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Post agrarian blonde boys

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blonde cuties in overalls are my kryptonite

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You probably should take anons advice if you post wamen here

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I love Raidou

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Would you have sex with me?

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Sweet. I'd be your tiny slave worshiper.

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I could be persuaded

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Sorry if that's weird or anything but you'd make a great giant.

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can I step on you?

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Yes master. I'd accept whatever treatment and punishment you inflict upon me.

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Forgot one

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Detected to the true perfect being

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5-6 images required to start a thread OP
Read the sticky

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Previous thread: >>3504493

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Thread is almost at its image limit. Can we have a new thread after this one hits?

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Time for a new thread

New thread: >>3532575

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cutey showing his sensitive side

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Previous thread: >>3512549

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Trolling outside of /b/
Low quality posting

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you could claim that about any post
those are just throwaway rules to allow mods to delete any post they don't like

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If it makes your ass hurt less they do the same in most threads too, imagedump board and all that.
By the way, sage your shit, don't be a bumpfag.

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don't worry
all shota threads will be deleted soon

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Thank God.

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Previous thread >>3512948

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New thread >>3514968

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Previous Thread >>3512923

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Yeah, around then. I'll be checking twitter pretty frequently to see what nips say. Even if there isn't anything today I'm sure we'll get something soon.

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New thread: >>3517842

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Same. If nothing else maybe we'll learn what Kaworu smells like.

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He better smell like roses or my Shoujo loving ass will be very disappointed.

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Roses are for Anworu. Qworu would smell like iron and brimsto-- forget-me-nots. Yes. So like nothing at all, but you know, it's the thought that counts.

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Previous Thread >>3512923

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I’m desperate for someone to really understand. I just like how it feel
Going hard into my ass. I don’t mind if your friend wants to watch or put his dick in my mouth... he can piss on my face, or cum... that really gets me off... I’ll do anything you ask me to, I’ll beg for it in my ass. Please, I’m in Houston and I’m so lonely. I also like dogs to lick my clit. It feels so good. Peanut butter me and let the dog fuck me too. Omg I’m are you coming right now just thinking about it. Creamy... somebody come fuck me. My phone number is 2818895204... I’m ready... are you?

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last thread was >>3473634 post canon gay characters here

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No one is taking anything from you because no one has need of you.

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what is this

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>ITT: Society must be restructured so that things women enjoy are taken away from them and given to gay males.
Retarded post, the only reason you don't see explicit thing is because of censorship. Women enjoy shoujo, stop over analyzing shit retardo.

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Probably just that the mangaka is a fan of 80s manga.

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21 thick female. Yes im real and yes I can verify. Hmu if your interested. Snap cheyskye_99 kik cheys99

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A birthday thread for the best boy.

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impressive thread. whenever I want to find art of a boy with distinct artstyle it's almost impossible to find anything quality work. (like Neku from TWEWY)

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I create this thread to satisfy my curiosity!
Which of the two situations would you like to happen more and what would you do? Post the image of one or more shota and tell!

1) Tomorrow you wake up and find yourself in the body of a shota!
2) Tomorrow a little boy shows up at your house saying he wants to be your shota!

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This is really a tough choice, because both meeting Sora and being Sora would be awesome! The first choice means I would finally have a best friend, whereas the second one means I would try to lead a perfect life in his body and enjoy every moment.

I think I'd go with the second and hopefully I get transported into his world too.

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Can you pedo larpers not spill outside the shota thread? Thanks.

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I want to be a shota

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previous thread

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Beautiful art, thank you anons and any artists stopping by.

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Why not post the things that give your heart that aching feeling? The feelings of warmth, happiness, and longing. The feelings of love.
> New edition

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and there's one on nyaa.si too if raws is what you prefer. Also >>3539500 I didn't realize you were talking about Qualia no Shita on your pic related. The movie is a different work by Kii Kanna, my bad;;

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Quoted By: >>3540386 >>3540453

umibe no etranger was pretty nice
but it was ruined by the sex scene, did they really have to put a sex scene in a wholesome christian anime?

>> No.3540386
Quoted By: >>3540453

Yeah I skipped that part two. I understand it was in the manga, but I did not want to listen to that.

>> No.3540453

imo it wasn't sexual or porny but rather an emotional scene for shun? hence the sad theme and the crying part

>> No.3540515

I've read the stranger manga aswell, so it's a happy mistake I guess

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Does anyone here still remember the old fire emblem games? I really like the side characters they remind me of old Hgames

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It's time.
Hot guys from everything allowed on /cm/ are welcome.
No backseat mod posting.

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/a/ is fucking shit. No matter if the thread seems to go well, shitposters and polfags as well as the self-loathing fujos make it impossible to have nice discussions.

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Quoted By: >>3514754

It'd be so cool if youngsters learned to use rot13 instead of relying on the spoiler function.

>> No.3514754

It'd also be cool if you stopped bumping the thread back from page 3, it was on already all the way down on page 5 before the other anon bumped it back up.

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Quoted By: >>3514906

I didn't post anything because I came over here and found nothing but off-topic whining.

>> No.3514906

Same as /a/ lmao

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Just got a new laptop thats an e reader it made me want to catch up on old manga that I used to read back in high school, anyone get that feel?
No inscst i didnt like that part of the manga.

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Post pictures of L from death note please

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Quoted By: >>3513045

Hey guys my name is Tommy I just came out of the closet and I’m having a really hard time dealing with it and none of my friends understand getting to the point where I really want to experiment but I really don’t know what to do. I’m on here looking for help and suggestions. Thank you (631) 944-1381

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Go to /adv/

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Quoted By: >>3514258

Previous thread >>3512276

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New thread >>3514258

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