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Can you draw a good looking nose where the furthest nostril is only slightly visible? You can't. It's not possible. Not even a photo can make the nose look good.

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>Why are you assuming I don't like what I do?
Oh i dont know, maybe because the stuff you make is all over the place and often just really disgusting? Well, like you say, i guess you dont actually care about the work itself, just whether some degenerate get their jimmies off to it.

What kind of illustrations you want to be known for? If you make degenerate stuff you just attract degenerates and scare away those who find it offputting.

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>the stuff you make is all over the place
More buzzwords and random opinions without any value.
I'm talking to an imbecile. Keep trolling, I'm done with you.

>Post your work. Show me what something truly soulfull looks like. Cmon.
Until then your "arguments" are garbage.

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>2 people post noses
>the other 39 scream and cry at each other

cool thread

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and here's a nose so i'm not a hypocrite

stop writing paragraphs you autists

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OP here. This thread is disappoint and I regret all my choices in life. I'm sorry mother.

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is this coomer art?

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Those Indians are pretty based when it comes to art

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you need lomis

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You need a gf

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Fuck off, satan.

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I want to know if there's a, let's call it, scientific way to draw perfect elipses

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find the diagonals of a square, then it's horizontal and vertical, then the missing diagonals of each quadrant, followed by the horizontals and verticals of each quadrant, then find the lines marked in red in pic related, and draw a curve through the points circled in blue. you can change the square to a rectangle if you don't want a circle, or place it in perspective if you want an elipse in perspective.

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Draw it in separated pieces, top and bottom, both from left to the right

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Please guys don't end like this

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This guy needs Vilppu.

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tried to look for other videos to compare his work and this is the first one I found

I think he's just good at copying and horrible at everything else

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This is /ic/, the place where people accuse every sucessful artist of tracing

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>"how to improve your ability to copy photos in Photoshop"

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>it's another pointy chins episode

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He's not, that video is from 2017 retard.

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What happened?

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>some people get 2k followers with their first tweet
>some get 5

does twitter shadow ban profiles that are new but inactive for a few months?
also how is insta going for you

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>some get 5
Took me more than one post to get 5 followers.
Stop complaining and maybe one day you will reach my robust 100 followers.

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I've been on Twitter for 10 years drawing for 5 and I've only shortly broken 300. No one cares even at my level I get 2 likes and zero retweets for my art. I dont do it for other people anyway but zero recognition hurts man. Fucking hurts.

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same. pursuing art is fun, even grinding anatomy from different angles for half a day is enjoyable to me somehow, but it's depressing to know even before I post art to social media that even though I think I made something worthwhile, it's already decided that it will be seen by 100 people at most. either because no one else cares or because the algorithm has unpersoned me for not being active enough.

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Do you guys post fanart? I remember the first time I did so it was the difference between 5 favorites and 600 favorites.

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Give me an honest rating of my pixel art.

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5/10, shading has effort but the color scheme isn't as dynamic as most other things, UNLESS you're sticking to a condensed pallet.

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Low effort crap 2/10

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so recently I started making bead art (perler beads) / pixel art. Does this skull capture what I drew? It was done on a 29 by 29 grid. BTW this project is One Piece related

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Okay, there are problems with the realism and proportions of the art, but I’m actually like a really huge fan of it. The pixel art gives off some Enter the Gungeon Lich vibes. Based

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It looks a bit too much like rorschach

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Had a go

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I like it. It looks pretty different from the drawing but thats to be expected. Post more,

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looks really appealing

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>be a freelance illustrator who went back to school
>majoring in design/digital media at my college because it teaches motion graphics and UX courses. It’s also the closest thing to a digital art major
>have to take digital imaging/ generic photoshop/illustrator graphic design courses

>holy shit, these classmates can’t design for shit
>they can’t even into basic shit like one point perspective
>some students keep using low res images for high res files, so they look pixelated as shit, or they use copyrighted images when we’re told to use free licensed images
>any attempt at “drawing”, looks like a kindergarten did it

You would think a major like this would require a portfolio for application.

I literally just saw a classmate’s present his poster design of a boy standing in the center of what’s supposed to be a school hallway.

Except the “hallway” is just the “tiled floor”, made up of a flat upside down gridded V and photos of lockers line out the sides. The student said “I have them at an angle to make it look like that direction when you see someone stand in the center of a hallway”

I realized he must be talking about looking at a person standing in a school hallway at a one-point perspective, but I don’t think this guy knew what the concept was, or what even perspective is.

And these people are going to wonder why they didn’t get jobs after graduation.

Are non-artists really this clueless about the fucking basics of reality?

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I never went to college, my main focus is drawing, but I take graphic design jobs for years now.

IMO the fundamentals of painting/drawing give you a huge advantage over the other designers. The huge majority of them don't know anything about it and they drool all over good drawings.

Keep studying the fundamentals, they really help making unique stuff.

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People are retarded and universities have no standards for the most part. And it’s only getting worse. I was pissed, since absolute retards graduating with the same degree as me devalues it, but what can you do? It’s like no child left behind but for ostensible adults.

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You really can get into the industry without a well made portfolio with good content?

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kek to my /x/ shitpost folder it goes.

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I am tired of criticism. I post my art on some Discords andNO ONE has an issue with my art. But sometimes there are few trolls and people that say horrible things. I draw for fun, if you have nothing to nice say then dont say it. I am fucking tired of this shit. My art isnt bad. iF YOu have nothing nice to say why say it when everyone else has nice things to say. I even once was going to host a Spider-Man drawing contest. I agreed I would sit out to judge because I have way too much experiences in it. I am a pro at drawing Spider-Man, but its still for fun so what does it matter? I know I am good at Spider-Man because I practice him alot thats all art is. But I don't, as a judge, act like I am in a psoiton to hurt people over saying horrible things about their hardwork. So you might be wondering why I am not on /co/ or /v/ as normal but the ilussive /ic/? Well because I want a message of you people to not be so harsh. Do not try to hurt people over baseless Criticisms. Criticism can be good, but only in moderation when it is wanted.

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Your supposed to wait a month before reposting old bait retard

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Not this again

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Beginner here working on my third ever painting

Why the fuck did you retards make me waste my time downloading loomis books when I can just throw down colors and refine it until it looks right?

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Guys i think OP was trying to pull wool over our eyes, he thinks he is dabbing on us with this piece, but his video is edited, who knows what he isnt showing. He probably color picked everything.

OP fuck off. Loomis is best way to start, not whatever the fuck youre doing, and you dont even know what you are doing or why youre doing it and you have no experience to prove that your way is even valid. No pro would ever agree with you, dont think you have discovered something no one had.
If you wana feel good tell yourself you can do this cuz you are so talented, retard.

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I get what you mean op. I feel like I'm the opposite extreme. I can build characters in poses without thinking because I fell for the ic meme when I was 14, but I can't do much else. I can think up stuff to draw, but I can't copy stuff for shit and have no comprehension of color. I'm just in it to have fun though and I think this board is missing the point sometimes. Drawing stuff is fun. Don't get broken up over other peoples ability. Even the top of the top don't know it when they're there, they've got some idol or some shit holding them down just enough to push them.

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>can build characters in poses without thinking
>can't copy for shit
That's obviously a much better position to be in than the reverse
>can't do color
Then just learn it.

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But I do know what to do in that example. Though the execution might be difficult, the underlying principles behind a sport or playing an instrument or something are generally not that hard to understand. Additionally, I can observe professionals to build an idealized image in my mind of how to perform particular techniques, and compare that to what I'm doing in order to see what mistakes I'm making. Observing artists while they work grants me no such insights, though, because I don't understand drawing well enough to follow their decision-making process. Nor can I reverse-engineer a drawing to understand how it was made.

I'm not sure exactly what my hang-up is, but it is very specifically with drawing and only drawing. I have no difficulties learning anything else, including other "artistic" skills like 3D modeling or composing music.

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Also started programming and drawing/3d modeling/fucking with photoshop from a relatively young age, back in the dark ages. I find all of them relaxing and fruitful so I guess I'm the odd one out. Both programming and drawing are difficult, as even at a professional level you've got muppets who can barely get by without handholding.

Is there anything in particular you are struggling with when it comes to drawing? Can you give some examples?

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Is this still the best resource for absolute beginners to digital art?

is anything beyond the free stuff worth it?

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Paint tool Sai > you shill

>> No.4477657

as much as I love anime style, that's just about the only thing sai is good for. Photoshop is much more well rounded, and ctrl paint has actual resources and lessons.

cheers, good luck on your journey. they definitely still are the best for digital art. I'm still on the lookout for something better. ironically not even paid stuff is better.
I have spent a lot of money on gumroad tutorials, and in comparison to matt kohr's ctrl paint, most of them on POORLY edited, have terrible audio, and are just complete shit in general.

The only benefit of gumroad tuts is learning different professionals' workflows...

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Yes I never seen anybody else actually explain digital art as a tool, like how do you actually use the tools and to things.

>> No.4478418

hear hear

>> No.4478566

Paid, watched it, learned lots from it.

I think it's far and above one of the better resources out there, especially because it focuses on a mixture of trad and digital viewpoints.

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Since Asians are the number 1 best artists at anime, which race would be the second best? Is it the Waito man, or the Burakku man?

Left white, Tony valente

Right black, Whyte manga

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white, black, indian, arab, latin, whatever, they're all equally bad with only a few outliers here and there . no one country or group of people is better than the other .

>> No.4479209

french are honorary asians

>> No.4481920

>That arm anatomy

>> No.4481921

I hate this shitty anime.

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Animation is a form of (commercial art.) We all know which (ethnicity) makes the best (advertisements.)

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What are your go-to way to study lighting? While drawing from life has helped immensely, I'm still freezing up whenever I start shading a sketch, (especially with faces). I've also been using Sycra's ball method. Would appreciate any recommendations as it's the weakest part of my work.

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>Tones supplement lines, not fully replace them
where id you hear that? If you render tones there shouldnt be any lines, you arent making a cartoon skull.

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>> No.4479126

Old but wisepilled. GMI someday no matter how long it takes.

>> No.4479514

You've got more chances of making it than any other faggot ive met on /ic/. With that kind of thinking, GMI. Guaranteed.

>> No.4479766

I just wanna get better as cel-shading, man. I can mold shit just find with a decent low opacity brush but when I start trying to create for with hard edges my brain turns off and everything looks shit.

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Can we have a expressions thread

I'm shit at them, post references

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no they don't. Anime is not real life you silly

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Quoted By: >>4478576

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Quoted By: >>4478776

Pouting. What you're looking for is pouting.

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File: 34KiB, 500x332, pouting.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Yes! Looks like it is the right word. Thanks anon.

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Are you doing the six fanarts challenge?

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>That chin
I kek'd

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>> No.4481613


>> No.4481633

You've really improved a lot. Keep it up.

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your a god anon

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Are you doing the six fanarts challenge?

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Quoted By: >>4476296

Am I good enough to open commissions?

>> No.4476296

Stop posting other people's work faggot and post your own

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Quoted By: >>4479439

the biggest sign of an NGMI is not knowing Watts

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>> No.4477499

now I know him so I'm gonna make it, thanks OP.

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>a missing person drowning in your own depression and sedentary lifestyle until you die of a heart attack in your early 30s.

I resemble that remark. I’m not even kidding. Except I was in my 40’s and I didn't die from it and so had to spend years changing my entire life.

A cautionary tale.

>> No.4477532

>taking pride in knowing Watts and not the masters he based his lectures on
If anything, Watts is the face of NGMI

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File: 224KiB, 1080x1170, robertwatts3637_80718750_170384921017438_8859400073225631909_n.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

His dad is amazing and his lectures are worth whatever cost they charge.

>> No.4479439

if only someone would seed his atelier, stuck for a while now

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Quoted By: >>4479121

holy shit guys forget photobashing, 3D, tracing, etc, AI can now generate concepts faster and with more soul with human artists. how will this affect the industry??? will people lose jobs??? i'm fucking criying rignht now ic ant beleive i spent so man y hours drawing loomis heads

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>> No.4476522

nah spend another 5 min you will start seeing the same shit. This website and the way it works bases it on some actual reference images of concept art then just mixes them up, but because the pool is so small you won't get much variation. You would have to feed more samples into it, so you still need to make characters

>> No.4476535

This worry is so fucking stupid. Do you honestly think an AI is anywhere close to being able to make something can actual actually fit the perimeters of detailed projects? At best its going to be used as an idea generator

>> No.4479121

This will make a nice idea generation tool for most people but anime posters are absolutely fucked

>> No.4479273

Useful tool,
Not quite there yet to be a part of a professional workflow.
I can't wait for a variation that brings the correct features.

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File: 683KiB, 793x751, 1581018718571.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

you sound like a biggest /beg/ faggot. I am a professional photobasher and I ma 100% sure you know shit about photobashing and concept art. fuck off kiddo

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Quoted By: >>4476991 >>4477086

Every panel with Garou in it is straight art kino.

How do I even begin to draw like this?

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>> No.4476991


Literally imagine Bruce Lee naked. Thats who Garou's physique is based on. Allegedly.

>> No.4477086

Murata erases more often than you draw.

>> No.4478793

At least this time the art is actually good

>> No.4478805

Loomis will never teach you about JoJo levels, cucks, OP just watch videos on youtube and start copying that style but changing things like the face the head etc

>> No.4478933

wtf i can't see the details bros...

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Quoted By: >>4476892 >>4476894

Any book about color digital comic style, cut n 'grad or a good pdf book? my style of draw is comic
Pic related is how color cut n 'grad looks like

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File: 8KiB, 320x240, fc5e7dbf48b0e532c22c10d0268bbb7db0333dd6eaa2981bde18aeae890eb295.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


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File: 93KiB, 384x500, 61ADYiBtivL.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>4476868

Pic related maybe what you're looking for but it only teaches hi-fi's own style, you can color comics with any technique really, find a technique you're comfortable with.
Those books are about comic theory and not color properly

>> No.4476868

Thanks pal

>> No.4476892

Kurt Michael Russel, the colorist behind this comic page did a color tutorial for it


Be sure to give it a watch if interested in creating comics

>> No.4476894

>cut n 'grad
Lol the comic is called “Hack n’ Slash”

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Quoted By: >>4476563

does ZHC have real skill or is he just another youtube tard?

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>> No.4476506
Quoted By: >>4476566

I hate his youtube personality but I like his perseverance in learning to draw. Dude drew for at least 5 hours a day and recommends readimg Hampton, Hogarth, and Bridgman. Too bad he's a generic youtuber now. But that's where the views are so it's pretty understandable

>> No.4476563

He's like a better version of Jazza. Still annoying, but seems to have an actual love for art and doesn't try to steer his childish fanbase in the wrong direction like Jazza does.

>> No.4476566

This. His art's better than 99% of /ic/
If you disagree, he at least draws every day, which is still better than 99% of /ic/

>> No.4476844

Imagine being born with a pepe face

>> No.4477032

Agreed, now that you said your channel give a check to my YouTube channel give me a response for how I'm doing. All I have his old phone to record with and I'm pencil and paper tell if any have any ideas to help. Also give me you YouTube channel so I can see your work.


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