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Don't care for crabs. You see enough of them on /ic/ as it is.

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Do you actually receive advice or critique here or it’s just about posting your work and getting new followers?

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Why are you gay?

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I don't think he did.

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Like a boss.

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Agree with you on this, I tried to do a different style but it's just no longer enjoyable to do somehow. Maybe just changing the rendering method and brush will work but I still need to experiment more.

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I already watched the part where he put a cube and a sphere in his socks and explain how you feel the form do I need to watch more?

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Ic used to be fairly good few years ago, where shitposting happened but the majority of people were trying to better themselves. Drawthreads were poppin off, plenty of both good and intermediate art, the good ol days

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there are women who suck literal cocks for a living, if all i had to do was draw manson fucking a horse i'd consider myself blessed.

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Quoted By: >>4410810 >>4410815

How does Vilppu construct heads?

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Take Vilppu as your lord and savior and feel the form.

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fb groups called Daily Speedpaint
and LEVEL UP are bretty good

pic related was painted in 30 minutes (thats the rule of Daily Speedpaint group)

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>horse I want it to be realistic not PONY and also have a hardon but with a defeated expressino
lost it there

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Maybe they can help you finally draw good faces.

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So grinding loomis is not the way to go? What do you advice me then?
I try to do work from imagination too ( pic related )

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gonna work harder

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Well you could have drawn instead of posting this thread if you are such a /beg/ (you must be if it's a /beg/ trap) which is why I put "fern" in the email field.

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>and nearly 70% of all who attend get jobs in the industry in the first six month
>Disney/Pixar and Universal
Really nigger?
You want to go to those souless western studio?
You disappointed me

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Use saucenao

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How great is the stigma? Is it more difficult finding normal work having drawn porn?

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U mad crab? Why you have to be mad?

Yes, much better

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you mean if I use more than a circle for the head it'll look better??? gotta look at the loomis and animu books again to help get the 3D look cuz it lookin FLAT ain't it

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