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These threads are nice and should always exist. Previous one reached limit >>3478605 you know the drill.

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WHOA - who's art is this? Is there more?

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I love guys in suits a little too much
Nice vest is a requirement

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god I fucking love boys in sexy suits

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>when you wanna click /ck/ but click /cm/ on accident

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Starting fresh

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We already got this thread you entitled fag >>3513753

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The Movie is Never Fucking Coming Out Edition
Previous: >>3524923

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Fuck faggots and fuck your shitty headcanon ship

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Well, that was one hell of a thread.

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Because none of what you posted is shit-talking. Kaworu compliments Asuka and everyone else when they do well in the game, he is canonically friendly to people. The days of the evil one-off homo joke Kaworu that Bandai came up with are long over, get the fuck over yourself. And if you're that same tranny that mistranslates every single thing they work on then that's even more of a reason not to trust anything you say, I'm not surprised you're a Shinjifag.

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New: >>3528879

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Are RWBY threads not a thing on here? The shows has some very cute guys.

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>emotion-sensing husbando

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This show literally has a character named Sun?

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Cute farmboy.

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does anyone have nudes from her?

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get off of cm

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Greaser thread, let's goooooo

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I hope Mondo Owada counts

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Im reading Chainsaw Man is awsome is my favorite manga in this year

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Good for you buddy.
Read the rules of the board next time, we already got a thread up for this one.
And leave the name field empty, you don't need that shit here.

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reddit is down that hall and to the left

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Just beat the game. Give me cute Shinobi and Samurai art.

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I feel bad when I send this big innocent dude to the dungeon doctor. His other ending is wholesome otherwise, with the invisible children.

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Do we even know what causes centipedes to form, specifically? The fish nobles don't have them, and they're drinking water from the source.

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yeah It's too bad sending him to the dungeon is the easiest way to complete that sidequest because fuck the other samurai dude

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If O'Rin were a cute boy you'd sympathize

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New season is coming, get hype.
Post shinigami.

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Previous: >>3524456

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Then why would you partake in a thread where the main conversation had a guy admitting to suck dick at age fucking 8 and some other dure speaking how little boys caress one another?
You think you're subtle?

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because some young boys suck dicks and it's a thread about young boys. i don't get why some people have a hard time dealing with reality

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>a guy admitting to suck dick at age fucking 8
If you're talking about THAT specific anon, all you have to do is report the post and move on. I couldn't find any other post that may have violated any other rule. Not the one that mentioned being a teacher in Japan. Not the anon that was talking about cultural differences in different countries. Unless those posts trigger the fearmonger within you, I can't help you view the situation any differently.

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This is now a Janny Hate thread.

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Why are Bara artists so fucking superior to normal yaoi artists? I don't like Bara but the quality of Bara arts are light years above normal yaoi. Why?

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Don't take the bait.
This fuck just made the exact same post on /y/ seconds ago.

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reported and saged

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Wait. I'm not baiting. Colorization, quality... average bara art is clearly superior. This is why I'm complaining, not baiting because I love normal yaoi.

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Because to draw muscles you need to actually learn anatomy. It is not that fucking hard. Just observe how the anatomy in this classic bishonen yaoi (and not "normal yaoi") is absolutely terrible.

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Boys with yami kawaii aesthetic (basically moe goth boys invoking an aesthetic of "illness") -- yami fashion usually involves piercings, facemasks, dark circles under the eyes, chokers, cuts and bandages, needles, pills, and blood

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Previous: >>3481400

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Quoted By: >>3539324

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Get in here

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>big and meaty
>dick is smaller than the saniwa's hand
Don't make me laugh

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>sword dicks bigger than the saniwa's hand
My body is not ready for this.

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>sword tiddy milk doujin
what an unexpected development

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Quoted By: >>3536509

I want to be filled up by Hasebe's big sword cock.

>> No.3536509

when you're kinda bad at drawing but still want to express your desire for sword dick

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Sci-Fi Shota Thread.
Also, can anyone ID the artist that made these? I want to see if there's more.

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God, there's already a shotafag tread go there.
Also use saucenao, it takes less than a minute.

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Previous: >>3511180

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I was super confused at first and I even reported the thread.
But then I looked harder.
Memes are not what they used to be, sorry OP

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Quoted By: >>3526307

Previous: >>3523068

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>using Shinji as a self-insert for myself
Thats what we all do.

>> No.3526303

Speak for yourself, yume.

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New >>3526307

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I want Venti's and Childe's reprints to happen, they're the only ones I haven't actually gotten now that Xiao's banner has passed.
And also the only other husbandos worth pulling for won't be released until the Inazuma update actually drops, and that's still months away.

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