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30 minutes until episode 7. The actual LN content starts here,

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Is she Waver's love interest?

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That's his step sister.

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His love interest is Iskander.

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That doesn't answer the question, anon.

Waver's love interest is DUDE.

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Will she ever be saved in the FGO timeline?

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She's dead.

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At this point? Doubt it.
Unless she comes back as BLACKED Avenger or something but fuck that, I don't want it to be like that.

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She's a female, so, no

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5 minutes.

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Chaldeas will spit her out just in time to take back over in Part 3 after Da Vinci and Holmes get permanently gone

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Nah. It is very likely that she's deader than dead at this point.

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5 mins

get in here niggas

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Link a good stream?

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Moonlight Lostroom Material specifically says she is not dead nor alive. They are totally setting up she to be the alien priestess.

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Lurk moar.

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Chaldeas already got frozen by Anastasia though (Kirei/Rasputin told her to do so since Rayshift is the biggest counter attack to the God). Olga has been heavily implied to be the Priestess of the Foreign Star and she already appeared before that. Also her body got bomb'd before her soul/mind got rayshifted to Singularity F anyway.

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>want to get mahjong over with but some dumb motherfucker is afk and taking forever to discard
FUCK I just want to watch Waver's anime.

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Olga QT

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Cute Olga.

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lol Hishiri is harassing Waver

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So are mages in FSN like Telvanni in that if you kill them, or in this case, outlast them in a battle royale, you get all their shit and the clocktower doesn't give a shit?

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No, Waver's case was special. He didn't actually kill him and he made a temporal deal with the other surviving family member, who besides getting a partly damaged Family Crest, actually benefited a lot
from Kayneth's death as she gets to become the family head, as well as getting a loan to purchase Kayneth's class.
Probably if you outlast them it's going to be worse and they will try to kill you/ruin your career. If Kayneth had survived the war, he would have made sure that Waver was either killed or would have removed any chances of him ever stepping into the Clock Tower ever again.

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Don't take the deal Kairi

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Well I said outlast because I know Waver specifically didn't kill Kayneth(but probably did play a role in his downfall)

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Oh, Liongo again.

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Why wasn't Kairi and Mordred the MCs of Apocrypha?

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