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This Anon claims he paid $450 for this photobashed piece of shit. Bullshit.

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>so most of the random digital artists can't handle those petitions completely

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honestly, furry porn is just a very niche market, and the more obscure the fetishes you specialize in, the more you can charge since not very many artists are willing to do or can do those fetishes well.

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and that is just a simple drawing, some are specially complex in their descriptions, and in the detail that they want.
No talk about the ones who ask for comics, that's another demon.

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450 doesn’t even seem like a lot, maybe you should stop selling yourself for 26 bucks a drawing

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Why are most furfags literal homosexuals? Even people into female kemono moeblobs are a small minority in comparison to the bara fags in the western community. Why Is It like that?

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How is this one?

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>a screenshot of an obs window that's capturing a camera being lifted above the paper
Just listen to the first post and take a clean photo of your screen with a phone.

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Can barely see anything lad. I don't know any for windows, but if you only have a webcam, try the following:
Get a program to take pictures with the webcam and make sure to put the drawing well in focus, minimizing the area of the picture taken up by anything else.

Perhaps windows comes with something like that. You can also use nearly any image editing software to change the contrast to make the drawing more visible.

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Do we have another schizo?

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Go to beg dumbass

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Is this an abstraction of a screenshot?

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How do you color black clothes? should I give it a little bit of the color of the light? It doesn't turn out well. I can't find any tips on google, Help please.

Pic not related.

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don't be a fag and post your method, anon

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Just look at pictures of black guys and you'll eventually figure it out

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Just change it to brown slightly

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what a waste of a thread

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it's about values, not colors

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is korean illustrator scene really cool right now? i mean look at this, also kim jung gi, dong ho kin, jisu. they are from same country

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i love the artwork but i can't argue with the fact that the characters portrayed do look bored themselves

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that’s slice of life, i think it’s intentional

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you guys trolling or just backwater people?

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soviet union

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They always had the skills they're usually just dragged down working on other people's stuff.

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I need your help.
enter a job contest where they asked to make a drawing of the mascot for the new year of the ox in oriental style.

and the patients in charge of the results were lazy to choose the only winner and opted that the winner would be chosen by bounces of
I LOVE them on Facebook

Well, as expected, people began to ask their friends to give them I love them just because when they affect those who were only in charge of making their drawing or sculpture in a humble way

as I have dignity I will not ask I love them but if I ask you to give me your opinion and vote for who has the best quality in their work (obviously according to your opinion)

let the wise and impartial people of / ic / choose who deserves to win by effort.

I trust you guys.

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Why not a direct link? I'm not scanning that shit

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I love them? What? Love reacts on posts?

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what year is it

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I think they said:

there was an art competition for a mascot. theme: oriental style ox for the new year. judges are too lazy and decided that the entry with the most 'likes' (I think? don't have facebook) on facebook wins.
Of course, friends and family of artists with an interest in winning are now stuffing the ballot box in favor of their respective friends/relatives. As I have dignity, I will not ask you to 'like' my entry, but instead 'like' the one you think deserves it based on artistic merit.
let the wise and impartial people of / ic / choose who deserves to win by effort.
I trust you guys.

facebook com /TeamPentafon/photos/pcb.1811829622309327/1811819068977049

>wise and impartial
>people of / ic /

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my vote

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Got a tablet a week ago, didnt had that much time to draw.
What do you think am i gmi?

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keep at it, there is more to success than being naturally good at something. Sometimes it's about how many times you are willing to fail before you succeed

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we will meet you at the same place 5 years later

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This is the new discord. Get in here.

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is this suppose to be ironic?

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you can call it what you want, the fact I elicited such a strong (and still wrong) reaction from a simple question is the definition of triggered
>don't you have some drawing to do?
i'll get right on it boss

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where is the box?

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literally who? who is this?

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He's a white old man. The trifecta of success.

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>Still believing in the box conspiracy in 2021
oh anon..

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Nightmare Edition.

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Ow the edge.

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The current world is so corrupt i am surprised gods or aliens didnt just wipe us out.

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Noice big hand chan!

Why no big hands?

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I'll pay someone to draw Hibiki Kuze from the Devil Survivor 2 anime naked

My contact email: dodea04@outlook.com

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It does exist.

>> No.5246832

Oh wait, sorry it's dodea04@outlook.ie not outlook.com

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Traditional media is fine, message me at dodea04@outlook.ie

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sorry, I only draw lewds if there's some wap involved

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penis rendering test
what do you think

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thanks anon,I'll try to replicate this method

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Oops meant for >>5247817

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More than 10 years old you zoomer faggot.

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>problematic racist on 4chan
Can't say I'm surprised, but it is tiresome nevertheless.

>> No.5247755

If you don't want people to think the character is hispanic then why did you draw a hispanic character?

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I can see you aren't from around here because having a knee jerk reaction of a post like that is bound to out your characteristics that hold a similarity to that of a unintelligent Redditor

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This is like part 2 in a how to draw tutorial. Work on it more

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Why are Russians so good at art?

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I think so. I already knew sight size drawing and I still feel like I learned something from it

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who drew this skull?

>> No.5254152

a russian

>> No.5254302

Fucking fag.

>> No.5254546

I think it has to do with the fact Russia is in between to continents and has influence from both Europe and Asia

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this link contains many valuable resources. couldn't it be merged with the present sticky to make one big "Book of Markmaking: The Ancient Lords Vol. III"? how could one do it?

... i found it within my files these days, but can't remember where it originated from, exactly.

either way, as absolute /beg/, i found "natural way to draw" book in the big sticky and it's actually insane. recommended

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its /beg/ thread's sticky.
my bad

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Bump :)

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Help, I cannot draw ears. Is there any tutorial I should follow? Should I just look at some pictures and practice until I get good?

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look at it's position in relation with the rest of Lain's face

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Quoted By: >>5246132

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Just put loops on the sides and call it a day.

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Look and practice.
By golly, you've got it.
Apply to most everything art related and repeat until you are happy with your gains.
nb; There are no shortcuts.

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Just finished this and get paid 50 bucks, what are you gonna do about it niqqa?

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Does anyone else here experience really bad artistic burnout? Whenever I try to draw more than like 10 pictures in two weeks it's like all my prior knowledge of the fundamentals goes out the window and it takes twice as long to create an image. Is there a way to combat this other than just waiting it out?

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10 images in 2 weeks is a lot, give yourself a break anon.

>> No.5246790

slow down. what is it that you're drawing, exactly? full paintings? just sketches? realistic humans or animu shit?
make sure you keep your fundamental knowledge with you and reference it regularly. drawing is a constant learning process, also don't press yourself

>> No.5246808

don't be a pussy anon, draw 10 things a day

>> No.5246810

>more than like 10 pictures in two weeks
I'm never that productive so I don't have that problem
simple as

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You're welcome OP.

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Man, going into uni and stressing non-stop about getting a job truly kills all creativity. I had this project I was working on but I just don't feel like it anymore. As much as I enjoyed it I don't want to be stuck in front of a desk my whole life, and my art while decent isn't good enough to live off of

How do you do it anon? How can you deal with real life while still being able to get those creative juices flowing? I wish I could keep working on art, but I know I can't because I should be working towards getting a "real" job. It's all so tiresome, I don't know what the fuck to do. How did you figure out what you wanted to do in life and how did you reconcile that with your creative endeavours?

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am a britfag so can neet, if I didnt have that option id prob kms

>> No.5246090
Quoted By: >>5246292

>am a britfag so can neet, if I didnt have that option id prob kms
t.britfag in uni

>> No.5246131
Quoted By: >>5247062

Is the project making money? If it is, outsource it to me, I can continue help you make money :D

>> No.5246292
Quoted By: >>5247062

Probs council house scum or filthy mosquito. Get a degree and do art in the side. UK art scene is dead anyway

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You're right man but sometimes it gets too hard not being a pathetic faggot, hence you become a pathetic faggot. Thankfully it's only in brief moments, otherwise I might as well just McFucking Kill Myself bro

>Is the project making money?
Nah man, unfortunately not otherwise I wouldn't be complaining about the art/job dilemma

>council house scum or filthy mosquito
What are those? Like council house sounds like something important, and what the FUCK do you mean by mosquito?

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Do you guys have the new book version of dinamic bible?

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I hate Peter Han

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yup gathering dust like the rest of my books

>> No.5247281

Anyone has the digital copy to share?

>> No.5247468

>he probably forgot some secret techniques the first time around
He's not going to disclose the secrets because he's a GATEKEEPER

>> No.5247472

not the book version, but there's a better version of it floating online, I think it's called drawabox

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Have they been force of good in the world of art?

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Just reinforcing the wealth-based hierarchy that already exists in every profession for illustators

>> No.5246763

I wish the kyoani arsonist had been american and attacked calarts instead.

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what makes something toxic is its dose. If 99% of CN or cartoon trash artists do that all the time, it is to worry. If you think about it, it is basically a copy of something instead of an original concept (imagine that included with 99% of the protagonists of CN have the same personality of mr positive, it is like seeing the same character in different series)

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File: 637KiB, 1600x1067, fdgdfgdg.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

they have a big influence in animation. Their students have a lot of talent (you can see it in accepted sketchbooks entries, and annual students shorts), but are forced to bend into a more commercial path, and an extremely competitive enviroment, encouraged by the companies that fund calarts. Cancel culture and gossiping are used a lot by the students to try cut off competition, there's rivalry between cliques, and you see that behaviour spread a lot by them online. Calarts students HATE outsiders, too, as in animators from other schools. I'ven ever heard their opinion on european animation though (which is better made, cheaper, out of their cultural control, and now stepping foot inside american animation; Primal for example is made in France)

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>>communist institute of the arts
>>force of good

sir, delete your internet, immediately

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d/ic/k edition
stupid questions, questions that don't deserve their own thread

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>> No.5254679

Watercolor and ink combo

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Quoted By: >>5255192

yes its wrong, taking time away from something will allow you to see the flaws in it. so long as you do finish things theres nothing wrong with stepping away

no thats normal.

check the anti alaising in brush settings maybe

>> No.5255192

Is it really? Do your followers usually disengage after you stop drawing fanart? That's what I'm worried about

>> No.5255203

How big should you make your canvas

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>> No.5246034

This thread again...

>> No.5246055
Quoted By: >>5246530

Me: Taxation is theft

>> No.5246068

Just draw

>> No.5246526

Emperors new clothes

>> No.5246530

imo we should tax the very rich more and not tax the middle class at all/very little

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>Didn't see one, so post whatever questions you might have here instead of starting a new thread.

What do you guys use to clean your tablet screen and computer? I just use alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and ammonia (windex). Though only small amounts of windex b/c i hear it can interfere with electronics.

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>> No.5255138
Quoted By: >>5255142

just move your bed around bro, all you need is the 32incher

>> No.5255142
Quoted By: >>5255149

but some people seem to do just fine with wacom intuous pro Medium size

>> No.5255149
Quoted By: >>5255153 >>5255164

lies, most of the time they use the shit tablet just on camera for the publicity dollars then when you aren't looking use the 32inch wacom usually under the table

>> No.5255153

I've been looking at countless reviews that mention it isn't so bad to use, you seem right about the muscle memory part, but fuck.

>> No.5255164

How about Wacom One?

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Quoted By: >>5246004 >>5248092

Hi, I'm looking for drawing reference like these ones. Do you know where I should look for? I dig this cartoonish style. Thanks a lot

>> No.5246004

have you ever looked, i don't know.... cartoons?? maybe??

>> No.5246043

Any major animation ever?

>> No.5248092

Just make a redline over a random frame, try to understand the 3d forms that they use to make the construction

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