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What is a good way to study it?

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draw as he draws and take notes for what he says
have a visual representation of the notes you take
mark down the things you don't understand

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what's this?

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Seems like an interesting concept.

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Junji Ito artwork.

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Don't until you know how to construct figures and some anatomy.

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>Want to build a PC for the first time
>GPUs are either out of stock or horrifically expensive
Fuck everything

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>/ic/ - Artwork/Critique

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>trying to build a pc during global pandemic and the subsequent global recession
The best time was mid 2019 you fool
You absolute fool
Less powerful parts are better than no parts at all

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Building a pc is useful for digital art/animation

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market is totally fucked. you could buy some overpriced pc with a decent gpu and try to mine crypto back profit. But at current rates it will take about 1 year and that's with the GPU at full

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Sorry if this doesn't fit here, and if it doesn't I'd appreciate if you could point me to place where it would fit.
Basically I want to make it so that the colors in picrel are more... glassy(?) I don't really know how to describe it but the closest thing I can think of to describe it is glassy. Kind of pastel-like. I can't find any good reference images on what exactly I want.

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I forgot to mention this isn't a request I just want it explained how to do it.

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Put it in a layer over a white layer and turn your color layers opacity down

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That's almost exactly what I was looking for. I made the white layer on top and made the layer blending Soft-light and it worked perfectly. Tyvm.

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Where do you get your art? CGPeers surprisingly has a lot for traditional drawing

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>they use the peers like absolute peasants
>they dont know about FxC
I kek

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I lost my cgpeers account because I was inactive I fucking hate my life

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You're one of those hoarder types that just downloads a whole bunch of shit and never uses it. I can tell kek.

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>tried to sign up two years ago and never got a confirmation email
>account disabled and probably deleted by now
>sign ups will probably never be enabled ever again

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Made a bunch of accounts for this very reason seven years ago. Sold a few already at 100 bux a pop.

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Dubs and I'll get back into drawfagging

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i'll bite if i get digits.

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draw me

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Trees and a rock, please.

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something you want to draw

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how's this? started drawing 2 days ago with a pencil I found laying around

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tell me how beg it is, /ic/. Tell me how I’m attention whoring, /ic/. Tell me how it hurts to look at, /ic/. I’ve taken down the noose now, and my post got removed. Tell me, /ic/. Degrade me, /ic/. I don’t care anymore. Tell me how I’m not gonna make it. Tell me how I’m so /beg/ I don’t even deserve a critique. Tell me how I have a chip on my shoulder and how retarded I am for acting like this.

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It's the "6months, no improvement" guy

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Are you okay, anon?

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I feel like he would have posted his work by now if it was him

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It's pretty good,

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attention whoring NGMI stealing from reddit of all places. KYS faggot .

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Should I do it /ic/?

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no, you shouldn't.

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pyw first

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Imagine being too lazy and depressed to grind fundies, but not lazy enough to climb a ladder and tie an intricate knot.
Redirect your energy to something productive its clearly there so stop whining and get to work.
Nobody said this was an easy path and yet here we all are.
We all have the potential to make it

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no one here is going to make it anyway, live to suffer or die knowing that your life was worthless

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How does an artist with anphantasia know where to put the lines?

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>asian genes
that's contradictory though

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idk perspective , anatomy and construction

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I never imagine the drawing in my head when drawing.
Am I meant to?

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No. If professional artists did this they would do a gorillion thumbnail sketches before settling on the best composition

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>native american, so indirect check
>what the hell is liga
>never done it
>fuck loomis
missing 3/13, I'm ngmi

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How come I always see skilled fanartists who never go on to make their own work?

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Because character design is a skill most people neglect cuz it is a lot easier to make fanart and copy reference.

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They have little to no interest in making their own work? If they did that's what they would be doing.
Many people who can draw aren't actually that creative

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Their talent and their love of art is skin deep, the acquired the skills to get validation and their love of the craft go only as far as the attention they get for drawing popular things that are already widely recognized instead of taking any artistic risk with a new idea.

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h artist tosh went on to do shokugeki no soma

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Going from hentai to actual series is normal in Japan, at least in what you'd consider Avatar Press, Dynamite, or with lots of luck IDW tier material in the west, comparatively speaking. I think one of the most popular ones are the guy from Hellsing, who started that series as a Hentai and then made it a normal series. Editors who don't care about hiring coomers would often scout comikets for the top selling doujins and hire the best ones among those.

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So are the best greek icon painter “masters” even though their work is fuck ugly, deliberately unappealing and technically incorrect in many ways?
You’re shitting on the Renaissance if you praise the niggerish mannered trends of pre ren Europe

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>This is proof Christianity is a fucked up semitic religion of ugliness and dysgenics,

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>tfw you pay out the ass for tuition just to be able to participate in art history humor threads
>tfw the sfumato is just right

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>retarded larper doesn't understand sacred art

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how? if those are made by eastern orthodox painters?

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Quoted By: >>5248718

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Wow I didn't know we had professionals here

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ITT god tier character designs

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it's me again, you're welcome

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what's with all the crossposters here

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Do you draw your own coom?

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a thread died for this

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absolute state of /ic/

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So most globohomo/calarts artists don't get paid for their work?
N I C E.

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>White teenage males
You misspelled white teen femoids.
Only femoids can be this bitter and insecure against trannies.

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you know what I just realized....

the most talented human ever in any artistic medium, is more likely than not, dead.

Most talented painter? dead
Illustrator? dead
Musician? dead
Director? dead
Animator? dead
Architect? dead

Not to say we can never make something pretty good, but our glory days are behind us as human beings. In all of these fields the landscape has just changed so much that nobody can ever be the new best. The environment that facilitated the greats in whichever field it may be, does not exist anymore, and it would be unlikely to ever exist again. If it were to happen again it would be so far into the future we would probably never see it.

I'm sure people have the potential to be the best at something, but there is no incentive to do it. Being a master just isn't something that is needed anymore. But maybe I'm wrong, maybe something totally unforeseeable will change the way things work and will produce something great.

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>77% have previously worked for no payment
Doing what? Internships? Personal work? Charity? Never heard of unpaid commercial projects
>70% had invoices paid late last year
This is easily believable. In my first year as a freelancer I worked for people who would take over 3 months to pay. It's because there's usually a very long chain of parties involved:
Big company -> their design team -> big agency -> small studio -> freelancer
Good agencies will pay you no matter whether they received money from the client or not.
Lol I do that, especially with hands and plants. https://www.dimensions.com/ is a really good resource for furniture, animals and people in flat perspective. You wouldn't copy it directly but it works great as a wireframe.

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What does a Swedish furniture company akin to IKEA have to do with this thread?

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based pyros0me

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You'll probably do just fine. I just draw and paint all the time and eventually something sells. I'm sure if you just drew and painted, or digital, or whatever the fuck, eventually you'd succeed.

At some point the baseline for your work is acceptable, and maybe you can't demand high prices, but if every work has a strong personal style and basic foundational skills (Which you can get just by drawing a lot) you'll eventually find an audience in your medium.

>> No.5248524

just look at CSR, he kind of draws the same thing constantly, but they're all okay drawings so he does well. Any time I ever scroll through CSR's work I get bored eventually because they all bleed together, but he just draws and doesn't concern himself with whether or not each one has an "idea" and "concept" or some twist on imagery.

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Quoted By: >>5248540

Begone Cumfarti

>> No.5248540

ok sorry

>> No.5249795

I agree, more people here need to hear this.

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How good does this look

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>> No.5253200

You sound like a collosal faggot

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Quoted By: >>5253563 >>5255095

>Doesn't take off his name before samefagging himself

>> No.5253563

Who hurt you

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Which one?

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>Can't rotate in 1° increments
>Shit UI
No thanks

>> No.5249799

Both you fucking retard. It is like asking do you want to fuck her in the mouth or her pussy. The answer is always both. To satisfy her and give her all your love juices and make beautiful, cuddly and soft babies with her.

>> No.5249864

What do you want to do, anon?
For painting and realism, photoshop is the best tool on the market.

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had no issues yet, why do you even need to rotate the canvas 1 degree?
and the ui is standard stuff, compared to something like zbrush.

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IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice.

Use this thread instead of making new threads or post in the Drawthread with fundamental exercises.


RESIZE YOUR IMAGES TO ~1000 PIXELS using one of the following methods:
1. screenshot the image and post that instead
2. change camera capture settings to something smaller
3. send to computer and resize in picresize.com

Sticky document:

Previous thread:>>5245725

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this >>5250789, I only post stuff here that I can't see any big flaw, needless to say I almost never post anything

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I think you need to curve the cross contour more next to the edges

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Corrections for the character on the right please.

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>tibetan mantra shirt
fairly based, question is do you grope her like she's a prayer wheel to say the mantra

also I don't come here often enough to know the etiquette so pardon me if this is considered rude, but this is how I'd fix the arm

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I love paintings/sculptures/drawing that look half-done. Do you have any you saved for inspiration? Please post.

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Study of a Bull, the last painting by Francis Bacon, made with an incorporation of blowing dust on the canvas

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Quoted By: >>5248304 >>5248345

Sexual/Lewd Artists posts your socials!

>> No.5248304
Quoted By: >>5248344

Unironically, do you have mental issues?
There's already a self promotion general and we don't need one just for nsfw artists.
GTFO imbecile.

>> No.5248344

The self promotion generals have been devolving into coom crabbing so it’s good to split them

>> No.5248345

absolute state

>> No.5248346

>it’s another discord tranny episode

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Quoted By: >>5249052

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Im just having fun, no gains required.
Thanks i will try the square brushes next time!

>> No.5249045

Interesting! I could technically force a perspective grid effect. Thanks for the idea!

>> No.5249052
Quoted By: >>5249061

i like the idea of the cell look
you can work it better, use it as a key to new and better paintings

>> No.5249058

where are mamimis iconic fat lips?

>> No.5249061

Will work on it soon.

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Quoted By: >>5250210

Technical question because i am curious.

What exactly is "anime" and how do you recognize it? Most cases are clear but in some cases the distinction between western and eastern art is kind of hard to pinpoint at first.

Let's say: Why is the art in manga like Akira, Vagabond, Berserk, Nausicaa, etc. still considered "Anime" despite being an entirely different kind of art than standard shonen, shoujo and moeshit? Is One Piece art style more cartoon than anime and so it shouldn't be counted as such. What about videogames too since they aren't limited by deadlines and materials being used: Is the artstyle of Pokemon, Zelda, or Street Fighter considered anime by normies? What about F-Zero and Metroid, 100% japanese made games that always aimed for an "american comic book" look: coming back to comics, if a japanese mangaka decided to make a manga with an art style that tries to ape 100% the comic book aesthethic and western story tropes like the two Nintendo franchises mentioned, would it still be considered "anime"?

What is the least "anime" japanese cartoon or comic you can name according to those standards? Atsushi kaneko's works maybe?

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Quoted By: >>5250213 >>5250217

it's something that only japanese can achieve, as can be seen from various chinese and korean artists who are also very good, but not quite "anime"

>> No.5250212

that's some beg take

>> No.5250213

Says the guy who probably jerks off to Azur Lane... A chinese game

>> No.5250217

A lot of anime production is outsourced to Korea, and a few of the artists that do stuff like key art or character design are Korean as well.

>> No.5250766


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Quoted By: >>5249164

>Want to draw
>Start drawing some coom
>Decide to jack off
>No longer want to draw coom
>No longer want to draw anything, go play vidya or watch movies instead
Anyone else? I don't think I actually love art like I thought I did. When I'm not horny I would rather do other stuff.

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Quoted By: >>5249622

/ic/ was better when it was slow.

We should honestly separate this between a sfw and an nsfw version. I’m sick of all these porn ads too everytime I try to post while at work.

>> No.5249164

relatable, ended up with physical anxiety, dopamine detox yourself

>> No.5249622

There are only like 100 people who use this shitty board. Splitting it further would completely kill it lol.

>> No.5249640

Why she have pussy butthole?

>> No.5252479

>having the hability to draw your own porn

have you realised that that is gift not a curse right? That's like having a superpower to normies.

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Does anyone else read artforum? Personally I feel like the work has gotten much less unique and mainly boring and generic over the years with the typical "ooh femenism" or "muh queer art project". Back in the day they featured reviews on odd experimental films I've never heard of and obscure paintings that didn't follow the generic femenism faggotry tropes. The only cool thing left now is the critique section where I learned about pieces such as Anita Thacher and Jean Katambayi.

>> No.5248155

i poop

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