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How do you call this artsyle? I keep seeing more and more people drawing and painting like this lately.

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coom artists realized you dont have to actually finish a piece to get clout. thats basically what that style is.

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>How do you call this artsyle?
Are you unironically retarded or low iq?
This is not a style, you fucking dumbass. If anything it's a technique.

It's a fucking colored sketch.

Please, stop littering the board with your dumb shit threads born from your uneducated ignorant brain. Fucking imbecile.

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"beg/semi beg too lazy or inexperienced to finish work" style

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for once, unironically yes
this is pretty much the sketchy hard round brush style

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yeah no western piggu

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Have you ever modelled naked in an art class before /ic/?

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there was a really hot redhead student who smiled at me and I got a massive boner, so the instructor came over and scolded me and milked me dry as a punishment, saying I look like a masturbation expert so I wasn’t allowed to use my “practised hand” to give myself pleasure and instead must suffer with his calloused hand until my balls shrivelled
I was too embarrassed to go back

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>> No.5242611

many such cases

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What would you recommend if I am a total beg?

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download the Stonehouse anatomy book from the artbook thread and work your way through it

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Quoted By: >>5243578

Grind gesture, figure drawing, anatomy, perspective, and form.

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This. Just learning the anatomy won't getnyou there. You can learn some very simple anatomy basics for starters but it really has to grow over time in conjunction with your other skills. You'll always be studying anatomy to a certain extent.

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construction is way more important than anatomy, especially if you're into Arne. read his articles, they're so fucking good.

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Proko or Drawabox depending on if you can already draw a sphere, cube, and cylinder pretty well.

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are rapidographs worth the money? should i buy a differant brand? is buying them new best or is getting them used alright?

what do you recommend?

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>any suggestions for a refillable fineliner pen then?
I used Rapidographs years ago but I got sick of the maintenance. Trying to draw solid flowing lines and they would be scratchy and broken up lines because of clogging and drying inside.

I had a lot better luck with Rotring Artpens. Its a fountain pen style nib but designed for drawing, in fine and extra fine. I have been using it for about 15 years on my comic book art and commissions, it can be refilled with cartridges that are the universal kind, they have the cartridges at Hobby Lobby. A lot easier to refill than the rapidographs, just pop out the empty cartridge, pop in the new one. I love this pen.

Otherwise I think Copic makes fineline pens that are refillable, but I never tried tham because Copic stuff gets expensive.

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Outside of Rotring, new rapidographs are all over the place, and while older ones were better, you never know when they were cleaned up, if they were cleaned up at all. Imagine all that ink crust inside of it...

Koh I noors are pretty bad to be hones. I had one and it felt cheap as fuck.... Copic SPs are felt tip fineliners that can be refilled, but you have to use their parts and refills, and the quality of the ink is kinda crappy

Just get a 01, a 03 and a 05. You don't really need anything else if you're just drawing normal stuff.

And yes, you can do normal illustrations with it. People discouraging you from doing so are just bad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbZN-74IxRk

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thanks for the suggestions, will definitely look into these

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Currently his preferred...

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This was my experience, too. Fun to draw with, but too much work to keep them in good shape.

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Quoted By: >>5244030


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Me too.

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it's cute not funny

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It's neither.

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Who care? it work. Why do you need to practice drawing when you can hire an artist?

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So basically these two, except the jock hasn’t converted her into a proper human female (yet)

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Quoted By: >>5243787

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not considering how things overlap or not spending any time seriously trying to study overlapping forms because "lol i know how things overlapping works, you just put one in front of the other, i'll do boxes instead"
there's a reason vilppu puts the spherical overlapping forms before any other form and there's a reason he calls it deceptively simple and insists that you practice it until you master it, it's the key to 3D drawing and if you think you've got it down then you probably don't yet

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God I love being that guy

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Using anime as a reference.

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Focusing solely on the trad way of doing things. Sometimes it's fun to just be messy or abstract or try ideas that won't be "correct"

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Stop trying to summon the schizo

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What are some places you guys fish references from that aren't just anatomy/nudes/ stock photo galleries?

I've fished a lot of fun projects from
and I'm trying to find some more sources, the stranger the better.

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You okay, champ?

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awesome, thx m8

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I follow a lot of instagram pages and download from them in bulk. I don't really need them to be high res since i don't copy them just color studies or inspiration.

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My own. A DSLR opens up a whole world of reference for you.

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Can I make enough money to live on drawing feeder and vore stuff?

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Quoted By: >>5242243

If you're
>new to art
>don't enjoy these fetishes you're listing
>only in it for the money
Then forget about it, you'll make more drawing flipping burgers

>> No.5242243

Supply and demand.

>>new to art
Vore has obscenely low standards. It has 100 different autistic niches and all the people who can actually draw usually stick to one or just draw really safe stuff.

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that depends on how much you charge and how often you can finish a piece, but there is a high demand low supply for quality vore work. I get asked for coms fairly often and am fairly low quality.

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nobody is really into morbid obesity, but fat acceptance is HUGE amongs woke libtards, so maybe

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Quoted By: >>5243248

>scribbles incoherent red lines over your drawing
>provides no actual criticism alongside it
>doesn't reply when you ask for clarification

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why is he so wide?

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Dude you are not entitled to get professional critcism you narcissistic aspie

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Quoted By: >>5244856


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a decent attempt

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How come some art still looks skilled and appealing without being exactly pro yet? And why do I still fail to reach the level of those people despite it seeing easy to reach or emulate without wasting much time?

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how many fucking threads do you need to spam your shitty, ugly OCs in?
we already told you their shit, you're not going to get any consolation prize here.
fuck off and go draw or something or kys already

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Quoted By: >>5244755

Source on artist?

>> No.5244419

Dude, do you even draw
Why do you care so much about a literal who

>> No.5244755


>> No.5244764

because they ARE pro and you aren't, its not some secret trick you just aren't as good as you think

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Quoted By: >>5251886 >>5253039

Post some materials for gestures/pose study, either for quick sketching like croquis or sketching anatomically correct drawings.

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dope shit fren

>> No.5248966

for real tho: sauce

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Just go on Youtube, but thanks for posting these.

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Quoted By: >>5242145

When artist you looking up to turned out to be a huge fucking faggot. Share your stories. And lists. I feel like unfollowing some leftist scum today.

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>cuck shit feat Tyrone Niggums.
But that's not ethan becker

>> No.5242144

/ic was always alt-right and racist. YOU're not welcome here, cuck.

>> No.5242145

lol this has been still draws?

>> No.5242146

no, actually it is for me, i am using this board and you are polluting it with your blogging and irrelevant politics. anyways, kill yourself

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Being able to separate art from the artist is pure bliss. I'm in ecstasy. My mind is free of illness and I know peace.

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/beg/ here


what's this dude talking about? I get what breaking down a picture using basic shapes means(not there yet), but what is he on about ovals being bad and triangles being way better?

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don't take this guys advice

>> No.5242325

/beg/ trap youtubers

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if it doesn't look good as a flat 2d image what makes you think it'll look good as a 3d image

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Quoted By: >>5246171

this is the one time he went full retard
or mabie i just got filtered
You can try experimenting with it but i perfer using boxes for everything dersu

>> No.5246171

this is the one time you could tell he's a mediocre dunning kruger retard despite being a /beg/ yourself. you should learn to pay attention to those kinds of moments.

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Nobody made it so guess i'll do it.
Stop raiding schizo pixels thread edition.

>Last Thread

>Older Threads

> Rules:
- No binary art, pixel art only
- Porn is fine
- Don't feed schizoposter

> Resources
How do I learn pixel art ?
Where do I learn those things?
What software do I use ?
Where can I share my work ?

Check this out





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anyone here use blargg's snes NTSC filter/emulation thing? just discovered it the other day it's cool as shit you give it a BMP image and it shows it back to you as if you were running an nes emulator with the NTSC filter turned on you can even choose rgb, composite etc.

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downloaded graphicsgale per the op suggestion to see what I could make, it's very intimidating working with a tiny canvas when I've practiced very little with colours and shading so I caved and used the default 640x480.
Holy shit this is cool, saved.

>> No.5254620

wrong thread bud

>> No.5254674

>working with a tiny canvas
thats the point of pixelart?

>> No.5254777

while i do think that oekaki and pixel art work hand in hand rather than being opposing forces, and that you can learn alot about one while studying the other.
bring down your canvas size man, seriously scale the image down to 133x100 and you'll see you can get all of the current detail in there it just needs cleaning up

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Quoted By: >>5243922

What do you guys think about my styles?

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>I kinda like it
>actually gonna make it
>I kinda' like it
>I like it ngl
>Looks kinda interesting
?? What the fuck are you guys smoking?

>> No.5243922


But like all things, it's subjective. Personally, I find this stuff boring and forgettable.
But I understand this may have an appeal for others, especially a younger crowd

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Quoted By: >>5244662 >>5244735

thank you uwu

>> No.5244662

>posts nudes all over internet and then cries on twitter when they get reposted
Do you have a personality disorder or something?

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I hate femboys but you have a sense of direction. Just work on hands because damn

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Quoted By: >>5241935 >>5242576


>> No.5241861


>> No.5241935

It is pretty cool. Thanks!

>> No.5242576

you call that walking you scrawny bitch

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Quoted By: >>5244354

facial expression resources?

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>> No.5244329


>> No.5244354

why does this picture look like a Lee bait image?

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File: 415KiB, 1086x1642, 124449022_3616636621759378_751885425318555104_o.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

use your own face and shut the fuck up

or look at painting, there's plenty of cool expressions you can find

>> No.5244754

is like people became retarded after the invention of the internet

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Is it really necessary to cover the surface of the canvas with gesso before using oil paints?

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>> No.5249148

you might be able to get away with simply using something to seal the fabric.
which i think should still be done when applying gesso, the gesso on raw canvas will sink through, and the oil is gonna get absorbed into that, so im not sure how long such a painting would last.

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Quoted By: >>5250225

Do you live on the streets? How the fuck did you sell without photographing once, clearly you are lying

So simply post a picture of them, or alternatively post what you’re currently working on (you won’t)

>> No.5250225

not him, but presenting work in person was the only way aside from sending drawings or prints before photography and was normal until social media.

>> No.5250234

Painting direct onto wood is not clever, the oils and resin the wood will get drunk and fight it out for supremacy.

>> No.5250250

Because if it's not raw cloth, it's primed. It will also say it's primed on the packaging.

If you need this level of handholding, art is probably not for you.

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Post your favorite sculptures. Baroque era, Renaissance era, whatever it is.

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File: 333KiB, 1069x800, 26_saturnalia.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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File: 159KiB, 1200x1600, veiled virgin.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


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File: 314KiB, 440x390, If only.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>5255270


>> No.5255235

What's it called? Distressed demon? On a side note, does anybody know when they started depicting devils and demons with bat-wings

>> No.5255270

I've seen this one in person its incredible

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Where do you find refs?

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your honest opinion on Junji Ito's art?

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>> No.5243823

>body horror
>i think its too shock humor ):
yeah no shit idiot

>> No.5243838

I love him.

>> No.5243848

Nah you're not a cunt. His fans are genuinely annoying for the most part because they think there's deeper meaning to his work when all he seems to want to do is draw horror because he thinks it's fun.

>> No.5243878

I really enjoy his artwork, but I don't like how the man writes endings. The beginning and middle are amazing but I always feel disappointed at the end.

>> No.5244829

how do people this dumb even post here?

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Quoted By: >>5242622

Unlocking 3D thinking is the most fundamental skill but all courses focus on 2D-drawing the illusion of 3D instead.

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>> No.5242585
Quoted By: >>5242615


>> No.5242615


>> No.5242622

Think in basic shapes is 3D.

>> No.5242659
Quoted By: >>5242921

stop making visualisation threads and just fucking draw. why do you visualization schizophrenics never post your goddamn work to show that it at least helps something related to art?

>> No.5242921

Ok retard

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Quoted By: >>5241372


>> No.5241372

Elitism is retarded, grow up.

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I want to be able to draw riot gear like this, I have tried to do it before and it ended up looking really crappy. would learning perspective and learning how to draw shapes from different angles help? I want to improve fast because I want to draw my character in it already

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>> No.5241580

If you want to draw riot gear... Then make studies of riot gear. Copy it 1:1 and then try replicating it from another angle. It's even better if you have the real thing that you can study from reality.
Learn how to render it, how light interacts with it,... There are a lot of tutorials online for individual textures (the "how to draw leather/thick clothes/plastic/etc" can come handy). Even the pic you posted can serve as good reference to start with.
And of course some anatomy on the side helps but don't get too caught up in that.

>> No.5241699

look up Shirow Masamune's Ghost in the Shell manga, and Mamoru Oshii's version of the GiTS too. Oshii is a maniac of military outfit so you might check Patlabor and Jinroh too.

>> No.5241740

it's just a bunch of lines and zigzags whatever bro

>> No.5242006

>tfw american and you can't draw riot gears


>> No.5242190

>rainbow six siege
i see you're a man of culture

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