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>ywn scratch a good kitty boy and feel him purr happily against your hand

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Who was your first memorable crush?

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You guys want some lightly fried fish filets?

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sry, wrong channel. took the wrong turn lol xd omg rofl

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do you like cat boys then?

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so you're new but you don't like cute boys? Why're you on here?

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round 3!!
Previous >>3484589

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while i disagree about him being the best, he is a cute

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Want to see some Cute Males with dreads and/or afro textured hair.

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They look like lesbians

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holy shit who the fuck are you a female? go back to twitter you probably have BLM in your name holy shit

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So excited for Marvel to make them straight in the movies

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I want to read the Young Avengers just because of them but I don't know with book to buy.

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same desu

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Russell Dauterman's cover for the Wiccan and Hulkling tie-in coming out next week.

Just do a search for "Young Avengers reading order."

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So excited for Marvel to make them straight in the movies

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Last thread >>3492602 reached image limit

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Damn, i want Jaden to breed me

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Dunno, what's the point of involving babies in a romantic relationship? Like, you can depict guys in cute and tender scenes of affection without having to resort to stuff like that, specially when they are obvious minors. Same goes for the uke/seme, top/bottom roles. That strange obsession with making one the gays effeminate is the worst kind of fujo brainrot.

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New bread: >>3537402

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I think you are overthinking it. It's not my thing either, but I'm pretty sure they do it because they think it's cute, not because they have an agenda or whatever.

>That strange obsession with making one the gays effeminate is the worst kind of fujo brainrot.
Word. All I want is one, just one Kawoshin artist who doesn't surgically remove anime Shinji's brattiness.

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Babies are disgusting and only women want them, is that not enough of a reason?

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Why IS that so common? I think it's an extension of the Japanese tendency to carpet bomb everything in moe

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keep em coming
prev thread >>3528178

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has vanon made anything else other than this and the "it's scary how much i've become like eren" one?

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keep em coming
previous thread >>3528178

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I love these handsome men especially Romano!

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Not necessarily sad boys, but boys with an aesthetic similar to pic.

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i have a type of men that mostly are in their 30's and are important people. i wouldn't call them "dad like". will post examples

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Thirty year old twink idk

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Umm, refined mature?

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Everyone finds authority figures hot though

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haha no

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kkkkk imperador dos macacos

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uuuuu teu amo macachinho

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I mean look at that ass

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do you niggers even read the rules?

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More like female child-bearing hips.

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guys is it gay to like this shit i don't wanna be gay but i want a twink and guys with long hair are cute

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Ain't there more hurtful words than that

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cope harder gaycel

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Where do you think you are?
I admire your concern but cmon its the fucking internet, save your breath.

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Wipe away those tears, pig, be grateful I'm not able to see them.

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imagining liking the demonic species that is woken, men are better

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Just why is he so perfect?
Post art, love him, appreciate him, as always.

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Neu >>3538743

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prev >>3521054

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way, way more

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Nothing cuter than a father and son playing together

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Previous: >>3532012

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Exactly, this is an image sharing thread. You share different images, including ones you don't like, as long as they fit with the rules

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