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>It'd take a lot of time for Asuka to genuinely open up to anyone
Not really. Misato already knew everything about her past and she wasn't too bothered by it and she opened up to Hikari about how she was feeling rather easily. It really depends on the person, especially if it's someone like Kaworu who presents himself as a reliable person who won't judge them.

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Ehh, I wouldn't say that. Neither of those relationships went deeper than surface level, especially with Misato they haven't even had a particularly supportive dynamic. With Hikari she could at least cultivate something like a casual friendship, but she never truly opened up to anyone.

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How is Asuka crying in bed about how much she hates herself to Hikari not opening up? She was being completely honest there. Even if the relationship wasn't deep, it's proof that Asuka is completely capable of letting down her walls for someone she'd trust. If she did it with Hikari she'd absolutely do it with Kaworu.

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Male Asuka would've just killed him, then gone home to fuck Misato

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100% certified hot-blooded mecha protagonist.

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Would Male Misato let Male Asuka fuck him, though?

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Same old Misato and an underage boy who desperately wants to fuck to be seen as an adult living under the same roof? Do you really have to ask?

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Welp sorry, misread that. Would that Misato be male though? Since Kaworu is still male it's not an "everyone is genderswapped" situation.

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This is the best Kawoshin comic ever

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>K: You're making such an indecent expression
>K: Tell me clearly what you want
>S: U-Um, I want it really badly...
>S: Kaworu-kun's big...

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S: Catnip!

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that was cute, thank you anon

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Artist is @KIWPYMIN in case anyone is wondering.

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From January. I think we somehow missed it by accident.

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I fucking hate this jap obsession with drawing one member of gay couples as a baby, it disgusts me

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Disgust is a strong emotion. Why?

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Dunno, what's the point of involving babies in a romantic relationship? Like, you can depict guys in cute and tender scenes of affection without having to resort to stuff like that, specially when they are obvious minors. Same goes for the uke/seme, top/bottom roles. That strange obsession with making one the gays effeminate is the worst kind of fujo brainrot.

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New bread: >>3537402

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I think you are overthinking it. It's not my thing either, but I'm pretty sure they do it because they think it's cute, not because they have an agenda or whatever.

>That strange obsession with making one the gays effeminate is the worst kind of fujo brainrot.
Word. All I want is one, just one Kawoshin artist who doesn't surgically remove anime Shinji's brattiness.

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Babies are disgusting and only women want them, is that not enough of a reason?

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Why IS that so common? I think it's an extension of the Japanese tendency to carpet bomb everything in moe

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