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Is old software still viable to make appealing art in 2020?

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software has never, is not, and will never be viable for making appealing art.

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so do I

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i dont have it, but i would argue that the good stuff of the 2000's lasted up until around 2011-2012.
even though tumblr and whatever might have existed around that time, they were actually still rather niche and chill until 2013. even music was actualy sounding alright up until then.
i wonder what the fuck happened?

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I searched through it and can't find it

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THEN ASK IN THAT THREAD. Don't make a new one just for your question.

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I have asked for certain books before in that thread but nobody seems to answer.

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How about this guys you have a link?

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Yes. People think only active,dynamic, interesting art is answer (mike matessi or peter han shit something) and nobody gives shit about how to make boring art

and this is my answer you piece of shits literally effortless souless no fun PERFECT

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boredom itself

This thread is so fucking boring
i'm not gonna even bump or comment done and no one will give a shit NEVER EVER

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Visual-spatial intelligence is the only type of intelligence you truly need for art

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>you scored much lower than average
should i stuff my exhaust pipe or the good ol' short drop

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test was pretty easy desu, had the most trouble on the rubix cube question for some damn reason :S

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Nigga that was the easiest of all questions

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i know.... the longer i stared the more disappointed i was with myself lol

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Naaaah, what was the hardest for you?

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Im never posting my work here on this shitty board again!

There I said it!
I said it!
Hahahaha im free!

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>look how much i dont care by responding to your thread OP hey look pay attention to me, look i dont care

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you should kys for having drawn that. 5 year old can do better

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Thats not even me you fucktard!!!!
What part of never posting work again did you not get???

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That's a meme picture dude

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Which nation has the best approach when it comes to art in their comic books? Japan, USA or Europe?

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Japan is the biggest industry, but France is where artists have more freedom, in terms of styles, writing, and deadlines.

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Japan? Not even a question...

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You’d be right if you weren’t generalizing weekly Jump for the entirety of the industry. I JUST told you about how stupidly large and sustainable the indie scene, where creatives have no bosses or deadlines. Likewise, the fact that mangaka can make money off of fanworks, porn or otherwise means they’ll forever have more freedom than any nation cucked by copyright law.

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Yeah, also Japan has loli, which no western nation allows. How is this even a question?

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All I've ever seen from France is the cutesy/sexualized caricature style and anime knockoffs

Italian comics seem to have more variety

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If you're a commissioner, are you just doomed to get soulless works?

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if its your oc then probs yeah... its cringe...

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Commission good artists.

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I'm not sure why this board likes to make fun of FWAP. It's a pretty accessible book

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by andreiii looiiiie

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Apart from realistic what other art styles work well in a science fiction or fantasy setting?

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whats your endgame?

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You think this is a game?

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/ourguy/ uploaded another masterpiece


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How does he do it /ic/?

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There's gotta be some message hidden in his work. Perhaps the hair textures are the thumbprints of Hollywood pedophiles, or the upload dates have something to do with the nuclear launch codes.

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>Perhaps the hair textures are the thumbprints of Hollywood pedophiles
Fuck this cracked me up

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where do you guys go to find unusual refs or just weird stuff? i'll share some of mine

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Strange and interesting composition

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hmm i have something you may like

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Looking up cursed images is great for this.

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Hello fello d/ic/ks, how are you all holding up? last weekend i was video calling with an art fren when we both started drinking. after a few hours we both got really drunk and started talking about life and stuff. now, we knew each other for a couple of years so this wasn't really weird, but we started talking about relationships and stuff and my buddy got visably uncomfortable when all of a sudden he tells me he loves me. we're both guys so i was really shocked and i didn't know how to react so i just tried to laugh it off and end the call, but when i think about it i've spent almost half a decade with the guy constantly calling back and forth. i mean, we don't even really talk about anything but it just feels kinda comfortable i guess? i don't really know what to feel right now, but i just want to concentrate on my art.

anyway how has your sexuality affected your drawing?

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I know how to draw porn because I have a girlfriend.

non virgin artists > virgin artists

>> No.4479628


at least he had the balls to tell you. just because he has a crush on you doesn't mean you have to do anything about it. it's possible he'll find someone else to crush on.

i think it's normal. don't tell him to fuck off, but don't feel obligated to return any favors. just be. sometimes it happens, it's natural. kinda like how you like your female friends. it's whatever.

and yeah you spent like half a decade with this guy, why does it matter how he feels about you? even if you know he likes you, LITERALLY NOTHING HAPPEN. like seriously, what tangible difference does it make except he's gonna be a loyal bro.

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Nice blog

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Virgin artists still have that hopeful romantic ideal and fantasy in them. They still believe in love and finding the right one. Relationshipfags have their fantasies shattered and energy dispersed. I'll take my virginity and keep it, thank you very much. I have the rest of my life to find a wife but one chance to make it and I'm keeping my hopeful coomer energy with me!
Virign > non-virgin artists

>> No.4479750

You have no energy, coomer.

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With the art of pic related, the anatomy in some works looks alright, yet in others, such as the cheetah at the bottom, it deviates from the animal. Even for a stylized furry look, the cheetah looks weird and lacks sufficient detail. In the tiger above, they defined the detail in their animals with individual brushstrokes, meanwhile they just tack on a texture brush to create an illusion of fur for the more recent cheetah.

Their personal works are high in quality but when working on commissions, it goes out the window. The upper image is a personal work for study. The below image is a commission, but also an example they used for a sponsored art tutorial intended to correct mistakes in drawing markings of big cats. Their followers continuously praise their work, are they blind to their own shortcomings from a lack of critique? Or are they inconsistent on purpose?

It's confusing how somebody could sit down to practice and make a painting every few days but never stick to techniques that made visually pleasing artwork from months or even years ago. I first discovered their art in 2013. I see them on my explore and check up on them regularly, but just when I think they have improved, they go back a few years in their work.

How would you prevent the same thing happening in your work? Do you actively try to prevent it? Have you seen it in the work you upload?

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if you don't like it why'd you go through with rendering and coloring?

>> No.4479921

Not my work

>> No.4480121

What a fag.

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im not that great of an artist a trick i was taught to improve my consistency is referencing (or at least looking at) my previous artwork before i draw or while i draw

i think this only really works for skilled artists but referencing my previous work helps me pinpoint some of the similarities between pieces that people can identify me with. then again, if i made a serious mistake, i would be referencing and repeating said mistake so i cant really vouch for this method

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man this is the same for me too

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i was browsing twitter when i saw this shitty anime drawing (which was unsurprising) but it had almost 150K likes. what the FUCK??? can someone PLEASE explain what just happened?

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haha 4chanx does it all for you. no need to check the archive cause the links are there for you.

>> No.4479887

Stop obsessing over likes and you'll be happier.

>> No.4479987

Look at this guys profile. He has 123k+ tweets, all in chingchong.
Nobody with a sound mind would look at his content after retweeting the drawing and think "man, I loved this doodle of his, can't wait to follow this non-art account and get BOMBARDED with 300 posts per second by him all day every day".

>> No.4479989

That’s because it was generated and not drawn

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I dont get it, Sycra is cute.

>> No.4480145
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If anything it's the other way around. If you are used to looking at appealing stuff, then your art will be more appealing.

>> No.4480146

Sinix even says so himself when it comes to drawing hands. Because his fingers are freakishly long, or at least he thinks they are, he draws similarly weird hands all the time.

>> No.4480151
Quoted By: >>4480243

Implying the only way to look at appealing stuff is to look in a mirror and hope for the best.

>> No.4480243

>making bad assumptions
Why are you this dumb?

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is it a good idea to start off with this as the basis for the human shape?

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go easy on me I'm just starting out, is there a better way to put it?

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there is no human shape brah, it's a collection of 3D forms captured on a 2D plane, see pic related is a basic mannequin, most of the top artists will visualise something like that in their head and build the anatomy on top of it,

if you haven't had an introduction to perspective and 3D forms check out the youtube channel Proko, he has some good beginner videos on it

>> No.4480731

Focus on the proportions first. The lines he described are difficult to apply once you quit a frontal pose. They are more an intellectual justification for a perceived harmony, they are not used like constructive lines.

>> No.4480850

the purpose of these diagrams is for observation only. they are no intended as a method of drawing

>> No.4480862

just draw

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>that 26 year old boomer that's trying to learn to draw after his brain finished developing

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>max plasticisty

>20 somethings
>no plasticity
>no patience

>no plasticity
>max patience

>> No.4480005

you just answered your own question

>> No.4480010
Quoted By: >>4480031

>max plasticisty

>20 somethings
>medium plasticity
>no patience

>some plasticity
>max patience
Fixed for the sake of truth.

>> No.4480031

this is unironically the tryth, altho many 20 somethings have the patience necessary

>> No.4480049

Jokes on you wanfukkit I'm turning 26 in May.
This post hit me hard for a few seconds until I remembered I only want to get good enough to have my own art in my house

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I mean it's rough because she is like 15 or something. She is not villppu, but it does explain how to simplyfy the figure for poses better than many books.

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So you are a /beg. Got it.

>> No.4480659
Quoted By: >>4480672

Way too old

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>> No.4480679

>little girl
Uhhh.... anon you can sell art at cons by the time you're 15

>> No.4480685

This really shows on how much of a shithole /ic/ is.

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Uh oh...

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My bad I thought you meant OP's image, yeah I was there at the beginning of the thread but lost interest after a couple of posts since it was obvious the dude traced from the beginning, just look at the lines, as a person that traced at the past (not anymore luckily) those lines look similar to the ones I did back in the day.
But never knew it became a discord drama at the end, lol.

>> No.4480294

>But never knew it became a discord drama at the end, lol.

Yeah it was tons of fun, some anon who follows art discords on /ic/ just pulls out a bunch of screencaps showing those circlejerkers trying to convince themselves that the tracer won't trace because "he's a good boy!!!" and went on about how /ic/ defends and loves llya and "you guys would have done the same if it gets you attention!" so it's justified.

Some people are really fucked in the head.

>> No.4480322

The industry word for that is "swipe" and it has been a standard practice over the last century. It usually isn't seen as a big deal if it's somewhat transformative

>> No.4481606
Quoted By: >>4481618

i prefer the older art, it was way more charming and had character

>> No.4481618

I agree. There were also more weird shit instead of staying in the samey normal zone. That isn't to say some of the new cards aren't quite lovely

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How do I (digitally) paint skin to make it look like this?

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Quoted By: >>4480663

Yeah, not photobashing. That's Boris Vallejo, and it's an oil painting, and 99.99% posed for by bodybuilding friends of his, that was his thing. His wife (Julie Bell) was a bodybuilder, and posed for a lot of his paintings, and she brought all her friends in to pose for him.
The shadows are off because they were probably posed separately, in different lighting - Vallejo was hacky as hell, as a glossy Frazetta rip off, and churned these paintings out fast for quick magazine and poster jobs. He was basically the Thomas Kinkade of fantasy art.

>> No.4480663
Quoted By: >>4480675

>His wife (Julie Bell)
She was hot as fuck. Kinda looks like a friendly older lady now.

>> No.4480675
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Quoted By: >>4480696

she does, and boris looks like the spitting image of el goblino

>> No.4480696

Post pics of young Boris.

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File: 814KiB, 2032x3099, 1353961564-0442115.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

His earlier stuff used a model named Danielle for alot of his paintings. I always thought she was so beautiful. I bet he's legit got thousands of nude photos of her stashed somewhere that will never see the light of day and its a shame.

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Quoted By: >>4481318

How many of you know how to construct the brewer grid?

looks useful asf

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I feel like the lens thing has always been confusing for beginners
because the actual truth is that the lens doesn't matter, only the distance of the station point aka the observer to the object does

the lens is just the cone of vision, narrow or not.
if you put the 22mm lens at the same sp as the 100mm lens you will have the same effect

>> No.4481179
Quoted By: >>4481194 >>4481206

The position of the station point effects the distance between vanishing points right?
(That's all it does... right?)

>> No.4481194

Not exactly sure what you're asking but yeah the SP will determine all your set of vanishing points and their angles to each others

>> No.4481206

the way he says it is better actually, the distance between the sp and the and the vp's will affect the warping. another way to avoid distortion is by putting your vanishing poits far apart. the farther apart they are, the less distortion there is. the cone of vision simply gives you an actual fucking circle where you can draw in. if you draw outside the circle, everything looks like shit. the circle is better off being 60 degrees. but like anon says, that shit is confusing for beginners.

>> No.4481318

ye you use it when vanishing points are far away from the canvas. not really necessary when you're not doing stuff in architectural scale since slightly off perspective is less boring

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Quoted By: >>4481226

>Low beg - Loomis is great
>Mid beg - Loomis is good, but skip fun with a pencil
>High beg - Loomis sucks and is a meme

>big gap

>Master - Loomis is great and fun with a pencil is the most important book

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>> No.4481090

Kek, I 100% agree with this

>> No.4481127
File: 60KiB, 246x262, F7492437-E88B-4B93-A844-E7D4F182C76B.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>IQ poster
>Talent poster
>Doesn’t post own work

>> No.4481223

You rarely see mangaka draw their construction because they're not stupidly afraid of tracing like we are and internalize their proportions as they copy their idols in childhood. But when they do draw some construction it looks more like an alien version of Hogarth without half the steps than Loomis. And no, quartering a circle and chopping a bit off isn't Loomis's trademark,t hat shit's older than print.

>> No.4481226

how many layers of irony is this?

>> No.4481790

>Preston Blair's book
which one?

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Stupid Questions Thread

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>> No.4481527

you can go into your tablet settings (wacom, huion, whatever it is you use) from your start menu and adjust what stroke gets what kind of line. i like mine set pretty stiff, otherwise i feel like im spilling ink everywhere

>> No.4481538
Quoted By: >>4481547

Take off the name op. It's a little embarrassing

>> No.4481547


>> No.4481568

whats a good program for a beginner like me? I use ms paint but I feel like I need to start using a better program

>> No.4481580

How do I get something to look how I even want in one go? I'm sick of all these clear off looking errors I feel the need to fix constantly until something eventually looks right. It slows down my progress significantly and just ruins any fun I have.

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Last thread:>>4475189
>Link: https://dad.gallery
>Dev Tracker:https://trello.com/b/MCPk8MIg/dad-dev-board
>For registration, site issues, streak loss appeals, other inquiries, contact the link at the bottom of the site, not the thread

>Submit your artwork everyday (or your preferred frequency)
>The deadline for submissions is 23:59:59 GMT each day
>You should spend at least 30 minutes on each update
>Miss a day and you'll be alright, just keep going
>Have fun

>New thread is made whenever it is needed
>Please link to past thread
>Enjoy yourself
>Please refrain from drawing sexual encounters with underage humans ;^) (a.k.a no child porn you sick pervert)


Something's broken, what do I do?
>Eat a banana. Potassium helps.

What is the goal?
>Be better.

me is beginner and not know draw, can me join?
>Yes x100. Stop asking and start submitting art, chum. You can't be the worst, like literally.

What is Last Artist Standing?
>The legacy, the legend, the original, the predecessor. It has changed and ruined lives of many lassies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epg08FlksTc

Lava who? w what? banana whom?
>Lava was the deceased mother, potentially dead by surgery. Rest in peace mr half-empty toothpaste lemur.
>w is the heartless hypocritical pedo-enabled asshole father. Emerge occasionally to enjoy being the local scumbag that he is.
>Current dad: banana. Fuck up time to time but is trying his hardest, ganbatte kudasai!


LAS discord: https://discord.gg/2crFvKV

This is a library of resources some users have made for the community. Please give it a look:

This is the /las/ list of inspirational artists. Everyone can contribute to the list and discover new cool artists:

Please comment on each other artwork because DAD's children love attentions

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>> No.4481851
Quoted By: >>4481852

But self portrait challenge is over?

>> No.4481852

It's their homework

>> No.4481863
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Quoted By: >>4481919

collected a few big names, sorry it's all shonenshit lol I don't read a lot of manga (even most of the ones pictured here). I just put the first volume cover for consistency so they're by no means the best they have to offer, definitely check out the other covers of ones you like

>> No.4481914

>Ahhhhhh stop attacking me!
>I feel internet hurts!

>> No.4481919

Man I forgot how good MP100s covers are. I love how much they accomplish even with the technical weaknesses of the art, I would love to be able to make illustrations as intriguing as those covers

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