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>Doesn't get punished for real
>Doesn't learn anything
>Gets a name change
Oh yeah, such karma

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>He doesn't know

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It's okay though. Shield faggot got everything he deserved by not escaping to demi humanville.
Why would you serve a county that hates you instead of going to the country that loves you? They did hide this fact from him, but he should have gone as soon as he found out. He could have tried harder to find out where he'd be appreciated. Fuck shield hero and his Stockholm syndrome

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She was stripped of her royal status, was publicly humiliated, and renamed by law to having her name be "Bitch" and "Slut". It was broadcasted countrywide.

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They don't believe it desu. Most people think it's propaganda

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He didn't know about the demihuman country until he had already established roots.

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Imagine caring about this shitty isekai.

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You cared enough to reply to the thread

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>Why would you serve a county that hates you
Most people in Melromarc don't hate him though, he makes a lot of friends among the commonfolk.

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They have historically been hostile to him. Nobles run the country and they've historically hated the shield hero so the poor are of no consequence and the entire country should pay for this.

His roots are just his slave and bird desu. I guess you could toss in blacksmith and merchant. He could take his slave and bird with him

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>"Slave Owner"

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Okay you just opened my eyes

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Sounds alright to me

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The most unrealistic thing in that anime is the fact that a loli virgin slave was the cheapest he had to offer

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She was also stripped from any and all succession rights and married off to a dude who literally fucks his wives to death

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The slave shop owner is an associate of the queen and he just assumed Raphtalia wasn't a virgin.

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