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>Pekka was just a young pagan finnish farmer like any other. Slim, pale and feminine body. His eyes looked an angel’s. His buttocks, round and soft. While he was praying to Ukko after a day of work, something unusual happened. His small village was invaded by crusaders. Pekka looked in horror as he saw armored swedish warriors of the catholic church invade his village. Pekka feared for his life and begged Ukko for mercy. As the one of the swedish crusaders looked down on the helpless sissy Finn. Instead of murdering him for not turning to christ. He Wanted her (him) for good use. The swede took off his helmet and stepped down from his horse. Pekka saw the swede’s face in awe. He had never seen such a handsome man in his life. His name was Sven Storkuk. The swede had golden hair, Blue eyes And a jawline that looked like it could lift a tree. Pekka suddenly got a wierd feeling of wanting to submit to the swede. The swede got close to pekka and leaned his towering body over the finn. Pekka moaned, he couldn’t control his orgasm simply from just watching the Manly tall swede staring down at his pathetic twink body. Pekka shamefully wanted the swede to destroy him. Pekka got on to his knees and watched Sven take off his tasset and trousers, smirking at the finn. Out came a massive 12 inch shaft thicker than pekkas arms together. Pekka wanted his cock more than ever. Pekka took svens cock down his throat and sucked him for over 15 minutes. Pekka was struggling to breathe but he didn’t care. Sven grabbed Pekkas hair and removed his mouth from his cock. Pekka gasping for air. Pekka was on his hands and knees, Sven removed pekkas tight pants that Made his balls shape visible. Sven rammed his massive shaft inside Pekkas boypussy. Pekka begged Sven with his high pitch voice to cum. Sven finished himself inside. Pekka came later with his small finnish shaft untouched. Pekka was now a toy only to serve his swedish master. Pekka was now at his rightful spot

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