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check out my most recent coub /ic/ and check out my channel too

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Quoted By: >>4470233

Drawing the female figure seems to be impossible, I made this today whilst #stayinghome with my GF posing for me.

Wouldn't recommend it, half the time I was thinking about stopping and having sex with her.

Anyone else tried it with their girlfriend/wife?

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lol shut up you dumb nigger. you spam your shit threads every week after being told dozens of times to stop and post in the draw thread and you insist youre better than everyone. faggot

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>thinly veiled flex

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Ugly fucking lips
Leave the website if you dont like hostility

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just make sure the shoulders have less width than the hips and you should be okay

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Your gf is ugly.

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pen and pencil inspo thread

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sauce plz

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Cameron Stewart

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Who did this? I saw it on the Daily Story once of all places.

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A lot of the time hatching is used as a way of indicating or reinforcing the shape and direction of the form. 90 degrees, especially when you are only using the two directions (and not more), among other things creates a feeling of a flat tone, like a cast shadow - where it is sometimes used to good effect to distinguish cast shadows from light and shade on forms.
Your teacher just sounds like he doesnt like the “look” of it. Others describe the effect of lesser angles as producing an unsightly “moire” effect.
Both opinions are arbitrary.
In complex images you need multiple strategies and should use them consistently.

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You shouldn't if you're going for realism. Hatching like thins can work in some cases, like with a more graphical work, as you can see.

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This is gonna sound really mean but this is the truth and if you won't do nothing about it you will never get anywhere with your art.
You are copying anime without understanding what you are doing
you are drawing without understanding your fundamentals
this is not a "you might want to learn "type of thing. You have to understand what you are doing to become better. pick up loomis or something

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Just skimmed some of it. You lack fundamentals. The symbol drawing and the character design alone gives the impression that it was made by someone adolescent. Like the anon above said you aren't understanding what you are doing. I even see inconsistent simple mistakes like one of the character's arms being noticeably smaller than the other. You may have been told that you are talented and good at art, and At your age that might be true. But you have a lot to learn. Loomis is a good start. If you are too beginner to internalize Loomis here's how to improve drawing people.
Learn basic proportions: length of legs, length of arms, length of torso, size of head, etc. And keep forms consistent.
Learn basic foreshortening: overlapping limbs, limbs straight forward, etc. Its hard to get far without knowing how to forshorten. Manga, and fight scenes require it.
Reference a mirror: dont know how to draw a kick from memory? Don't copy other anime, preform the action in the mirror. Not getting a stretched forth hand correctly. Use a mirror.
That's just to start. Once you can do those things then go back to loomis or another good artist and learn more intermediate things.

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Arent you forgetting about, you know, backgrounds??? Are all these people living in a white dimension world?

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Ayayaya ya. Gonna be honest with ya.

This is pretty cringe, brah.

I only read the first chapter, since I din't find ch2 and I'm not gonna put in the effort to actually search for it.
But I was involuntarily cringing several times as I pushed through the first chapter. I can see you're heavily influenced by shonen fight mangas, you've basically reused a lot of common tropes without adding anything new or a different twist, just tired cliches. Nothing wrong if you want to do a fighting manga, but your not bring anything new to the table, in terms of both characters and story. You have the gifted and unbeatable but edgy mc who honestly felt a lot like a wish fulfillment/self insert. This whole first chapter felt like something a 14 year old kid would draw, thinking it's cool.

Now for the positive point, It's easy to follow and flows pretty natural between panels, so following the plot is easy. Though it's crude and lacking in the fight scenes, I like your art style and you've got a lot of potential for growth.
But if you want people to give you more feed back, then as another anon mention before, at least dump the first chapter here, or direct link your chapters, if you want people to give a shit.
I'm not gonna bash on you too much, if this is a passion project of your, then knock yourself out, just have fun, it's a good learning experience and keep working at it.

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The eyebrows are pretty tight

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I drew shadow dio from jojo's bizzare adventure . I would love to know your opinions on my drawing .feel free to criticise if have any

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not bad. i've tried to draw this pose before, and i know how ridiculous it is (mostly because araki based dio's pose on a female model). Starting with simple shapes like quadrilaterals for the back will probably improve the overall cohesion of the picture.

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Go to the beginner thread

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Do you do commissions

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drew this last year around this time

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Hi, could anybody please help me find the artist who made this image? I remember downloading this piece off of Twitter.

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I've never been, just wanted to ask about people's experiences with it.
Was it worthwhile to go? How much did you improve from when you entered vs when you graduated? How much of that improvement was due to teacher instruction and how much of it was just due to drawing a lot? How easy was it to get useful, personalized critiques on your work?

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Why is it that in order for a female artist to be into NSFW she has to either be BPD or a rape victim?
Such an extreme does not exist for male artists whatsoever.

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Wait a second
This isnt r9k

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Interesting... I should try dating female NSFW artists

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Quoted By: >>4469828

Stop replying you idiot.
I wanted to post this on r9k.

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I'm not the one posting on the wrong place and I am also not the one bumping the thread

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>why is it that this strawman i made up is something i have a problem with?!?!?

you truly are woke, queen. men btfo

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Messing around with some sketching for the first time in a long time. Would love some feedback/advice. (I know it's not very inspired, just trying to get the technique down first.)

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Last one

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Imagine you have 2 months without having to worry for money. At all. Would you rather spend all your time and energy learning how to draw, or how to code?

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>Implying I'm not doing the first thing already
Corona fucked everything up and all I've done during the quarantine is draw.

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What's the source nigga?

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Use reverse image search, nigga.

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It doesn't work like that, buddy.

I would then worry about what happens 2 months from now.

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Is this still true?

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the top right head has so much soul it doesn't even look like loomis work but that midle one looks like a doll

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all three are sketches from his imagination anyway.

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Golden Age of illustration is in the past and no one need your illustrations for journals and ads now. So nope.

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I know...

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How do I draw like this

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I'm actually kinda surprised, I got a warning in the past from a mod for post a SFW furry pic. it wasn't even cropped too, it was just sfw. I guess they don't care anymore? Or no one has reported the thread.

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The rule got changed some time ago, now only furry porn is banned.

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Quoted By: >>4477804

I would support this. I mean half of 4chan are secretly furfags after all. At least then we could tell people to post that shit on >>>/furry/

>> No.4477804

Maybe Moot will come back from the grave and give us a /fur/ Or gookmoot will do it as a joke, who knows.

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thanks I'll have to work on that

Thanks man that means a lot. I really don't know how long its going to take me to get to that "next level", but I'm noticing that getting to the intermediate to "pro" step is the hardest. It's just mad grinding and sharpening fundamentals and anatomy to an absurd degree where you just know everything. It seems like I'm so close but I so fucking far away at the same time.

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rate my art i’m so proud

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I like it! but would like it more if it was less sloppy

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what kind of pen did you use?

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11/10 GMI

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really fuckin good/10

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When will you FILTHY infidels understand that the one, only and sole method that there is to drawing is to understand the 3D space and thus the only teacher worth following is Irshad? Drawabox is not about drawing boxes, is about training your mind to visualize things 3D. Copying Loomis diagrams will only make you good at copying. Same goes with most teachers. The only one that, alternatively, teaches you to visualize things in 3D is Vilppu but he doesn't have an excercise approach. IRSHAD IS THE ONLY ONE SO GO TO DRAWABOX.COM ALREADY AND STOP COMPLAINING BITCHES!

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Based constructive advice

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>do dab stuff to warm up
>also start watching dynamic sketching
>get to the texture part
>dab exercise tells you to autistically stare at textures
>peter's lesson tells you to just use whatever or even make shit up while following the idea of light to dark and detailed to loose
i dunno i've liked the structure of dab so far but dynamic sketching feels far more interesting to think about

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>> No.4475736

Drawing sentient beings is Haram. You'd feel more at home on >>>/gd/

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Quoted By: >>4481347

>still havent drawn anything today

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it's fine. take a few days off and gather new energy. don't even think about drawing and it'll come back

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im doing this and its not coming

help me anon

>> No.4481437

just give up and pay somebody else to draw your degenerate fantasies for you.

>> No.4481447

>the fun of it comes from drawing new things and learning
Are people who don't experience fun like this doomed to stay office drones who watch TV?

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The last year or two I've basically just drawn when I feel like it.

My gains stagnated hard and I draw a lot less often, but I'm also a lot less stressed about it. When I was trying to do art daily I'd get really fucking worked up when I didn't know what to draw or couldn't put my ideas to paper.

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I'm a disneyfag but I want to know the best eastern artists, so please help me to expand my knowledge because so far I only know Toriyama and Murata

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Guts will drive his sword (cock) through Griffith's left eye. Then off to the real bad guys.

Btw great art looks great even in a thumbnail.

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>> No.4471544

Looks really like an old engraving, awesome

>> No.4471561

and can you name good western artists? i want to see some
not trying to bait here just want to see western art

>> No.4471962

When he draws those long as fuck lines that are nearly perfect, does he use a fast pen stroke or slow and careful? It's hard to believe it would be a fast stroke considering how close together they are but slow strokes always look like shit. Maybe he used a tool to get such perfect hatching lines?

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Post those OC gondolas lads

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Man this board is hella dead

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yes please

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good thread

>> No.4472270

Very nice, love the style
Great legs and expression

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File: 2MiB, 3718x2736, IMG_20200407_061918~2.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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Dumb toad poster.

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IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice. We should not have to make new threads or post in the /draw/thread with our fundamental exercises.

Feel free to post even the smallest exercise you have done to show you are still trying, or you literally are never going to make it

previous >>4465833

READ THE STICKY if you need guidance.
Sticky: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uwaXKU7ev6Tw_or__o8ARpUb6r2rCZYJGqwSFV9AD98/edit#bookmark=id.15jx3pyuimvj

RESIZE YOUR IMAGES - try ~1000px, <1.1mb

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Let us see. Legs are important.

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Quoted By: >>4472102

You're welcome, Anon!

You don't have to draw porn to focus on the human body. Not everybody likes porn, I'm not much of a fan of it, but I'll still drawn non-porn nudes to help me improve. Maybe start somewhere more simple, like these shapes. Most things can be broken down into simple shapes or combinations of them after all.
When you start working with paper and pencil, try not to draw too small, use as much of the page as you can without going uncomfortably close to the edge. Also be light with your pencil so you can erase things easier, and try holding it at different angles when shading to get more of the graphite's surface against the paper.

>> No.4472051

go with the book first

>> No.4472102

Is this a drawing?

>> No.4472130

new thread

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Dear brothers and Sisters
40k thread

any one know who did this one?

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I have loved art forever and used to draw a lot before depression took over my life. But I never improved beyond mediocre doodles in skill level. I recently discovered I have Aphantasia. Should I give up hope of ever having a career in visual art?

>> No.4469597

Make it just a side gig you know, not something like your main career goal. Just improve on your art as a hobby itself.

>> No.4469871

You can still draw if you have aphantasia, you'll just have to use more references or try to figure out other methods of constructing things that aren't visualizing them.

>> No.4469886


>> No.4469916

>I recently discovered I have Aphantasia

i recently discovered youre a moron

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Why does an aged up redesign of a character still counts as underaged content on DeviantArt if the subject so happens to be lewd related? For example, pic related. The game character still is an adult , but plot wise gets turned into a child. If you drew the adult version, would DeviantArt still flag you for it?

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It's probably a good practice not to age up characters specifically to make lewds of them. Now if you write a story to go along with it then the public accepts it. Just don't ship them with an adult character that knew them as a child.

>> No.4469816

who cares

>> No.4469817

>don't age up characters to make lewds
based and lolicon pilled

>> No.4470236

God, these shit takes should’ve stayed on tumblr where it belongs. No one gives a shit about Chinese cartoons and comparing them to real life is fucking weird.

>> No.4471119

>Just don't ship them with an adult character that knew them as a child.
See, this is actually why I hate this. I get an age difference between years is a grey area, but saying this between two people that are similar age but both knew each other at childhood? By this logic every case of this is pedophilia because you're banging a woman/man that you have many years of memories of them underaged, which you're implying they are constantly thinking about when fucking each other over the age of 18. Hell most of these cases they fucked as teenagers thanks to hormones.

The point of this always is retarded. If the end receiver is getting off to the adult body that's literally all that matters and those people are pedos. It's the people that fap to underdeveloped bodies that are pedos.

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Quoted By: >>4477834

Essential books to draw like this?

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Quoted By: >>4477866

The gesture means "from heart to sun". Do you have dextrocardia or something?

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I'm more interested in learning to render like that in ink

>> No.4477866

>"from heart to sun"
Black sun lmoa

>> No.4477936
Quoted By: >>4478052

Who knew drawing was this fun!

>> No.4478052
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File: 63KiB, 400x386, 1579558607670.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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Chill music while drawing. Preferably videogame music because im a huge fucking nerd.

There are so many pol, porn, offtopic thread here so I hope you don't mind doing this.


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Quoted By: >>4469059

One of the few good things that came out of the shithole known as /v/ in recent years. Glad I posted this image.

>> No.4469059

Shit, you might have been skullposting in my CV threads before the season 3 hit and it became a shitfest

>> No.4469098

Made In Abyss' OST is good

>> No.4469266



not only is the miami soundtrack liquid dope, each and every one of the artists featured is amazing on their own so give them a listen

>> No.4469271


also young scrolls making juicy shit from TES game sounds

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