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Confirmed, these two are the series endgame, say something nice about them.

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Post Nino the daddy fucker.

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Would this series have been even 10% as popular if the girls weren't titty monsters?

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Ichicute a best. A BEST.

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My daughterwife Nino is so cute

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>not ending this year
This kills the metafags

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>5 semen demons with flat chests and juicy fat asses
I'd jerk to them on every single fanservice panels desu!!

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wow new record, 8 minute only 4 reply.

finally the party is over.

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How so? If anything this gives them even more power since they will have time to develop their quint. Fear the 5.

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Yeah no

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>Was the setting of making the heroines quintuplets decided since making the "name" ?
>Yes, for haruba sensei the thought of making the protagonist meet his first love in the past but if the girl was a quintuplet the protagonist won't recognize which girl he met was interesting and was probably his initial idea so romance with them was his best way of expressing this idea. The series was born in this way.

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45 are both metagirls you faggot.

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