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Be sure to also put your art in:

Post-free dice rolling tool:

previous thread: >>4364412

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first time rolling wish me luck knight frens

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gimme a cute girl with a fat pussy please

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cool thanks

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Does anyone happen to know a quote, I believe about calarts, about someone from the industry looking to hire animators, and realizing the students were too lacking in skill to be hired, and they couldnt find any workers apparently anywhere to animate for them

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What do they do when theyre memeing it? Is it not really true? Also thank you

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No, just how brutal it is makes it great for shitting on CalArts and bad art schools. It's absurd but true, Mr. Williams actually had a very important point.

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Found it

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That's pretty cool

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By cool you mean depressing?

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>he fell for the freelance meme

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I think I just wanna die so much that offsetting that desire would need something unrealistic.

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get face tattoos and become a rapper, it’s literally the only way to make it

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there's a meme?

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>expecting to make it with such pussy ass low effort
>not opening CSGO crates on stream and every time you get loot you say OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH and take off a part of your fursuit
>not being an actual genetically altered technicolor human wolf hybrid underneath the fursuit
>not wearing a diaper to auction at the end of the stream so you can afford brand name lentils

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Based af. Rooting for you buddy you can do it.

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>try to draw any shape with overhand grip
>feels silky smooth and comes out looking exactly how I wanted it
>try to draw any shape using normal writing grip
>wobbly shit and no practice seems to improve it to the same level


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>draw your shit traditionally
>scan it
>draw over it with your tablet

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True, but no barrel rotation :( fugg

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>barrel rotation

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Only works with wacom artpen that I know of. It allows you to change the angle of the brush by rotating the stylus. Extremely useful when you're using flat brushes for instance

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Try using more arm and less wrist?

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Why do I draw like an autistic kid without bases?
The right isn’t all too great but it’s at least something I wouldn’t mind showing to other people in public.

Will using bases help me improve or am I cheating myself by not drawing like a blind person?

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The left one is better both aesthetically and technically. One crucial reason for that is the fact it's not symbol drawing, unlike the one on the right. Reading this thread you're either baiting or are genuinely fucking retarded, in which case I hope you understand one day.

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I have to ask, why did you even come here op when you don't seem interested in accepting any the advice of people who objectively know more than you?

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Let this abysmal thread die. Bases are for nmgi DeviantArt cunts.

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you're tracing lmao that's not a "base"

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Texture brushes bad
Hard round good

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As if the 2007 painterly photoshop fags are the hard brush guys

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I agree

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Kids these days. Ayup.

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>tfw when you didn't make a single sketch worth painting in months.

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Can sombody redline this? I can't tell if I'm retarded or if I'm looking at a goddamn Esher.

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Those legs are REALLY bothering me.

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I just wanted to switch the legs to see how it would look like. I'm a big fan of the artist

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This confused me for a sec when I saw it on Twitter. It looks weird because her thighs appear to be occupying the same three-dimensional space, yet her calves/feet don't. The shoes are also ambiguous enough to read as if her legs are on backward. What seems to be intended is: legs are criss-crossed, and at a slight angle to the torso instead of parallel with it, so they're somewhat foreshortened.
It's a bad read no matter how you look at it. Doesn't mean it's a bad drawing, I personally like it, but I'm not buying the "doesn't matter as long as it looks good" narrative in this case. Looking good means not being unnecessarily confusing.

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Example. Probably better examples but this is the best I could find.

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Yea i think that was the artist intention to do that, but he failed to do it correctly.

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Honest thoughts on Kiki's House

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I still remember you trying to shill this garbo on /co/.

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Look like female Goku.

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Wip what u think. Maybe this is a new thing for me now

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I masturbated.

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pretty good

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OP I think it's sort of against the rules to post nude anthropomorphic animals here

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why are you shaming your friend's art, op?

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Artist tip of the day.
The more you learn about anatomy the less stiff your characters get. I always consider where a character has most of their weight balanced and if I can make interesting opposite angles. (face turned to the , eyes turned to the .) Pose asymmetry =

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I always thought about making a thread dedicated to tips to pass on but I figured it wouldnt end up so good on /ic/

learn real life anatomy before trying to learn how to draw stylized things, you won't regret it, everything will sttart to make sense when you learn real life and study good stylized art

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Really learn perspective, not just tech from Robertson. Then deconstruct objects with your mind in basic 3d shapes and sketch them. Do one object a day and you'll get giant visual library and will be able to draw from imagination ez. Guaranteed results in 1 month.

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fpbp /thread

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im forcing myself to use reference and perform studies. It's pretty hard on account of I've drawn from imagination my whole life. does anyone have tips for studies? would it be best to just start with shapes and stuff? Part of me thinks I already know the answer to this.


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Worrying about being shitty will keep you shitty just focus on being better than you were a week ago.

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Is there anything art related that I can study in college that has good job opportunities? Perhaps something in connection with coding?

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There's things you can study within art that can help you get elite connections. But it comes with a price.

>> No.4474116

Such as?

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Quoted By: >>4474949

Learn how to make ad banners. It's the most rewarding art career ever, speaking from 15 years of experience.

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Quoted By: >>4474949


>> No.4474949

How do I get into ads?

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Is this a coomer with SOUL ?

im a beg so you guys can tell me why this isnt nearly as good as I think it is

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im not convinced they're just paint overs, there are plenty of artists that are able to do something like this with references, his coloring and " "expressive" brush strokes" are what make him stand out though

>> No.4473751

Shoo, shoo knife dick.

>> No.4473935

It's soulful in a messily painted way. I wouldn't coom to it because the forms aren't defined enough for my tastes

Definitive Coomer artists with SOUL:
>Unironically Shadman

>> No.4473954
Quoted By: >>4473986

All I see is monotonous, oversaturated coloring, poor stroke economy and really bad edge control. Your untrained eye might take it as "expressive" but there is zero nuance or emotion to it, the technique is not good and the whole thing just screams kitsch.

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feels like calling it bad edge control is like complaining there's no color in a black and white piece

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Let's play a game, dads.
>Share one of your favorite pieces uploaded by a dad, and explain what's about it that you like. And if there's something you'd like to see this dad improve upon in their following work.

I'll start. Something I quite liked were the tiny strips for pages that Sugar was posting back in December. I like these not just because they have a very wondrous feel but they also bring me back to being a child and reading these very stylized comic adventures for kids in this child's magazine my grandpa would buy for me.
Some feedback I'd give would be to try having a more concise story, and to to making a small complete work from start to finish that could be equivalent to a fairy tale you'd tell a kid as they're going to sleep.

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>think drawing anything from reference is the most painfully boring thing imaginable
>think drawing from imagination is pretty fun
>the more I draw from imagination the less I ever want to draw from reference again
How fucked am I? Am I limiting how good I can get?

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seems fine unless you're producing mangled shit

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Grey sketch did use references though, here are drawings of his with ref and with no ref

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Pretty fucked.

You can't draw from imagination something you don't know, and the process of studying reference is storing things away to recall later. So yeah, you're pretty fucked there.

That said, life drawing is the most boss shit ever and I wish I could do it more.

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At some point there must be that itch telling you that the dragon would be better if you knew how to draw scales, that the spacemarine would be better if you knew how to draw a real Armorum Impetor. That would be your incentive to get better everytime you encounter a difficulty while drawing a dragon being eaten by a Spacemarine.

>> No.4473638

Everyone has a different definition of "draw from imagination" so I understand why there may be some confusion.
I spend an autistically long amount of time on every one of my drawings, I treat them as long projects whereas most people here will work on a drawing for a couple hours at most and then shelve it. If I needed scales for a drawing and couldn't draw them satisfactorily, then I would spend hours or days if necessary looking at references of scales and redoing my own until they were either satisfactory or until I decided it just wasn't worth the effort and move on.
I know this sort of process runs counter to every piece of advice ever given, but this is pretty much the only way that I can actually enjoy drawing and look forward to drawing without it feeling like torture so I've decided to just roll with it for now.

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Ilya wins again bros, Can somebody stop this monster?

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I'd say one of those girls has more "soul meme" than the original

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Quoted By: >>4476091

I love it when ignorant folks act clever, no you dont know what reference means and you dont know what tracing means. Illya's haters prove that every time. No arguments just "duhh you cant see it", lmao.

>> No.4476069

That could be argued for everyone who draws girls. Ofcourse youre wrong anyway.

>> No.4476091
Quoted By: >>4478245

...see >>4475831

>> No.4478245


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Im trying to draw something but I dont have many ideas right now,
I want it to be as crackhead-y as possible (in a fun way)
Please give me some ideas
Thank you so much :)

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Quoted By: >>4473864

if youre so desperate for ideas, just go use any of the hundreds of character/creature/scene generators online or do fanart of your fav stuff

lack of ideas is impossible unless you got mental problems

>> No.4473703

Draw two pigs fighting over a gun

>> No.4473847

Draw some lewd furry.

>> No.4473864

i has mental problems pls help

>> No.4473907

It's not about having ideas, it's just about knowing what you like.
Once you know what you actually like in art, you also will have more than enough ideas.
You just have to find inspirations from other artists you like, movies, books, real life, etc.
It's about consuming stuff and listening to yourself to find out what you really want.

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Quoted By: >>4476379 >>4477582

>try to draw Emily Didonado
>put lots of effort into it
>everybody thinks its Daisy Ridley
>can't fucking stand Daisy Ridley

It hurts bros.

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>> No.4476379

>Emily Didonado
Yeah it looks nothing like her

>> No.4476380

ngl top tier daisy, I hope other people posts their daisys as well

>> No.4477582

I really really really liked this Daisy

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What you thing /drg/? I feel like this is one of my bestest work yet

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This is my contribution for the day /drg/

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Quoted By: >>4473243 >>4473246

How do I draw like this

>> No.4473243

You stop complaining and you start learning basic anatomy and perspectives

>> No.4473246

I don't understand, it doesn't look like its drawing, just sticking its tongue out.

>> No.4473251

The artist is obviously good, but most of the appeal comes from the different layers of lighting and shading. If you just envision it as line art you can see the drawing itself isnt all that complicated, but the lighting and rendering are excellent

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okay Ive finished
>drawing on the right side
>keys to drawing
>fun with pencils
what should I do now?

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>> No.4475517

still lives such as the one you posted


>> No.4475537
Quoted By: >>4475543


>> No.4475543

why are you so mean

>> No.4475666

You can finally start having fun with your pencil

>> No.4475671


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Quoted By: >>4474150 >>4474157

Do I make pretty art?

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Quoted By: >>4474148

Those lines are so clean tho

>> No.4474148

i'm talking about his paintings, which are well rendered but have literal blob arms, weird freakish bean faces and bad proportions

>> No.4474150

lol. get back to work.

>> No.4474157

Learn the rules before trying to bend them.

>> No.4474163

the vacuumer

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Quoted By: >>4475178 >>4476174

What's the name of that one popular chinese digital painting forum?

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>> No.4476017


>> No.4476020


>> No.4476174
Quoted By: >>4476354


>> No.4476354

That one is japanese

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Quoted By: >>4474466

Pseudoscientific bullshit about """""""""""artistic brain""""""""""""" aside, which exercises from this book are actually worth doing?

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>> No.4474447

terrible book, exercises are almost useless
get some books on anatomy and perspective instead

>> No.4474466
Quoted By: >>4474475 >>4474984


Split brain experiments prove it dumbass. Literally scientific.

>> No.4474475


>> No.4474956

Imagine coming to a website and complaining instead of doing basic exercises that would take you -maximum- 1 week

>> No.4474984

it's overextrapolated and misapplied pop science, not actual science.
and even if it were scientific, which it's not, it would be about as relevant as explaining exothermic reactions and phase changes to somebody who is just trying to boil some pasta.

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File: 83KiB, 645x621, gfaagaga.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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Quoted By: >>4478193

post biggest /beg/ filters

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>> No.4478193

Talent is real threads

>> No.4478338

the word you're looking for is soul

>> No.4478348

it pays less attention to reality, allowing the artist to bend perspective and reality if it suits him. the 3d one is more technically accurate, but that loses the composition effect the 2d one has

>> No.4481425

I know that's a pic from Kim Jung gi but who did the render?

>> No.4481562

I think the lighting and colors just suck on the rendered one, it's not telling a story, as opposed to the linework and stylization giving the left one character

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