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How do I stop hating my art so fucking much? It's not even that it is objectively good or appealing and I am just angry with myself, It is legit shit. Stiff, unappealing and boring.
Not to mention the almost total absence of draftmanship. What should I do? Should I continue drawing and do nothing more? study from books? Drawing from life instead of just copying references badly as "practice"? This was done using a reference and it still looks ugly af and stiff.

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>i'm a raw beginner and i can't execute the literal hardest task in art


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Learn to draw properly and get good.

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Don't start with serious anatomy, it's a meme. Start with cartoony stuff. It gives you the advantage of having more freedom and flexibility that is very useful for beginners. After you have done cartoons for a while you will be able to just naturally do more interesting poses, body motions and perspectives. After you've done that everything else will become much easier.

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dude just add an ass in the right leg lmao is literally the only thing that's wrong in your draw, if you did it is great as fuck now just digitalize it and it will become a very good piece

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that's a literally copied Morrigan and added a different hair and colors in SAI

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IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice. We should not have to make new threads or post in the /draw/thread with our fundamental exercises.

Feel free to post even the smallest exercise you have done to show you are still trying, or you literally are never going to make it

previous >>4474759

READ THE STICKY if you need guidance.
Sticky: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uwaXKU7ev6Tw_or__o8ARpUb6r2rCZYJGqwSFV9AD98/edit#bookmark=id.15jx3pyuimvj

RESIZE YOUR IMAGES - try ~1000px, <1.1mb

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Yeah it’s in procreate. I just use the MaxU600 Series pencil in the same way as I would use something like a conte pencil and then I just use the basic smudge tool in the same way as I would use my thumb to blend charcoal by going around the form

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new thread

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>thread killed in a day
>not by pure shitposting

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This one? It was my attempt to draw a shortstack baphomet. I'm pretty bad at giving things perspective and making them not look flat, I think the fact that I'm using solid black on white for most stuff makes this even a harder job for me since I'm just a beginner. I'll be glad if you have any tips to give about that.

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>tfw actually could be a really good artist, if I could just sit down and draw everyday
Anyone else know this feel? I can draw well, but I just can't be productive everyday. It's simply too much for my mental state.

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I can't really fix it, I just have to learn to live with it and be productive anyway. Drawing helps me a lot to feel better, but it's just hard to find the energy for it when you always feel like shit.

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>don't have a vent thread and a stupid questions thread up
It makes absolutely no difference, even when those are up there's at least a couple "I'm too depressed to draw sadwojak.jpeg" and "how do I draw like this" threads literally every single day, the jannies should just delete those on sight but you know how it goes.

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Alright then, be /fit/ and take care of your health anon. Don't let your art gains go to waste.

Damn man. I wonder if the jannies were active here in 2012 or earlier when this board was actually trying to get good. Did posts like these existed? Wtf am i talking about we have an archive lmao.

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"stop making threads to complain about your own worthlessness"
on /ic/

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How do you "feel the form" when it comes to subjects that are squishy?

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I'm erect right now, thanks.

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Where can I buy this? Is it expensive?

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you just have to feel it. it's not an intellectual thing. you will know you're feeling the form when you're drawing and it mentally feels like you're sculpting a 3D surface in a 3D modeling program. you have to sense the forms as you're drawing as if they're real things.

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jesus those are massive

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PS is by far my preferred app on PC. My pirated CC early 2019 is kind of buggy, little kirks here and there, the most annoying one is that my keyboard shortcuts get reset from time to time and I was wondering if paying $10 a month is it worth it for the recent updates/new features, perhaps more stability and other perks

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Csp all the way

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Just buy a 100 bucks laptop and never connect it to internet loser lmao

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csp > ps

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I pay the whopping 50 or so bucks for the full creative cloud because fuck my wallet. I get my full use of the most recent photoshop w/out any hassle. There's definitely dumber things to spend $10/month on.

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Photosh sounds cute.
I will have a slav kid and call him Photosh.

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Even if you're /beg/ tier, post the piece of work you think possesses the most soul.

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I haven't done a single piece in 4 months since I started, only exercises

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Gmi. Probably already mi

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Drew this some inktober, will post the reference I had, tried to use similar style.

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Here's the reference

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how to stylize this change in the face without it making the face look older?

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>look at me i'm pretending to be retarded

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If you want the real answer, don’t draw hard dark lines to indicate wrinkles or leave them out if possible.

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The expression created by the lift on the cheeks is not a sign of age you retard. That said it’s very difficult to stylize attractively outside of realism. The worst way to do it is with simple lines though. I’ve seen it done well a few times by making the line work a different, softer color than the rest of the line work though.

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Ran some tests. I think the middle right looks best. I'd say no more than two lines are needed, and they should be soft or part of the shading rather than a hard outline. Cheek lines are much harder, never draw those.

>> No.4481041

nice work. I'm inclined to agree. top right could perhaps work if there were more expression in the eyebrows.

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The biggest thing when creating OC characters and concept art for clients; I always look at the big boys like Mario, Sonic, and Pacman, and the like. The reason they're so popular besides their games, is their look. Mario had 2 of the biggest and most popular primary colors that makes him easily recognizable and loved. Pacman is the same but with yellow and accent of red on his gloves and feet. Megaman and Sonic are mostly blue. You get the idea. However the one thing that drives me nuts and makes me worried is making characters whose color pallets are too similar to existing popular characters; and I would like everyone's input on this.

If I'm making OC (for myself or a client); I'm worried that if be making a character who's colors are too similar from another one. Like, the character in question is completely different than Mario. But what's going to stop people from calling that character a Mario ripoff if it has a color pattern of red and blue? What's going to stop people from calling my character a ripoff of say megaman, sonic, or pacman if it shares their color pallets? It's something I'm worried about because people are really superficial, and it is hard enough to come up with a pallet that I like and isn't similar to existing ones. Am I overthinking this or is this a real dilemma? I don't want a character that I make being called a ripoff of any character in the industry just because of similar colors

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what is color theory to you? Learning the triads and complementary colors, etc? Okay I know those but I don't get how to use them to make something look nice. Is it what emotion certain colors convey? Those seem to be different based on where you read it from. I just don't understand color theory or at least researching it doesn't help me pic colors and when I try using colors that theory would tell me its right, it just looks off.

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>omg he's like... totally ripping off pacman!!

>> No.4478545

MCdOnalds car

>> No.4478585

Just feel the colors you imbecil.

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OP, there's more to character design than just colour scheme. Spiderman and Mario have similar colour schemes, but you'd never be able to confuse them because they look completely different. Consider shape and form while you're designing your character. Compare silhouettes, etc.

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>draw bad portrait with no understanding of fundamentals
>try to hide the fact that it's bad by calling it "abstract"
This is probably bait anon but this is detrimental to your progress. Even to do abstract art (which you did not) you should have at least a fundamental understanding of regular, non-abstract art, because when you actually know how form, texture and color works, only then can you properly abstract and distort it. Picasso, Bacon, whoever - they all were perfectly capable of doing good, realistic portraits if they so pleased.

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I quit video games since yesterday so i can have more time towards art and learning it but it feels so boring. Realizing you're so shitty for so long and trying to get better but the process of getting better is boring as shit.

Maybe it's because i'm either autistic or have the mind of some phone addicted teenager or some shit but reading books and watching video courses is grueling. It hurts so much to know you're also shit at easy excercises as well.
I can't fucking quit art i wanna get better but this process is so demotivating.

How do i make it fun and associate art with a positive feeling so i can love art again?

Do i need to wait for a full week so i can become addicted to art since i quit videogames?

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Art needs to primarily be about creating shit you want to create and not about improving at art. If it's just about improving then you are going to have a really bad time, speaking from experience.

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Quoted By: >>4481602

I know this sounds pathetic but I'm in the same boat I just can't sit through tutorials or books.

What is the best paced course for me? I'm a beginner

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> I quit video games since yesterday
I don't have enough smug anime girls to express my contempt. Sorry, anon, but I can't take anything you wrote after this seriously.

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Quoted By: >>4481602

Maybe you can draw something you like, for example a kitten or an icecream cone.

>> No.4481602

I'm not good at coloring yet but i'll start trying it this month. Thanks for suggestion anon

Yeah i'm opening up to that mindset alot. Art is actually fun to me again.

Just draw anon. Another anon somewhere around here also said that jumping into books and courses without a clear goal in mind on what you want to improve at makes stuff boring for you. Just draw, realise you need to improve on something, get a book/video anything on it, then apply it to your drawing. I'm starting on Peter Han's Dynamic bible since drawing bodies is complex for a beg like me.

Lol that's fine. But seriously, it's day 3 of me quiting videogames and i haven't thought about them until you said it at all. I depended on them because i wanted to improve at art instantly and needed the instant gratification since i couldn't get that from art and associated art with a bad feeling since it wasn't fun for me.
Now art is actually fun thanks to other not only helpful anon's replies, but other threads about how people are improving fast in 3 years and that's inspiring to me. I realized you can have fun at art and still improve fast. Let go of your fear and worries and just draw something fun and ez man.

Now if you excuse me i need to draw dead trees lmao.

Also please let this thread die i got my questions answered.

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Rip to the master, thank you for everything Mr Vilppu

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Faggot, nearly got me there. kys.

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Quoted By: >>4477754

I put a hex on you. If you are larping you’re fucked.

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>You will not post any of the following outside of /b/:
>a. Troll posts

>> No.4477754


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cursed thread

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Draw something to show your respects for him

>> No.4477640

you've gone to far

>> No.4477643

I don't even want to check if it's true or not, with this coronashit now seems possible, fuck you OP

>> No.4477644

>You will not post any of the following outside of /b/:
>a. Troll posts

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Quoted By: >>4480211

I wanna know how much my art would be worth, how much in $ or whatever

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pic related is $86,882,500 in comparison

>> No.4480213

>As it stands: $0
>If it were porn: $20
>If it were porn of a popular character: $30
>If it were fetish porn of a popular character: $50+

>if you are popular 200$

u forgot to add it

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Quoted By: >>4480219

No, yours is just undecutaded bad advice.
I already explained how pricing of commissions works in this post >>4477732
Stop spouting BS.

>> No.4480219
Quoted By: >>4480224

>I already explained how pricing of commissions works
Thank god a professional like you took the time out of his busy life to post on a fucking mexican basket weaving board and educate us.
Thank you.

>> No.4480224

You are welcome.

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>screenless tablets are just as good bro
>huion is just as good bro
>just get the cheapest chinese tablet bro, it works for me

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Quoted By: >>4478408

I like it a lot

>> No.4478213
Quoted By: >>4478423

Sycra uses screenless and doesn't give a fuck, the tool doesn't draw you do.
>just get the cheapest chinese tablet bro, it works for me

a better pen won't make you draw better why would a better tablet?

>> No.4478408

t-thanks anon

>> No.4478416

you write like a redditor. stop being a faggot

>> No.4478423

I agree with the sentiment but why use Sycra as a source of authority of all people?

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When did you realize that you will ngmi?
>post my shit in beg
>"look into Loomis"
>been practicing Loomis for 2 months

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when I dropped drawing and started lifting

>> No.4478634

lol what are you doing wrong that after 6 years it still sucks?

>> No.4478638

bruh 2 months is nothing

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Quoted By: >>4478666

spend less time brainlessly drawing and more time reflecting on what it is that youre missing

>> No.4478666

exactly, find out what you suck at and then spend a month or two just doing that, and then continue to do that when you get back to what you normally do.

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I want to learn how to draw like OP picture.
Any courses, books, etc?
Thanks to all

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Quoted By: >>4477585

>eget loomisus

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>> No.4477703

just draw

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Medieval Crabisus.

>> No.4477925

Yeah thanks for the link and your post in general

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I want to start drawing right away, im not interested in amazing results, mostly in being able to do rough sketches in a way similar to pen and paper but with the advantages of ctrl+z and saving.

Like, what is the bare minimum to draw with a tablet in photoshop_

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Quoted By: >>4479637

I know this is completely irrelevant to the thread but how the fuck do i improve my hand eye coordination? i know i need to draw more and shit but is there any other method to learn faster?

>> No.4479637
Quoted By: >>4479688

you just keep practicing
when i look at my art from when i first got my tablet (been using the same one since 2014) i can't believe the scribbliness. doesn't even look like it's by the same hand. now i draw pretty smoothly. Sometimes I have to turn on stabilizer, but not always.

>> No.4479688

Well actually my hand eye coordination was really good a few months ago because I used my tablet all the time and I hated drawing on paper, however I broke the tablet at the beginning of this year and I went 2 months without using a drawing tablet until I got a new one 2 weeks ago and relearning it feels very awkward rn.

>> No.4480074

Kek based shitty ESL autist

>> No.4480913

I want to learn digital so I can start painting, is the Wacom Intuos S good for starters?

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Quoted By: >>4481785

When did you realize talent is real and actually the most significant determiner of artistic success?

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>> No.4481785
Quoted By: >>4481818

Your statement is false.

>> No.4481797
Quoted By: >>4481847

>talent = iq
>talented artists have high iqs

funny how anons ITT say this but never seem to back it up, you'd think they'd be the first to be posting the iq scores for like kim jung gi or dave repoza or whatever.

>> No.4481818

Your post is cope

>> No.4481840

idk this feels like a gross oversimplication. there's a lot of factors that go into someone being artistically successful.

>what school they went to
>what media they consume
>how much they practice
>who they were influenced by
>teachers, friends, family
>their culture surrounding art
>the environment they grew up or worked in
>their self motivation
>and maybe, talent

what I mean to say is that you can't really control all of these factors to create 'the perfect talented artist' so just take what you have and make the best out of it instead of giving up so easily. just do your best, dont worry about the little things

>> No.4481847

You improve at art by thinking good, IQ is how good you think.

Very simple brudder.

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>> No.4477243

With a drawing

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His name is Wolfy!!

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>> No.4477199
Quoted By: >>4477203

Sure, how much are you willing to pay? I can do different media.

>> No.4477203
Quoted By: >>4477241

Pay? Nothing!!

>> No.4477241

I hope your dog gets COVID.

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Quoted By: >>4477144 >>4477168

>> No.4477144
File: 28KiB, 768x768, Untitled32_20200408033321.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Fuck you

>> No.4477168
File: 137KiB, 757x694, are you happy now.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

choo choo

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Quoted By: >>4477102


>> No.4477102
File: 45KiB, 489x589, moo.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

moo angry

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Quoted By: >>4477181

Anons, anybody hook up digital Robinsons how to draw or any of the Kim Jung Gi books?

Looked through pages all day waiting for a resource link with how to draw.

Kind Regards

>> No.4477181

Nobody spoonfeed him.

I'll give it to you if you ask in the right thread

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