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Andre Herring is beautiful

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That's a lot of bike chains

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I thought I told you to go away last time. Why didn't you listen? Remember when I said that this is pathetic? Because it is.

This is not and will never be the art community for you. Leave.

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I bet he sells these for more than i can make in a month with my work, because the art world is a FUCKING SCAM

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Draw this (based) male in your style

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That nipple could take out an eye.

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Hey guy. If you're the same op who requested this, here you go

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who's this breasfeeding nigga

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Quoted By: >>5250421 >>5251883

These are often highly competetive, first a portfolio is judged, then you get into the practical exam, and in the end only about 7 out of a hundred people are able to study.

It's different than colleges that just ask for money.

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As someone who did a portfolio review and failed, but had friends enter and get in, I can say that there seems to be some cheating. Not to imply my friend cheated, she didn't, but there were a handful of students, maybe 10-15, that it was strange to see them there. These people in the class were deeply under-leveled that, whether through bribery or plagiarism, got in. The bazaar thing about this is that after they got in, they would either drop out or fail each class, like the thought "hey if I have to fraud the bare minimum, I'm gonna do terrible" never crossed their minds. Of course, this could be unique to the university, or the fact that it was illustration and not fine art. It could also be explained by the university accepting people knowing well that they will drop out, so they can gouge them for money. Maybe they weren't cheating. I don't know. If the class required a live test for aptitude then I wouldn't be reading into it too much

In the grand scheme, I'm glad I didn't go. Through the same amount of time as the classes, I studied by myself and my work is on par with the students that got in genuinely. And I didn't even have to go in a 5 digit debt.

Like it was said by Noah Bradley and many other working illustrators, don't go. The only advantage it really gives you is an environment that forces you to work ( something you can create with good habits) and industry connections for the top of the class.

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FZD school is meant for beginners though...
A lot of people who go to FZD and then go to another art school or self-study afterwards for a period before getting a job.

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>art university
fzd is an autistic boot camp for concept monkeys, and not even feng pretends otherwise
he said he literally has to turn people down because they come to learn to draw and have no idea what concept art is like as a job

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Am I pathetic for trying to get in for a third time? I get goverment checks and have nothing else going for in my life. I'm 27. Maybe I can get friends and a social circle that way. It's a primary reason I want to get out of this bumfuck rural town and I don't want internet friends

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I actually had to do that for high school rather than college.

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i feel like it lacks saturation when i look it in my phone, but in my monitor it looks fine?? idk im a mess with color palletes.

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Quoted By: >>5251242


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Yeah, its retarded. Not sure why they come here if they dont like seeing the word nigger.

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>implying they come for critique
>Implying mentally ill normies and 41%ers don't come here simply to get attention because they won't get it anywhere else
the main issue that attracts these "people" is that it's an art board.
Also come on, any anon making those types of posts is baiting for replies.

Everyone is racist. Even more those who go the extra mile to prove they're not.

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Quoted By: >>5252210

He'll never be a woman, and neither will you.

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I agree but sage next time.

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Quoted By: >>5254213

Thoughts on Marc Brunet?

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The gradient map tip was actually rly useful
+1 i demand an onlyfans

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>Maybe his course is better than his videos
his course is legendary bad because it didn't dig deep in any subject at all. He also pumps his quick paint video in there as if it helps shit for a student.
same as any art course from the beginner to a decent artist.
his video was at least didn't waste my time

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I hate how he says he worked for Blizzard like it's a pinnacle of career when in reality he was only doing minor work there and didn't do it for very long either.

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On one hand it's neat that he can do visualization, but on the other hand it seems he can do it because he can draw like, a single female body and face with different hair/clothes. I'd excuse this on a cheesecake artist, but he's a CONCEPT ARTIST who can't draw different body types.

Then again, he was a concept artist for Blizzard, which is basically the same as being a pinup artist anyway, lol

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>I imagine it gets tiring after a while
It's his fucking job. If he begins his videos with "Hi, I'm Mark, an art teacher" then he should fucking act like it.

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why is his art so beautiful

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good composition - focus is in the centre of the image
good colours/value - where the focus is, is also the brightest area so there's no competing visual interest
and then its high skilled drawing and rendering

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Dramatic angles
Bright, pleasing palette
Excellent illusion of depth and atmosphere.
Excellent attention to detail, form, and flow.

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Are you literally retarded there’s nothing wrong with the composition. Jesus Christ why did I come back to ic

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not impressive because it blends soft, and tubes are expensive so you can just buy your way to color richness.
> fresco
not impressive because you have a flat surface, and no one is hunting you so you can just draw as long as you want
> cave painting
not impressive because you have a cave and you can just sit in the shade without the sun

real artists draw in stone tablets in the middle of the forest

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one of the best artists alive to be honest.

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Quoted By: >>5253697

get in and draw something

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Dear sonic man, can you please not ruin my illustration?

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Nice comf

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Quoted By: >>5249767

>Salvador Dalí was a voyeur and he enjoyed watching other couples having sex in his presence. He even asked Gala to have sex with other men in front of him to satisfy his sexual desires.

Was Dali really cuckold?

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the bar was already so low and your post pulled off the nastiest limbo ive ever seen

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What do you mean? What bar?

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Quoted By: >>5254670

how to draw cartoons and some drawing "logic" in general Are there any books that can teach and guide me? I used to do some drawings on MS Paint, technically they are very shitty but people seem to like them. I draw with contours and have no understanding of how to draw shadow or change in tone

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he's just memeing. you do need to know basic anatomy, but you can get by without drawing photorealism just fine.

>> No.5253322

Okay good I was a little worried ngl, other then Loomis & the man himself Proko, anyone else I should check out?

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You dont need realism.
Just practise lines and perspective, then analyze the works of your favorite artists

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Quoted By: >>5254762

Don't fall for the 'you need to know realism to draw stylized' meme on /ic/. It's complete nonsense and it's how you end up like Proko drawing aborted fetus kangaroos. You're absolutely braindead if you think, for example, that the creator of Ed, Edd n Eddy was out there doing photorealistic portraits before he drew up the characters.
Learn to draw appealing shapes, dynamic poses, and copy your favourite cartoonist.

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>You're absolutely braindead if you think, for example, that the creator of Ed, Edd n Eddy was out there doing photorealistic portraits before he drew up the characters.
As true as that is, it's better to be a cartoonist who understands realistic proportions, as once you know the rules then you can break the rules.

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>tfw Sakimichan admits to using stock photos for ALL her backgrounds
Fucking kek, this is all it takes to make 100k/month off mindless coomers.

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Quoted By: >>5254865

these pictures all get worse the longer you look at it, it's uncanny
I miss her old art so much

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Quoted By: >>5255172

yeah, old art had SOVL

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Do you have any fucking passion whatsoever?

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>The theory that she has her own army of low paid drawslaves comes from the quantiy and quality of works she puts out regularly.
>No one person can manage that alone and it still baffles people how Sakimi is even relevant to this day.

I came to the exact same conclusion myself a while ago. I think she's paying people crap wages to pump out art mimicking her style to reach deadline, and because she obviously doesn't give the slightest fuck about her art and hasn't for a long time, and now that she is rich she can afford to literally just pay some wagies to do it for her.

I mean she has tutorials on her patreon and countless sakimichan clones have popped up since she opened it so she would have just let the her wagies study her tutorials until they we're capable of replicating her almost indistinguishably. The problem is they're not as good as she is hence the drastic drop in quality in her recent art.

>> No.5255172

I wonder if she looks back with sadness at her old art or the wealth had completely rotted her soul

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I want to make a custom of my liking but the preset library has a lot of uninteresting brushes and textures.
Anywhere i could get the material for new ones?

Also, any other way to draw in aliased/binary format, like im Oekeki?

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Aspurger and autism is not a disorder. It just character of person. They are just same as other person .

That means every person can get laid

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Quoted By: >>5249776

Well can you?

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looks like a derpy condorito

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Quoted By: >>5250245





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This is a shit larp

>> No.5250319

Puts things into perspective

>> No.5250494

>You can observe he has a good sense of composition
stopped reading here

>> No.5250564

you're seeing it with the eyes of a /beg/

>> No.5252184

ngmi :)

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>Zun draws like this for almost 30 years
>Doesn't improve

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If I could make an ip loved by millions and be set for life making games with minimal changes each iteration, I'm becoming an alcoholic.

>> No.5249605

>Zun draws like this for almost 30 years
>while also coding, designing and scoring game after game

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>enjoys drawing but dedicates himself to his actual career far more
What's exactly am I supposed to take away from this? That everyone whos enjoy making art isn't striving to be a top tier artist? I already knew that faggot.

>> No.5249684

>doesn't improve after 30 years
Because his style is already incredibly successful.

>> No.5249691

ZUN has more skills than you so fuck off

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Quoted By: >>5249656 >>5249685

Can you draw a caricature of this please?

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Quoted By: >>5249624


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Das rite

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>> No.5249656

A lot of frail white men already here, I see. Kinda pathetic desu.

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Knowing ic this is probably some sort of elaborate trap, but what the hell, I liked the ref so here you go

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Quoted By: >>5250278

Hello /ic/. I made this gif of a mushroom. Criticism of all kinds appreciated.

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Quoted By: >>5249499

we love each other

>> No.5249499


Guess I've been on /b/ and /v/ for too long then.

>> No.5249766
Quoted By: >>5250205

Plan out the key frames and don't be afraid of being extremely exaggerated with them, you can make the squash an almost U shape.

>> No.5250205

I see... Thanks, will do so.

>> No.5250278

Neat mushroom OP!

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Quoted By: >>5254789 >>5255156

I've Concluded that this man is based.

Excellent videos. Clear explanations. No bullshit. Dedicated his life to drawing.


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>> No.5250949

He does really good paint-overs. Cool to see a pokemon artist do that

>> No.5251340

all his recent videos have captions, they seem decent enough, hope he continues doing that.

>> No.5254529

Anyone has a download link for poses books he mentioned here

>> No.5254789

in the first 3 seconds from starting the video, he made me smirk. Not because I could understand what he says, but because of his mood.

>> No.5255156

yet again asian genes reign supreme, i wish all his vids has subtitles

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How do you personally have "fun with a pencil"? For me it's drawing circles and 3D ribbons.

>> No.5249294

I stick it up my dick pussy. It's actually very painful, but I love the pain.

>> No.5249296

doodling penises on repeat.

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Now that the dust has settled, what would you rate it?

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>> No.5251105

Honestly I'd rate it 8/10. Technically it's really good. All the stuff about stiffness etc is only stuff you'd notice if you knew about it and if you were studying it for flaws. It really doesn't look out of place next to all the other same looking vidya art out there of generic space armour and normal looking guns.

>> No.5251128

brutal lmao

>> No.5251129

probably his kids will, justin trooneau

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>> No.5252207

Dilate nigger lover

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What does /ic/ think of Abstract art?

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I'm quite fond of Bargoni

>> No.5249308

It's a huge money laundering scheme
but sometimes the colors are nice if the artist knows how to control the chaos

>> No.5249434
Quoted By: >>5249543

i've gotten a lot of pussy just talking about it

>> No.5249543


>> No.5249904

Has potential to be good but is usually just some moron smearing shit on a canvas

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Ugly or soul?

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>> No.5249199

After the movie is as souless as it is ugly

>> No.5249201

Soul but repulsive

>> No.5249874

This. Stu Pickles was arguably the best thing to come out of that cartoon.

>> No.5249880
Quoted By: >>5249995

Ugly and soul
Stupid anime poster

>> No.5249995

take ze medz

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William-Adolphe Bouguereau Thread

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>> No.5249435

You answered my question without meaning to

>> No.5249601

kek imagine being proud of that
>majority movie stars
wow I though movie stars where selected at random most of the time, is not like they choose the better looking ones, that including height
I cant stop keking at your cope, I have visited the US and most people where either my height or smaller, just a handful of bean poles taller guys, LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

>> No.5249682
Quoted By: >>5249686

Went to his house a short while back. Everything was modest except for his studio and entertaining spaces. The bedroom, study, dining room etc were small, tiny even. It was all about either painting or marketing yourself at throwing parties.

>> No.5249686
File: 2MiB, 3264x2448, IMG_20190907_131554261_HDR.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Here is a pic of his studio, from the back of the house. Weren't allowed pics inside.

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File: 331KiB, 1400x1742, Dante-Et-Virgile-Au-Enfers-Dante-And-Virgil-In-Hell.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>he’s boring af and his aesthetic is mediocre


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