always together.

>> No.190087461

As of 93 you mean. 46 was long hair's last appearance.

>> No.190087482
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Quoted By: >>190087569

The funny part is that this could lead to Nino getting pressured to take more action. Remember, Miku gave this chance to her and she never got to capitalize on this at all.

>> No.190087485
Quoted By: >>190087571

>I think this will be the only time actually
Not even this one. As Nino said, Miku has no place there.

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>My Quint Wins
>Other Quints Win
>Your Quint Wins

>> No.190087542

Will you released all the data when it's reached chapter 100?
I want to see which chapter /a/ hate the most.

>> No.190087569
File: 168KiB, 313x297, 1558407874728.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

What if this is Miku's secret plan to make Nino finally take action? After all she did point to her specifically after her confession.

>> No.190087571

Well, If Miku doesnt even appear next chapter at the hospital then thats all well and good. Ws get a nice hospital visit Nino chapter. But if thats so then why was Mikus boss shown to be there? Chekovs gun, maybe? We wont know till next chapter.

>> No.190087590

Miku was always like that since the beginning, it's nothing new. She is the best selfish.
>act like Fuutarou is her boyfriend
>tells to her sisters muh equality
>tells to her sisters bad words
>push her sisters to confess
>manipulate Fuutarou
>do anything by herself and coward pose
>act jealousy like Fuutarou is her boyfriend
>cry like child, kek bad moon in her family
>always judge her sisters before her ass

>> No.190087602

>What will you do?
Find another chance to get alone time with him. Seriously didn't Kyoto arc make it clear enough that they shouldn't obstruct the others? Other sisters even helped her making progress

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