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First episode of the Kemono Jihen came out today. Hopefully the anime leads to an explosion in fanart!

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The combination of the V-sign with that overly serious face is just the cutest thing

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7064648492 Text me plz

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Do you think I’m cute?

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I am a cute man. I am a dom.

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A thread for the intersection of sports and cute boys.
Anything related is welcome.

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>Not "El Bastardo de la Cadena"
Shit taste.

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Game 1 - /p/, Saturday 30th
Game 2 - /m/, Friday 5th
Game 3 - /asp/, Sunday 7th

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Mecha boys ARE the cutest...

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/p/ is cute photos of cute boys. Or pedos.

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previous >>3522282

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Oh, right. Non-anime/cartoon/vidya 3DCG porn and talking about the real thing are forbidden topics there.

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Wow, what an oppressive and orwellian thought policing shithole that is...

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>Loli/shota porn is banned on /trash/ for some reason
This is the dumbest fucking thing because it's a containment board for everything else.
/b/ is infested with normalfags that get triggered over shota and loli, if it was on /trash/ the wall of gay diaper furries would scare them off.

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you know how furries should kick the actual animal fuckers from people that only want to fuck cartoons?
shotabros should do something similar by creating standards or get rid of the living liabilities that get others in trouble
there's a difference between wanting to fuck allister and wanting to fuck a character from a live action movie, played by a real actor
they put other shota fans in trouble for crossing the line

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ok pedo

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Can we have a thread for Connor?

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Man, this thread brings back some good memories.
...We're never getting a sequel to this game though, are we? David Cage caught lightning in a bottle but was too stupid to do anything else with it.

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I got a huge dick and this is the best way to show it. Check me out


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Get the fuck out of here. Nobody gives a shit about your STD infected dick.

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UwU his touch is so gentle >w< i love looking into his beautiful eyes and friendly smile while he whispers sweet nothings to me.

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Cute !

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last thread >>3427125

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Boys with food, cooking, eating, in the kitchen, etc...

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idk why the quality got potato'd but here's the sauce https://twitter.com/nori31291404/status/1366717983423221768

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Can anybody find me a fullbody pic of him in this outfit showing his legs and below? One of my friends won't shut up about wanting to see his feet and this is literally the only outfit where his feet may be visible.

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Post more boys like Jakurai

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Join /int/craft for a good and wholesome time with a bunch of cute boys and some big lads

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this is xeth host iteration right
may join idk

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Post cute or sexual submissive Bara pics.

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Please respond.

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You're ugly. Also wrong board. >>>/soc/

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A 5 months old "Tales Of" thread died for this shit. I hope you remain alone forever.

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Again sorry please message me.

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Been a while since we had one of these

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Hey! it’s tun tun your local catboy, back again! add me on discord if you wanna get to know me more, Tundra#3293 meow!

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Now that the almanac and all episodes are out, Season 1 is officially over. What's your favorite episode? Have any hopes for Season 2? Previous thread >>3518232

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God I wish he were real

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Same anon, same.

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new thread time

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Sorry for the wait, new thread >>3526906

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let's have a thread for the best ronpa boy, Nagito Komaeda!

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Izuru X Nagito is a better ship than Hajime X Nagito due to the fact that Hajime is a worthless hack

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Previous: >>3520375

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I've heard people say that in episode 24 when Shinji asks back it's because he is not sure if Kaworu said koui or koi. But I dunno, I just can't hear it as koi. Isn't this more likely to be the cause of the confusion?

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Some people think Shinji misheard Kaworu's koui as koi because of the storyboards, but what you linked makes more sense tbqh.
After all, when Shinji asked back in katakana, he used ??? / koui, not ?? / koi.

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I'm still of the impression Shinji is confused whether he means ? or ??. ?? is kind of an obscure term and I find it unlikely it would be the first thing a 14 year old boy (who doesn't exactly have the best grades in school) would think of. But it's definitely a possibility.

>> No.3524924

New: >>3524923

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I've been looking for a new wallpaper for the winter, perhaps an anon has some pictures they could share?

>> No.3523206

try asking for some on >>>/wsr/
cm isn't a request thread

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Happy New Year!

Previous thread: >>3506363

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My husband Minato is so cute

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Girls go out and get used for sex and rack up a high number and then become married mothers later. No one thinks they're the same character once they learn her past, V is Vergil's dirty side.

>> No.3530290


Heal your wounds, Anon. Get strong.

After that, we'll settle the matter.

>> No.3530291

Wow you really are retarded

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Quoted By: >>3530498

The devs could do something like DMC1, 2 and the anime (and 4 kinda) where there's a new main character who's personally involved in the story and Dante is hired by them and/or just as important as them even if the story isnt personal to Dante. And the setting could be expanded on too.

I would even be surprised if some of the lines in the manga are meant to be dad jokes but they're coming out of some pretty goth guy with daddy issues so they're easy to misunderstand.

>> No.3530498

>so they're easy to misunderstand.
only retards would misunderstand this

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