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It feels like learning anime style drawings is significantly harder because I cant access or read the artbooks or tutorials what the hell do i do when I see these tutorials right in front of my eyes but i cant even read them

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Then continue to suffer, stupid cunt. Your shit will suck either way.

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Get what u can from english resources but dont go too deep, typical western way of learning art is not suitable for anime. Then, keep comparing your work to other anime artists and see what is missing, how they draw, why they draw it like that. Simpler styles are easier to figure out, but more advanced stuff youre gonna have to figure out in what way you can.
Also, there are image translators online.

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a good way I learned how to color in anime style is by watching speedpaints. for example, shirabii on youtube. he has both streams and speedpaints you can learn a lot from.

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yandex.com is awful but i guess you could get something out of it.

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IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice.

Use this thread instead of making new threads or post in the Drawthread with fundamental exercises.


RESIZE YOUR IMAGES TO ~1000 PIXELS using one of the following methods:
1. screenshot the image and post that instead
2. change camera capture settings to something smaller
3. send to computer and resize in picresize.com

Sticky document:

Previous thread:>>>>5248288

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lol mad

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how do I go about making drawing something I want to do and consistently do everyday? I'd like to draw everyday, and I ideally spent a lot of time on it.
I actually have the free time atm. but aimlessly browsing the internet, entertainment media and porn are way more stimulating, and way easier. drawing can feel stimulating too, and it often does when I actually do it, but it can't compare to those other activities.
thinking about how consistently drawing now and developing a skill would be better for my future doesn't work. I can intellectually understand it, but it doesn't feel like a real imminent threat/issue. taking care of other responsibilities (like schoolwork) is easier to do, because there'll be consequences right away, if I don't.
I had no success with "just be disciplined" as a long term strategy either. Might work for a few weeks, but mainly just made me dislike drawing.

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Get used to just randomly scribbling on the page even if you don't have any ideas, the goal is to condition yourself to regard drawing as your "do nothing" time that you are currently spending with internet garbage. And yes this is all about discipline.

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Having a hard time to draw the mouth and make stuff pop, I like the feel of the jacket tho

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Talent is not real.

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>this retard screeching about sycra because he draws in his own artstyle instead of focusing on hyper realistic studies

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The core philosophy, and one I agree with, is that you should focus on at least semi-realistic studies before branching off on your own style.
In short, you need to learn and understand the rules before you start breaking them.

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>anime avatar

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>this retard using muh style as an excuse for sycra's shitty art

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Welcome to The Honest Thread.
Where I, Mr Honest, will judge you. I will tell you exactly what I think of you. Facts over feelings.
Want to know if you are /beg/ or /int/ ?
Post your work and I will judge it without biases- to the best of my ability.

Want to know if you should continue to work on that piece you been dreading and procrastinating? Post your work and I will tell you exactly what it is.

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this makes sense, thanks man.

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>work is still better than 95% of /ic/
if I'm supposes to hate this guy because of this image I don't

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based detective anon

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Please post your work after you implement it.
I very much would like to see your improvement.

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>The Pareto principle states that for many outcomes, roughly 80% of consequences come from 20% of the causes
you must be pretending
this is like if i told you to "use the rule of nines"
"9 lines per sketch, 9 forms per drawing, 9 folds per clothing, 9 inches per line"
>>5251502 said it best, this is just pseudointellectual drivel

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How often to do you use references? Usually when I use a reference I feel guilty as hell because it feels like plagurism, but using references to get things like hair and proportions of characters right is the only way for my art not to be a complete mess. What are your thoughts?

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Always use a reference. You arent Kim Jung Gi. Use references until you cant find anymore, then make your own. It'll take years before you can work reference-free in any capacity without looking like ass.

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References are fine.

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This is flat but I dig it if it's a style choice. Great colors looks like a movie poster

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Guess that's what I get for not drawing for half a year. She had kinda difficult eyes to manage but definitely messed up my shadows alot.


Don't have much on my phone but found something from a couple years ago, but not realism.

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Stop posting your Chinese memes

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How can I improve this?

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What do you do when you can’t find a reference of a specific pose?

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Do it in the mirror

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something something good artists copy great artists steal

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dont use imagination, construct

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anime art doesnt need perfect anatomy

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That's a very cold illustration of summer

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I'm not able to record films at my house for various reasons, but one thing I've noticed is fun is to use games, mods, or quirky programs to make animations. Stuff from the old Microsoft 3D Movie Maker, to the Blockbuster mod for Minecraft, I find it fun to use these to make movies. I think I just have a hard time focusing on standard animation (I've tried many times), so using these makes it easier, and also applies limits to make my creativity think more cleverly. Are there any (preferably free) programs that are meant for making animations, and I guess (for lack of a better word) a bit quirky?

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Source Filmmaker? MMD?

>> No.5250886

>>5250882 (to add)
Any Flipnote-style app on a browser or mobile works too. Flipnote itself if you happen to have a DS laying around.

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When working in black and white do you have a physical value scale next to you? Would that help with visualizing mid tones?

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so if i work in ink, would i need white ink?

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Yes, or could try making highlights with an opaque, white colored pencil, like the ones made by prismacolor, or even white gouache.
It depends on how detailed you want your studies to be.

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right now im experimenting with crosshatching so its sort of confusing knowing what values i have.

>> No.5251344

Start off with a grey layer, do a sketch layer, then a value layer with white and black, and then paint the peace fully.

>> No.5252239


If it were me, I'd start off separating my studies. Cross-hatching can be used to denote value, but its a separate skill on its own that shows planar information in a certain way.
When I tried to incorporate hatching into my master study of Jean Baptiste Greuze, I'd find myself using too many line to indicate cross contours and it effected the way the values were set up.
Reduce your values to 5: center light, half tones, shadow, core shadow and cast shadow- and you should be able to get most of the most out of the study without too much confusion.

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How will you prevent imposters from posting your art?

I have seen some scammers posting art of other people and setting up commissions to scam others.

Is this something 4chan can implement?

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Let it happen, when you find the scammed expose them, get your free twitter publicity

Rinse and repeat

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Stop trying to find imaginary solutions to imaginary problems.

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Quoted By: >>5253603

Someone's selling games on Steam for several years made with my Patreon pictures. But there's nothing I can do about it, since filing a takedown request (if those even do anything) requires my name - not my artist handle but my real name, which is then also sent to the perpetrator. So the only thing I'd be doing is giving criminals my identity so they can doxx me.

>> No.5252123

People fall for them all the time. Look at redbubble, lmao.

>> No.5253603

This is interesting. I assume you are doing this because you are creating NSFW art?

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Was it based?

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It's true
>It appears that Datuna is not in any serious trouble. A spokeswoman for Galerie Perrotin, which represents Cattelan, the artist behind the piece, told the New York Times that the gallery would not take legal action against Datuna, adding that “it’s all in good spirits.” Gallery staff also substituted the missing banana with a new one, the Times reported.
total money laundering, probably tasted like shit too

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Banksy is the epitome of mediocre surface-level bullshit that makes normies shit themselves with joy.
If banksy wasn't a street artist he'd be posting pictures of Walter White on reddit.

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bansky is old and fat and gay. a sissy form of dissent. his schtick keeps stale old liberal punks and hippies believing they're still the rebel side as they keep shoving their retarded dogmas like intersectionality on the younger, broke and disenfranchised generations.

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no banksy is black

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Booba Tape

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Why do all your paintings look like you use the wrong end of the brush?

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these are getting better bro, hope you sell it for a lot of dosh

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Quoted By: >>5251281

lets see your work real quick

>> No.5251278

you suck, consider quitting art

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Just finished my very first commission. Feels good, man.

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Quoted By: >>5250701

Good job fren. How much did you get?

>> No.5250701
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50 bucks now, some more later, and probably a percent from every copy sold (it's an NFT).

>> No.5250711
Quoted By: >>5250715

I heard a lot about this nft thing, it's crypto based transaction right? Is there any community, app, guidelines or something like that?

>> No.5250715

Yeah, there's plenty of sites like rarible where you can sell your own art. Or just poke around telegram channels of new coins, lots of upcoming nft projects are looking for artists.

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No art supply thread so I'll make one.
Does anyone know a cheaper option for ink or watercolor paper? 7.50 USD for 20 sheets is wooping expensive for me when I use them up quickly for practice. I tried printer paper but the ink wouldn't compromise well compare to the smoother bristle paper.

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Also, while I was shopping at local supermarket I saw a knockoff (?) staedtler watercolor set and since it was real cheap like only five bucks I grabbed it along with a cheap faber castell drawing book to have some fun. Costed me seven bucks in total. I'll play with this for the time being while waiting my order.

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whats the most youd spend on a gross of vintage pens?

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Anyone here used nitram charcoal before? How do I use it Correctly? I bought a few ones yesterday, I didn't have time to play with them but I notisted they don't work on newsprint. What paper should I use?

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>> No.5254427

I manly use prismacolor for figure drawing and practice and sometimes polychromos in this video
He recommended strathmore layout bond paper. Sadly they don't sell this one in my country and if i were to order one it would be expensive as fuck because of the size of this one.
I have never tried one before and i don't know the feel of the paper( i have only used printing paper and i would like to go bigger 18x24")
Any alternative to this ?

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Why do trannies like this force their degenerate garbage into the sacred institution of pixel art?

>> No.5250651
Quoted By: >>5250657 >>5250667

Is that Pixel parmesan?

>> No.5250657
Quoted By: >>5250667

it's "thisislux" a mentally ill faggot 41% that is trying to ruin western values via mediocre pixelart and twitter virtue signaling

>> No.5250667

wait nevermind those are the same person

>> No.5250674

once again trannies are drawing while you don't. They have already won because you didn't put in the effort to push them out of the competition with your art.

>> No.5250675

You don't even draw, faggot.

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What are good starting materials for a total beginner to painting? Which paints, like type and colors, are best for learning color theory and mixing?

>> No.5250581

you should think through what you want. art materials are expensive, and not long after you would want to expand upon your "total beginner" tools and paints, then leaving you with materials which you have no use for either because of the medium that you decide you do not want or because of the quality.

>> No.5250587
Quoted By: >>5250613 >>5250786

Yellow, red, blue, black and white paints is the bare minimum as far as colors are concerned, these are the basic colors that you can mix into anything, even if the result is less vibrant than having a tube of the resulting color
Ideally you want to start painting with whatever you want to end up doing right away (want to do oils? Try out oils)

>> No.5250613
Quoted By: >>5250776

I'd like to suggest Magenta and Cyan over Red and Blue. Yellow, Magenta, and Cyan are the true primary pigments. Red and Blue can be mixed.

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what this anon said >>5250613 as for -type- of paint, acrylic is the easiest medium to get a hold of. I use pic related regularly, not professional level, but good quality for the price.

>> No.5250786

>Yellow, red, blue, black and white paints is the bare minimum as far as colors are concerned
retard take when limited pallets exist, and even disregarding those, this is a recipe for muddy colors

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Do you like REIQ?

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seethe and dilate

>> No.5252919

The assumption of Black Lives Matter is that they consider overall society to not think that black lives matter.

>> No.5252933

fuck off

>> No.5253356

Who cares? Are you upset that he isn't calling people nigger?

>> No.5253886

Because reality does not match the BLM message.

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Quoted By: >>5252127

Anyone heard of this?

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I always confused about the difference between decentralized and regular crypto.

>> No.5252063

Sounds too good to be true. I'm going to wait until it becomes more popular. And then when i actually git gud i'll try it out. Because patreon blows ass.


>> No.5252121

absolutely. it is 'current year' after all

>> No.5252127

>Ghost is an independent non-profit organisation. We build publishing tools for modern journalism & publishing because we believe freedom of speech is important. Our software is released under a free open source license, our business model is completely transparent, and our legal structure means that 100% of the money we make is reinvested into making Ghost better.
god I hope they beat gaytreon to a pulp in the next few years

>> No.5255078

brain damage personified

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Have you drawn the two hottest new Smash Bros fighters yet /ic/?

>> No.5250412

>This post is extremely low quality

>> No.5250432

>this post is a war crime

>> No.5250437

>this post should be buried so no one could find it ever

>> No.5250438

>this post

>> No.5250462

Why does the one on the left have the face of a blowup doll? It offends my eyes.

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what are good questions to ask yourself when drawing from observation?

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Am I drawing the correct thing?

>> No.5252256

you should read what you just wrote and empathize with your mother. not having money when youre a single parent isnt an option. i grew up with an alcoholic abusive single mother who worked constantly but i can understand why her life was the way it was. grow up and forge your own future, dont be a sulky manchild.

always be comparing your measurements with each other, ask yourself "where are the borders of my paper in relationship to my subject", "where is my horizon line" and "where are subtle colors and values that i could be punching up"

>> No.5252260

Should I have gone into STEM?

>> No.5252603

>how do these two lines relate to each other
>what are the angles
>is this line a tangent of this other form?

>> No.5252616

>how does light interact with this plane
>what direction is the light coming from

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Quoted By: >>5250681 >>5250692


>> No.5250335
Quoted By: >>5250343

are paintovers bad?

>> No.5250343

No, actually paintingover have better aqulity if you have basic understanding of proportion and colour theroy

>> No.5250681

Just draw

>> No.5250692

Cute fox boi

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Hi, I am a small artist from Poland. I make my living by selling paintings. I study fashion design. I have a very big auction tomorrow, and I wanted to ask if you would like to take a look, you know of course galleries are about statistics so the more people see the auction the better, thanks in advance for your help, and of course any feedback on the work very welcome :)
The auction: https://onebid.pl/pl/auction/2092/lot/53/jakub-kepka-birchman-2020

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File: 259KiB, 800x917, ?ó?ta.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

wola?em ?ó?t? mord? anon, ale czerwona te? ujdzie

>> No.5252520

too bad that those loli shotas are more well drawn than this

>> No.5252558

your art is trash, prolly only pretentious idiots or money laundering jews are interested in this garbage

>> No.5252680

wygl?da chujowo. skurwiele tacy jak ty przyczyniaj? si? do post?powej degeneracji rynku sztuki.

>> No.5253784

i like how you used the direction of the brush strokes to draw attention to the head. are the two larger bubbles supposed to look like eyes?

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Is there a gel pen that you believe bests the Uni-ball Signo UM-151 Gel Pen?

I feel abused and trolled by this pen. Everyone says it's the best gel pen available but mine constantly die and skip.

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Quoted By: >>5250805

How do I avoid this?

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Quoted By: >>5250957

If your dominant hand looks like the top instead of the bottom youre literally not going to make it

>> No.5250957
Quoted By: >>5250967 >>5251030

how the fuck do you get these? are you gripping your pen like a fucking gorilla? literally monkey brains

>> No.5250967
File: 85KiB, 625x563, 322BAC32-4B8E-4E1C-BBE8-DDB5D5E75B85.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>5250989

drawing and/or writing daily for years and resting the writing utensil against your finger instead of between all your fingers

>> No.5250989
File: 218KiB, 993x1239, E41AEFF8-2A40-4500-A213-A02A2FDA496A.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Holding my pencil like this deformed my finger by the time I was like 10

>> No.5251030

I have gorilla strength, so I naturally hold the pencil extremely tight. The bump on my finger isn't actually a callus it is deformed bone.

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