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I'm looking for art that has a particular style, that look like pic related. Would anybody here know of similar pieces/artists?

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Peter Han

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King of Dragon Pass my liege

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Daisuke ishawatari

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Fucking Alfonso Font
fuck me he's good

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I'm physically unable to finish anything
Every proper project i do i just get to a point where i look at it and say to myself; It's shit. And then I just give up. Like this for example. I know it's shit. Anyone knows it's shit. Even the teachers say it's shit. Yet still, I can only finish it since i know tomorrow the teacher is gonna give me a 10 minute sermon demanding i stop being such an unproductive lazy shit.
Anything i do is gonna be shit.
If i finish it, it's gonna be shit. If i make it again i will not finish it in time. If I don't do everyone everyone's gonna call me lazy. So what am I going to do? Play EU4 and try not think about it. I am useless. I wan't to just go up to my teacher and beat his shit in. I want to just forget about it and make my own masturbatorium of shitty OC. Yet I'm stuck here, raving on 4chinz because I'm a lazy pile of shit. It all feels, my throat hurts, I just want to forget about it.

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that's how it is on my uni, the ones that have failing grades just gather with some representative and take it to some director and make the teacher bend the knee for another chance, they get away with it every time, I pity teachers in general.

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What the fuck. Does that actually happen? My respect for degrees drops further and further each day

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Firsties don't know the pain of grinding to get a grade

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I had a friend. Obsessed with his own laziness to the point of being extremely proud of it, always making excuses and physically getting sick whenever he was supposed to do anything demanding, or anything that might lead to failure or disappointment. Massive hedonist with no self control, yet arrogant and patronising towards others.

He developed morbid social anxiety around your age, never left his parents' home, never managed to start studying anything. Just hid there in his bedroom.

Probably dead now or eating 20 medications.

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Color me surprised.

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Art made by the art director of Riot Games. If he can make it, you can do it. Don't give up.

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So white ethnicity then?

You rather she be blue or green?

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If you're going to attempt a paint over, then at least FINISH THE FUCKING RENDERING.

So much sloppy half-assed rendering jobs on /ic/ wtf. Also wtf is that ear, dude? You're telling me you couldn't look at any average human ear and actual rendering it properly?

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good but the eyes arent the same size, look at the pupils

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Nah art director we arent gonna do your work for you

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paintover is not polished rendering lol

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Been looking for a good local art class but the only things I've found nearby are modern/contemporary art and extremely political (eg big BLM sign in the window). I just want to learn to draw better.
I've been trying online resources but I need someone to give me feedback. I don't mind an online class but I don't have a scanner/printer and honestly I just miss in person classes without a fucking mask or politics shoved down my throat.
I figure there are others out there like me but the only way I can think to find them is to look for more traditional/classic art schools.

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Pot calling kettle black, especially when you're quick to report, tattle, and dox when things aren't going your way libtard

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i dont agree with the anon having a fit but no, /pol/ actively lowers the quality of the website, imagine if /mlp/ actively attracted more bronies into the website every day and encouraged them to bring their bullshit into every single board and the mods didnt do shit about it, either pol goes or the jannies actually do their fucking job for once

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sorry but you're either delusional or intelectually dishonest if you don't think the end game of the far right is to murder every non-white person in america

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>example no one even brought up
the fucking OP mentions BLM, are you literally retarded?

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Appreciate the info, anon.
In that case, any online schools you'd recommend that focus on classical techniques? I'm not as interested in contemporary art for the reasons I mentioned before.

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what brush makes these beautiful lines?

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they should hire you to do advertisements for the course, this post convinced me to go check it out

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Very helpful!

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cope more adhd speedreader
i was looking through your blog and saw you wanted to get into the industry by freelancing; have you tried your hand at some freelance projects yet?

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The brush was inside you, all along.

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I felt the same shift after really drilling perspective and form down my head, the whole thing about volumes and how things rotate is the true magic of perspective that funnily enough all tutorials seem to gloss over.

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left or right?

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Right. The left one has the awful calarts snout.

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ive been trying to keep it distinct from calarts cus i dont like the style except for that concept

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Left is funnier

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they look retarded.

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can you elaborate?

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I can not figure out grouping values for compositions. I understand putting different value families against each other for visual interest, but my shit never looks right.

Light against dark is a legitimate pattern, but this looks like shit. It feels like the dinosaur should be darker.

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Things get tends darker as they get closer to us.

>> No.5246945

Agreed, but there's a lot of art that has a light on dark value pattern, and it works really well. I'm just not understanding what makes it work in one instance and not the other.

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it seems you're using something like front light for this, which makes for a pretty boring setup.

In general you should have three value ranges for a good composition, a very dark, a very light and a transitional one, yours lack a very light and a very dark one (which is characteristic of this light setup, clear but boring). Try setting a different light source (like back light or rim light) and work from there

Marco Bucci has some pretty nice resources on values also

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Makes sense, thank you.

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This place is shit, reddit is shit, I'll learn art by myself and my books alone. Good bye losers

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The truth and nothing but the truth

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based op........ thats what i did for 10 years. pic related is my most recent art. i used loomis.

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Ok, see you tomorrow fren!

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only come here for books and video courses

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Is there a bigger crutch than designdoll? Imagine not learning anatomy because a program can just do it for you

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imagine learning anatomy well and then using 3D anatomy to quickstart things.

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Real chads mold their own pose dolls out of clay.

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no rulz just toolz

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>Real chads mold their own pose dolls out of clay.
This is what Richard Corben did. Based.

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Are Wacom tablets good?

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quality wise yes
price to performance wise no

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Rendering is easier than anatomy

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you don't need rendering
you don't need anatomy
all you need is shape language

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That's why flatcolorchads reign supreme.

>> No.5254918

I mean Anatomy you have to know SO many things compared to good rendering which is just a simple understanding of value and lighting. Good rendering just takes patience thats it

>> No.5254982

Yep, rendering is the easiest part of digital art, form, gesture, perspective, anatomy and these other things take years but a few months of rendering with light understanding of the former can create pieces that are very much liked by the public.

>> No.5255160

wtf are u talking about, shapes? what is this abstract art crap. May be true in certain art styles but anime is mostly good rendering with okay anatomy

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I don’t understand podcasts
I play pov roleplay porn as background noise
I don’t watch the video or anything, just listen to the dirty talk

>> No.5246841

wow so smart

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idk but i like watching emplemon's videos while drawing

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Draftsman podcast, 3 Point Perspective podcast

>> No.5248694

Draftsmen and ArtCafe.

Draftsmen is based just because Vandruff is there. Fun to hear him make fun of Proko though lol.

ArtCafe is a bunch of interviews with artists and sometimes they will draw while they talk, which is cool. The host is a little annoying, sometimes he talks a lot about his job bc he is treating it more like a conversation than an interview, but I just skip past him when he goes off on tangents to get to the good shit.

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what is the fastest way to hide a sketchbook

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We have been over this before
Read death note.

>> No.5247619

death note won't help here. If someone opens the door to my room I can't just open a drawer, reset the booby traps, and then close it... and digging a ditch to hide it isn't an option either.

>> No.5249406

toss it like a frisbee under a bed or drawer, youve gotta have good aim tho

>> No.5249414


>> No.5249454

if you're wearing a dress, you can easily sit on it and hide the edges of the sketchbook sticking out with the fabric. that is if you're sitting down and not standing up

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Art is ghey

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it causes me physical pain to see artists that are better than me. actual emotional distress to the point that my head and chest hurts. i draw for over 5 hours every day and i need to be good or i will lose my mind

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this but unironically

>> No.5246844

i wasnt joking

>> No.5246886

then you are too weak to be an artist.

>> No.5246888

The only pain i got is when a mediocre artist gets more popualrity, if they are good then i feel ok for them

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Say I want to produce a comic or cartoon.
If I make decent money at a day job, would it be more worth my time to

>Put in the time to git gud at art and do it myself
>Financemaxx and pay someone else to do the art while I do the writing and directing

If a skilled artist can make what I want for less than I get paid per hour, then it seems I would be better off paying someone else.

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>with a day job it's extremely difficult to be able spend enough time on drawing even if you have all the motivation and perservance
That's where I am right now.

This is also a good idea. It maintains a high degree of creative control while outsourcing the really difficult stuff to professionals.

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my rate iis 5.00 pwer hour. im a background character artit and also do scenry. contac me

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Quoted By: >>5248066

my rate is $ 25 per hour and I am a mid tier middle eastern asset monkey
that means that your magic the gathering style card art looking stuff costs around $ 500
If you go cheaper than that you either end up in more stylized and faster to produce stuff or with artists who are just not that good yet

>> No.5248061

>How much does art cost?
about tree fiddy

>> No.5248066

mtg shit is around a grand if we’re talking commercial use, which op’s case is

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are 3dtotal publishing books worth looking into or are they coffeetable filler?

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>> No.5246803

>character design book
>generic npcs on the cover

>> No.5248743

Mostly coffee tables books.
They are nice books though.

>> No.5248903

Some of the most unappealing designs are the ones most obviously following a formula, and there's the matter of taste varying between artists and audiences. I don't think it's something that can be taught but rather something that has to be figured out.

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Quoted By: >>5249043

You've gotta be really selective. I own two or three of their artist books, which i really like, but zero of their generic tutorial books, which don't feel very useful. If you can still go to bookstores in your part of the world go in and have a browse.

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with to my local B&N today and didn't see any

I want to know if there's scanning of this book
only seen flip throughs and for an "anime" book published by westerners it looks actually nice

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Quoted By: >>5247112 >>5247169

It’s the only thing that makes me feel happy. But I am for sure going insane.

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Quoted By: >>5247175

Yes it is good for mental health

>> No.5247169
Quoted By: >>5247175

No. Depression will substitute any art you do.

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you tell me OP

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Quoted By: >>5247186


Now I understand the people who complain about the bad advice here. Do not listen to this shit.

holy based

>> No.5247186

youre a child who thinks that being edgy and sad is an effective or sustainable route even though theres a negative correlation with productivity and growth. good luck crippling yourself

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Quoted By: >>5246677 >>5246712

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Pyw op

>> No.5246680

That'd be me!

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no there aren't haha

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>There are people who surf /ic/ more than they draw

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File: 394KiB, 840x854, Document 7_3.jpg [View Same] [Google] [iqdb] [SauceNAO]

>There are people who surf /ic/

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>he mints cr*ptoart

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>Can you still copy it? Yes, it's not drm, it's just a fancy way to say "I bought it first and I own it".
>Do people fall for it? Yes.
People also fall for the "draw me this picture" instead of using google. Art is inherently irrational.

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Quoted By: >>5247844

>some shitty artwork
>Someone actually bid $1k
Do people really

>> No.5247844
Quoted By: >>5247852

what site is this the fuck

>> No.5247852
Quoted By: >>5247856

Rarible, I am quite suprised, and a bit shocked, people like to burn a lot of money.

>> No.5247856


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I started training to get into lucid dream so I can grind drawing while I sleep, has anyone tried it?

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>loomis tulpa
the fuck is a loomis?

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same here op i saw this guy in my dream and drew him right away when i woke up. someone asked me to commission them a new character, and when i saw him in my dream i knew right then that w ould be my piece.

>> No.5247797

Which software do you use in your dreams anon?

>> No.5247838

I've though about it many time. The problem is I wake up every time I realize it's a dream.

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Good drawing apps for Ipad?
Pleast no Procreate, it has shit tier brush pen pressure system.

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>> No.5246882

>yeah, you’re retarded
retard cope

>> No.5246981
Quoted By: >>5248200

>the ipadfags are right there shouting about how "all the pros" use ipad?
That's a troll, anon. You fell for really obvious bait.

>> No.5248124

CSP along with photoshop is what majority of pro artists use today you fucking retard.

>> No.5248200
Quoted By: >>5250749

>You fell for really obvious bait.
Thank you. I'm genuinely happy to hear that since I hate Apple after using a macbook at work for years, and was hoping to get the S7+ (or S8 perhaps when it comes).

>> No.5250749

Well I think they're also saying the S7+ would be hobbyist bullshit and that you should be getting a display tablet for the PC.

I doubt the S7+ is really much different than the iPad, but Apple shills are the worst either way.

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Quoted By: >>5246594

This Anon claims he paid $450 for this photobashed piece of shit. Bullshit.

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>> No.5246586

>so most of the random digital artists can't handle those petitions completely

>> No.5246587

honestly, furry porn is just a very niche market, and the more obscure the fetishes you specialize in, the more you can charge since not very many artists are willing to do or can do those fetishes well.

>> No.5246589

and that is just a simple drawing, some are specially complex in their descriptions, and in the detail that they want.
No talk about the ones who ask for comics, that's another demon.

>> No.5246592

450 doesn’t even seem like a lot, maybe you should stop selling yourself for 26 bucks a drawing

>> No.5246594

Why are most furfags literal homosexuals? Even people into female kemono moeblobs are a small minority in comparison to the bara fags in the western community. Why Is It like that?

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How is this one?

1 post omitted.
>> No.5246652

>a screenshot of an obs window that's capturing a camera being lifted above the paper
Just listen to the first post and take a clean photo of your screen with a phone.

>> No.5249096

Can barely see anything lad. I don't know any for windows, but if you only have a webcam, try the following:
Get a program to take pictures with the webcam and make sure to put the drawing well in focus, minimizing the area of the picture taken up by anything else.

Perhaps windows comes with something like that. You can also use nearly any image editing software to change the contrast to make the drawing more visible.

>> No.5249102

Do we have another schizo?

>> No.5249330

Go to beg dumbass

>> No.5249575

Is this an abstraction of a screenshot?

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