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Proof being successful in art doesn't require talent.

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Kek. Aim for something more ambitious. Don't let the crabs grow on you. If it takes you 3 or 5 or 7 years to get as good as that guy, then so be it, the time you spent to get good isn't written on your portfolio Anon.

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OP guys sources are the fundamentals; form, perspective, anatomy, composition, and color theory dont change just because you're japanese.
Nice setup are you trans? Some very competent artist may be able to learn with one hour a day but most people are stubborn and have to learn the hard way, trial and error and you don't get there very fast with only one hour a day.

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Quoted By: >>4481403

people who get discouraged by stuff like this are fags, threads like this remind me why i practice and motivate me.

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What's wrong with being a fag?

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>That whole fucking page.

My perspective teacher would have cried.

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I just gave up on this shit, I just want to draw Overwatch porn I'm fucking done there isn't an easier way to learn how to draw? Head is hard, body is harder, hands and feet are almost impossible, shading is complicated as fuck and perspective is a fucking middle finger to my face

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git gud kid no one said itd be easy

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all the dumb coomers that have invaded /ic/ these past few years are everything that's wrong with the board right now

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Start Vandruff's course, you can't skip perpective or you art will always look wrong.

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I think that the main issue are people with ADHD who cannot and do not want to enjoy the process of learning.
They want immmediates results without putting any effort in it, always looking for shitty shortcut or dumbing excuses for being lazy such as:
>Who need fundies ? You only need to trace over thousands of times to succeed !
>using references is cheating, you'll become a xeroxfag !
>trust me anon, it's all about iq !
>you can't draw anime if you're not asian !

OP should start by watching this

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Read "Framed Perspective" instead.

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ITT: We post AMAZING art style progressions

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Really captures that trans and dyke vibe

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how do a 4chan loser practice a hobby or a passion?
>go to the passion/hobby's board
>shitpost on the board the whole day
>vague feeling of belonging to a community
>wank and go to bed at 4 am

it could be /ic/ it could be /sp/ it could be whatever board, you find the same type of useless loser on every board shit posting posting frog about "relatable" shit.
late milenial and zoomer are the perfect slave waggie consumer, the capitalist world ever created they don't have a fucking soul.

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This is actually super funny, because what happened between left and right is she went to Calarts.

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I wonder how RCDart is doing now. ever since that unintentional racist caricature of Finn from star wars, she's been mostly inactive on the internet.

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Love Andre Herring Art on youtube

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Last thread:>>4472294
>Link: https://dad.gallery
>Dev Tracker:https://trello.com/b/MCPk8MIg/dad-dev-board
>For registration, site issues, streak loss appeals, other inquiries, contact the link at the bottom of the site, not the thread

>Submit your artwork everyday (or your preferred frequency)
>The deadline for submissions is 23:59:59 GMT each day
>You should spend at least 30 minutes on each update
>Miss a day and you'll be alright, just keep going
>Have fun

>New thread is made whenever it is needed
>Please link to past thread
>Enjoy yourself
>Please refrain from drawing sexual encounters with underage humans ;^) (a.k.a no child porn you sick pervert)


Something's broken, what do I do?
>Eat a banana. Potassium helps.

What is the goal?
>Be better.

me is beginner and not know draw, can me join?
>Yes x100. Stop asking and start submitting art, chum. You can't be the worst, like literally.

What is Last Artist Standing?
>The legacy, the legend, the original, the predecessor. It has changed and ruined lives of many lassies. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=epg08FlksTc

Lava who? w what? banana whom?
>Lava was the deceased mother, potentially dead by surgery. Rest in peace mr half-empty toothpaste lemur.
>w is the heartless hypocritical pedo-enabled asshole father. Emerge occasionally to enjoy being the local scumbag that he is.
>Current dad: banana. Fuck up time to time but is trying his hardest, ganbatte kudasai!


LAS discord: https://discord.gg/2crFvKV

This is a library of resources some users have made for the community. Please give it a look:

This is the /las/ list of inspirational artists. Everyone can contribute to the list and discover new cool artists:

Please comment on each other artwork because DAD's children love attentions

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It's getting creepy desu. ooboo should buy a gun.

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good night pig I love you with all my heart

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It helps me think

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Why do so many people talk about making manga in japan but almost nobody talks about how self-publishing is doing there, like if it didn't exist?

Lots of artist are doing it and making their own stuff. Digital sales are going up are more manga is being sold in Amazon kindle format.

Sure, you won't make a living out of it, but a lot of authors don't. They have part time jobs and make manga in their free time, but they are still making something.

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Quoted By: >>4475575

What I'm seeing is a lot of people start a comic on pixiv or twitter and then it gets picked up for some sort of web serialization.

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Yes, that is the case of artists like nagabe which started uploading art to pixiv and eventually got to digital magazines. But there are also cases of people who just wanted to do something and uploaded their stuff for sale.

So as long as you keep drawing manga and learn some japanese (which you would need if you wanted to get with a magazine in Japan anyways) it's not all over yet.

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What do we think of copying bargue plates as a parctice exercise? Is using the sight-size method necessary?

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That's the idea.

Move on to the three-quarter plates next and then do some of the linear figures. The figures are some high IQ shit because Gerome or whoever did them plays with line quality to indicate source of light and pinched/compressed forms, and shows some muscle/tendon separation at times as well.

In hindsight, one of the nice things about these basic linear constructions of the eyes, noses, mouths, heads, figures, etc is they are the drawing equivalent of what the Asaro head is to sculptors. It's a relatively simple "design system" that establishes some important planes while maintaining a good sense of overlap/form.

I've yet to come across a system that is equal to this other than what the old renaissance masters and people like Vilppu do. Stuff I see today is dog shit compared to this.

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i repeat: web meme is god. that is all.

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So i shouldn't follow the course plate by plate? Thanks for your input by the way

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Quoted By: >>4478148

IMHO you're doing well so far, so I don't see a need to do all of them. The book has some 100+ plates. Most of them are boring and ugly. Pick the ones you like.

The key is to be a bit obsessed over accuracy in these early ones, to make sure shit is really lined up, even line quality if you can match it. Use tracing paper if you can and put it over the reference to see how well you did it.

The step after this is to go back to real life. Pick some objects in front of you, and try to apply these "block outs" to the objects, paying close attention to angles, distances and the way forms overlap. This is why I said it's a design system, it's got a range of applications.

There's nothing wrong with exploring other systems, ie. Hampton or Vilppu or whatever. Pick the one that makes the most sense to you, or combine what you like from each one as long as you think it looks pleasing to you.

So think of this as training your observation skills so you're not limited to dive into things you want to do. Real life is a massive visual library so once you're not struggling to see things clearly, the rest of the fundies fall into their place like dominoes.

If you're into perspective and anatomy, you now have more than enough to pick these up. If you want to do tighter rendering, refer to the plates in the book that are rendered. If you want to do figure or anime or capeshit, you're well on your way.

People diss the bargue course but when I see how people can't tell proportion/perspective issues in /draw/ and think things look "fine" just because they are rendered out, a part of me gives up inside.

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Thanks, good advice

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Not sure if anyone else finds this frustrating!
I am actively dating and meet a new girl once every fortnight or at least once a month, (aside from possible one night flings)

As soon as I bring her home and they see my art lying around they start asking me questions.
>Wow Anon how long did that take
>You draw girls?

I tell them I could draw them, and they all accept, I let them know they have to be at least in their underwear - NOT ONE HAS SAID NO.
I highly suggest it when you bring her home for the first time sex, before they get too comfy.

OP is a recent 20 year old girl from my sports club

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Quoted By: >>4479415

Try to curb that emotion, anon. That's probably why no girl (whore or otherwise) wants to fuck soneone who is as emotional as a bitch.

>> No.4479415

Stop pretending to be a chad, we all know you’re a virgin.

>> No.4479420

For sure, guy wasn't exactly super convincing. Though honestly it would be pretty pathetic even if it was legit

>> No.4480201

Not at all friend, I feel inspired and spoiled! haha
Really didn't expect such great comments to my not so good drawings.
I expected others to post photos of women they have also drawn,
But the response to my art has been phenomenal! thanks again and hope you have a good day.

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Somebody has to draw it

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I'm a better artist than you.

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1 of 2

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Hey /ic/. Just wanted to know if you would be onboard with a colaborative painting. Theres three sections to the image and you can add WHATEVER you want. You dont even have to ask, just take a fragment and do whatever you want with it.
I hope this will be a fun exercise you can all partake in.
Lets turn Majula into whatever you want.

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There can be multiple versions of the same fragment

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Nobody cares
Besides, majula is the best hub

>> No.4475995

I can allways just dice it up, no need to do just three pieces. :)

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Quoted By: >>4476068

>artistic collaborative expression
this is just client-speak for "psychically do exactly what's in my head without me telling you"

>> No.4476068

Pretty much but i dont have drawing tablet so thats why i wanted to see you guys taking a crack at it.

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Quoted By: >>4475719 >>4475872

Anyone actually bought one of this?


Is very cheap and seems good.

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Quoted By: >>4475890

Looks like shit a very poor brazilian would buy and not use because they quit art for the 5th time

>> No.4475719

I heard it's actual shit.
Just buy a Huion 1060 or Xp-Pen 01. Those are fucking optimal and anybody can get 70$.
Just suck a dick one and a half times.

>> No.4475872

Haha what is Kaguya Luna doing in there
Look at her
Haha she's cute

>> No.4475890

dude, thats too real

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Quoted By: >>4475024

>Expensive tablet didn't improve my art

I'm out

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The wacom shills got baited him.

>> No.4475023

The wacom shills baited him.

>> No.4475024

of course not. better tools won't magically make your art any better
what's your current problem? pyw

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>$40,000 art tuition didn't beam artistic talent directly into my brain

>> No.4475146

kek literally my friend.
Our fellow engineer bro also is much better than him and just a hobbyist.

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Verrocchio (Da Vinci's teacher) on the left. Da Vinci on the right. Have you taken the copy-pill yet?

>> No.4474823

back to beg


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Quoted By: >>4475384

Threadly reminder that no artist ever has been nor ever will be as based as based Michelangelo.

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Quoted By: >>4475561

>painted his critics in hell
lol yep, here's one.
Notice also the ass ears and the snake biting his dick. kek
based as hell

>> No.4475561
Quoted By: >>4475574

he still made him jacked as fuck though

>> No.4475574

>an elderly 16th nobleman achieved better gains than an average /fit/izen

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Quoted By: >>4480899

Continuing off of >>4464220
Post whatever reference images you have that inspire you in some way that may not fit into other reference categories. It can be abstract, nostalgic, unpleasant, etc.

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File: 205KiB, 1900x1069, nw_dly_ds1702001_384_rare_all_white_baby_mother_giraffe_vin_spd.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

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File: 648KiB, 820x546, 1580159313885.png [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]


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"Via a FB group I'm in. A guy who used to work in the movie FX industry made himself a mask for the pandemic..."

>> No.4481099

I love him.

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IF YOU ARE A /BEG/INNER IN ART, please use this thread to post pieces for critique or ask for advice. We should not have to make new threads or post in the /draw/thread with our fundamental exercises.

Feel free to post even the smallest exercise you have done to show you are still trying, or you literally are never going to make it

previous >>4471550

READ THE STICKY if you need guidance.
Sticky: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1uwaXKU7ev6Tw_or__o8ARpUb6r2rCZYJGqwSFV9AD98/edit#bookmark=id.15jx3pyuimvj

RESIZE YOUR IMAGES - try ~1000px, <1.1mb

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>> No.4478119

it's a trick, you can just google colored lineart


first result for me, already acceptable

>> No.4478121

Yeah, that ain't bad.
Keep doing more stuff like that. Just don't get complacent and keep trying to actively improve by analyzing your mistakes and finding solutions, forcing yourself outside of your comfort zone, etc.

>> No.4478126
Quoted By: >>4478136


you don't need a vpn for private trackers usually, never got an email for it, especially for one so niche as gfxpeers

seeding's not really risky, no, and cgpeers is too full of iranian autists who explode into jihad when they see a titty to pose a threat

for the sharing you can just seed no need to post original stuff
the first 5 gigabytes are free, then after that your required rate goes up to 0.6 (for every gb you download you must seed 600mb), it's not hard to achieve, i have 224gb/177gb download/upload without any original stuff

>> No.4478136

there's also this dude that takes the stuff from cgpeers and places and uploads it to traditional download sites but it's a PITA to use


the courses are basically the same

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Quoted By: >>4474778 >>4474799

How detailed do you sketch before inking?

I've noticed pros often do only very loose sketches before they ink, especially when drawing digital. Most of the details are not even visible in the sketch.
Whenever I draw detailed sketches, I don't even feel like inking it anymore, because the whole process already took so long, and I'm always getting the feel that my inking will ruin the drawing anyway.

I think the problem with inking is, that in order for it to look good, it must be somewhat spontaneous, but at the same time, you also can't improvise too much. It's difficult to find a balance there for me. That's why I mostly don't even try to ink, and just do detailed sketches, and maybe darken the lines afterwards.

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>> No.4474778

I don't go sketching -> inking -> ok it's locked in place now. I let the drawing evolve over time, gradually refining the lines to see what looks good and what doesn't, I could make significant changes to the structure even after starting to color. At the very end I'll do cleanup, I guess that could be considered my "inking".
I'm a shitty /beg/ though who doesn't know what he's doing so don't take my advice.

>> No.4474799

You can do everything twice but that's like more of a formal illustrator thing.
I like to attempt everything on scratch paper, then do the final image on a fancier paper.

>> No.4474847
Quoted By: >>4474849

there is no hard and fast rule, you just need enough information for yourself to use as reference with the final inked drawing. Some people just need a sketch for layout, some people need a sketch for where individual lines will go.

For me personally when I work in lines.

I have 3 stages. first stage is a very rough sketch with primitive shapes and perspective, and some rough markers for stuff like clothing, facial features, etc.

Then the next stage, I go over that rough sketch with a real sketch that will represent the actual lines I will make in my inked sketch. I won't go into as much detail or use things like line weight, but apart from line quality, this sketch will be pretty close to the final inked drawing.

Then the third stage is to trace over this sketch with an actual inking brush that I designed specifically for inking, the lines will be more or less the same, but I will introduce line weight, more fine details in the lines, and add last minute details to anything that I missed in the second sketch.

>> No.4474849

Also I used to just have the same feeling as you, and used to do all three of these steps in the same layer, just erasing and building up to a final neat sketch. This is totally viable too.

>> No.4474863

At least get the "hard to figure out" parts drawn solidly. It's not fun inking away until you get to the hand in perspective and having to wrestle with that for two hours.

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Quoted By: >>4474747 >>4474755

Grab the fucking sticky and then leave this crab rave

>> No.4474747

The only threads you should concern yourself with are the resource threads, only thing good about this board is the resources

>> No.4474753

I like the videos too.
and the off-topic thread aswell.

>> No.4474755

I like blogging in the car thread.

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Quoted By: >>4474777

What is wrong with my drawing so far? Somehow I dislike it. Is it because of wrong perspective? Or do I just have to finish it until it looks good?

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>> No.4474734
Quoted By: >>4474739 >>4474740

Oh please, get that sticks out of your asses. It's just a drawing. Back to church you shota fuckers.

>> No.4474739

Oh don't get me wrong, bro. I love loli just as much as you. I just don't like this current janitor patrolling my posts. Now....

get to it janny you get paid $9/hour for a reason

>> No.4474740

I know it's just a drawing. I asked what is wrong with your brain. So?

>> No.4474754

Why are the cats about to fuck a 5 year old?

>> No.4474777

From the thumbnail it looked a bit like they're squeezing cum out of her into the cup; that was more interesting.

And the child has an ugly face right now, this hair style at the moment makes it look like she's bald, cap on the right cat is unproportionally long, the room itself seems to be too big which gives off weird feeling, the chair looks traced and slapped on the floor with disregard for perspective and facial expression of the cat on the right make it look really sad.

Keep it up OP! I can't wait to see it finished!

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Quoted By: >>4480916

Opinions on italian anime?

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>> No.4479676

That comic is too based for this world

>> No.4479679

why do you need originality when you have the ideal

>> No.4479714

But Anon...you can do the same with "western" art or concept art too.

>> No.4479959


>> No.4480916

>italian anime?

Don't you mean annironi?

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If you can't make eggs look good. You can't make anything look good.

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Quoted By: >>4477991 >>4477992

>Commission an artist on Facebook
> Send him refrences. He likes them so far.
> Send him an E-mail asking if I should send him half first and if I could get update son his progress.
> Send him the same message in FB chat in case he misses it.
> He's seen it on FB.
> Five days go by.
> No response
Was it something I said?

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>> No.4477991
Quoted By: >>4478030

Mental Health > 20 bucks.

>> No.4477992

>reply to this post in 24h or I will cancel the order.

>> No.4478024

Ye, he hasn't paid the artist yet so no big deal anyway.

>> No.4478030

>only 20 bucks

>> No.4479009

Then why pretend to be interested when OP sent the references? Wouldn't it just be easier on both of them if the artist said upfront "No, this is not subject matter I am comfortable drawing, sorry" or "Sorry but I am not learned enough in drawing [x] to confidently take on this project"?

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It took thousands of years to develop the modern concepts of drawing. This stuff doesn't come instinctively at all, which is why for thousands of years all art lacked them. So why do so many people get good without studying anything? Why didn't people get good naturally in the past? Am I missing something?

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>> No.4476325

"he who eats alone is either a beast or a god"

>> No.4476337


>> No.4476348

art was a technology like science or agriculture.
go out into the woods and make me a realistic painting that lasts for a few hundred years.

"oh i'll just make a cave painting"
yeah? with what? what berries do you use? how do you process them in order to create paints? can you find a proper medium for a pigment without googling it on your phone? now imagine you're your uncle George who can draw only a stick figure. this shit didnt com from nowhere

>> No.4476355

Thousands of examples of art with those techniques being seen almost every day. Even if they don't formally study the concepts, they're still seeing the concepts constantly.

>> No.4476685

>Am I missing something?
Quite a bit. A lot fo ancient eras could and did do representational work, but chose not to, as an aesthetic or because of art's function in their society. Ancient Egypt is a good example of this, or the Aztecs. Their formal art was usually we think religious or ceremonial, because that's what survived, but we have a few examples of work that is outside of that style, that are more advanced. Artists in the middle ages didn't forget how to draw, or not know how, they just didn't require it to be exact and perfect.
This is yet another good reason to go to school for art, for the art history classes. You're making a lot of assumptions about the history of art, with no actual knowledge of what actually happened, and how each era and civilization approached and used art.

File: 2MiB, 782x2048, __takao_azur_lane_drawn_by_dako6995__2c8b74c5128f794d01454bbfb06d9d69.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]
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Quoted By: >>4480511

How do you get that kind of like grainy effect on clip studio?

Pic related

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>> No.4480203

Adds texture, most people are lazy and just slap it on uniformly though.

>> No.4480212
Quoted By: >>4480556

Digitalfags do anything they can to make their sterile paintings look more "interesting". Otherwise they look to boring, since everything looks so unnaturally "perfect" when painting digitally.

>> No.4480214

I don't know. The part that pisses me off the most is that it adds noise inflating the file size without really adding any additional information.

>> No.4480511

is there any way to generate the same effect but in painttool sai?

>> No.4480556

>a literal algorithm can make a painting look natural while keeping the precision of digital art
tradcels on suicide watch.

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Any criticisms?

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>> No.4480647
Quoted By: >>4480736

Whats Dondon's stand

>> No.4480670
Quoted By: >>4480694

I'm self taught too and everything I draw looks like shit

>> No.4480694

Ive been going at it for 5 years me drawing everyday. Thats how i got here but theres still a long way to go to the top.
There was a period where my art drove me up the fucking wall and i almost gave up.

>> No.4480736
File: 180KiB, 1560x1165, IMG_20200409_202027.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

Dondon's stand is called: "the watchtower"
Its a quad barrel portable mortar launcher. To use it you aim ay the sky and use the scope.
By using the scope you get a birds eye view of your location. This helps when targeting your enemies.
It has an automatic mode that will shoot anything that moves within its birds eye view except for the user.
There are two firing modes:
.one where it shoots one misile at a time with a one second delay between shots
.one where it shoots four misiles at a time
with a three second cool down after each salvo.
It does not need to reload.
To counter it i guess you should walk slowly or use really good camouflage. Or you could trick it into firing at Dondon somehow.

>> No.4480761


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