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Do you create art to participate in any communities or activities?
When I was a young weeb I used to draw RP characters and swap drawings in a faux economy system with other artists, and it was motivating and fun.

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>do kids now enjoy the internet the way we did before?
My little sister's 11 and whenever I go home she's often playing Roblox with her friends.
Kinda reminds me of how I was on MMOs back in the day.
Of course nowadays they don't rely on in-game chat systems as much so she's only playing with kids she knows irl. while that experience is almost completely different from how I played online games, I guess the general sentiment seems like it's there.

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your sister is just having fun with her irl friends. I'd wager that for her it wouldn't matter even if there were no such a thing as a real online multiplayer mode. Not that that's necessarily a bad thing, mind you - as long as she stays the hell away from today's social media.

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I have no hands, but I must coom

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Use your feet

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>nah, our age has nothing to do with it
I’d respectfully disagree. My Gen X uncle joined really early online hobby communities (around the mid 90s) and would tell me how he found them ‘lame’ and preferred hanging out with people irl.
It’s most likely a combination of age and social/mental sensibilities that made the early internet appealing to some.

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Will anybody from /ic/ be joining talented Youtube artist RossDraw's upcoming 2021 Digital Art bootcamp over on Patreon?

I think there could be a lot of value to be had for /begs/ and /ints/ alike!

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Stupid Esl

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I mean, he's not wrong anon.

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>real artist

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I still remember this

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>just bash bro

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Did I get better?

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here you go

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>did you get scammed
N-no he is a /biz/let he would never do such a thing

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Just kidding again. Give it a little more time

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just a little longer buddy

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Don't mind the faggots trying to spread FUD take all the time you need

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Digital is better than traditional as a learning tool. Digital allows you to check your work for mistakes quicker and more conveniently than traditional. Undoing mistakes is also much faster than erasing, making it so that you fail more in a shorter amount of time, which leads to you getting better at drawing.
This is why you see so many zoomers who are so good at drawing.

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>ugh can we not like yikes
fuck off with him

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>The one on the left looks like smudged vine charcoal to me
Jesus you're stupid.

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>already established it’s trad with levels, digital strokes and smudge on top
>people still arguing

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The artist who did these learned mainly using trad though, and said she had to get over a different learning curve cause she (initially) wasn’t used to digital. It really depends on what you’re used to- I’ve seen people who can do trad work real easily and fumble when they switch to digital, and vice-versa. Like some other people said in this thread already, trad can make you plan out each line because you can’t just ctrl z it away. Both have their benefits though.

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Anyone that cares about what medium others use is a fucking loser.
Use whatever you want and don't worry about what others are doing.

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Alright /ic/, after a quarter of my life wasted, I'm ready to start from the basics and learn the "fundies". Where do I start?

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You're right. Defo view as an alternative.

I wash just thinking that a lot of the skills you learn through his book are things I did at school and college (not American so kind of like high school). I've just taken about 10 years off doing any art and found that a skim through KTD got my body and eyes straight back into the motions. Kind of like riding a bike.

At the same time, I guess the structure is extensive - Proko seems like a reasonable way to learn fundies without being boring also. I'm working through some of his free shit at the moment.

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Observational skills + composition

Light and shadows+ perspective

Anatomy+gesture if you want to draw humans.


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>he needs a prescribed path
>he can't problem solve his way towards a solution

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Any more tips or another board I could check out? You guys give some great help

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Crimson Daggers, maybe some discord servers. Filter the shit out of this board if you continue using it (personally filter everything porn, anime, style, loomis and sex life related, yes, that last one is needed) and limit to 30 mins a day.

Also don't be afraid to delve deeper into what your favorite art or artist excels at. Things like a focus on lighting, contrast, exaggerated, perspective, etc. and try to learn that. Basically don't get overwhelmed; pick a few resources for each area that look good to you after checking what's out there, and do analyze, try to understand, study, and draw the elements of products similar to what you aspire to create, not random things that have 0 use to you, or you WILL burn out.

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How good do you have to be for low effort sketch commissions to be lucrative? Any artists who do this sort of thing and get at least a decent amount of commissions?
Pic unrelated.

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About 3.50% good.

>> No.5242965

Int maybe, you can also offer color sketch commissions. Retards kinda like that stuff too.

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This is a good answer. Thank you anon.

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whatacutie :3

>> No.5245436

Looks like one of those deep sea creatures, just needs the lamp on an appendage over the face.

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who creates characters used for toys/dolls a concept artist or a designer?

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Most companies would kill their kids for 19% growth over 3 quarters, especially during covid, what the actual fuck are you talking about?

Just admit you're wrong, and stop making stuff up on the internet.

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This. my little pony was also designed by a female illustrator

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i want to become a toy designer so bad tho

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I want to draw in the 90's manga/anime style but I dont have paint or anything. Would I be able to replicate this style digitally? I often use Sai.

If not what paints and pens would /ic/ recommend? (If you have any other resources on hand to help, I'd appreciate it too)

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hard round

>> No.5242898

Spoonfeeding retards: the thread

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I am a Sai user as well, if you want to mimic the look of traditional media, use textured brushes and layers. You may want to give the canvas some texture as well. The characteristic look of these comics is their slight graininess to the colors and lines, giving them that nice hand drawn look.

Try the "noise" texture that should come with sai. Either on your brush, color layer, or both. Keep it at a low opacity or else it will be too strong and look even more digital/artificial instead.

Pic slightly related, it was made with sai

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Cool, thanks anon, I'll give it some practise tonight

>> No.5243012

>wants to draw in the 1990's manga style
>is a westerner in the 2020's using digital

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Ok I got an idea for you to draw, insecure jester in a tundra market.


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next suggestion:
me happy

>> No.5242925


>> No.5242941

>even the cat

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Tundra yo mama

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Is this painting of a cloud I did today the future of art? Will it sell for $5,000,000 in the next two seconds? Hm!?!? WELL WILL IT!?!?!

Also, crypto art?

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LOL it even has a hair on the top right

>> No.5243963

You have a good eye, I’ll give you that.

>> No.5243970

what happened in texas will happen globally, and with greater frequency. we're already too far gone.

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Add some cute anime girl

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Is this the dawn of the art world's resurgence?

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crypto shills fuck off to your containment board

>> No.5242740

shoo cryptonigger

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Quoted By: >>5242747

is it the same dude posting crypoart threads every day?

>> No.5242747

no i just found out about this today, I'm a different guy

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This will be hated, specially with the current meta of valuing technique a lot, but I have to ask this strange question.
I'm bad. Also old, so I'm having trouble learning. Yet I still feel like I have to draw and produce something for one in my life, or I'll just get crazy (I tried feeling the void with other common stuff but nothing's working).

That being said, I'm wondering what kind of drawing related project can be accomplished with a weak level. I'm still learning fundamentals but I care more about appeal and actually producing something now.
So I'm wondring if there's any particular medium that's better for me. For instance, something like animation is probably a big no considering how overwhelming it is.
(but even then, some people on Youtube hav million views with basic animation, it's just the content that matters)

I suppose what I'm trying to ask (being ESL doesn't help being clear either, sorry), is what can be accomplished with a weak-ish fundamentals level, and do you have any functional examples of work/artist that gathered a decent following despit having obvious flaws even for normies?

tl;dr : can you success while being technicaly bad, and what's a proof of that?
Picture related.

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yes you can, technique isn't the driving force behind "success". as long as you make something relatable, something that makes someone feel something, it doesn't matter if it's poorly drawn, you'll still get a like and an audience after a while. you can do comics, vignettes, stuff like that that's primarily trying to tell a short story or capture a feeling rather than stand as an illustration

this is no excuse not to get better at fundies though. just because you're struggling with learning doesn't mean you're allowed to give up on it. onwards and upwards!

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OPM only succeeded because Murata told ONE not to quit and that he would redraw it for him, it would have otherwise died off in obscurity. It's proof you can make a good story without great art, but not at all proof you can make something successful without at least some degree of artistic skill. Just grind your fundies, retard.

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depict this unit in your art style, I will upload mine in a bit.

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Draw this eastern venus instead

>> No.5242678

>fat white pig
These are like zubats in America anon

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woah mama

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Is artstation the only professional one out there besides making your own website?
Pic unrelated

>> No.5242745

Weebly seems to work better for me

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Aww I hope they found the heckin pupperino

>> No.5242787

Me too, anon. Me too.

>> No.5242790

take advantage of their html coding and customize it using people’s premade templates for a sleek design

you have to pay for their subscription fee if you want more than 4 or 6 sections i believe

i had an interview once where they literally found my tumblr and used it to talk about my portfolio even though i had never mentioned my tumblr anywhere on my resume/portfolio. my guess is as long as your name is searchable they will take a peek at whatever they find.

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Can you balance being a successful SFW artist and an NSFW artist if you have two separate accounts for it? I wanna make money off niche NSFW art so that I can finally be my own boss basically, but SFW stuff is what I actually enjoy doing and if I ever do a big project I want it to be SFW

>> No.5242771

Go ahead plenty of artist actually does that. Just remember to draw or render your nsfw in a slightly different style.

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I can't understand Vilppu, is that normal?

>> No.5242587

so you see weughyyyyhhhhhhh take and weeeeeughhhhhyhhhhh and across the form... feeeeling theuhhhhhhhyyyhuuuhhh and it’s just a tool

>> No.5242599

I shit my pants cuz laughter

>> No.5243411

You just aren't ready for him yet.

>> No.5243415


>> No.5243483

i dont get the maymay. pls explain

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Draw this but with a giant androgynous boy and many tiny girls

>> No.5242578

pay me

>> No.5242579

budget test prompt:
pay me $400

>> No.5243008

Rule #3

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why is Bammes so underrated? He's far better than Loomis, Hamptom, and Hogarth

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a good anatomy book should make you:

feel sorrow
feel joy

...and most importantly...


>> No.5245092

Did you read the book? His intro is pretty funny and insightful about other anatomy for artists books

>> No.5245096

Never watched it. Can't make up opinion on somethin i know nothing about.

Everyone likes a different method. Some like to be entertained and have fluff, some want to follow the path others took, some want to get serious. All of these can lead you to understanding figure and anatomy. Bammes a serious approach with concise illustration that leaves no room for guesswork.

>> No.5245705

He's pretty well recommended but more for anatomy than figure drawing and the most useful thing he has is his simplifications of anatomy.

I'd recommend a beginner go Hampton -> Bammes -> Bridgman for an anatomy abstraction progression, alongside a technical book of boring but accurate anatomy for artists. Bridgman isn't last because hes the best he just requires advanced understanding to parse the scribbly drawings.

>> No.5246331

It's mostly text. Maybe 2/3

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How do you call this artsyle? I keep seeing more and more people drawing and painting like this lately.

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>> No.5243658

coom artists realized you dont have to actually finish a piece to get clout. thats basically what that style is.

>> No.5243664

>How do you call this artsyle?
Are you unironically retarded or low iq?
This is not a style, you fucking dumbass. If anything it's a technique.

It's a fucking colored sketch.

Please, stop littering the board with your dumb shit threads born from your uneducated ignorant brain. Fucking imbecile.

>> No.5243681

"beg/semi beg too lazy or inexperienced to finish work" style

>> No.5243682

for once, unironically yes
this is pretty much the sketchy hard round brush style

>> No.5243683

yeah no western piggu

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Have you ever modelled naked in an art class before /ic/?

>> No.5242433
Quoted By: >>5242589 >>5242611

there was a really hot redhead student who smiled at me and I got a massive boner, so the instructor came over and scolded me and milked me dry as a punishment, saying I look like a masturbation expert so I wasn’t allowed to use my “practised hand” to give myself pleasure and instead must suffer with his calloused hand until my balls shrivelled
I was too embarrassed to go back

>> No.5242589


>> No.5242611

many such cases

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What would you recommend if I am a total beg?

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>> No.5242650

download the Stonehouse anatomy book from the artbook thread and work your way through it

>> No.5243156
Quoted By: >>5243578

Grind gesture, figure drawing, anatomy, perspective, and form.

>> No.5243578

This. Just learning the anatomy won't getnyou there. You can learn some very simple anatomy basics for starters but it really has to grow over time in conjunction with your other skills. You'll always be studying anatomy to a certain extent.

>> No.5243609

construction is way more important than anatomy, especially if you're into Arne. read his articles, they're so fucking good.

>> No.5243817

Proko or Drawabox depending on if you can already draw a sphere, cube, and cylinder pretty well.

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are rapidographs worth the money? should i buy a differant brand? is buying them new best or is getting them used alright?

what do you recommend?

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Quoted By: >>5244373 >>5246707

>any suggestions for a refillable fineliner pen then?
I used Rapidographs years ago but I got sick of the maintenance. Trying to draw solid flowing lines and they would be scratchy and broken up lines because of clogging and drying inside.

I had a lot better luck with Rotring Artpens. Its a fountain pen style nib but designed for drawing, in fine and extra fine. I have been using it for about 15 years on my comic book art and commissions, it can be refilled with cartridges that are the universal kind, they have the cartridges at Hobby Lobby. A lot easier to refill than the rapidographs, just pop out the empty cartridge, pop in the new one. I love this pen.

Otherwise I think Copic makes fineline pens that are refillable, but I never tried tham because Copic stuff gets expensive.

>> No.5244206
Quoted By: >>5244373

Outside of Rotring, new rapidographs are all over the place, and while older ones were better, you never know when they were cleaned up, if they were cleaned up at all. Imagine all that ink crust inside of it...

Koh I noors are pretty bad to be hones. I had one and it felt cheap as fuck.... Copic SPs are felt tip fineliners that can be refilled, but you have to use their parts and refills, and the quality of the ink is kinda crappy

Just get a 01, a 03 and a 05. You don't really need anything else if you're just drawing normal stuff.

And yes, you can do normal illustrations with it. People discouraging you from doing so are just bad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbZN-74IxRk

>> No.5244373

thanks for the suggestions, will definitely look into these

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Currently his preferred...

>> No.5246707

This was my experience, too. Fun to draw with, but too much work to keep them in good shape.

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Quoted By: >>5244030


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Me too.

>> No.5243929
Quoted By: >>5243930

it's cute not funny

>> No.5243930

It's neither.

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Who care? it work. Why do you need to practice drawing when you can hire an artist?

>> No.5244030
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So basically these two, except the jock hasn’t converted her into a proper human female (yet)

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Quoted By: >>5243787

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File: 62KiB, 860x725, 1595637100936.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

not considering how things overlap or not spending any time seriously trying to study overlapping forms because "lol i know how things overlapping works, you just put one in front of the other, i'll do boxes instead"
there's a reason vilppu puts the spherical overlapping forms before any other form and there's a reason he calls it deceptively simple and insists that you practice it until you master it, it's the key to 3D drawing and if you think you've got it down then you probably don't yet

>> No.5243937

God I love being that guy

>> No.5244263

Using anime as a reference.

>> No.5244270

Focusing solely on the trad way of doing things. Sometimes it's fun to just be messy or abstract or try ideas that won't be "correct"

>> No.5244277

Stop trying to summon the schizo

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