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Can we agree that the antagonists in part 6 and 7 were not villains? They did literally nothing wrong. They had far better motives than the protagonists

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soft villains.

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>almost raped a 14 year old
>planed on letting the world go to ruin as long as america was kept safe with love train
>killed the best jobro
>lied to johnny's face about not killing him and bringing gyro back when he brought the gun back
not even all i thought of off the top of my head, this meme of him being good needs to end

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Pucci wanted to and almost did manipulate the universe
Valentine was going to throw the world aside from America into chaos
They are up there with Dio and Kars in terms of evil

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No he just wanted to overcome the sun that was all.

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>Pucci wanted to and almost did manipulate the universe

For the greater good

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Kars murdered pillar-lolis.

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For his own dick

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Self defense

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