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Which is better? Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint?

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Guy that has a job in art and editing industry in europe here (animation, motion graphics mainly)
Ive used most art programs out there (gimp, afinity, paint.net, krita, firealpaca, fresco, mediabang, clipstudio, procreate and photoshop)
the main two id say as the 2 best are photoshop and clip studio paint (for windows, for ipad its clipstudio).
basically clip studio is a worst program in many ways but better in many ways than photoshop.

>Photoshop vs CSP
photoshop's main 3 flaws are:

>Set up
That its not a out of the box experience like CSP, you have to get some plug ins, set it up for painting and drawing, some tool like lazy nazumi and the color wheel and perspective tools (don’t remember the name's) you have to buy, basic shit that should already be there by default but oh well. Though after all is said and done photoshop is a much more powerful tools, just not by default.

The second its that its a paid sub model, despite 99% of the population just pirate photoshop, Csp has it beaten, not only do you get a drawing program, but a cloud storage system, a workshop for easy add ons like brushes and models, a 3d posing software and a mini animation program. CSP has a lot of bang for the buck even if you don’t take into the consideration the constant discounts it has.

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