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Talent is necessary but not sufficient to be good at art

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The sky is blue, but sometimes it's gray when it rains.

$2.53 is not enough money to buy a $3.00 cup of coffee.

Making threads to say dumb shit like it's profound is not drawing.

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You need talent to create something that will stand the test of time
You don't need talent to draw animu coom, just work.

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>follow artist for a while
>they deactivate and make a new account
>follow new account for a while
>they deactivate and make a new account
But why?

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Is it any good? Thinking about buying it simply to eh...study her painting style.

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How the fuck do you retards talk about the same inane drama again and again
Not a single artist who has threads dedicated to them is worthy of a second glance.

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Quoted By: >>5254880

Who is Darc_28428, and why are you sending him nudes like that? You're not a female predator, are you?

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Wash your vagina.

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Discrimination in worklplaces or the law is illegal, it is a crime, personal discrimination like in who you associate with and you you marry is not, they're separate realms.
I did make a point but you never addressed it, you just have insults and name calling.

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This thread is probably the definition of community drama/vendetta and it's gonna reach the bump limit

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2D died died for this

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you are literally destroying your own genes in an unnatural way just because of "globalization"

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Japs need to into skin texture. 3D looks like shit if you do this mid way uncanny shit
Either go complete 3D celshaded anime or go for stylistic 3d anime realism. Not this Toy Story shading trash when the characters are in universe toys.

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You clearly hate your own race or other races you are talking about at the very least, because to see non whites as nothing but non entities that don't have their own identity worthy of pride and persevering but as something to dilute whites with shows me how dehumanizing you view non whites.
That's what fucking pisses me off about you, non whites only exist as a way to devalue whites.
You and people like don't care about love, you use non whites as tool against whites that's as far as your worth of them often goes.

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Quoted By: >>5253935

why does it matter to someone like you, who has 0 hope of ever passing his genes on anyway
I think you have your own gene problems to worry about

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That was beautiful anon

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ITT: Post avatars you hate.

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this shit is iconic. No avatar brings as much attention and emotion as this one does. I don't hate it, nor do I love it. But just seeing it brings memories of all his art I've seen.
TAKE IT EZ BABE!!!!!!!!!

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this simp

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Ask me how I know you are vodkuh

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Good evening, /ic/.

I have come to post art, as DooM said he would.

Sadly, due to an untimely incident of cleansing, I am not who (you) think I am.

But I am exactly who Y0U are looking for.

I cannot speak on behalf of the Doctor, but he is watching; and will be with (you) shortly.

The Doctor is nEvEr l@ttEe.


He has left this place, as (you) muZt.

I have already transcended this place.

>Post elsewhere, my good sirs and madams,

Do so by posting my meme.

My Secret ;^)


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>take (you)r medications.


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What's /ic/'s opinion on cryptoart?

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I see many pros selling for 40k$+ everyday, you're not looking at the right place anon.
Watch foundation for example, people with 400k-1M following selling 30-60k a piece right now

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>g-g-gas fees
the absolute state of cryptocucks
scream about unregulated currency and shaking off the yoke of state controlled fiat, then turn around and pay fees

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stupid as fuck in its current state and laughable to see industry professionals mental gymnastics their way into justifying it

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On what planet do artists not get screwed over? give it a week.

Do you realize many of the industry people who've entered into the NFT racket have been victims their whole career? Screwed out of royalties, worked for free, underpaid by tens of thousands of dollars EVERY YEAR. Fallen for vanity book scams, paid to enter contests, done art tests. Never properly credited, unpaid crunch. Don't even know how to file their own taxes, can't afford healthcare. Created or participated in failed kickstarters, can't maintain their patreon etc. etc.

These are the guys who suddenly have the business savvy to pull this off? Yes some will finally make the few dollars they are owed, but many will get burnt, per usual.

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So this is the new meme? I'm sure the very first people that got into this made a few bucks, but like always once something gets more popular and people start seeing dollar signs people gonna lose money.

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Quoted By: >>5255124

Self Promotion General
Share your DA, insta, Patreon, tumblr, blog etc, or post accounts you like.

Keep the drama to a minimum, this isn't /soc/

Use http:// when linking to your work to create a clickable link.

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>asks for suggestions
>gets suggestions


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IG: DK_Domino

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I do dark fantasy art and write but I also post once a month


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Make an instagram, people will eat your art right up

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TWITTER https://twitter.com/tempestlamb
DEVIANTART https://www.deviantart.com/tempestlamb

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How the fuck do I get more people to watch/like/ect my instagram?
I just made an account yesterday and made a few drawings I consider ok as sketches, but as a sheltered autist I know nothing about stuff like getting known and such. How does it work?

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spam all the related hashtags you've ever know in your posts?

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B good

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Here are a couple tips I gathered
>post at regular intervals
>on Instagram, it's exponentially better to post colored drawings. People on insta love pretty colors and colored drawings will perform better than non colored drawings
>unless your sketches look clean and finished, do NOT share them. This is valid for all social media. People won't click on them and if they do they won't follow you because all you shared is a shitty unfinished drawing
>use hashtags

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>I just made an account yesterday
Wow! I wonder what your problem could be!!??!!??!?

In all seriousness two steps:
1. Abuse hashtags
2. Post every day

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is pic related ur work?
instagram likes portraits or faces in general and active engagement

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here you go
Choppiri Ecchi na Onnanoko no Kakikata
they are taking forever to translate the rest

don't be hard on yourself pal. We'll all make it if we spend more time drawing than on ic.

thanks for the good book selection. I'll read these books instead.

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Quoted By: >>5253360

that guy sucks. I learned a million times more from this guy.

>> No.5253360
Quoted By: >>5253589

the funny thing is how many people will take this post at face value and not know it was stolen from hampton

>> No.5253575

Learn Japanese.

>> No.5253589

It's the japanese version of hampton's book u fag

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Quoted By: >>5253511 >>5253514

Ok, why this board never discuss "soul"
It's really the only thing that matters.

Like, sure technique can be learned by anyone.
But I doubt you can teach "soul"

Soul is what makes even stick figures to be more pretty and interesting than overpolished souless realistic concept art.

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i think soul comes from a piece having a balance between telling a story, while leaving enough room for interpretation

>> No.5253514

the soul vs soulless meme 9 times out of 10 is used to disparaged. what's there to discuss?

>> No.5253516

I think soul is 70% fundamentals and 30% inspiration.
Enough room to be yourself and show your understanding of something, with enough novelty for innovation.

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You have to explore yourself through your art, that's how you find your soul.

>When I stray from all the rotely memorized shit I just end up regressing to where I was when I first started drawing.

We both know what the right remedy is for this. You have to draw and get uncomfortable and you have to stay there, in that discomfort, and explore yourself. That's the clearest path to your progression as an artist.

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Someone posted this and I saved because I think that this is what I call soul. I could feel this art.

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post your (or others) improvement timelines so you can feel some kind of way about how you compare other people's progress

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Isn't that one two different artistes?

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How do you guys manage to totally skip learning actual construction skills, but immediately figure out painting and colors? I've only just gotten to the point where I feel like I can do okayish construction but now that I'm trying to paint over it I have no clue what to do

>> No.5253066

they don't know how to paint or color. they are copying a reference and don't understand lighting.

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A month of daily blooks

>> No.5254840

I see no improvement, OP.

Leave Hot Topic and take life drawing.

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i love this artstyle so much it's unreal

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Quoted By: >>5251803

Like this?

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>> No.5251812

Looks like the pop n music/puyo puyo style

>> No.5252203

Reminds me of Adventure era Sonic artwork.

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Reminds me somewhat of gekidan inu curry’s artwork

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>grind 1000 figure drawings instead of doing animeshit
>read hampton figure drawing, skimmed through loomis
>mfw I actually got better
Why didn't /ic/ tell me this?

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Quoted By: >>5254776

You need an actual goal with your studies and just blind copying won't teach you much, you should be very analytical with a few copies and then even more analytical and meticulous with your "creative" attempts, and I mean really conscious and meticulous, go over everything you are doing wrong and don't do it EVER again.
OP shouldn't ever again chicken scratch or fuck up the pelvis that hard, honestly he's getting ahead of himself with anatomy and should focus more on line control and construction first.

>> No.5254776
Quoted By: >>5254825

>don't do it EVER again.
that's easy to say, especially the two examples you give. most of the learning comes from grinding and consolidating habits you pick up from just grinding for thousands of hours, you do have to be mindful; but conscious knowledge is not as important as the unconscious skill.

there are some people who can learn like you describe it, but those are a tiny minority; most people don't have the level of mindfulness to be aware of everything they're doing at all times; maybe for a few hours a day max.

>> No.5254825
Quoted By: >>5254832

>that's easy to say
Anatomy isn't easy but not chicken scratching is, it's purely a mindset shift and knowing what the fuck you're supposed to be doing.

>but conscious knowledge is not as important as the unconscious skill.
It absolutely is. OP is wasting his time with anatomy when he doesn't even get basic line control yet, 6 months of mindless grinding is worth much less than 1 week of conscious practice especially when you have a better foundation to build upon, this is particularly important for anatomy since you need good lines and construction knowledge before.
Do NOT grind things until you have good knowledge of them or else you are just grinding bad habits.

>> No.5254832

As for mindfulness, you should be doing your studies when you are most active like in the mornings, don't grind just for the sake of drawing, you can just doodle stuff you like instead.
And I really mean it when I say you should first have a good foundation, you will have a much easier time understanding bodies when you first understand 3D space for example.

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Made a new thread

Post your original characters and see if /ic/ will make fanart of them

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>> No.5252617

love your style. whats your twitter handle, mello?

>> No.5253072
Quoted By: >>5253080 >>5253512

>furry tumblr crap
fuck off redditor

>> No.5253080
Quoted By: >>5253114

I despise furries with all my might, but still can appreciate good character design, because I'm not 14 years old

>> No.5253114

>i still appreciate good character design
you don't even know what you're talking about beglet

>> No.5253512

reminds me of PaRappa the rapper or Um Jammer Lammy characters.

huh? I don't think you know what furry art is lol

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how am I supposed to best learn from this book? I'm reading through it but there's no exercises written for me to do like other art books. Is the best way to learn from it to read a chapter then copy the illustrations?

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>> No.5253440

hey OP, i may be in a similar situation as you-
without predefined exercises or tasks it can be hard to practice productively

what i would recommend is to break this book up into sections and spend a while on each section until you are comfortable with that particular body part

example would be to say, okay. this day/week/month i will improve my hands- go into the hand section of the book and read it entirely, then apply what you have learnt, using the book as a reference while you are doing so, draw 100 hands, 1000 if you need to, and continue to refine it using the book as a guide- until you are pleased with it and then move on to another body part / section if you feel ready

the book doesn't need to be followed start to finish but rather used as a reference when you want to draw/practice something in particular.

think of it as a cook book- you generally don't read it cover to cover if you just wanna improve your stir-fries- you go to the stir fry section and practice that until you are making wicked stir-fry.

goodluck anon, i know you can make it

>> No.5253572

you are too pure for 4chan. Bless

>> No.5253585

thank you so much for the advice i really appreciate it

>> No.5254263


>> No.5255168

source or never happened.

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Post based books in the thread that helped you overcome hurdles in your learning progress.

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File: 413KiB, 2088x2560, 81QfLGjdJYL.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>5253524

The focus on proportions and landmarks helped me way more than other anatomy books.

>> No.5252477
Quoted By: >>5252727 >>5252740

Any tips for studying Color and Light? I'm planning on ordering it soon but I heard it's more of a reference book than a how-to paint book.

>> No.5252727

ive always personally considered it a reference book more than anything, obviously it teaches you some shit but really idk how you'd study it

>> No.5252740

Theres a guy called Andrew Tischler on youtube, he has fantastic walkthroughs.

>> No.5253524

Damn this looks really nice.

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Quoted By: >>5251659 >>5251664

I'm getting into digital art and I'd like to get some critique and advice, this is the last digital drawing I made

>> No.5251412
Quoted By: >>5251454

I'm trans btw, if that matters

>> No.5251454

thank you for your critique

>> No.5251659

Y dos she look like trans

>> No.5251664

what makes you so important that you get your own thread?
post this shit in /beg/ where it belongs

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the screenshot is of korean lacquer and seashells. the origin is in the file name.
my question is if there is any paint, inks, or easy to use oils available on the market thar resemble this opal like sheen the branches give.
i ask because ive been addicted to my winsor & newton Dip pen inks and would love to find a medium that has this sheen to it, and if not a liquid some sort of plastic sheet to cut and apply if any are known.
i just find it very beautiful and would love to find a poor mans version.

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Quoted By: >>5251456

ah, yeah, i can definitely understand the concern. buy a set of cheap dollar-store type brushes and try hard-coat modpodge, perhaps? not sure if you included them in the holographic paints you've seen on amazon, but looking up 'pearl pigment' and 'iridescent mica' seems to have some results that might interest you

>> No.5251456
Quoted By: >>5251459

this really does! many inks for dip pens are pigment based, i could make an at home pigment based ink from these, it may take a lot of mixing but if its at all comparable to the winsor&newton metallic inks im more than pleased.
from thin strips to fully painted areas i could have a comparable matching shimmer! maybe not a uniform sheen but it may look similar to the winsor newton gold.
thank you

>> No.5251459
Quoted By: >>5251463

oh, nice! thats good then lmao, it's probably not quite the effect in the OP but it's something at least
np bro

>> No.5251463
File: 10KiB, 267x200, 41f2cVxgDoL._AC_SY200_.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>5251465

not quite but still very useful to me since it will match my other inks!
it will look like the image attached i think?

>> No.5251465

oh, thats very neat, hopefully it does anon. if i remember correctly the good thing about mica is that you can get a decent amount of it for pretty cheap online too
one day ill get into inks but i just havent the time to even use my watercolours, unfortunately

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Quoted By: >>5252583

You can only post ITT if you've had the same tablet for 3+ years.

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>> No.5252490

Wacom bamboo for 10 years, XP Deco 02 for 3 years.

>> No.5252575


Based Bamboo bros. Didnt know some of us were still around.

>> No.5252583
File: 83KiB, 800x634, 0338C036-8B48-4681-B98C-1E735D0EB294.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

More than 3

>> No.5252749

Nice. I have the same tablet but I have to keep my cord taped to the tablet, one usb port is already broken and the other is on its way out. I was not kind to my intuos 4 when I was younger, really regret it

>> No.5252831

Would have still had my decade old intuos if I hadn't snapped the usb port on a table accidentally. Now I have an Intuos pro going on three years. The bluetooth is completely busted but it works well otherwise.

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5251223 No.5251223 [DELETED] [Reply] [Original]
Quoted By: >>5251232 >>5251272

Mum dropped money to put ads on this site.

>> No.5251228

and then you made a thread about it. whos stupider here

>> No.5251232
Quoted By: >>5251244


>> No.5251244
Quoted By: >>5251253

Your Mum. Hehe/

>> No.5251253

fuck off slut stop coming here

>> No.5251272

i only see the porn ads now

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Quoted By: >>5251237 >>5251240

Draw her in your style

>> No.5251159

you first OP

>> No.5251160

god no

>> No.5251237
Quoted By: >>5251248

i'm not drawing your faggot OC, we already have like 4 OC threads up

>> No.5251240

draw my dick instead fagget

>> No.5251248

There are people online who don’t know who this is?

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want to see all of your unique thinking ability

>> No.5251143
Quoted By: >>5251151

it doesnt take skill to draw a bunch of random shit, it takes skill to take chaos and mold it into order

>> No.5251151
File: 289KiB, 1281x837, ravan1.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


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5251065 No.5251065 [Reply] [Original]
Quoted By: >>5254067 >>5254539

>> No.5254067

Neat drawing anon

>> No.5254539
Quoted By: >>5254637

Testing for what?

>> No.5254637

dont know , i think he is testing if he can post

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