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who? this looks like dime a dozen overdesigned vtuber garbage

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>try to attend a lofe drawing class
>it's in the middle of an industrial ghetto at 7PM
>get into the building (an old steelyard)
>lights on inside studio but it's empty
>walk back home defeated
Not sure what I was expecting, amazed I didn't get robbed there

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Finally settling into my new wagecuck job but it's been a long while since I've had to manage my time like this. My daily drawing time has been minced and I'm already starting to feel frustrated over that only 2 weeks in. I mainly get 5-6 hour shifts so I draw what I can when I wake up before I go to work. sometimes a little more after I get home if I'm not tired.
Just sort of surprised at how fast my patience with this job drained, I wasn't hung up managing my drawing time in my last job but I'm ready to jump ship at this one. I guess this is at least a confirmation The Artist Work From Home Life is what's suited for me but man, I'll be damned trying to figure how to gain a living wage from Patreon and commissions. It feels like such an impossible goal but I really don't know what to do my life or art if I can't just live off drawing what I want to make.

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The quickest way to make money is to get a real job you moron. Don't be an artist if it's money that you want.

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Not OP but anon
I'm all those things. i dont even like my art but damn its all i have at this point..

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can u guys keep that shit on discord? /las/ threads are despised enough as it is

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what the hell is a loomis?

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>doing art in the hopes of getting gf
>gearing your art towards what tindersluts like instead of developing your own style and going with it
Absolutely fucking pathethic. Neck yourself.

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>someone else is decent so there's no point in getting good
There has to be like an art-student term like "scrub" for this idiot mindset, because it comes up a lot.

>oh no someone else is better and younger than me wah

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>"Cheers, man, glad you like it!"
Learn to take a compliment, come on. They didn't like your work in the correct way so you'll resent them for it.

Bloody hell.

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yeah. with art and with video games the most potentially profitable and, ironically, spiritually fulfilling option is to create your own IP. unless you love being a poorly paid wage slave working on projects your probably don't like.
not far fetched today with Patreon and Kickstarter, etc.

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ok lemmi spell out my perspective for you

>op-san makes useless thread
>anon-sans respond with useless advice because op-sans initial question was useless
>one anon-san tries to reply with advice but just links basic tutorial in moon ruins
>nobody has learned anything

i hope this clears up my reasoning

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I tried it out at the store, had to push the glass to the LCD to get 100% pressure, and the starting pressure was way too high. It's also expensive.
SP5 is said to be coming soon, so I'll wait for reviews. Though I'll probably just pick up a nice laptop+Huion

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is there a site like Deviantart or is dA the only(or the best) place to post your art consistently?

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sakimichan has been literally doing the same rendering gimmick for all these years like Kr0n. Yeah, shes better than me at painting, but I think painting is miserable job and rather do something like animation.

Even her paintings are not that good. It just looks like generic-fantasy crap you'd see as an icon for spamware android game: just one character, no complex environments, nothing creative. Shes just like any other internet celebrity; her fame is from being in right place at the right time and knowing how to capitalize off it.

And you know what, she deserves all the flack ic gives her, because theres probably a shit-ton more skilled and passionate painters on pixiv who dont make squat compared to her. To bad /ic/ had to make a meme out of shitty artists instead of ones who aren't kim jung gi

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ive seen some cringy shit on /b/, but this just might be the most horrible thing ive seen in my life.

Though, desu, i think if some of the creators of love live would probably get a chuckle if they saw it

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Disagree. Art about being for beauty and love is a meme. True skilled workers acknowledge the discipline and the sense of failure that there is with art and see it as a business where you CAN lose. You have to be able to draw well and quick on only 2 hours of sleep with you're eyes baggy, and you'll always be competing against people who are FORCED (no freewill) to draw 15 hours a day.

And whats worst, all the people who are better than you are the most hatable degenerate people in the universe.

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>le epic you are an Oreo meme

No, but I wanted to make you feel as stupid as your post was.

>calls my work awful
>posts incomplete shit
>mad that someone critiqued her picture, as badly as she did others

You are mad. Or hating. No one posted anything constructive about my picture, except "lol u suck nigger", but Im insecure for defending my work?

Either way, you suck worse than me, and you said my picture was awful, while its actually complete. Unlike yours. Its just not done in the style YOU like.

So fuck your trick ass. Don't dish if you can't take it.

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