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Obsessing over some random dude like a teenage girl. NGMI

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That's because in the case of China and Japan they are relatively free of SJW degeneracy. While in Korea it just hit them recently. After academia was infiltrated and coopted in the western world into playing this stupid game it has failed to produce even one artist of value. Funny enough most of the good asian artists learn and recommend western material (Loomis, Vilppu, Bridgman, James Gurney) which was produced by great western artists that managed to get proper formation before the west became pozzed.

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>pornfags desperately trying yet again to plug in the narrative that exploiting zoomers and porn addicts in the current year is an art of itself and a sign of skill
no amounts of shilling or pseudo intellectual arguments will make you real artists
pornfags are the equivalent of drug dealers
know your fucking place, trash

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