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Seething Edition.


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Dante's would be the same as Vergil's because twins. Nero's is the more interesting one to think about since you'd imagine the split would be uneven due to him only being 1/4 demon. I can only imagine the demon side would be a shota.

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>Vergil casts away V
>V murders Nero Angelo in his visions but it remains to be seen if this is even possible

Maybe Nero Angelo is still inside Vergil too in some form. Or Vergil is his own nightmare.

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Isn't angelo just mindbroken Vergil and not his own entity?

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Since Vergil has been shown visions by demons since the dmc3 manga I am now reconsidering that idea.

Because the familiars were cast aside but caused no vision until the contract was made.

Vergil might not have seen Angelo as weakness. He endured as that being for a long time, and he is still haunted by him as V. This keeps reoccurring.

So rather than a delusion he may still be influnced by something demonic to see what he does. It's just a personal theory because this does not seem to add up as it is now.

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Besides, seperating human and demon is one thing. Seperating a painful memory from a demon and a human is another.

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Previous thread: >>3527254

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that better be another shota

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What kinda candy is that next to the shota?

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someone ripped the handles off the suckers :(

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it is so you don't choke on the stick

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Previous thread: >>3526765

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New thread

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For Belle Delphine !

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https://discord.gg/JAVcEXXJ JOIN THIS NERDS

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what's this

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Story's depressing and bugs, but I need more Takemura.

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Takemura helped me realize im bi. His voice is hot. The lack of romance options for him is depressing.

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/cm/ send your cutest/hottest matt imgs

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I fucking envy Bart Simpson... if only i had to opportunity to ram my chode into Weird Matt's cute, twink-bod i would.

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Wtf is that

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Matt Groening had this self insert character. He kept trying to shoehorn into the show. Believe it or not, that is how Matt Groening sees himself. He wanted him to be good friends with Bart and replace Millhouse. The writers and the studio were concerned about how this would alter the show. And the design was too creepy. Because he looks naked. Matt Groening would always say, that he just has long yellow hair and he isn't actually naked. He wanted him to live in Bart's treehouse and work at the nuclear power plant. Or maybe just hang out at Moes. He wanted this character to be versatile and he could help any characters with their problems.

He pitched this one idea where he would help Lisa win a Jazz contest. Apparently, Matt Groening really regrets not playing the drums in high school and wanted his self insert to be really good at drums. So his character would play the drums in Lisa's Jazz band and they would win.

The writers would call this character Weird Matt. When Groening learned about this he made them change its name to Yellow Matt. The thing is I don't think he ever gave it a name. So they only ever had a place holder.

The thing is if Matt really wanted to he could have pushed this idea through, but after no one wanted it or liked it he gave up and scrapped the whole idea. There is still some art and notes referring to the character floating around.

Matt Groening is very embarrassed about this character. If you ever see him do not bring up "Weird Matt" or "Yellow Matt".

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From which discord server do you keep coming from, you disgusting ass schizo.

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Weird matt is the newest cute male

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A couple years ago I went to a con that Matt Groening was doing a panel at with a couple showrunners and I waited in line to ask a question.
When it was my turn to ask, I asked "Hey, what was the deal with Weird Matt?"

At first he chuckled and said "I don't know what you mean," and I asked again, "Weird Matt, the self-insert drummer character you tried to put on Simpsons."

He got quiet- the smile faded from his face- and glared at me. "This panel is over," he said, and he stomped off-stage, clearly pissed as hell. The rest of the people on the panel kept answering questions but he didn't come back out even at the end when they were doing signings.

It was really weird. I saw someone post about it the next day on the simpsons subreddit but it got deleted. Not sure why?

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Sneed is the actual Simpsons cute male

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How do I become a cute male?

I feel the flesh wall that is my face... is a prison for my soul

I’d love to free myself

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You kill yourself and hope you get lucky in your next life, that's how most trannies do. Follow their example.

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????? ??e ?y? /b ??e ?y? pycc??e a?? ?a?y?

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Squids, Octos and npcs

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How many of you guys know there's a /cm/ splatoon discord? Made back in 2017 or so but only one invite link was ever posted back then, so it's pretty small, plus lots of inactive users. Was wondering if anyone wanted to join now that Splat 3 was announced.

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Fuck off discordfag, go bait and groom underages back to /v/

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post em!

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Previous: >>3526307

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Cassino doujins

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But Shinji loves it in those doujins, he's just being tsun

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Add me on Instagram

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What's the name of this model, where's he from?

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rather suspicious of you

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stfu jack dont you have homework to do?

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Go back to discord you underaged faggots.

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All of you faggots should eat shit and die a painful death.

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that's just plain rude

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That's not very nice

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What kind of ice cream is your friend?

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Because old thread was deleted ... for some reason

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He too clumsy to be intimidating

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Sana is cute edition.

Other thread reached image limit.

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Quoted By: >>3540594

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>jannies delete classical paintings thread but not the suicide boy thread
jannies are officialy fucking fags

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>the quality
Holy shit this threads either have no one posting or this absolute trash, just do RIS to get them in better quality you lazy fuck.

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on the other note this picture is bery hot, and the reason I have feets fetish.

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Last thread >>3516159

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