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I can pass as mildly fit even though I barely have to work out or watch my diet. If I do have months where I do daily workouts it's even better, muscles build up very quickly. The only shortcoming is that I feel like losing muscles also appears to happen faster if I stop. Does anyone else have this? Not sure if it's metabolism or anything else. But it definitely feels like a blessing.

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Oglasi za samoposlu┼żivanje ponovo su dostupni! Pogledajte našu novu stranicu za oglašavanje ovdje .

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The avid vrchat player when he has children in 20 years

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Something about soft colors or anything similar to that is just so pleasant and cute.

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Previous thread

bonus if they've got a masculine streak to their otherwise feminine appearance

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They both have 8 packs.

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twink =/= femboy

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Does Johnny have an 8 pack?

Johnny looks more like a twink. Him, Narancia and Giorno have a similar body type.

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>Does Johnny have an 8 pack?

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I don't know if this counts, but...

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Devoured by education

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Anyone else fall in love with cute 2d boys? Pic related

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cute zngo shota

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i want some top daisuke :3

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Thanks horns boy, I'm a furry now

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No furshit allowed here, go to /trash/, newfag.

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>Be Me
>workouts at the gym during summer
>likes to relax in the sauna
>sauna is for 18+
>sneak into the sauna
>Vice principal from school is there
>we make 10 seconds of eye contact
>Practically saw almost nude vice principal
>ran out of sauna
>ran and went to the pool to lay low
>still uncomfortable when we see each other at school

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Imagine missing where /r9k/ is but also mentioning you're underage in the same post.
See you in a year, Anon.

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My bad I'm new to 4chan I've only been browsing for about 2 months and thanks I'll just post there next time!

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Post cute south park boys

previous thread: >>3519388

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Kiss thread.
Post best kisses.

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no. 6 content >

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For me it was da man himself

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fucking god damn kai from beyblade

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unsure if this was coincidence or just luck

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he's dante's fursona
nothing wrong with that

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Can you blame me?

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Shotas tongue my anus edition
Previous >>3524456

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yeah but skinny doesn't mean it looks like that sickening mess

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New thread! >>3530187

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fucks wrong with you

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Fuck bonefag

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Post HxH boys!

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It has been a week since the game released, I’m surprised that there isn’t a thread yet.

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The machine is rumbling...

Previous thread >>3523191

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oop hit the max limit

>> No.3537253

Sorry for the wait lads! New thread >>3537247

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The only iteration of the Femboy Hooters shit I liked

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A second thread since the last one reached the limit!


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Quoted By: >>3531196

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Man from U.N.C.L.E. sincerely doesn't get enough fanart or bondage. These two had the fucking best dynamic. <3

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Image Limit Reached.
New Thread:

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just a baby edition
Previous thread: >>3521278

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And he delivers again

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>> No.3530154

New thread:

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SK? ???????
These boys are cute! Let's post some pics!

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>> No.3539432


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Hey folks, how are y’all doing this afternoon? I’m enjoying the watch I just bought, pic related.

>> No.3526703

looks good, I hope it wasn't too expensive :)

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your hand is going to fall off

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Looking for cute monkey boy content, please if any of you have some post here

>> No.3526692

Fuck off, beggar

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