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girls need to draw men, girls drawing other girls are kinda cringe

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Males are ugly as fuck, I'll keep drawing girls kissing each other..

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no, he was confirmed male in an interview he had with kubo and acknowledged people thinking he was a woman but corrected them, pic related. that body structure is that of xy chromosomes.

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based. tired of seeing women attempt to make gay coom art. absolutely grotesque.

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Nobody cares what you think tranny.

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I don't want to hear this from the sex that cooms for futa & traps

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Do you want a Slice of Ass?

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Ah, idioms. The autist's bane.

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don't we almost all of us eat cow or pork ass?

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"Butt roast" is not from the ass bro

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If you like these, follow _serebellum_ on Instagram

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whoops there's at least a couple ways you could construct it, he's probably doing it like this. either way, the point placement and diagonals are arbitrary

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Why is this a thread

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On page 88 of David Chelsea's Perspective for Comic Book Artists, the character Mugg begins to draw a room in one point perspective. Up until that point I had assumed I understand the concepts Chelsea was trying to tell, but when I tried replicating the steps Mugg was going through I was completely flabbergasted as how he did it. Can anyone help understand how Mugg drew the room on page 88 of the book?
Here is a link to pdfslide.net with the book pulled up. The page with the example is on 88 and the pages preceding that have the stuff about one point perspective.
pic unrelated

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don't worry about it until you get to 2pp, then you can work backwards and you'll understand it (eventually)

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>hands are the same size
nice perspective lmao

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that fucker has a mug for head. come on now

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Go to pages 75-77. Mug tries to draw the room but fails too. Then they play tic tac toe.

The point is to divide the horizontal lines into even spaces manually, like with a ruler. Then you draw lines back to the vanishing point. Then you use a diagonal line to get equal spacing going back into depth. You should start with a square floorplan first then build from the square if you want rectangles, so you can get your subdivisions to be squares equally, I think.

I haven't worked through this book in depth but I have read through it. I might just have to come back in and work through the book again, it looks really fun.

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im looking for ressources on watercolor when sketching outdoor like pic related.

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gurney’s blog and channel
everything with watercolor in the name in the mega
at least use google and look at the catalog before making a retarded thread

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How is it?

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left: left foot isn't grounded. thats it. its unfinished but you got good gesture. fix up your scratchy lines.
right: scratchy line mess shit fuck titties malformed gtfo with this crit me on some doodle shit I haven't got time. skull is too oblong fucking alien looking SHIT. KEEP IT UP.

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thanks man, much appreciate!

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Eh, if the dude was black the hair style would make a bit more sense ngl

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Eh, if the dude was black the hair style would make a bit more sense.
The art looks good enough
Who cares about the file size lmao

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That's the most based crit I have ever seen, how can someone be so negative and yet so encouraging?

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>tfw ya style develops

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i just noticed that closed mouth basedjaks are anatomically wrong, the size of their face from top of the head to the chin should be smaller than when they opened their mouths. Can /ic/ correct them?

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Move the jaw

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kys retard

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It's not anime, when the mouth moves, so does the whole jaw.

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Not necessarily, you can open you jaw wide and still have your lips closed. But yes I get your point

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a thread died for this

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>look at this anime artist
>how disgusting

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anyone who leaves out the nose and puts a dumbass little triangle should be banned from a pc unless its for animation purposes

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I have a friend that does this. How can I help them? They’re going to college as an artist. I want to say something

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Grab a red sharpie and correct his drawings when you see them.

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She cute, too

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>this drawing is not mine
I don't understand where the vanishing points if the lines do not coincide with the horizon are in this drawing, help me

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basically 4-point-perspective which starts to look a lot like curvilinear perspective

remember these are systems for approximating reality. it won't be perfect

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and parallel to what I am talking about about the drawing. Can't there be vertical vanishing points so that you can't have a vertical horizon line?

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This is what I mean when you change the direction lines of the cube that gives a perspective parallel to the original that would be a 2 point perspective in which its only horizon line is one that is diagonally. And when I realized the VP changes depending on the XYZ of the cube that exploded a neuron. That is what I do not understand how it is possible to make vertical horizon lines

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Pls reponse

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Try DeepL translate

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Anyone remember that /ic/ poster going by the handle "nickleflick" who started out in a /beg/ thread trying to draw this robot girls ass? Then he got retweeted by some big industry guys and suddenly exploded in popularity, his work was being posted everywhere. Now when I search for him all his accounts are deleted and the only evidence he ever existed are his name on rule34 websites.




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Why are you keep bumping this thread retard

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>Saying while posting a picture of a man who didn't want to be famous throgh the fucking around he did as a young man and completely left it all behind to start fresh

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>become famous for eatin vomit hair cake
>become famous for lofi hiphop mumblerap
i know which one i'd prefer

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So, anyone want to do master studies together?

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Here is my discord if anyone interested.

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Why are pros so rude most of the time?

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Looks like hes putting you in your place. What, were you being a faggot in his comments? Post what you said to warrant that response, withholding that makes you look more like a bitch; You deserve it.

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I can't remember exactly what I said but I just called a shit take of his cringe and got this response. It surprised me since he seems to be this blm lbtq activist, he also blocked me

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Get fucked OP

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Yea okay, while kicking his dog and giving his mom the finger, I just... This guy ripped you a new vagina and creampied you so deep you're still pussy pained nearly two months later.

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how do you treat your followers when you start getting big?
do you still interact with them? or do you ignore peoples replies and compliments?
how do you feel about being in the feed of thousands? does it get nerve-racking or are they only a number to you and their opinions dont affect you?

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I can't ignore them, I reply to everything as much as I can. I'm thankful they like my art.

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>when you start getting big
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
>do you still interact with them
i respond to everyone, which is my 1 or 2 rare comments i actually get and hope it's not a bot.
>how do you feel about being in the feed of thousands
i actually had a painting of mine get a lot of attention once, feels good man, i must have spent an hour or something responding to everyone, good or bad opinions alike. i thanked even the ones who criticized my stuff or just played it off because they still took the time to look and comment.

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Only reply to mutuals and like the comments that I happen to catch or find funny. Replying to non-mutuals only when they're asking a question or I needed to correct them on something.

It gets nerve-wracking when you've attracted a specific fandom and there's a level of performance anxiety providing content for said fandom when you just want to draw other things or take breaks. But that's more a personal issue you can work with rather than it being a numbers problem.

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Good job, you're in the minority. Most people who follow the artist want to feel like they are buddy buddy with them in the first place.

>> No.5240407

I just avoid it by not having any followers to interact with

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Reminder that you cant grind soul

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>very derivative
>my generic anime girl in a landscape isn't
Do weebs really?

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Is the quickest way to get soul not looking at other art when drawing?

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"Don't worry about your originality. You couldn't get rid of it even if you wanted to. It will stick with you andd show up for better or worse in spite of all you or anyone else can do."
-Robert Henri, "Art Spirit"
The quickest way to "get soul" is to fucking be born. That and consuming media that you like. But the quickest way to have it show in your work, as I'm sure you meant, is to get good so you aren't bound by your limitations. Then produce a lot of work, now that you can actually show what you want to accurately.
Don't waste your time worrying about soul, just get back to work.

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Thanks anon

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I literally cant

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Can I get some composition advice on how to draw 2 characters "facing each other"? Be it on a fight, running at each other, having dinner or anything similar.

I am often commissioned to do that between two characters, but the problem is that most of the time the commissioner expects both characters to be in full (or generous) display not facing away/cropped for being in first plane. So I generally use one of the following:

>2D, profile, like pic related, which flattens the scene;
>Both characters in a somewhat 3/4 angle towards the camera, making the "direct" confrontation not so direct;
>Same as above, but with distorted-perspective BG to justify the angles. Technically difficult when BGs are involved;
>Split screen.

I'd like to hear more ideas, it's getting boring to do the same couple of angles all the time.

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nice cup, you wanna answer the question now??

>> No.5239285

Educate your normie client what is and isn't possible instead of trying to invent new laws of perspective.

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THIS is how you draw two characters facing each other. Learn from a true master.

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I'm shit at digital, aren't I?
>pic related

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ye but it ain't digital that is your problem

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Why is eastern character design so bad? it just looks so generic and lazy.

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East Asians live in societies where being different is socisl suicide

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Quoted By: >>5238883

>> No.5238883

>3/4 of those have ended, 2 of them years ago

>> No.5238887

Reminder that these fucking things are the reason we'll never get a good bersek adaptation

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Looking for an art friend to do master studies digitally.

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>yeah bro, you can make living selling porn!

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Quoted By: >>5239635

Why does the plane have smallpox

>> No.5239579

lol no, taking literally any illustration job would already put you in like top 90% of pornfags by income, stop being retarded and just get a fucking job instead of expecting people to throw money at you because you have a twitter account

>> No.5239635

Military Plane manufacturers once did a study to work out where planes were getting hit, and responded by arguing to increase the armour in these places. This was retarded, the place that needed more armour were the places without bullet holes, because the places with bullet holes obviously survived being shot, where planes hit elsewhere were destroyed and therefore couldn't be checked for bullet holes.

>> No.5239653

Surely the opposite of this is true. You have to be a lot better to make it in popular sfw than being one of the few catering to niche nsfw.

>> No.5239699

no retard that's for third world countries

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The ability to see images in your head can be improved with practice.

This thread is for good visualizers looking for a way to take their skills to the next level. This is all pseudoscience, but it can have real results! Developing your mind’s eye won’t necessarily help with your drawing but it can definitely change the way that you experience art.

Document with exercises and more information:

The best part about these exercises is that they’re challenging, you can try them anywhere, and they’ve definitely helped me so they might help you.

Resources for the cognitively blind (Just for courtesy, I can’t say if they’re good or not):

Previous threads for more info:

Feel free to post new resources! Quality content on this subject is hard to find.

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Quoted By: >>5248484

New thread, what for?

>> No.5248484
Quoted By: >>5249529 >>5249600

To add more information to the thread and because this thread is dying.

>> No.5249529

It's taking me longer than expected to compile all the information I need to make a new thread, so I'm going to bump this thread to keep it alive long enough to link the new thread when it comes out. Thank you for your patience. All good things come with time

>> No.5249586

so why the fuck is it here if it wont help drawing skills

>> No.5249600

Threads take forever to die here. If you're going to make a new one at least delete this one first bro.

You could just add info in posts inside the thread and just put it up where you want it next time.

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Analyze this painting

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paintings like this is actually quite rare for that period. art historians just like to craft a narrative because it's easy to tell a stoey that way. this often paints no pun intended artists as being about one thing as their entire identity.
i doubt painters really thought about how restrictive the guidelines were. that is possibly modern thought working its way into historical interpretation.

>> No.5248893
Quoted By: >>5249177

It's a possibility that with hindsight, we attribute them roles in some made up narrative.
So for the record I don't think that a bunch of angry italians sat around and decided to make a statement or some shit. Parmigianino probably wasn't seething every day about how baroque was cucking him or whatever, the guy drew what he liked, drawing inspiration from the painting of his time and his own artistic sensibilities, and it resulted in this painting. It wasn't the most influencial movement either as you mentioned- but if you take a step back you can definitely retrace how it moves away from classicism and how some mannerist elements found their way into Baroque paintings.

>> No.5249177

their concept of classical might also differ slightly from ours which has went through winkelmann. it's true that their works seem to take inspiration more from art than nature. their predecessors took from art and they took inspiration from new art. parmigianino particularly from correggio. besides other contemporary artists, antique art was still a huge influence. in ornamentation and costumes they seem to still be after the antique manner, only increasingly more courtly. classical literature and works referencing it were still important.
the artifice can be seen as an application of the classical topos of art correcting nature which has ripened at times beyond decorum. the elegance and fancifulness of poses have their roots in grace and invention.
mannerism gets characterized as largely about distorted figures, but despite not being as classical as late raphael, had works that were fitting for depicting scenes from classical literature.

>> No.5249197

The fucker is a faggot,that's what he is.

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God damn this painting is one of the few that actually weirds me out, it doesn't really sit well with the eyes either with how unbalanced the composition is. I can't help but wonder if there was at least one person in the late-renaissance period that saw this work and shook their head in bewilderment. Mannerism is a very strange art style.

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Why do you guys hate anime art again?

>> No.5238476
Quoted By: >>5238482

wtf is she wearing?

>> No.5238477

That's not anime, that's manga

>> No.5238482

A diaper. She's a crinkler.

>> No.5238488

I hate you and all the retards making this kind of threads

>> No.5238501

Do you enjoy arguing with retards, anon?
Because these are the flames you are setting up

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And how you're doing with them

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>> No.5246786

Thank you friend, kind words like that make me wanna power through the self doubt. I think..... I might make it......

>> No.5249474

Seems interesting, I'm a real sucker superhero and villain shit. looking forward to it man

>> No.5249478

Writing a story that switches povs between 4 characters

>a homunculus that fell in love, but the person she loved died and now she works tirelessly to save the world he lived in
>an adventurous but secretly lonely young lady who ends up getting involved with the world's end and ends up making bonds due to it
>a bright spirited high school girl who's looking for her good friend who is currently 'lost
>a young high school boy plotting to end the world for the sake of love (part of a past arc)

Its all supposed to ultimately wrap into one big plot line and I'm currently still in the middle of writing it. Sometimes I'm worried it's cringe but then I remember that even if it is, the story is important to me and I want to one day draw a webcomic.

>> No.5249479

That's an awesome concept

>> No.5249560

It's set in the 30's in rural France, this girl is trying to discover what happened to her big sister who disappeared years ago. She finds some kind of radio thingy that allows her to contact dead people / spirits, but they're not very keen on helping her for free. Obviously she'll be in deep shit if anyone finds out she's meddling with "demonic affairs". I got inspired by a local true crime.

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