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Let's have an experiment.

Let's have a thread where every drawing posted gets a reply from everyone, literally everyone.
If you're viewing this thread, either post your work, or reply to everyone's work (or both). It can be a full critique, or a simple "good"/"bad"/"loomis"/whatever.

Ideally every drawing posted here should have the same amount of replies as the IP count of the thread.

Let's do it anons.

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Cool aesthetic. Could use a bit of refinement, but that’s your call. Noice.

Again, cool aesthetic, but it seems a *bit* derivative. Try to rely less on anime as an inspiration, and look inwards. Noice, but could be better.

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Si 3 din ei sunt Romani (2 minim)
(translation: And 3 of them are Romanian , (2 of them minimum) )

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What do you mean with derivative?

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Vilppu Drawing Manual
all of it, you'll end up translating the "feel" of the shapes better on paper

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very interesting, your therapist will find it very interesting

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Draw this in your style

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great work

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can't even be mad at this because its well done

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This is cute.
This is scary.
Good digits to the both of you.

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very nice

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Wat do?

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>not holographically overlapping your imagination onto the real world and tracing it onto a piece of paper so you can draw perfectly without ever needing to practice

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if you cant trace your imagination then you didn't have an imagination to trace in the first place or you would have traced it.

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You draw it over and over until you get it as close to what you saw.

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Make another thread.

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I want to draw lewds of her

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Anime art is 99% garbage, prove me wrong

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and semi trucks and unicycles were both influenced by the wheel you snotty little shit. doesnt mean theyre the same thing

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yes they fucking are you filthy westoid.

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sorry anon, should be fixed to mutt art.

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Oh look, yet another contrarian thread bashing anime on an anime website.
Slow day on twitter I guess.

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illustration is not art

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Is it possible to become a concept artist and illustrator of you live in europe? Won’t people with lower living needs outperform you moneywise? I don’t think that art is paid that highly if you have access to thousands of artist around the globe

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Yes, you end up living off eurogibs, welfare and freelance work. A wealthy european country is a great place for artists.

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You are correct it's impossible.

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Yes. No. Learn to price yourself, and learn what the fuck a price value means because big companies assume your value off of your prices.
>"$5 per character design? He's good but why is it so cheap? Is he photobashing, is he stealing other peoples work and painting over it? I don't want someone who doesn't value their time working on my IP"
>"Ah, look at that! This one is asking $700 per design! This one is not as good as the suspiciously cheap guy, but has a high value, must be very good and value their time as well!"

Absolute beginners should make no less than $30/hour.

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Good art neither has location nor demographic. Even more so in this post pandemic work environment. Things get more and more impersonal. You could be all the way in the Philippines and work for a Texan company.

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unironically the reason first worlders still get work is because they tend to be more creative AND reliable because they aren't worried about being shot on a daily basis and actually know how to use their resources to their best potential while third worlders just copy. Tons of third worlders think they can be render monkeys and skim off beeple and make a decent living (which some do) but for the most part for bigger paying jobs they pay you for your ideas

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For me, it was at 18 years old when i realized i cant draw anything from imagination. Still trying to make up for lost time spend being a human xerox

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I never been into it

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>dat titty


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Never been into it. I always had my own ideas I wanted to draw and bring to life so copying photos this closely always seemed like a waste of time. It’s just not creative. But I did plenty of copying art that I do like to learn how to draw.

The people who can do this are a dime a dozen and all the art looks the same because they all draw the same photos of the same people with the same techniques. What is to distinguish you from the thousands of other people already doing perfect photo copies of movie stills of the Joker? The people who are popular from this gimmick are the ones who jumped on it early.

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Is hyperrealist Watlter White an art genre of its own ?

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You guys seen this?
Basically like /r/place where you can color a single pixel every few minutes.

Do you guys want to collaborate on a certain spot for /ic/ related memes?

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Not really

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I downloaded it off the CSP assets store awhile ago.
Link: https://assets.clip-studio.com/en-us/detail?id=1807950

I tried using it but almost immediately realized that I have no idea how to.
Despite this I did not give up--initially--I decided to perceiver and draw... a thing. It sucked.

I'd like help, understanding it's mechanics and how to apply it to my art.

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Quoted By: >>5247837

Its just 2 assets that should be used if you don't want to bother setting up vanishing points and want a box that will give you an example of how the perspective is being skewed.

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Quoted By: >>5247837

learn how to draw a box before you use helper resources

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you are a fucking retard, learn how to ACTUALLY draw
I am sincerely saying this with best intentions

>> No.5247837

I see, thank you makes sense.
You right.

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You have plans made by other people on how you could build it or you could make your own builds but depends entirely on your imagination to envision it and motivation to build it, either it turns out like shit or you give up.

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This is any creative endeavour ever. About as deep as my fucking toilet.

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Quoted By: >>5248482

That's fucking retarded, also, why do those lego people have guns? That's double retarded.

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>he doesn't know about brickarms

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What do you think of her?

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it's shit, what kind of thought experiment are you trying to deduce here op?

do you want us to help you improve it or something?

>> No.5248002

shitty sattou copy

>> No.5248057

design is actually pretty decent, artwork is mspaint tier shit.

obligatory drawabox, loomis, vlippu, etc.

>> No.5248069

Just tell me what is wrong! I personally see nothing wrong!

>> No.5248070

What makes you think I made that!?

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GUis, can ples RAATTE. My now artwerk

Maine Viloin

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kek, this is how my /ic/ looks

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ayo my man can i get a quick rundown

whatchu got filtered

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Quoted By: >>5249060

Brent evistons figure drawing course. Is it good? I loved his fundamentals of drawing course.

Does anyone have a torrent?

>> No.5247920

yes. next thread.

>> No.5247985

Good enough. But it's nothing you can't find elsewhere. Personally I'd just grab some of the NMA stuff instead.

>> No.5249060

its very good and very well structured
he should make a book because he actually knows how to present information

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just got refunded $2800 from feds and $600 from the state
whos the most expensive motherfucker on this board to commission from, lets go

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hey OP i'll draw you getting eviscerated for $300

>> No.5249826

You aren't going to find anyone on this site able to do that, unironically look on reddit or twitter.
Coping way too hard, the work presented so far isn't worth $2800 bucks

>> No.5249897

not that guy, but that's a huge cope.

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OP since you have refuted everyone here i will send you a revised offer, 2.50 for linework.

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Quoted By: >>5255028 >>5255083

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It's everything I draw, I can't imagine drawing anything else

>> No.5255083

No, my memory isn't good enough to remember any problems I had.

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You CAN draw better than a 15 year old, right /ic/? Doing your reps I hope?

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Staggeringly good for so young though

Even most artists who are great at 21 were dogshit at 15

I mean it’s also possible they’re lying and I’m taking what anonymous people on the internet are saying wholesale

>> No.5248731

I want to see this lucky luke girl. Got any links?

>> No.5248744
Quoted By: >>5248762

>without fail, every one of these young artists is genuinely autistic with an unhealthy romantic obsession with a cartoon
God damn this sounds like mega coping
Also says the guy on 4chin lmao

>> No.5248757

not lying, but thats kind of the point, you can be shit at 15 and great at 21. doesnt necessarily matter if you start young unlike an age gated activity like UFC

>> No.5248762

>hehe im being spiteful and shitty heheheeh

cool post

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Not so much the art itself but has anyone had a vision like this?
I'm schizophrenic and psychotic and often get these delusions of grandeur and when I do get them I feel great.
Anyone else ever feel on top of the world for no reason what so ever other than, just like when you think your thoughts are heard by someone else?

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Quoted By: >>5247385 >>5248973

no, i’m more prone to depression and suicidal. in fact, today i thought about killing myself but put it off because i was too tired and lazy to figure out how to do it. i wish i was joking.

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Lets hope for some light at the end of the tunnel bud

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Yes, I remember a night where watching an AMV suddenly made me realize the solution to one of Zeno's paradox - it was like time stopped and I could think more clearly than I ever had, no feeling involved. I rushed to take notes because it was quite an important insight. Next day I woke up, the notes are full of arrows and !!! linking words about time and mind and I cannot make sense of it anymore. The weird part is that even after seeing it for the bs it was, the feeling of clarity obsessed me - how much I would've like to experience it again, like everything in the world was at its place and all made sense.

One may wonder if the apathy afflicting the depressed person isn't simply a self-preserving trick played by the body when the mind is thinking about self-harm/suicide. The manic person is probably more dangerous for themselves for lacking the inaction of the depressed one.

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Quoted By: >>5247342 >>5247414

What paper should I use to get better at drawing? I feel like the paper I'm using is holding me back from reaching my full potential

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Quoted By: >>5247357

I’m concerned that i still do these things after 8yrs, i guess I’m still getting started...

Is there a follow up list?

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>> No.5247357

you probably should be doing professional work after 8 years of 6h/day drawing
that's around 25k studies, if you followed his advice

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>> No.5247414

Newsprint is insanely cheap considering you can get 1000 pages @ 18"x 24" for 16.45 on amazon and other places and if you draw with pencils both sides can be used if you want to be frugal.

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First digital paint in the featured gallery, critics/advices?

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I wouldn't call that a painting.

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File: 20KiB, 600x625, FB_IMG_1565748676495.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

not a painting, i wouldn't even say you (or whoever made it) owns this. you took a photograph that someone else took of a celebrity didn't alter it enough to where it looks more than photoshopped.

The average joe might think this looks cool and appreciate it for what it is, but us snooty artists will just tell you to fuck off and actually learn the trade.

Putting a signature on a doctored photo that you didn't even take is really disrespectful to art as a whole.

>> No.5247501

chasing clout is a disease

>> No.5247513

Learn actual art?

Putting a filter on a photograph is not art. It's child's play. Sorry.

>> No.5248166

Not gonna lie you have a lotta wallpaper worthy pieces, its a shame you don't have more of a following.

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Quoted By: >>5247360

How improve?

>> No.5247217
Quoted By: >>5247227

>Putting draw thread in the title so when people search in the catalog for the actual draw thread they find this.
Besides the bad art you are also a bad person.

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Quoted By: >>5247360

That's not helping. Answer: How should I act?

>> No.5247268

Go to /beg/ instead of creating your own thread and whining when people are annoyed

>> No.5247360

Go there >>5245725

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Quoted By: >>5247194

>This entire board I swear

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>> No.5247194

and thats a good thing

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File: 112KiB, 2820x2460, fuck you.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

speak for yourself i am making a manga pilot to submit to shonene jump

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File: 2MiB, 2240x1883, treansparentss22.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
Quoted By: >>5247401

yeah heres something i really liked drawing

>> No.5247401
Quoted By: >>5247409

Penis sucks but I love your work, man.

>> No.5247409

yeah i kinda fucked up the head shape but i was so happy with the colors on it that i let it slide


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I just wanna get my pc so I don’t have to draw on a phone

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>> No.5252321

bro if you have an iphone 8 why dont you just draw on paper and take a nice picture...

>> No.5252325
Quoted By: >>5252340

what kind of RAM are you getting

>> No.5252340

Corsair Vengeance RGB PRO DDR4 3200MHz 32GB (two sticks of 16)

>> No.5252747
File: 190KiB, 461x820, 333fe9a3-367c-46cc-9ac6-80fdf12addd3.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

No drawing for me OP?

>> No.5252771

Buy a cheap stylus, the Meko 2 in 1 stylus is pretty good and it's quite cheap, only around 10 bucks.

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Like the opposite of Don Bluth's "Broadway" animation but still with its life.

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>> No.5247706

Michelin-man looking motherfucker

GO read the sticky

>> No.5248683
File: 33KiB, 213x252, CLIPStudioPaint_2021-03-05_16-40-54.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


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Quoted By: >>5249932


>> No.5249216

Don Bluth is a fucking back who is bad at animation. See: titanAE and Anastasia

>> No.5249932

you like saying gore-tex, don't you?

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Post the best copypastas for gathering the most attention on multiple platforms and social media groups.

>> No.5247103


>> No.5247205

my girlfriend drew this for me, shes very shy but said i can post it for her

>> No.5247821

#lgbt gayfaggot

>> No.5247826


>> No.5247830
File: 466KiB, 990x682, 1606875961101.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

You niggers really will do anything to get attention but actually draw well

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