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I'm already doing this, and I'm dead inside

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If you can stay need or in education do it. Most people don't have what it takes to draw and wagecuck.

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post 'em

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of all of the gesture teachings i've read, this one is the most pseudoscience

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this tutorials are always the same.

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Dude Paul is legend even among other professionals in the industry , no saying that makes him immune to what you wrote but he literally has a website called Auto Destruct or something like that where a lot of his knowledge and tutorials are up for free so im sure he wasnt doing this for quick buck , also check out on youtube Creative trickery part1 video , he breaks down sone good stuff there too

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I don't follow what the fuck is trying to say

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Draw this in your style.

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How the fuck do you draw hands? I've spent two fucking hours trying to get them right.

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>Learning semi realistic hands doesn't take long at all if you actually aim to learn and understand how they are built.
PYW, I want to laugh.

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>he thinks two hours is a lot of time
If I could draw ANYTHING decent in two hours I would cry with joy.
t. Permabeg retard

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just give up already, i don't know why people cling too much on drawing when clearly that isn't for them

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Hogarth's book on drawing is everything you need.

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Draw this in your style

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>Requests for free work of any sort are forbidden.

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how can i draw like bazinski?

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Reincarnate as a Polish man

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use your chyna

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he did draw a lot

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IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice.

Use this thread instead of making new threads or post in the Drawthread with fundamental exercises.


RESIZE YOUR IMAGES TO ~1000 PIXELS using one of the following methods:
1. screenshot the image and post that instead
2. change camera capture settings to something smaller
3. send to computer and resize in picresize.com

Sticky document:

Take your time, you can do it!
Previous thread: >>5243700

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the face is asymmetrical, either exaggerate it more or make it more symmetrical. you want it to look deliberated. I can't tell where the light is because both sides of the nose are equally in shadow.

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I know that my tifa picture is kinda fucked up, but before i get back to that. can somebody elaborate where i can find references for the pants from this angle?

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Torrent CGMA - Digital Painting - David Merritt 2019
It's basically a painting course for new artists with an academic approach.

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I think the rightmost line of her torso should recoil back to the left a bit.

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Is there any hope for me?, i'm only concerned about the body for now

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bully if u must but pls be honest

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No X or titty on yotsuba
I was worried for a second, but this guy kept it right.
All it needs it a "do it for her" part

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is this weeb's answer to modern art

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Do you have social media?

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Anon I want to buy your art. Do you have an email or other methods of contact?

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is there hope for me

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Stop drawing retarded shit and maybe

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As someone who mainly comes from /co/ with few experiences regarding japanese media, what exactly Is the appeal of anime and manga in comparison to western comics and cartoons which at their best have superior writing and art? And why are there many manga/anime fans that refuse to touch anything made in the west?

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>character development is bad, I need to move through the plot at breakneck speed
Dumb fucking consoomer, I expected nothing more from a /co/fag though. Do you like the smell of your own farts too?

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To explain: The creator of HxH is very sick and can barely draw anymore, but still tries to finish the story on his own. He absolutely should just narrate the story and hire assistants to do the drawings for him, but he doesn't want to.

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>Well, tough shit. I live in Japan, and I make manga
Shure you do

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It's a real shame too because the current chapter is mostly people standing around talking which assistants absolutely could do for him and just have him draw whenever a monster or something cool happens.

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I keep having to remind myself to loosen my pencil grip when drawing, and I still end my drawing sessions with hand pain and sometimes shoulder and arm pain. It sucks because I can't get better if I can't draw. Pls help.

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only when I draw.

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In before the fucking "med anon" and his shit drugs.

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Be careful anon:


Quilter warns that using a splint while working can actually be counterproductive: “People can get addicted to splints,” she cautions. “By not moving, they’re not causing themselves pain. But if a resting splint is worn during activity, further injury may be produced in the injured or adjacent tissue, such as disuse atrophy or contracture of immobilized tissues.” It’s not so much that splints should be avoided, she says, as it is that splints should be worn only at the right time. Most splints are intended to stabilize the body and facilitate healing during a time of rest—not of work. The problem is, she says, that many artists do wear their splints while working, and this can potentially impede the healing process. “It feels good short-term,” she says, “like slouching feels good short-term. But long term it’s injurious.”

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First off, if you're getting pain while drawing, rest for about a week. If you happen to have one, wear a wrist or elbow brace when possible.
Do hand stretches EVERY NIGHT before bed. Look up carpal and cubital tunnel stretches, do them, keep the ones that help you. Make a routine.
When drawing:
>Try to keep decent back posture
>Don't position your drawing surface too close to your body; try not to use desks that are super high up
>Take rest breaks
>Don't overuse your wrist. Draw from the shoulder whenever possible

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I asked this guy to make a thick nib holder and clutch pencils just for this reason. I hope you take initiative and buy some for yourself. Hope this helps anyone else
>pic related for reference for sizes

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Tattoo general thread I guess, any other tattoo artists in here ? Or apprentices? Or just ask me something I guess

Pic related it’s a tattoo I’m doing in progress

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The pic I posted is actually mostly healed since I go in with sessions cause I don’t wanna chew up the skin, so I worked around the Maine face, if it’s taken care of it’ll last longer than you’d think, almost most of your life till your skin looks like shit anyway

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It’s fantastic money once you get the ball rolling, easy 1 - 3 grand a week on average then tax season people dump there returns all over you

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Alright cool. I do know a tattoo artist who is fucking great and taught me to use a tattoo gun for fun, but he is really not feeling like taking an apprentice right now because someone else has been borderline stalking him begging to be his apprentice. Guess I'll go hang with someone else and try to get in that way

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Just gotta say, op you're amazing, much respect.

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so how many artists got roped into nft art that you know of and how are they doing?

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Are they really expecting us to pay 100 Canadian dollars for a SINGLE nft certification? Are they crazy?

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So let me get it straight. You can not participate in the NFT Art market without paying these crazy high fees? Sounds like a scam. Most of people won't sell their stuff if they are famous right?

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You know what I meant

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*if they are not famous

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post image tutorials

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If you don't understand simple concepts like this you're a turbo /beg/

You're welcome to pyw and prove me right

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Pyw to prove any of this worthless shit actually works

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I asked first, come on let's see it

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i wish i knew what he's explaining

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hey ngmi bros, i know you would do anything but drawing so let's do this
Post your hopes/dreams, expectations and reality bonus points for time you have been drawing.
Not feeling so good right now at 3 years

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sauce on the first row artist in your pic?

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skelly is https://mobile.twitter.com/teru_by_m center i don't remember, right is grandia

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whats the difference between hopes/dreams and expectations

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'What I want to be vs. What I will be,' I guess.

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This is now an egyptian art thread since OP is dead. RIP, OP. May the afterlife be kind to you.

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I'm not even shitposting, I love this stuff.

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Is architecture allowed here? Genuine question. If it isn't where should I go then?

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Architecture is, for minecraft builds go to vidya boards

>> No.5245814

You might be interested in the books of Francis K. Ching, his books teach all you need to know about building from the perspective of an architect who is also an artist

>> No.5245896

Only if you draw the architecture

>> No.5245919

You could make a thread on /his/ but it'll probably center more around discussing it rather than creating things yourself.
You can try the minecraft general thread on /vg/ if you're really desperate >>326704801
Or follow this example...
...and complain about the lack of an architecture board.
You could try /i/ if you just want to post your art, but don't expect too much of a response...
Your best bet is probably joining an architecture studend discord or sth; my brother studies architecture and they use a ton of tools and stuff

>> No.5245947

Voxel would be sculpting, I think they /3/ will appreciate your work. There is also a minecraft general on /vg/.
That's a sweet build

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hehe egge

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Hi, beg here. This is moderndayjames basic drawing shapes video. Does anyone know the resources he pulled these from?

I'm having a hard time understanding how rotating a plane in space should look like and much less a box so I was wondering if I could read from the "source"

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He literally says in the video you took this screenshot from that he uses How To Draw by Scott Robertston

>> No.5247571

Framed perspective 1,2 is a good starter
Tho,he got all that technique from scott robertson's how to draw.

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This is a good supplement to practice that

>> No.5247860


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its olsen's course or nothing

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its fucking ugly, but not for just one reason, but a multitude. its closer to western amateur comic art with its flat and boring shapes, but lacks any of the shading or detail that makes that style interesting to look at. yours is lazy. But parts of it also approach a more manga orientated style. But it lacks the line expression and grace to look like that either. its just this ugly mismash of style that also looks like its lifting from shit you found on tumblr or twitter.

The facial structure is also fucked up. the chin is too long on the guy and the girls eyes are on a different plane and angle than her mouth and nose, her head is two heads basically at different angles, combined and stitched together.

This is a good example to show people, of artwork where the artist has no foundational skills, and just tries to copy shit without knowing what they are doing, and ends up with a flat ugly boring style. This isnt even touching on the subject matter, which is also boring. this sort of shit is like the generic microwaveable meal, of artwork.

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>> No.5247520

how old are you

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I tried to look for this artist, but got fuckall. Terrible branding, evalina is a commom name chosen by insta whores. If you bother putting your name on your art, it should be to make it easy to find you

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Got any stylized portraits? I crave this shit.

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File: 2MiB, 2500x3231, portrait painted.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Does this count, went for a Bloodborne feeling

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Stop drawing!
You are getting nowhere!
Not if you have begun drawing since you were a toddler and you had parents who supported you and went to proper art schools in your early years

Stop drawing if you are begining in your 20's-late 20s, it's fucking over!
Same fate as an ugly incel who hasn't gotten laid in his early life.

Go 4 rope art failures!
What else do we have in this life?

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Yes it's easier to absorb things without any real effort when you are younger.

However our brains are still plastic, you can learn the same as a younger person if you have a strong reason why. Reason being is your brain already sees no point into rewiring, simply because it already found ways to achieve dopamine.

So aslong as you are really determined you can change ur brain maps and be rewired for whatever you want to specialize in.

Pushing yourself to learn new things that are difficult also prevents dementia and a myriad of other benefits.

So .... Shut the fuck up and go read more and draw. You legit can do anything aslong as you get over anyalysis paralysis, reading will give you the chance to understand more about your biology and give you more confidence instead of these shitty fucking posts of people telling you NGMI.

You dumb fuck you have a plastic brain, turn off the internet sometime and self reflect.

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Based post

>> No.5248649


>> No.5248652

Life in plastic its fantastic

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based hidden smart frogposters

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