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how do I make this more cancer ?
I'm board af


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purpose: research art and experiment stuff studying art study anything left something useful until die

let me introduce my self first i am failed artist live in south korea
and faced many kind of shit, lurked here 7 years (2013)
i am doing something these day and that will be purpose of my life, so i will build personal lap in my room
i will gonna do various stuff and write something,diary and drawing
reason why i build this lap. this will be purpose of my life. idon't expect good at art or got like twitter
or make money now

this laboratory built for collecting data,studying my self,test Learning ability
that data can be anykind of form
but i don't know what will happen i will listen anykind of advice and i will make decision my self
i will do this entire life and you can participate this project too
all data gonna be save somewhere

rule: must write purpose of project
don't make any fuss
if you see helpless insult or whatever crap delete immidiately
if you study other artist in stream must buy legally
ask stuff you don't know
if project took over 2-3 week prepare next project
fix situation
don't make adverse(?) effects(??) job job is most important
keep stream even if i made crap
stream without emotion
follow twitch rule
do not reveal face or personal blog
consider what people want sometimes
stay focus when you drawing
must sleep at 23:00 PM

Q: NSFW Acception level

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Idiot who drawing circle? Yeah that was me it's a shit practice not gonna do it anymore

Ok laugh laugh you fucking idiots!
I don't give a fuck fucking loomis zealots

i'm gonna smash fucking skull who recommend that piece of shit.

I should directly study manga book or copy nishi's shit not distracted by bull crap
If it limits my creativity it's a shit there's no moral fuck you i'd RATHER WATCH VILPPU AND HAMPTON'S ASS
No i'm gonna make a hentai before i die
Those fucking whinner's exucsing for bull crap reason i was sissy and jerking off faggot virgin but now i have job and study perfect! Now i'm strong as FUCK i challanging thing i didn't before and trash all useless resources, don't be a hoarder NEVER EVER DRAW WITHOUT REFERENCE AND THERE'S NO COWARDICE FOR ART

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So i manage project and set time schedule fixing bad habit and memo shitton of mistaks

if i collect shit ton of data mixing using theory and i can make something i can make something! if i learn more and practice!

then memo why i got appealing then memorize and use that in my work! shit it's fucking brilliant! i can analyze something! then use heart! i was so fucking stupid i didn't know about this fuck!

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Practice skull with various angle this thing will teach you how to draw various angle pracice this shit every fucking day.

2 .READ FUCKING READ Keys to drawing and right side brain is good for you

modern day james and marshall vandruff is good

but don't worry READ A fucking hampton book or something use this techniques

5. Now you can copy some hentai LEARN PROCESS LEARN HOW TO DRAW SHIT SKETCH ONLY REcommend ashika stuff personally this will take 9 FUCKING MONTH but you don't have to frustrated

6. Now you figure out how to draw shit
Learn basic comic composition or how to make your picture not boring shit like that

7. Now you make
3 page hentai it's A CRAP but don't stop
Now post shit and get critiques people gonna say you're a retarded piece of shit go to /beg/ but fuck them keep make your own weapon

8. Don,t be scared FEAR IS FOR FAGGOTS


Etc . Clipstudio operation porn reference design lightening master study.. excersise.... get some idea. Read a book...

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i skipped to step 5 cuz im not shit, haha, im gonna make it losers.

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Why do blondes look good in blue?

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Did you know the human eye can see more shades of green than any other color?

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oppositional colour theory

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But, that dress is white and gold..

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blondes look good in everything

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File: 3MiB, 2428x3035, MV5BMmFlMjIzNDItOGMyMC00NTU0LWFiNjgtZjBkOGY0NTJlMzBkXkEyXkFqcGdeQXVyOTEyOTk1NTM.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>looking good

are you trolling?

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Good morning /ic/, I started drawing (again) some days ago, and I want to ask you anon, how the fuck you guys do a dynamic pose? , I want to do something more expressive, but all I do is so boring or anything like this

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You're several years too early to be worrying about making dynamic poses.

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Everyone moves at their own pace. Get good at static poses understanding the skeleton, muscular system while drawing static and then that is when you move to more dynamic poses. Although I don't really draw people that much more cars and buildings.

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>>4455862 I drew for 3 years, but I stopped for 1 year anon

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>>4455867 Thanks for your feedback anon! , I will go try something you recommend for me.

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i just turned 32 and ive been drawing for the past 10 years consistently, this is what you can achieve with hardwork and dedication, hope it inspires you

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you've reached the peak for us mortals, Only way for you to improve is to seek help for omnipotent beings and ascend from the mortal realm.

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Damn, really loving the colors and composition. It’s inspiring to see someone else’s hard work and dedication pay off

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thank you anon, nice to know my hard work is paying off!

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Be proud for it took you ten years to learn how to draw like a child again when it took Picasso a lifetime.

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>try drawing lineart right away
>mfw it's faster AND looks better than all that loomis box shit

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actually made me laugh

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holy based

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congrats you crippled dickhead
when you master what you are doing obviously you don't need "Loomis shit box"

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>I can draw like a 12 year old if I ignore construction drawing
o wow anon we're impressed

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Fucking cringe

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1. He has it in him
2. He is special
3. Big guy! (for me)
4. Doesn't shower (the smell is apart of his artist persona)
5. No job to focus on art
6. Giant cock :3
7. Browses /ic/ 8 hours a day and plays video games for the remaining 8
8. Has been drawing for only 5 years and already has 800 followers on instagram and 1300 on twitter

I believe in anon

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Why anon will never make it
1. Doesn't study 12 hours of loomis a day
2. Can't recite every word vilppu ever wrote
3. Never been to FZD School
4. Probably can't tell the difference between an Apple Ipad Pro 12.9 and a Wacom Cintiq
5. Can't draw from memory like KJG
6. Thinks this post is a joke

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Hah I can do 3 of those things

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I started drawing when I was 10, for the first 5 years of my life on the internet I had <600 followers.

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how and when did that number increase?

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Made these open ended comics for yall. Do as you will.

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What the FUCK ever happened to that website anons here said they were going to make a while back.
Did anything ever come from that?
I remeber seeing actual programmers getting together and making rough drafts and everything

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I remember that thread.

I wasn't one of the people who talked about making it but I might step up. Mostly to replace the sticky which is complete shit, and also to pool the artbook thread into something more managable/searchable.

The rest can stay as is, anonymous shitposting board.

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icrit, doko ni iru no?

>> No.4457607

>replace the sticky
That won't really improved anything, nobody really reads the sticky. And you can already do that right now anyways, just make your own sticky and spread it around the board.

>pool the artbook thread into something more managable/searchable.
You can also do that right now, we just need some volunteers that is willing to manually input all the artbook links into a database and regularly update them. There were a few attempts on this in the past, but it either gets abandoned or the site it's hosted on gets DCMA'd.

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>but no one wanted to learn how to code or pay someone to code for them.
I was in that thread.
a few anons came forth with actual coding/programming skills so that was taken care almost immediately.

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stop drinking so much mtn dew.
Its fucking up your memory.

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Hey anon, how's that webcomic of yours going?

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If it's any consolation, comics, and manga specifically, are a fantastic way to git gud fast, because of the sheer volume of drawings involved.

>> No.4457338

Not great
The biggest thing holding me back is that I hate the writing. I keep trying to write the next chapter but I get stuck on it, and when I look at previous chapters I get so emberassed it hurts. I'm several chapters in and I hate a lot of what I have made so far, but I love my ideas for the story itself so I don't want to give up. I have a decent-sized following so I don't want to leave them hanging, but I'm kinda tempted to just give up or start over sometimes

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I was thinking of just doing one to get better at drawing.
Is there any good books on comic/manga composition? Like how the images are placed and which effects to use

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Its lays things out fairly plainly and always with examples. I think its fine for newbies.

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People always say to not dive headfirst into your 1000 page magnum opus, but to do some smaller comics first. Has anyone toyed with the idea of finding a short story they like and adapting it into a comic? They wouldn't have to be more than around 20 pages and they would let you get used to the work flow and layouts without needing to worry about the writing. Finding good anthologies isn't hard. Pic related I've read most of it and I like it,

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ive wanted a drawing tablet for a while, but am broke af. are there any good drawing tablets out there that are 20 bucks?

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I agree with the anon that says to just use paper and pen/pencil literally theres no advantage to any tools besides preferance, i would actually argue that outside paid work most pros prefer relaxing trad art.

Just keep drawing, dont wait for a fucking piece of tech, and when you do somehow gain funds i would advise you at least get a medium sized tablet, at least for me everytime i use my wacom bamboo my wrists hurts like a mf after 1hour, only after a medium tablet did digital become kinda confortable

>> No.4456009

Learn fundies with pen and paper, then proceed to buy something like a huion kamvas pro 20. A lot of artist use that one and output better art than most people in here.

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Quoted By: >>4456304

maibe the small basic wacom

>> No.4456233

anon, do you have a computer to work the tablet? I mean you still need a pc for it. I have a lightly used wacom intuos5 medium tablet that I'm no longer using, its very lightly used and could use a new home.

>> No.4456304

ebay probably? or just save some money and get

personally i prefer wacom, but huion are pretty good for their price. very decent tablets. you should be able to save another 20 dollars, right, anon?

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Ok, so I drew a bird (just the head) and I’m looking for tips on how I can improve.

>> No.4455433

>scale the image down
>post on /beg/ instead of making your own thread

>> No.4455464

you can improve by drawing it some more. and also drawing the rest of the bird.

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How do you balance this shit. I know i need to get better at drawing, but I haven't even touched colors and painting which is gonna take even longer. When I draw something with the intent to color and try to do get better at both I just look at the shit I drew and by the time I get it looking a little bit better, I've spent the entire day just doing that with no time to try and paint. Do you all just go for it and move into color and say fuck it even if the drawing isn't up to par

>> No.4456131

Polish a turn now and then. Anyone who is decent has polished their share. As long as you learn something its not a waste.

>> No.4456965

how does one learn anything in drawing? they apply new things to their current framework and adjust things over time. just color, fail, color again, fail again, so on and so forth. with every new drawing, try and color it. if something isnt working, change it. the only way to fail at learning is to not try at all.

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I just want a good android app to fuckin draw memes and shit

>> No.4455452

me too
I used to use medibang but recently they've been pushing monetization egregiously
You have to pay to use fucking layer folders and there are ads every time you exit out of a drawing, which caused a bug where you get stuck on saving if you try to use save and exit

>> No.4455463

whats that pic from and whats sports/demondaze

>> No.4455560

off topic, but what are the good drawing apps in android?

>> No.4455800

lagdroid is a laughable embarrassment
purchase the Apple iPad Pro 12.9 with Procreate instead.

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We need to have the talk.
What do you think art stealing art?
#drawthisinyourownstyle such hashtags enables artist to steal works from others.

Words like fan art/inspiration is loosely used.

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Quoted By: >>4456108

I'm skeptical about human imagination and assume real invention is only nature and engineering because it shaped by forces and environment. And one can not do not "steal" because other art is what moved to begin with and what one likes is shape them and inspire and everyone is resulting amalgamation with some quirks.

>> No.4456104
Quoted By: >>4456112

What if I did...

>> No.4456108

To summarize, nothing new under the sun. Everyone is a copy of a copy.

>> No.4456112
Quoted By: >>4456115

It would be trash.

>> No.4456115

What if it is not...

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Quoted By: >>4455559

name off artists from conceptart.org that you hate. i hated this guy named nicky binx i thought his name was stupid i thought his art was stupid and i hated his responses to people in his sketchbook. everytime i logged on and saw his fucking sketchbook update id get fuckin pissed. there was also an old fuck guy that acted like his was super hip with everyone and his art was trash i thought he was a fuckin weirdo too.

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I hate and loathe marmalade. Happyboy. The entire dad community. Sinix. Horgath. Several youtubers. Firez. Those ruan jia wannabe fags shitting the threads. The truman guy. Several regulars on alt and draw threads. Brian and illustrat

Now for those I actually like.
Tehmeh. kyle. Mikufag. Several others that i can remember the names of but were reguarlss here long ago.

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Quoted By: >>4455572

Post art of the old fuck. Curious

>> No.4455559

Fuck jon

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Quoted By: >>4455575

this was like 10+years ago man, right before conceptart.org died. its just fun for me to think about people i used to hate.

>> No.4455575

pic unrelated. i dont have accesss to those old SBs

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Quoted By: >>4462368

Did YOU draw today?
Post up whatever you made, sketch, finished, whatever, just show that you actually did something today.

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I prefer my new one I think

>> No.4462362

I will try to make something worth posting tomorrow

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I had a relatively productive month aside from being bedridden for a week with poison oak...

D4, B5 were most memorable - drawing materials outside the comfort zone

>> No.4462537

Transformer vibes

>> No.4462542


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The /vent/ thread is for losers. This thread is for winners.

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As do I

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Quoted By: >>4459378 >>4459397

I finished a drawing for the first time since elementary school. There's clearly many areas to improve in, but I am full of determination and I am excited to draw more.

>> No.4459378

Nice kot.

>> No.4459397

lovely. keep it up

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I'm gaining followers like mad, I'm followed by the majority of my idols and a shit ton of people bigger than me.
Finally opened commissions too, in a week I did several across multiple clients. Never even publically announced that I am open, they all came to me (some have been waiting for months to be fair)
Made a cool $200 dollars so far and met some really chill clients too. Eager to learn animation soon, so I have something else I can make money off of.
Things are looking up, small beginnings but I'm finally on that road.
Believe in urself guys, use your brains and be cool and u will succeed. Eventually I will have a patreon and be making like half of what sakimi makes, believe it. We can do it

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Quoted By: >>4456867

Hello friends, crabs, procrastinators. I have been a humble member of this community for some time now, and started really grinding it out about five months ago.
I made my first goal such that I finish this small comic. Its free online (obviously i'm not at a point where anyones going to pay to read my stuff), and I just wanted to share with you guys that I did it.

I have no fans or clout but in a small way I've made it. :) Here's the comic:

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Quoted By: >>4457219

i think despite your low drawing skill this is really entertaining and i like it a lot

10/10 would share with normalfags

>> No.4456681
Quoted By: >>4457219

I really like it anon!

>> No.4456867
Quoted By: >>4457219

I think you're missing some images on episode 2? But still gj this is great

>> No.4457098
Quoted By: >>4457219

dude this was really sick, I really like your style. your color and figures are really interesting

>> No.4457219


Thank you guys. I really appreciate that you like it.
I just kept at it! Often wondered if anyone would like it at all but i would never know if i didn't try. I know my skills aren't exactly that polished but I think I did just well enough for it to look interesting.

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When Emma Watson has to cross a sea of wrinkled penises and cross her fingers in order to get to dhe golden statue, dhen her experience will seep into her art and what she does and it/s going to distort dhe entire culture?

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Why didn't you save her?

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>> No.4460362

Looks better than what she usually does, even if the image is still shit. She should just stick to drawing furries.

>> No.4460365
Quoted By: >>4460380

what do you mean they'll infect me?

>> No.4460373

Maybe you're a bit too much on the freak side.

>> No.4460380

he's making shit up

>> No.4460398

know what?

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I'm a little confused on the topic of color. Where do you even begin rationalizing why one color looks good with another? With form/perspective fundamentals there's a clear cut answer as to why something looks wrong, but with color it's more difficult to tackle. How do you do a color study the right way?

>> No.4455025
File: 83KiB, 677x960, 84999745_136169761198428_4523037433876447232_o.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Practices and mimic, some go well with another, some don't.
It's also depend on style.
Human relies on colors to convey emotions alot.
Why do you think most artist use yellow with blue when convey summery looking scene or feeling?

>> No.4455347
Quoted By: >>4455355

If the lighting is warm your shadows are cool
If your lighting is cool your shadows are warm.

Apply that concept to any color scheme you want and your good

>> No.4455355

Also because that’s how it is in real life
So we as human understanding lighting and color because of nature we see it everyday.

>> No.4455357

Read James Gurneys "Color and Light". That's where most competent digital colorists start, if not from a formal art education. It's on libgen. Don't forget to sage.

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File: 54KiB, 1280x960, colorwheel.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

opposite colors on the color wheel.

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>spends all of his time on a stagnation reliant style
>attempts to do literally anything else
Take a lesson from Yev and study your fucking fundies boys holy shit

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>> No.4455043

I dunno, it's good to see artists try new things

>> No.4455061
Quoted By: >>4455063 >>4455098

>ignoring all the good work he has done before these miis experiments.

Sure OP is a coping crab

>> No.4455063

Seriously this, Yev's cute anime girls have actually improved a whole lot since he began.

>> No.4455098


The problem people are seeing isnt that he is now retroactively bad just because of this recent phase, its that this phase is indicative of somebody who learned to do one thing (arguably) really well, ignored everything else, and because of that suffers in their ability to do new things.

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Is it just me or is this image 100% traced?

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Quoted By: >>4455056

>ITT: God tier fanart pairings

>> No.4455056


Wrong board. We dont really do fanart here.
Try /co/ or /v/.

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>> No.4455248

no homosexuality on my christian board

>> No.4455366


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Post tits or gtfo.

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