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what is the technique behind this gif called?

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53 posts in and we finally have a fucking answer

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>enjoying chocolate milk every day since this thread was made
thanks OP

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Cola Cao

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It's not stippling though because this is a digital post process called dithering, someone posted the answer ages ago but no one paid attention.


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>Get a job

But first, what is the job of an artist?

Your role is simple, you create things that appeals to others. That is all you do.

Let's talk about the job. You can either be a wage cuck, which is stable, allows you to do what you like but it might not be what you want/imagine it to be.

Roles varies from illustrator,animator,draftsmen, content creator to art director, etc.

All are well paying jobs.

>Being your own Artist

This is where you decided you want to create only for yourself. To become an entrepreneur and an artist. When you know what it takes to sell & market your art, to make a living.
Not all artists are equal, some are more equal than others. Some make nothing, some makes multi-millions per piece.

>Hybrid and everything in between
You pick up a wagecuck job (doing whatever) to fund your art career.

You run a business (whatever) to fund your art career.

These are the common paths.

Unless you are a trust fund baby, i suggest everyone to take the hybrid path.

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I work in an art supply store.
The job is easy and doesn't have alot of stress.
When I get home I have enough time do what I want.
Also I get a fat discound on supplies wich is nice.
At my job I spend most of my time drinking coffee and talking with my boss.
Comfy life desu.

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drawing is problem solving, that's really what you are getting paid whether you are concept artist, illustrator or animator

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Draw this man,

>Hard mode: dont fuck up the legs

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Idk thats how i wanted it. Nobody's mentioning that his hands are the size of his skull and go below his knees. The style conversation on this board usually boils down to "the parts i dont like are wrong." Not trying to say the legs arent broken but the gesture was more important to me than realistic anatomy in this case.

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I personally think the legs are fine. He's just twisted in an awkward angle. If his torso was tilted at the same angle his legs are it'd be a non-issue.

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yeah i agree. oh well its was fun and im not gonna bother editing it

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Really nice

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Do you guys have a specific quick sketching technique (<=2min)? Do you have a series of steps you go through when you sketch?
Do you see the whole thing in 3D first and foremost or do you make marks for proportions?

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Is drawing an ill contoured version that you then refine efficient or is it about economy of lines and precision mostly?

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Yeah cause cause the goal of concept artists is to design and clearly present, so everybody would get the same idea you trying to convey, not to have mah style. Illustrators do personal stuff and art, concept artists do that only if the design goal is to develop an art style, every other time it gets in a way.

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Look at Cory Loftis, Sparth, Zedig etc, there's plenty of good concept artists with unique flavor. Not having a style means not having a unique vision about this world, in which case why would you be making art in the first place.

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But anon, the designs are all the same style too...

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I guess it's true, most concept artists are shitty designers on top of having no personality, lesson learned, thanks anons

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Scott Robertson for brainlets. In other words, he's better than Robertson at communicating his ideas. Decent art channel desu. Would reccomend.

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How to develop a sense of appeal?

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It is undefined, but no way lost. There is fuck ton of resources, in every field. People have been talking about it for literal ages. Study more from the basics. Cause there's fuck ton of artistry even in most mundane subjects. Write me a 3 page essay about why morning cum on your Asuka figurine is the most beautiful thing ever or you're ngmi.
you absolute fucking torus

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>strict formulas
Lol, look at this math pleb. Actually scratch that, I am sure you will be a pleb in anything you try. Pro hint: the sooner you start questioning everything, including what you know, you will remain a pleb.

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its often just a sense of what feels right to you, like look at the thing you enjoy visually and try to use that feeling into your drawing or using a similar shape and overtime youll gather what shapes feels right or off.

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>Write me a 3 page essay about why morning cum on your Asuka figurine is the most beautiful thing ever or you're ngmi
Yes sir

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I think a other big factor that plays into appeal is honestly the feelings you have when creating and that you are drawing the things you love in life, things that actually connect to you emotionally as a human being.

That's why more often than not good artists are more on the emotional side cause in order to make good appeal you have to be very passionate about life and be able to feel what works and what doesn't for you.

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Sup jerks, show me your band or event posters you've done.

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no posters, but I made a back patch for a friend

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Did this shit like 4 years ago. Stuck around with the band and eventually started dating the singer. She left like 5 month ago. I regret nuthing.

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I wish i was your friend

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Does anyone have this book? I can't find it anywhere

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There's a proper thread for this question

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>beg my mom to buy me a table to draw
>she refuses
>dad snoops on my browsing history
>won't believe that all the naked girls are for references
How can I ever make it as a coomer artist like this?

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If you had a job and was filed as independent you could have enjoyed a cintiq pro 24 like the rest of us lmao. Also, why would you share your PC with your parents? are you underage?

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>dad knows I draw hentai for money
>he's cool with it, even lent me money for a new tablet
>paid him back with coom money
all is well

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Use incognito mode? Show them your art?

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you grow up, retard.

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Fucking bathe you dirty-nailed cunt.

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This work of art has been fascinating me for a few days already.
What do you anons think of it?

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Love that piece. It's dark and disturbing yet it has this really infectious, mystical aura about it. I think it might've been the first Blake piece I've seen and it's still one of my favorites of his.

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I like it. Pieces similar to this always make me wonder what the thought process behind it was like? what inspired this piece? Is there a message? what do the symbols and how they are placed within the painting mean? Or was the painting simply done for aesthetic reason? and so on.

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Its an ogre from Dragons Dogma. Who knew he was so based.

>> No.4479616

Yeah, that's exactly what I feel about it!

Could be hahaha, I googled abtout being obsessed with a painting, and one of the only examples was Francis Dolerhide, what a coincidence that it was also with William Blake

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Friendly reminder that commissions are paid practice

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>fue practice

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That's true.
What's your point?

>> No.4475975

i'm guessing the point is that people will commission you almost no matter how terrible your art is, so do it anyways and make some dosh

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True but if I do commissions I won't have complete freedom to pick what I practice

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But thats better since it gets you out of the comfort zone

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Check out my new PC!


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>tfw lost all my art friends or they moved on

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Not you because you don't need friends

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I need, and majority of males would want to have female friends that find them attractive and want to fuck them. You are just a spoiled cunt, hun :)

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You literally asked who needs friends like that implying that no one needs them, you retarded cunt

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What's the safest way to do commission? I've been drawing for over 10 years but have never done commission. Recently lost my day job due to corona. I've had tons of requests for commissions in the past few years but have always ignored them because A. they want some weirdo fetish B. It's more fun just to draw my own stuff C. didn't need the money.

curious what's the safests way to get paid? I have a paypal, but cant they just do a chargeback after they pay me and get the art?

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25% up front + 25% when it's 60% finished and the final payout when it's done. Also contracts. That way even if they bail on you you still got some of the money out of it.

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>anime mongoloid pretends to know what it's talking about

>> No.4477090

Lowkey genius. Just like you determine the positions of hands/feet first to understand where your arms and legs should go, the nipples dictate how to draw boobs. I'm a fucking fool for not realizing this earlier.

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>"safest" as in anonymous..... idk
I got paid in bitcoin. wasn't even a porn commission but normal clients would probably get weird if they found out I took work from random anon of 4chan.

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pyw pyw pyw
pyw pyw pyw
pyw pyw pyw
pyw pyw pyw

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Have you drawn the latest hotness yet? AC is still trending, go get those sweet sweet followers for your future market.

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No but I've been thinking of trying to draw the various outfits I end up wearing in game.

>> No.4475104

based and made it

>> No.4475151

seems like cute simple art like this make it easier on twitter than full try hard rendering 48hours pieces

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>forgets her teeth
That's the cutest part of her

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if you can't articulate what you're trying to say then you probably don't understand yourself

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If you can't understand the very clear and obvious meaning of "appealing" or "stiff" then perhaps you should go back to school and try to pass english class this time.

>> No.4474221

they're all synonyms for
> I would rather not look at this bullshit

Sometimes there's a signal in the noise, even if no single person can articulate it individually.

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Soul = harmony.

>> No.4474337

Soul is just an artist making good mistakes in the right places and combining academic understanding with intuitive understanding

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Are you all dead? Why are you even here? Aruto reviewu my ass. This is blatant attentionwhoring and advertising. What the fuck? Can I treat /ic as my blog too? Maybe shill my twitter and instagram every week? Inconsistent useless jannies.

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Get coofed on and die fucking gook

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>eeeee soo based raik and sabskraibu yeeeeeeesssssss

>> No.4474242

Just report it and most importantly don't reply to it. The chink yt shill made the same thread yesterday and the mods deleted it.

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what do you think?

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this looks just like my cousin's art.

>> No.4474992

This is amazing my guy.

>> No.4475265

really uncanny. Reminds me when i had a really nasty sunburn, i had pus oozing out and scabs on my nose and a big fucking blister on my shoulder

>> No.4475482

Love it!
Its like a nightmare portrait

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Artwork and critique:

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Woop woop
I do whatever the fuck I want.

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Quoted By: >>4474474

yo can i see his work

>> No.4474474

Whos work

>> No.4474483

Try not to show your face at least
Idk why ppl do this unless they are cute azn girl
There's no reason for that

>> No.4474486

yes it did take me around that time, its not like you can do any better.

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Here take it i dont want credit for it just get it out there and enjoy it and feel it or dont idc world fucking sucks

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is there any way to get rid of the aliasing in Paint tool sai? I already use the soft brush version and put edge hardness to zero, but it's still there.

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Thats right, my courses are now $1

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How or where do I buy them and are they available to non-mutts?

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What? She often does homo shit
You just don't see it posted here because the crabs here are always seething male coomers

>> No.4480704

I honestly think he is a furry. I saw some of his anthropomorphic work. No way he isn't a furry

>> No.4480823

Pffff no

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The biggest redpill ever is not to draw for yourself, or to draw for others... The biggest redpill is not to draw for clout nor for money... The biggest redpill is to draw to inspire others and yourself. Post the your best OC that you think it's able to inspire people.

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Quoted By: >>4474648

>killed millions of people and changed the world
>failed as an artist
Choose one

>> No.4474648

Based post of the day

>> No.4474669

>he thinks its because he didnt get into art school
what a fucking retard you are, actually go read a book about what hitler was fapping during his reign

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>it is yet another Hitler paintings thread

>> No.4474774

I cannot get the idea of money out of my head
Sure I love drawing, but I have this very vivid notion in my head that I want to make some money off of it

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Be sure to also put your art in:

Post-free dice rolling tool:

previous thread: >>4364412

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first time rolling wish me luck knight frens

>> No.4481814

gimme a cute girl with a fat pussy please

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